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Best Supplements and Foods for Adrenal Support 07/17/2021

Best Supplements and Foods for Adrenal Support

Best Supplements and Foods for Adrenal Support By Jill Levy There’s no doubt about it — our bodies physically, as well as mentally, feel the effects of stress. Ongoing stress can impact the body in a variety of ways, in part because of how the adrenals naturally respond to stressors. What is the best supplement for adrenal support? As explai...

Vitamin D 101 — A Detailed Beginner's Guide 12/11/2020

Vitamin D 101 — A Detailed Beginner's Guide

There’s been a lot of talk about the role of Vitamin D and immune health, especially related to COVID-19. Here’s a brief article with some basic info about Vitamin D. I personally take a Vitamin D/K2 supplement daily. 46% of adults are deficient in Vitamin D! I was tested 2 years ago and was deficient. Me! I live in sunny New Mexico, spend time outside, and rarely wear sunscreen. So, get yourself tested!

Vitamin D 101 — A Detailed Beginner's Guide This is a detailed article about vitamin D and its health effects. Vitamin D actually functions as a hormone, and deficiency is incredibly common. 07/11/2020

Dirty Dozen List Is Out! Kale Samples Contain 18 Different Pesticide Residues

Trying to get more fruits and veggies into your diet? That’s great! Might take a quick look at these lists. The article also includes some explanation about the chemicals in common pesticides used, and what that means for you. Check out the 2020 Dirty Dozen list from Environmental Working Group. 07/01/2020

What Is Dampness in the Body and What Does It Mean?

This is a clear explanation of “dampness” in the body, according to Chinese Medicine. Well worth the read! There are also herbal formulas to help “transform dampness”, but what you put in your body (food and drink) is the best way to balance the damp/dry ratio. Other things do come into play, like weather, climate, genetics. I’m someone who tends towards dampness, so the dry climate of New Mexico suits me well. By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DMN, CNS You know that feeling of being weighed down, sluggish and in a bit of a funk? These issues are actually signs of dampness in the body, according to traditional health philosophies. Imagine if the sticky, sweaty humidity of summer days was lurking inside your digestive s...


Here is my rather amateurish Earseeds unboxing video! I needed the product inside, so I figured I better stop procrastinating. Need an earseed for that 😆.

Here is my rather amateurish Earseeds unboxing video! I needed the product inside, so I figured I better stop procrastinating. Need an earseed for that 😆.


Now that people can’t see your smile, it’s a great time to redirect their attention to your cute little ears! Grab your Earseeds for stress, insomnia, back pain, headaches...whatever - @


One of the things I love about EarSeeds - the company- is the way they work positivity and good energy into all their products. They use the best materials- Their crystals are all from Swarovski- and they offer them in a huge variety of gorgeous colors- AND they match the colors to the Chakras… They’re so fun to wear and they make you feel amazing. You can learn more about their Swarovski embellished products here


EarSeeds- They’re not just for Ears! In addition to the hundreds of Ear points, there are also some powerful points on the body and face where you can apply EarSeeds. One (or two) spots are the LI20 (Large Instestine 20) points, in the creases on the sides of the nose. These points are great for stuffiness and allergies- and they’re useful on kids and adults! Use them in combination with the EarSeeds Allergies kits


I know I've been talking about EarSeeds a lot lately- it's part of the challenge I'm doing, but I also LOVE them and the things they can do... which is So. Many. Things... Can you guess what the top three conditions people use EarSeeds for? Check it out here


Sometimes ear seeds can work quickly! I treated my husband with earseeds for low back pain. He rarely lets me treat him, but it always works well when I do. By the next day, he said the pain level was down by 50 %! I’ve had on the depression protocol for the past several days. I’m really noticing a shift in my mood! You can see many things EarSeeds are good for here


Can you pierce your ear and get the same benefits as earseeds? Good question! Every point on your ear is connected to a part of your body, and when you pierce your ear... well, it depends. You’ve got to see this article to find out!


People sometimes think of EarSeeds in the same category as energy healing, color theory, or crystal energy. Not that those modalities can’t be effective, but this is actually different. It’s science and it’s physiology.
The reason it works so well is because when we stimulate certain points on the ear we are stimulating nerve branches that connect directly to your brain, triggering a therapeutic response.
The main nerve that travels through the ear responsible for the triggering response is the powerful vagus nerve. Want to learn more of what the vagus nerve can do? Go here


Tonight I’ll be removing my EarSeeds! Want me to show you how I remove them? Let me know! Sometimes people get overwhelmed trying to put EarSeeds on themselves. It can take some practice and all EarSeeds kits come with instructions, of course, but they also come with tips and tricks you can use to help make self-application easier. Here’s one tip… take a picture before you apply to map the points on YOUR ear next to the points on the chart. Then, after applying your EarSeeds, take another pic so when it comes time to reapply you can look back at your own ear and remember where you placed them!
When I reapply tomorrow I’m going to switch up some points… whatever I use I’m definitely going to include Shen Men-that’s called a master point that works for everything. Translates from Chinese as “Spirit Gate”. You can see where it’s located and read about it here:


EarSeeds fact #5: Acupressure has long been used to combat nausea associated with motion sickness- think of those wristbands that people wear on long car drives and while sailing... but acupressure on the ear has also been shown to reduce chemotherapy-related nausea in breast cancer patients. You can read more about the study done here:


So, Day four wearing these EarSeeds and I'm feeling pretty chill. Generally, EarSeeds will stay in place 3-5 days. How long they stay often depends on what style you use. I'm wearing ear seeds vaccaria seeds, but there are also styles with stainless steel or gold pellets, and of course, there are the EarSeeds embellished with Swarovski Crystals. They look a lot like jewelry!! The kits you can find here in all of those varieties!


FACT 4: How have you been eating the last few weeks, months? If you've been finding yourself turning to foods you haven't eaten in a while, it's not just you. Whether it's because they're often shelf-stable and easy to prepare, or because they remind you of simpler times, a lot of people have fallen away from their typical eating patterns. Once the simple carbs and processed sugars start working through your system it can be challenging to re-train your body to quit craving those foods. The points used in the EarSeeds weight loss kit are not just for weight loss- they're for breaking the cycle of cravings and boosting healthy digestion. So if that sounds like something you can get on board with, you can check out the EarSeeds weight loss (but not just for weight loss!) kits here:


EarSeeds Challenge Day 2:

So, I put on these EarSeeds Wednesday, for stress and anxiety, and one for “nervousness “. I’ve since been feeling much calmer, and I slept deeper the past two nights. The EarSeeds are staying in place and I try to remember to press on them for a few seconds every few hours to stimulate them. All the animals have been causing a lot of stress for days! This is Gracey goose, our special needs goose.

I first encountered EarSeeds many years ago, from a colleague, when I was going through a really stressful time in my life. She placed them on me for that first time for stress and back pain. I was a bit skeptical. How could something in my ear be calming and help my back 🤷🏻‍♀️?? The seeds were really sore at first, so much that I couldn’t sleep on that ear. By the next morning however, I realized that I’d slept through the night, didn’t feel panicky, like I had been, and my back actually felt a bit better. Now I come from a scientific background, so it took a few more days of calmness and lessening back pain to make a true believer out of me. I am now a passionate supporter of Earseeds for myself, family and clients!! And the Earseeds became less painful as they were working!

If you are curious about trying them, reach out, and you can also read more about them here:


Ear Seeds Fact #3: Although Ear seeds seems to have appeared out of nowhere in the last few years, the fact is they have been used for a long, long time. One place where they have been commonly used is in the military. EarSeeds are an amazing tool for soldiers battling PTSD, and many military treatment facilities use them regularly to help PTSD as well as Anxiety and Sleep issues. EarSeeds, the company, is based in San Diego and frequently donates to local military support programs. An amazing husband and wife team that is very dedicated to helping people through Earseeds! Their Post-Trauma kit can address all types of retained trauma. You can check out their Post-Trauma EarSeeds Kit here


7 Day EarSeeds Challenge. Me placing earseeds on the points Shenmen, Heart and Nervousness for stress, anxiety and calming! Turn on sound! Questions welcome!


Today I’m going to be embarking on a NEW 7-Day EarSeeds challenge! If you have EarSeeds at home, Join Me! I’ll be using a variety of points- some for stress and immunity. All the points are based on the charts on this discounted "Stay-at-home" bundle you can pick up here: - STRESS, ANXIETY, IMMUNITY, SLEEP! There is limited inventory and it's a great deal! If you snag one, let me know and I'll help you get started with it!


At the beginning of this lockdown, supermodel Naomi Campbell shared a video of herself getting EarSeeds before heading on a plane. I suspect they were for Stress, but she could’ve been applying them for Immunity Support, Motion Sickness, or maybe just to help her sleep on the flight. Read more about it here


This is so cool! Yesterday I talked about the fact that every body part has a corresponding part on the ear. This is also known as a “microsystem”. The layout of these parts actually line up really well to image of an upside down baby. This microsystem was discovered by a French physician, Dr. Nogier, in the 1950s and it’s the auriculotherapy system that has been adopted around the world. The image shows just a few of the areas on the ear that align with the body. Click on the link to learn more about the microsystem of the ear!


EarSeeds Fun Fact #1: What exactly are EarSeeds? Ear seeds are tiny pellets (or actual seeds) that are taped onto the surface of the ear. Once they’re in place, they work by stimulating nerve endings on the surface of the ear that communicate with the brain. Every body part has a corresponding part on the ear. That’s why they’re so effective for such a huge variety of conditions! Shown here from top to bottom-low back, stomach/digestion and headache areas.


Hey you guys! It’s that time again!! The last time I did my EarSeeds Challenge I got so much positive feedback on all the info I shared! There are so many unusual and fascinating facts about auriculotherapy, I’m loving learning and sharing them so I’m doing another EarSeeds Challenge! I’ve started hearing from a bunch of you that purchased seeds through my link (THANK YOU!) that you’re experiencing amazing results from the EarSeeds, for sleep, stress, back pain - and I LOVE that! Stay tuned over the coming days as I dive in and share more facts about how your EARS hold the key to an amazingly powerful healing modality! In the meanwhile, if you want to read more, click here! 🙂


Some great acupressure points for anxiety and stress. In fact the 2nd one mentioned, Heavenly Gate, is Shenmen in the ear! One of the points in the ear, used for earseeds for stress/anxiety/sleep.


A little yellow Swarovski crystal EarSeed to brighten your day! I like to use these on Shen men or Lumbago, prominent points to be seen, then fill in the other points with the vaccaria seeds.


Yintang! The acupressure point right on your forehead is used to help calm the mind and alleviate stress. One of my favorite acupuncture points! I have clients that ask for this point every treatment!! Although ear seeds are most commonly placed on your ear, you can put one on your forehead stimulating the Yintang point as well. Another benefit to stimulating Yintang is it works towards alleviating headaches and sinus issues. The many uses of ear seeds, for the ear and body! More info on ear seeds can be found at


You loved that knee picture yesterday… here’s another cool EarSeeds factoid: EarSeeds are GREAT for back pain. In fact, that’s what I use them most for at first for people! That, and Sciatica. The anti-helix, or that ridge of cartilage the curves from the lobe all the way up, is the part of the ear that is reflective of the spine. Since the ear is like a fetus, the lower part of the anti-helix is the upper back, and the higher areas of the anti-helix are the lower back!
Here’s a link to the EarSeeds back pain kit -


EARSEEDS CHALLENGE DAY 7! It’s been exactly 1 week (and a day, I’m a little behind) since I started my 7 day EarSeeds Challenge. Thanks you guys for engaging and asking questions… It really was amazing to tune in and feel the effects — even if sometimes they were more subtle than others. My week has been less stressful and I’ve been able to stay more balanced than I believe I would’ve without their help. And the additional help with my headache was a game changer.
If they’re something you want to try I’d love to support you as you get “to know” what EarSeeds can do for you.
I’ll still be dropping in with educational tidbits and I’ve got something special to share with you in a couple of days, so stay tuned for that!


Overeating during lockdown? Hard to believe, maybe, but this article shares some stories and leads to 5 research studies about the topic! I’ve seen them personally help several people with appetite control and subsequent weight loss. And, as a nice by product, better digestion!


EARSEEDS CHALLENGE DAY 6! Update! I used the pineal gland point, along with the others for stress/anxiety, and the ones for headache. I had a great night’s sleep and my headache was 90 % gone by morning! I love the crystal seeds for that extra zing 💎!
With Ear Seeds- it’s really all about where you put them… but there are Ear Seeds made from different materials. In addition to the vaccaría (a flower) seed on tan colored tape, the lux earseeds here utilize stainless steel or 24K gold, and the swarovski crystal embellishment on some is an added bonus.
You can pick up any condition-kit and add-on a variety of different style seeds!

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Here is my rather amateurish Earseeds unboxing video! I needed the product inside, so I figured I better stop procrastin...
7 Day EarSeeds Challenge. Me placing earseeds  on the points Shenmen, Heart and Nervousness for stress, anxiety and calm...
Here’s my video putting on 3 earseeds for stress and anxiety. First one I’ve ever done, it’s a little dorky. It’s part o...





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