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The Glassman

Mirrors, custom shower doors, screens, replacement windows, tabletops, etc. Experience and quality at a competitive price. Free estimates. The Glassman is now pleased to offer wood window sash repair.

We can repair rotted wood windows at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Manager Michael Romero, a journeyman carpenter of thirty years, oversees all wood window repairs. We also do custom cut glass for classic vehicles, along with custom fabrication of glass related items for houses and businesses. Coming Soon: We are in the process of assembling a glass edge polisher for edge work on all our custom tabletops and mirrors.

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[05/04/21]   Weather events can be expensive. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), as of September 2016 there had been 12 weather and climate disaster that totaled over $1 billion in losses.

[04/29/21]   When it comes to table top glass, there are actually several different varieties available. The most common type used is clear glass, which contains a slight green tint. If you want as clear as possible transparency, then low iron glass will show the truest color.

[04/27/21]   Are you concerned that the damage recently done to your windows during a severe weather event is going to be beyond your budget? Since some windows can be repaired instead of replaced, it may cost less to deal with your window damage than you think.

[04/22/21]   Did you know that a boarded up property is less likely to be vandalized or looted? So, if you plan to leave your property unoccupied for a while, hiring a board-up service to secure it will make a lot of sense.

[04/20/21]   According to ancient Roman historian Pliny the Elder, the Phoenicians first "made" glass in 5000 BC. After landing their nitrum-laden ships in present-day Syria, they prepared their meals on the beach, and while cooking, they used the nitrum to prop up their pots. The fire's intense heat melted the nitrum, mixed with the sand, and created rivers of opaque "glass."

[04/15/21]   When it comes to safeguarding your home or business, prevention is definitely better than a cure. So, if you expect to be gone for a while or, if severe weather threatens, consider having a board up service secure your property.

[04/13/21]   When you finally find the perfect work of art to fit your house, you want to make sure it's protected. Glass can be added to fit the frame you select for your art. Specially made glass can even be used to protect the artwork from UV rays.

[04/08/21]   If you really want to enhance the decorative look of your home, hoodmold windows are an excellent choice. These standard rectangular windows have an arched window on top to add some extra flair.

[04/06/21]   Are you disappointed with the shower door quality and selection most home improvement stores carry? When you want a truly custom solution, it’s important to work with someone who deals with custom glass.

[04/01/21]   Did you know that a professional board-up service is usually available 24/7? This means that they are able to respond to any emergency or circumstance that may require the property to be boarded up immediately.

[03/30/21]   Do you have historic wood windows in your home? With some restoration work and follow-up routine maintenance, restored windows can be made energy efficient and last another lifetime.

[03/25/21]   Your board-up company will use long, corrosion-resistant screws for long-term board-up jobs. This will prevent the screws from rusting and letting in rain and bad weather.

[03/23/21]   Tempered glass windows offer an extra layer of security - especially in areas around bathroom tubs and stairwells – against cuts or injuries which can occur if a glass window breaks. With tempered glass, the glass will not shatter, instead it breaks into round pebble-like pieces.

[03/18/21]   Are you looking for an unusual size or shape of glass for an area of your home? Since we deal in glass, it’s probable that we’ll be able to get you the exact piece of glass you need.

[03/16/21]   The most popular reason to buy replacement windows is the amount of money that you can save on them. In fact, the average household’s heating and cooling costs drop by about 35 percent when you replace your windows.

[03/11/21]   Broken glass can be dangerous for humans and animals -- for a long time. Care to guess how long it takes glass shards to biodegrade in nature? If you guessed almost a million years, you're right. Glass on the surface will eventually dull around the edges, but glass in the soil can stay sharp a long time.

[03/09/21]   Till the replacement glass has been fitted, board up services provide security to your property. The entire open space is reinforced properly in order to eliminate the chances of accidents happening.

[03/04/21]   Tempered glass is made using a tempering process in which the glass is subjected to extreme heat until it reaches its softening point, and then it is cooled quickly. This process gives the glass its strength, making it 4-5 times stronger than untreated glass.

[03/02/21]   If you really want to lower your energy bills and prevent your home from feeling like a furnace in the summer, you should consider low-E glass, which can significantly reduce the heat entering your home through your windows.

[02/25/21]   Around 100 A.D., glass blowers in Alexandria discovered clear glass, and Romans began using glass in their architecture. Cast glass windows began to be made, but with poor optical qualities.

[02/23/21]   Can you guess the average loss you're likely to suffer after a burglary? If you guessed over $2,200, you're right. Many burglaries could be avoided by following some common sense rules: Always lock your doors and windows. Maintain control of all keys, and take measures to eliminate easy access to your home and other property.

[02/18/21]   When you’re planning to put your home on the market, it’s important to ensure that every detail is ready for the critical eyes of buyers. If the glass in your shower doors or cabinets isn’t up to inspection, replacement is your best option.

[02/16/21]   Protecting your home from the elements while the repair technician drives to your house is very important. Hanging a tarp in a broken window is a quick fix to keep bugs and dirt from flying in your home. If you need something more long term, a piece of plywood will do the same and do a better job of insulating your home.

[02/11/21]   If a severe weather event is expected then damage to your property may be inevitable. However, did you know that your insurance claims may be processed faster if you have your property boarded up?

[02/09/21]   Did you know that tempered glass is just as smooth and strong as non-tempered glass? Tempered glass windows can be crafted into any type of size or shape, and can be created to offer just as much aesthetic appeal as regular glass windows.

[02/04/21]   Glass provides an easy and affordable way to protect your wooden furniture, as it can be cut and fit to practically any piece that has a flat top. This includes dining room tables, desks, countertops, patio furniture, end tables, and dressers.

[02/02/21]   Our board up services offer real security to your property following a disaster, fire, vandalism or other situations. We keep your building safe so as to avoid any further damage.

[01/28/21]   If you live near a busy road, you probably know what it is like to wake up at 6 am on your day off because of loud traffic outside your window. New windows are much better at eliminating noise and can help you get the sleep you deserve.

[01/26/21]   When replacing glass products, particular attention should be paid to the type of glass being replaced. Whether the glass is tempered or laminated and the thickness of the glass are important matters to keep in mind.

[01/21/21]   Glass is made from various minerals, like sand, soda, and lime, that have been melted and reformed. No wonder it's so heavy and awkward. Fortunately, window replacement experts have been handling heavy glass windows for years, so you don't have to worry about any problems.

[01/19/21]   If you have a large clothes closet in your bedroom, swapping pull-open wooden or flimsy luan doors for sliding glass closet doors makes better use of space while providing an instant look at what you have available to wear.

[01/14/21]   Our company will place boards directly over the studs for maximum protection. The studs are the strongest points in the house – drilling into drywall will do little to protect your home.

[01/12/21]   Glass is not a one-size-fits-all application. The thickness of the glass must match the size of the panel and its application. Larger products and projects require thicker glass.

[01/07/21]   If you want the best in heat-retaining windows, triple glazing is likely your best choice. The best triple-glazed windows may also contain argon gas to fill the space between the panes, since this helps to improve the windows’ energy rating.

[01/05/21]   Today, we use glass extensively in the production of windows, doors, accessories, appliances, and vehicle parts. Care to guess people's first use for glass? Anthropologists believe "natural" glass beads were first used as currency. Produced by lightning strikes on sand, natural glass was durable, colorful, and unusual but not rare.



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