NM Landlord Tenant Hotline

NM Landlord Tenant Hotline


We open and maintain houses for people in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction . Under the auspices of Oxford house International, Inc, a 501 ( c ) 3 nonprofit headquartered in Maryland. Our leases are entered into by the house owner and headquarters. Applicants for admission to a house are interviewed by the extent house members and are allowed membership by affirmative vote of 80 percent of the interviewers. Members do not have a possessive interest in any specific bedroom or use of any bathroom. A members right of entry and use of the home is contingent on remaining alcohol and drug free, paying weekly their equal share of expenses, and maintaining house peace and decorum.

M has not paid her weekly assessment, has admitted using non-prescribed pain killers and stealing from the house. On July 17, 20121 she was hand delivered a notice of eviction effective July 24, 2021. She refuses to leave. Filing for a court ordered eviction was submitted last week and the clerk stated it is on the judge’s desk for his signature.

For future reference does M fall into one or more or the exceptions in the L/A Act such as medical facility, a fraternity or sorority house or a motel/hotel? Her continued presence is disruptive and stressful to some members fragile in their recovery. One member moved out citing difficulty in remaining calm with the circumstances of M calling the police and being verbally abusive.

Thank you for your guidance.

Timothy Kane, Oxford House
575 386 6655
I rented an apartment 6 years ago. Now I've moved out and the ladlord is not only refusing to refund my deposit, He wants me to pay for new carpets and painting. It wasn't painted before I moved in and the carpet was old.
Susan, may an owner increase a tenant's rent more than 10% if they have not increased rent in two years or more?
Have a question regarding handicap spots on private property. Are they allowed to be assigned?
I have some general questions about compliance for a property I'd like to rent out. I have a house that I have renovated and some lingering things I'm not sure about.

1. The house is currently classified as a "shed" by the assessor. Does this mean that the place can't be rented as a residence? Do I need to change this with the assessor before renting?

2. There's a leak on the wall that sometimes leaves some standing water in one of the rooms. If inform the tenant, is this OK?

3. There's some cosmetic problems. On a few spots on the house, insulation is visible from the outside where wood cladding has peeled away. WIll I get hit for compliance on this?

4. Some of the electrical outlets have holes around them since the walls are uneven. Is this OK?

If anyone has advice on how to get an inspector out here (for as little $ as possible) to tell me if I'm okay to rent, please leave it in the comments. Thanks!
Is there any info regarding rent/evictions during this time of Corona Virus?
We live in a small apartment community. Our next door neighbor slams their door every day so hard that it shakes our walls. Or scares me or wakes me up. The stress is affecting my physical and mental health.

I politely spoke to them but the slamming continued. I spoke to the manager who said their door frame is swollen from wet weather and "there's nothing he can do about it". I disagree. I suspect they're doing drugs as well. Sometimes they'll slam it 10 times within an hour.

I thought I'd post here for insight before contacting the off site owner. Thanks!

The NM Landlord Tenant Hotline is a self-help resource here to inform you of your rights, obligation

We've been here to inform both landlords and tenants of their rights, obligations and remedies and provide the paperwork they may need to resolve their issues. The information obtained here at The Hotline does not substitute for the advice of an attorney.


It's now been 27 years here to help the folks. I can hardly believe that myself!! Did you receive a itemized statement of deductions from your security deposit within 30 days of the termination of your tenancy or when you moved out, whichever is last? If not--call the NM Landlord Tenant Hotline to understand what your rights, obligations and remedies are under the law!


Once a tenant has requested a repair that falls under the obligation of the owner, it is illegal for the landlord to seek to evict the tenant or raise the rent for 6 months! (Section 47-8-39 of the NM Landlord Tenant laws.)


NM Landlord Tenant Hotline

Have you been the victim of domestic violence? Has your landlord told all of you to get out? Not so fast. If you can pay the rent and you have taken out a temporary restraining order, the Judge has the jurisdiction of removing the perpetrator from the contract and allowing you to remain in your home for the duration of your lease agreement. Your defense is under Statute 47-8-33 J of the Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act.

NM Landlord Tenant Hotline The NM Landlord Tenant Hotline is a self-help resource here to inform you of your rights, obligations and remedies. Happy to help!!


It's just about 21 years since we've been right here at the phone to help the folks! Yes, there is a small consultation fee so that we can keep this self-help resource available. Our phone number is 505-930-5666.


(Answer Part 2 of 2)
You should have given him a written notice of termination on or before the last day of September for the last day of October. You could have left whenever you needed to, but you owe him rent through the end of the month. Without delivering a written notice, the landlord can hold you responsible for an additional months rent—unless he finds a new tenant before that time. As I always say...education is never free!


(Answer Part 1 of 2)
Oh my, sorry Dude, but he’s definitely within his legal rights, unless he finds a new tenant before the end of November. The law (statute 47-8-37B) states that either party can terminate a month-to-month rental agreement in writing at least 30 days prior to the periodic rental date. It appears your periodic rental date is the 1st of the month.


I’m a MTM tenant and called my landlord Sep 15th and told him I’d be out of his dump on Oct 15th. He said ‘Fine' and slammed down the phone. Well I did what I said. I paid rent through Oct 14th and was completely out of the place on Oct 15th. I cleaned up, took some pictures and dropped off keys. Next thing I know, I get a letter from him not only charging me for rent from October 16th through the end of the month, but an ENTIRE next month. He says he can do that. Can he? I can’t believe that!


Hey, what are you going to do about that AC unit? It's not in good, safe working order. Call the NM Landlord Tenant Hotline. We'll inform you of your rights, obligations and remedies. You need to cool off!!!


Did your tenant 'forget' to pay the rent?? We can help. Call the NM Landlord Tenant Hotline!


Did your landlord 'forget' to return your security deposit?? We can help. Call the NM Landlord Tenant Hotline!!


Bring the Rain! Let everyone have a happy and safe 4th of July. Please let your friends know about NM Landlord/Tenant Hotline and please ask them to LIKE it!!


Many of our calls are from low income residents who have lost their jobs and can’t pay rent, landlords who are losing homes to foreclosure and service men and women whose landlords believe they do not have to release them from their obligations under the lease.

We have been helping the rental community for 15 years. With your generous tax-deductible contribution, we can continue to provide this invaluable resource!




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