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Mobile uploads 02/09/2022

Truly an inspirational force for our City, our Culture and our Familia. Javier, you will be missed by all. Descanza en Paz 🙏🏼💕

Mayor Javier Gonzales addresses Santa Fe Networking Group.

forbes.com 04/15/2020

Social Isolation And The Coronavirus: 8 Surprising Reasons You’ll Be Thrilled To Get Back To Your Office

Did you ever think you'd miss going to the office??

forbes.com You're likely missing your office more than you ever thought you could. These are the reasons why.

wired.com 04/01/2020

Now Might Be the Time People Need ASMR Most

What is autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)? Can it help us feel like we’re being touched during a time when social distancing is the new norm?

wired.com It can replicate a sense of being touched, even when there’s no one around. As the world self-isolates, that feeling is more important than ever.

bloomberg.com 03/24/2020

Why Are You Panic-Working? Try This Instead

Staying productive gives us an illusion of control. Give yourself a break.

bloomberg.com Coronavirus has ratcheted up our anxieties, but throwing ourselves into work isn’t the answer.

cnn.com 03/20/2020

How to help your favorite small businesses survive the coronavirus crisis

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." -Helen Keller

cnn.com Work from home. Self-quarantine. Canceled sporting events. Social distancing may help mitigate the coronavirus crisis, but it also threatens to devastate small businesses.


Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2020 Lil Nas X, Sam Elliott The Cool Ranch

One of the funniest so far!

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2020 Lil Nas X, Sam Elliott The Cool Ranch Here is the commercial of Doritos for Super Bowl 2020. Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott hav...

adage.com 02/02/2020

Super Bowl commercials 2020: watch all the ads released so far

Forty-three brands have pre-released 2020 Super Bowl commercials, an increase from 2019. Which is your favorite so far?

adage.com Facebook, Jeep and Hummer are the latest brands to pre-release their Big Game spots.


Honoring our Veterans on this day, we Thank You for your service. ❤️ 🇺🇸

socialmediatoday.com 09/25/2019

5 Key Tips for Managing Criticism and Negative Comments Online

How do you handle negative social media comments?

socialmediatoday.com As a social media manager, you're going to deal with your fair share of complaints, criticism and online trolls. Here are some tips to help manage these difficult situations.

mediapost.com 09/24/2019

What Is Synthetic Media?

What is synthetic media - media that is either algorithmically created or modified or digital technology to impersonate someone or apps that allow you to turn your voice into famous voices? The last few years have seen an explosion of synthetic media.

mediapost.com Synthetic is a definition of how humans and machines are collaborating to make media that is, on one hand, exciting and innovative, and on the other, disturbing.

socialshakeupshow.com 07/25/2019

11 Tips for Managing Social Media Solo or On a Small Team

Social media management tips - communicate, collaborate and investigate.

socialshakeupshow.com Four social media professionals (from VH1, Popular Science, North Shore Animal League America and Finn Partners) offer timesaving and content-optimizing tactics.

digiday.com 07/08/2019

'No tangible outcome': Marketers are ghosting agencies - Digiday

Has your agency experienced client ghosting? Is it a lack of thoughtfulness of what goes into agency work?

digiday.com Some clients are ghosting agencies after a pitch process leaving it unclear if a piece of business was ever awarded.

targetmarketingmag.com 06/25/2019

Here’s How to Get Host-Endorsed Content

Partner with your local radio host. They are powerful traditional media influencers. Host endorsed content is gold.

targetmarketingmag.com Ipsos reports radio is still king in audio, and we contend that host-endorsed content is the original influencer marketing. Here’s how to ensure hosts endorse your content.

qz.com 05/20/2019

Why every cyclist needs a pool noodle

Happy Bike to Work Week!! 🚲 Be safe and stay warm in this ever changing Spring weather 😳 🌧

qz.com It’s National Bike to Work Day—so don’t forget this neon-colored $2 cycling hack.


Congratulations Mrs. Jaramillo. You are loved and treasured by all whose lives you have touched. It was great working with you in years past through the Santa Fe County Lodger's Tax Advisory Board helping to promote Santa Fe County Tourism from 1994 through 1999. Best to you! 🥂

Congratulations Mrs. J -- for being honored as a Santa Fe Living Treasure for 2019 on May 5 at 2 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

You are simply AMAZING!

Thank you for all that you have done for Northern New Mexico!

In case you missed it, here's the article from April 30th!

marketingcharts.com 05/03/2019

Advertisers Plan More Spend Across Online Video Ad Formats - Marketing Charts

Your campaign video should be formatted for more than just televison. It should include social media and digital advertising channels. (47%) of advertisers surveyed said they are shifting funds from their broadcast TV to digital video advertising.

marketingcharts.com Major advertisers plan to spend 25% more this year on digital video than they did in 2018. And as they invest more in video, advertisers are also expanding the use of newer ad formats such as shorter ads, vertical video ads and Stories, per a new report [PDF] from the IAB. Last year 53% of… Read M...

thedrum.com 05/02/2019

US Creative Work of the Week: ‘Thrown Out Flag’ calls attention to LGBTQ youth homeless

Powerful messaging created by Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness. According to Calvary-St George’s Parish in New York, 40% of teens who come out to their parents are thrown out of their homes.

thedrum.com Seeing a homeless youth on the street is sad, but knowing that the young person was thrown out of their home for coming out to their parents is heartbreaking.


Congratulations to the 2019 New Mexico Hospitality Association Hall of Fame inductees: Ed Pulsifer, Joanie Griffin and Richard Holcomb. 🥳


Enchanted Circle Day at the Roundhouse. The Village of Angel Fire doing a little networking.

fastcompany.com 02/19/2019

How to find motivation based on your individual work style


fastcompany.com Understanding what personal hot buttons engage you allows you to take actions that make them work to your benefit.

entrepreneur.com 02/13/2019

10 Inspirational Quotes to Keep You Going Through Hard Times

THINK BIG and your world will EXPAND

entrepreneur.com Post them on your wall for when you need a pick-me-up.

mediapost.com 02/12/2019

Grammys Pulls 20 Million Viewers, $95 Million In National TV Advertising

Top advertisers during the Grammys included Walt Disney, Google Phones and Apple Music. Commercial pricing averaged at $1.2 million per 30-second commercial.

mediapost.com Grammys prices for media buys were estimated at $1.2 million to $1.3 million per 30-second ad. Last year, U.S. ad revenues totaled $96 million, according to Kantar Media -- up from $90 million in 2017.

businessinsider.com 01/30/2019

Don't bother inviting me to catch up over coffee — I'm done networking and I'm starting to think you should be, too

What’s your networking strategy?

businessinsider.com Will schmoozing help you build a successful career? Maybe, but I wonder if you're better off developing actual skills.

socialmediatoday.com 01/26/2019

12 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools (and How They Can Help Your Business)

Which strategy works best for your business?

socialmediatoday.com The right analytics tools can boost your social media marketing performance - check out these apps.

blog.advertising.expedia.com 01/21/2019

Kenya Tourism Turns To Social To Boost Travel Engagement

How to utilize digital, social media and influencers to increase engagement for your destination.

blog.advertising.expedia.com Kenya is one of Africa’s most iconic vacation destinations, boasting an incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures, wildlife and people. From the world famous Maasai Mara National Reserve, to some of the continent’s most pristine lakes and beaches, Kenya really does have something for everyone...

abqjournal.com 01/15/2019

Tourism still a bright spot

Outlook for New Mexico Tourism in 2019

abqjournal.com Cainan Harris, general manager of the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, enjoys a bird's-eye view of Downtow ...

mediapost.com 01/12/2019

What Will 2019 Bring For Video Advertising And Streaming Video?

Get your video on!

mediapost.com Digital and streaming video continues to accelerate at a rapid pace, both in terms of consumer adoption, advertiser adoption, and technological change. If the news that has already trickled out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is any indication, 2019 is already poised to be a big one fo...

forbes.com 01/04/2019

3 Powerful Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Strategies That Can Help Your Small Business Grow Faster In 2019

Understand how to use Word Of Mouth Marketing effectively.

forbes.com Word of Mouth marketing is still the most important avenue to sales for most businesses. Here are three things you can do to actively encourage sharing.

adage.com 10/23/2018

ANA report on in-housing isn't telling the full story, says 4A's

Agencies are filled with talented people who have an entrepreneurial spirit and know how to work collaboratively to generate the best thinking and ideas to strengthen and grow a client's business.

adage.com 4A's President-CEO Marla Kaplowitz says ANA report on in-housing does not mean brands don't need outside agencies.


Honoring your energy, knowledge and spirit! Continue to celebrate and inspire each other today and everyday 👧🏻❤️👱🏼‍♀️❤️👩🏽

targetmarketingmag.com 09/19/2018

I Don’t Care What You Would Do: 6 Ways You’re Not the Customer

Disconnect #4 & #5 are what we are finding are most overlooked.

targetmarketingmag.com As I wrote about recently on Target Marketing, "It Doesn’t Matter What You Would Do — What Would Your Customer Do?" Perhaps you’re still a skeptic. Still feeling pretty sure of your golden gut? Here are six examples of how we are not our customers.

grnrm.com 09/04/2018

Incorporating a Color Palette into Your Brand Marketing - Greenroom Agency

Incorporating a color palette into your marketing can help you to stand out amongst your competitors.

grnrm.com Picture a box of Oreos. The container’s shade of royal blue is likely one of the first things you were able to conjure. This is, of course, because the package itself is blue. However, that image has been reinforced by multi-million dollar marketing campaigns that consistently incorporate a perfec...

revlocal.com 08/23/2018

How Often Should Your Business Post on Social Media?

Are you posting too often? Or maybe not often enough?

revlocal.com How often should I post on social media? It’s a simple question, but the answer can be complicated. In this blog post, you'll learn how many social posts each day your business needs to improve engagement and get more followers.

amylynnandrews.com 08/14/2018

How to Create a Great Call to Action: 6 Tips

Including a call to action can increase your income, telling your audience exactly what to do.

amylynnandrews.com A good call to action is not difficult to create. Here are some simple tips to do so.

business.gov.au 07/24/2018

How to set goals and objectives for your business

Have you established SMART goals to help your business thrive?

business.gov.au A step-by-step guide to help you set and achieve your business goals...




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