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Mandrill's Gym


If you don't have Netflix, now you can see the award-winning and life-altering documentary "The Game Changers" through the Santa Fe Library. They have 3 DVD copies to loan out (Eldorado Library has one copy). Here is the link to reserve your copy at the Santa Fe Library:
Must see documentary!
The early entry discount window for the Santa Fe Thunder Half Marathon and Lightning 5K closes on June 15. We are happy to provide Mandrill's members and friends with an additional 10% discount! Use code SFCLUB at to enter today. Race Day is September 16.
This month's issue!
LATE FEE KICKS IN SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19! Register now at and save $$.

Best Lifter prize packages worth over $300, along with awesome trophies. All entrants get a gift package with supplement samples, lifting gear discounts, clothing discounts, and more!

Coming from out of town? Stay at the Wyndham Albuquerque hotel at the USPA NM rate of just $79 a night. Details on entry form at

Questions? Contact John Skelton at [email protected].
Hey, Mandrill's! Are you the Strongest Gym in the Southwest?

Enter a team of at least six lifters (minimum of two women) and let's find out!

TEAM TROPHY BELT awarded to the gym with the highest total Wilkes score of their top four men and top two women lifters! Plus the ultimate in bragging rights!!


Avoid getting locked out of the capped at only 100 lifters. OPEN TO ALL LIFTERS, regardless of experience level or home state.

Late fee goes into effect on November 18, 2017. Save $$$ by entering now!

Plus: USPA NM has made arrangements with the Wyndham Albuquerque for a special rate during our State Championships. This hotel has everything...even access to an indoor waterpark! It's about one mile to the competition location at Iron Soul Gym.

Wyndham Albuquerque Hotel and Conference Center.
2500 Carlisle Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110.
Rooms available from Thursday night 12/7 through Saturday night 12/9.
$79.00 per room per night.
Call 888-317-0197 and ask for the USPA NM room block.
Rooms are limited, so book now!

Thanks Martin, we love your gym.
Another reason to see What The Health on Netflix!
This is a game changer, but prepare to be outraged. Share widely!
Full documentary on YouTube:

A renowned gym in Santa Fe created by a top pro athlete. Mandrill's is known by top athletes as the best in the Southwest.

In a busy world full of dilemmas, deadlines, and distractions it is easy to forget that without your health, you have nothing. For nearly two decades, good people just like you have been improving their health and reaching their maximum potential here at Mandrill’s Gym in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a renowned gym in Santa Fe created by a top professional athlete, we take pride in helping our members

Operating as usual 01/15/2018

2018 NPC Muscle Contest Challenge Women's Physique Winner Susan Ramirez Arellano Contest Video | NPC News Online

When hard work changes the game! Congratulations to Susan Ramirez - 2018 NPC Muscle Contest Challenge
Women’s Physique Winner.

Incredible job Susan!!! 2018 NPC Muscle Contest Challenge Women’s Physique Winner Susan Ramirez Arellano Official Scorecards


Get at 'em Palden Digkhang.

Feels lean and dry!! Goal is set and water and food at point!!! Thank you Coach @kj_theproteinpapi for bring my physique to next level!! This is Start!!! Thank you @hilariop.leyba #IAM1stPhorm #legionofboom #TibetanBodybuilder #TeamDigkhang #TsampaWarrior #LastManStanding #MandrillsGym


Best wishes to everyone competing tomorrow. No luck required when you work hard.


"Greatness knows itself." - William Shakespeare


"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." - Henry Ford


You are unstoppable. Share if you agree.



"Mandrill's is a dope, dope gym. That's what every gym in America should be like." Rob Bailey

"At Mandrill's which is awesome. Really dope gym. Really cool, good atmosphere, good equipment, people were nice." Dana Linn Bailey

For behind the scenes photos and to see where we will be visiting over the next 30 days please visit:


What does it mean to be the best? What role does character play? Those of you having spent any significant time at Mandrill’s have heard Mr. Martin and I (Russ) talk about good character more than a few times.

Dana Linn Bailey’s visit yesterday was solid proof of what many of you hear us talk about all the time. If you are a champion and/or the best, you are that, long before the public ever crowns you such or even recognizes such. You are that, because you bring that. You are also that, in any conceivable moment throughout eternity, long before the crowds and after the roar of the crowds dissipates. You bring that to whatever you do, and whatever you seek, at all times.

Those of you who know me know that I left bodybuilding to assist a family member in her music career, after winning (ironically) the same National Qualifier contest Dana Linn Bailey won (The Lehigh Valley). Those of you who know me, also know I have since walked on musical stages with some of the greatest multi-Grammy winning recording artists known in history and have vocally ripped up those stages, before walking away laughing. I’ve had some of the same artists tell me they sat and watched me perform to try and figure out what it was I was actually doing. I’m only saying that now to say this…

Are you the best because you’ve achieved some stated goal or title? Or are you the best because of the way you are going about it? I strongly argue you are the best only when you seek to elevate and support those around you. Those of you who understand this, will quickly see that this is the moment failure ceases to exist.

This is what Dana and Rob offered us yesterday.

Funny, someone commented to me yesterday that they thought Rob was only famous because of Dana. Guys, here’s a clue, if you aren’t already and automatically elevating your wife or significant other over yourself; you are failing at actual manhood. (Will have to address this from square one in another post. :) ) Rob Bailey is a guy who appears to work harder to achieve things for and with Dana than he actually may work to achieve those things solely for himself. This is the real-life, real-time definition of honor gentleman.

In a few hours Dana and Rob have displayed what we have been talking about for years. Without good character, failure begins at the conception of any goal and/or idea. With good character, failure ceases to exist because you will have no idea how many lives you have positively impacted. #danalinnbailey #flagnorfail Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Linn Bailey 09/02/2015

Flag Nor Fail Adventure Tour 2015 Come out and see Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Bailey at Mandrill's on Sunday September 13, 2015 from 12 to 3PM.

Flag Nor Fail Adventure Tour 2015 Come out and see Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Bailey at Mandrill's on Sunday September 13, 2015 from 12 to 3PM.

[07/23/15]   The reports of our death were exaggerations. :)

Mandrill’s has gotten to the bottom of rumors that seem to have been in circulation for the past year. Incorrect Rumor: Mandrill’s gym is closing soon because a church is buying the property. FACT: A church is considering buying the property. If any proposed purchase is successful, the church will not take actual possession of the property for 15 to perhaps 20 years after any purchase. Further, the church has acknowledged that it actually requires Mandrill’s presence if it is to be successful at any proposed purchase.

After a recent meeting with relevant parties Mandrill’s has received guarantees that no changes will be attempted with regard to tenancy for between 15 to 20 years after any purchase by the church. Mandrill’s thanks all relevant parties for this clarification, and the church has apologized for any misunderstanding derived from its fundraising efforts

Mandrill’s has been in Santa Fe for 26 years and we look forward to the next 20 years with you. Please share and help us spread the word.

Here’s to good health! 05/10/2015

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This is crazy !!! Simply unplug all electronic household devices when not in use and save $165 to $440 every year! Around $19 billion worth of electricity, equal to the output of 50 large power plants, is consumed annually by US household electronics, appliances, and other equipment when consumers are not actively using them, accordi 04/05/2015

Exercise for Seniors

The perfect time to begin is now. Exercise for seniors? No problem. Lee strode across the exercise room to the next weight machine. She leaned over and set the stack of weights to the thickness of several New York City phone books. She sat down and slowly...
#exercise #fitness #seniors Exercise for seniors is not as difficult as you may think. 04/05/2015

Fitness at any age: Granny shows how to get it done

Fitness Granny proves you can get better with age! A balanced diet and exercise several times a week helps her walk circles around some younger folks. We honor our older clients here at Mandrill's Gym in Santa Fe as well. Well done! #fitnessgranny #fitness #seniors Watching Granny live her life to the fullest continues to encourage me to believe that all things are possible.


Lift Like A Girl

Lift like a girl !! #LikeAGirl

All credit to Romain Reglade With thanks to the women of Oxford University Powerlifting Club For more information please email [email protected]...


Mandrill's Gym Old School Video

Throwback video.

Throwback video from Mandrill's Gym in Santa Fe.Can't believe how bad the cell phone video quality was back then!


Josh getting back into the game!!! 405 lbs. #MandrillsGym #benchpress #beastmode 01/26/2015

The personal trainer's weekly guide to fulfilling your fitness resolution: Recharge your batteries

How to stick with your New Years fitness resolution. #Fitness #Workout #PersonalTrainer Beware of hitting a plateau a few weeks into your new routine. Right about now that get-fit fire in your belly may be dwindling, but don't let yourself fall victim to this winter weight-loss trap. While it is totally normal to want to hit the snooze button on your workout routine, I'm here to give y…


King Cuts representing #MandrillsGym #santafe #gym #beastmode 01/13/2015

Gym etiquette: Weighing in on pet peeves, advice

What is your advice on gym etiquette? #gym #healthclub #santafe Got gripes about your fellow gym-goers? Facebook has spoken, as have Denver fitness experts, on gym etiquette. 01/08/2015

Jennifer Lopez’s New Fitness Mission

Jennifer Lopez getting into the fitness game. Jennifer Lopez aims to help women get fit and fabulous.


Looking for a gym in Santa Fe? The best New Year's resolutions begin here. #beastmode #santafegym #gyminsantafe #mandrillsgym

[01/01/15]   Happy New Year !!!!

[12/25/14]   Happy Holidays Santa Fe !!

[01/02/14]   Happy New Year Santa Fe!! To good health and feeling great.

[12/25/13]   Merry Christmas Santa Fe!!!


Get in shape for the holidays Santa Fe. The perfect gift! Take advantage of the December Special ! Only $468 for a full year. That’s just $39 per month. Act now, offer good in December only. Call or stop in ASAP.


It has arrived again Santa Fe! Take advantage of the December Special ! Only $468 for a full year. That’s just $39 per month. Act now, offer good in December only. Call or stop in ASAP.

[11/28/13]   Happy Thanksgiving Santa Fe !!!


Mandrill's Gym's cover photo


Mandrill's Gym's cover photo


Mandrill's Gym's cover photo

[01/24/13]   Now is the time to get in shape for summer Santa Fe !!!

[01/01/12]   Happy New Year Santa Fe !!!

Yes You Can Do It 03/01/2011

Yes You Can Do It


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Josh getting back into the game!!!  405 lbs. #MandrillsGym #benchpress #beastmode



708 W San Mateo Rd
Santa Fe, NM

General information

This health club is one of the best gyms in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From beginner to pro, everyone comfortably fits. Everyone is welcome. Who works out at Mandrill’s? • People new to weightlifting and working out. • People into bodybuilding and fitness. • People seeking motivation and inspiration. • People who just want nice muscle tone. • People who want to lose weight. • People who want beast mode muscle. • People who want to be healthy and fit. • You. Daily visitors are welcome.

Opening Hours

Monday 5:30am - 9pm
Tuesday 5:30am - 9pm
Wednesday 5:30am - 9pm
Thursday 5:30am - 9pm
Friday 5:30am - 9pm
Saturday 8am - 5pm
Sunday 9am - 5pm
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