Illuminated Perfume

Illuminated Perfume


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My hyperosmic nose thoroughly enjoyed the journey of changes when sampling each of these lovely Illuminated Perfumes.
I shared the experience with my friend Krista, who also has a keen sense of smell. We marveled at how our chemistry makes the scents smell so entirely different on each other & laughed wholeheartedly when "Mellifera" smelled like urine at one point then changed to smell like lovely sunflowers.
We both enjoyed "La Dame Blanche" for its ancient primrose, leather, horse, grassy fields and whiskey .... although, much like the character it was fashioned after, it would disappear (perhaps to another time).
"Vespertina" (our favorite) sent our olfactories to a velvet draped stage in Victorian times, it smelled wise and seductive like a bo***ir performer who loves to read and secretly is a alchemist who casts spells on her fans.
"Aurora" was warm and spicy. I could practically see a lovely redhead running through fields of wild flowers holding incense, alluring her followers.
"Chiaroscuro" was the most intriguing, as it changed so many times, continually throughout the day. Always nice, but different, like one would change their attire according to mood.

Thank you Roxanna.
Your scents are truly magical💜
Hello Roxana,
Was wondering if you could message me. Wanted to ask you about Santa Fe.
Received your package today. Like a kid on Christmas! 1Noir...truly a patchouli lovers dream. Thank you for the sample and lovely packaging!!! ~PEACE
Hey Roxana, remember me? I placed an order on Etsy last March for 5 mini solid perfumes of a custom fragrance. My wedding is October 7th, so it's urgent!

I sent a message on Etsy but you closed your shop. Then I sent a message via your website. I hope you're monitoring FB if not one of the other two sites! Please reply ASAP either here in Messenger or on Etsy or to the email I provided in my message on your site. Time is short!

Greetings! Any ideas on when To Bee might be available again? I've been checking both Etsy and your website diligently, to no avail. Very much hoping to hear good news !

Perfumes created from the highest-grade botanical materials; including pure essences sourced from th Perfumes created from the highest-grade botanical materials; including pure essences sourced from the deserts of Arabia, tropical forests of Madagascar as well as Mediterranean meadows.

In the tradition of alchemists and perfumers of ancient times,


In 2011 I heard the phrase "honest replication" via a documentary on Letterpress printing. I felt the phrase really unified all my work as a multi disciplinary artist relating to true, natural perfume; letter press printing; saving oak trees & honey bees; native plants; handmade; sustainability; nature; authenticity; transparency, etc.

While attending MAWVA (Mountain Valley Wool Fest) today, (see my stories) I was re-minded of the parallels between all the elder crafts that require hands and nature. The patrons along with the artisans working in these tactile mediums are a vital, interconnected web, a terrific example of an exchange that has a massive impact on human life, supporting agriculture and in the tiniest of ripples we may not even be conscious the beat of a butterflies wings.

Please remember to support indie makers, local farms, bee guardians and small businesses as much as possible.

Photo 🙋🏼‍♀️: US made brass compact with Sierra solid natural perfume & heirloom crochet pouch.


Each Illuminated Perfume is designed and made with my hands, heart and plants.
The intention is to "illuminate" the beauty of nature while having the fragrance act as a conduit to the heart of the Earth Mother and the unseen wisdom floating around us.


The incense making class I teach at Bishop's Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa has been mentioned in Departures Magazine

So very grateful to ALEXA WILDING and her eloquent writing.


I had the opportunity to attend a fascinating presentation by Keith Recker at the
He gave a very engaging presentation relating to the content in his new book Deep Color: The shades that shape our souls.
According to his research and poetic prose in the book, purple is related to royalty, luxury and the sacred.
When I choose purple for my brand color, it was because in my color palette (thanks to ) purple is my “power” color.

“...there’s a tingle of magic in purple that always tempts me to lean into it”
~ Keith Recker




Photos from Illuminated Perfume's post 09/21/2022

Autumn feels are here, the nights are getting cooler, the Aspens at higher elevations are starting to turn and the Equinox arrives in a few days. I’m anointing with Cimbalom.

Named after the stringed instrument closely related to the hammered dulcimer, Cimbalom contains melodic notes of jasmine with percussive beats of resinous amber and a flourish of citrus rind to fully engage the senses.
The Illuminated image of a sleeping beauty amidst the autumn leaves morphing into butterflies by Greg Spalenka is titled Enchantment, it feels so apropos for this buttery, sensuous unguent.

Photos from Illuminated Perfume's post 09/18/2022

Santa Fe Summer vibes, part two, do you have a favorite?

I wish there was a scent app for the apricot photo. When I came across that driveway, I stood there for quite a long time inhaling the seen.


Each time I work with one of the “blue” oils, in this case blue cypress from Australia, I feel like I’ve crossed into the faery realm.


The scent of gardenia has been captured in a pomade format so that the sunny, vibrant feel of an immersive garden walk is brought back into memory. The tangible sensory experience of this leathery petaled diva draws one into intimate engagement with a poetic state of blooming being-ness.


Plant fragrance is a living work of art, a shared moment of breathing and unification.


GreenWitch, as a perfume, was inspired and then created in a similar fashion as the village women of Cornwall wove the effigy in the book The GreenWitch.

The story of the making of the greenwitch is associated with the vernal equinox and the creation of a ritual offering to “Tethys, the ancient ocean goddess and Queen of the Wild Magic”, also called the White Lady. There are references to the greenwitch also being termed as the bride of King Marks.

In 2004 I began the scent as a recreation of a traditional Chypre perfume. The fragrance is quite complex, including four chords and individual tinctures/infusions depending on the format.

The salt note is quite different from the synthetic counter part that was put on the market about eight years ago. All the fragrances I create for my line or others are completely blended by my own hands in harmony with nature. When illuminated Perfume was formerly launched the intention was to highlight, “ illuminate” the beauty of perfume made completely with plants, no animal, no synthetics and no isolates.

As in the story of the GreenWitch, the dark is rising, but the light will prevail!

👉🏻 Read more about GreenWitch at the website here

Photos from Illuminated Perfume's post 08/29/2022

Santa Fe Summer vibes, part one

Photos from Illuminated Perfume's post 08/26/2022

Elemental air is ruled by the STARS and the realm of the Fae, scent dwells here with the ability to conduct vital force within the body and shift our perception in an instant.

The go to Faerie perfume in the “illuminated” collection is Gracing the Dawn. While we wait for her return I suggest anointing with Aurora when lightness of being is called for, breath deep and feel the air circulate through your nose, throat, lungs and belly as the scent softens, m restores vitality and brings back sacredness of the moment.



This tiger swallowtail appeared at the perfumery in June 2020 when I was considering giving up the space. I keep it in a glass jar near my work bench.

I'm mentioning it now, because for the last two-three months I've been seeing swallowtails almost every day.

My sense is that it's a reminder to stay light, remember if we are to birth our selves a new, then we must see and recognize both our unity and diversity. Feel into the circular, where all the spokes lead us to the center. They are us and we are they, its time to step into the field of recognition and new paradigms.

Auspiciously I have been working on a perfume about a butterfly.


Photos from Illuminated Perfume's post 08/10/2022

The calendula seedlings I purchased at in May are blooming abundantly! It makes such a difference to purchase vital, local plants, especially here in the high desert, where conditions can be challenging.

The alchemical path teaches us to look beyond, to observe and dive into a deeper understanding of essence, the vibration of a plant, object, human being. We are beckoned to "feel" into meaning, perceive patterns and symbols....beyond the thinking mind.

In plants we observe the color & shape, as well as where it grows, to determine its healing attributes. As you can see, calendula (Calendula officinalis) has an affinity with the sun, notice the circular bright orange flowers with petals that radiate outward. I am also observing how they look very lion-like, especially in the third photo.

The sun, related to elemental FIRE, home of our beating heart and the constant drum beat within, home of passion, warmth, and direct knowing. Home of the Child, youthful abundant energy, and motivation. The spirit medicine of Lion dwells here, providing strength and courage.

As the center of our solar system, plants associated with the sun re-mind us of who we are at a core level, empowering a strong sense of self and shining bright where clouds may have obscured lightness of being.

Sunny calendulas nourish on so many levels, specifically where there is a loss of vitality and wounding. This is why calendula is so wonderful for dry skin and used in salve making. The youthfullness of their vibrant appearance calls to our inner child to come out and play, have fun in the sun and be free.

Working with plants ground and bring us into the sacred moment. By mimicking and being in harmony with nature, we then flow in the current of the cosmos.

See pictures of my garden in the story section and to read the complete post on this topic at the journal by grabbing the link in my profile.





Soaking up some artistry on Canyon Road

Photos from Illuminated Perfume's post 07/16/2022

In the most recent newsletter I announced a flash sale, some items sold out immediately, others are still available, like La Dame Blanche.

decided to join in by offering a discount on his La Dame Blanche print.





Yesterday I was introduced to the work of Dan Winter, via and heard a video of him speaking on the important of bliss, specifically for rising our vibration.

In the 80’s, this concept was made popular by Joseph Campbell, Dan is bringing an updated point of view to it.

Regarding bliss, are there scents that bring you into a state of bliss? Lately, mine have been Tree of Life spray and the Violet Flame.

"Dan Winter’s background spans a broad spectrum of disciplines, but he is probably best known for advancing the science of fractality.

He graduated with honors at the University of Detroit, then he pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology, and the origins of languages. He has worked as a Systems Analyst with IBM, an industrial metallurgist and a crystallographer. Dan also studied at the Gurdjieff School of sacred gymnastics, in Florence with Buckminster Fuller, and at Findhorn.

Dan draws on many sources, including science, mythology, popular culture, and even channeled information, looking for ideas about the deep connectedness of all things and how the profound nature of our oneness can be approached from architecture or art, math or biology, electronics/computers or myth.” ~



Photos from Illuminated Perfume's post 07/08/2022

This Wednesday, July 13th at 3pm, during the energies of the full moon, Robin Coale will take us on a journey to meet Saint Germain. This full moon is a supermoon, meaning it is closer in its orbit to Earth, thus providing more luminosity to guide our path.

Robin, the shaman who took us to meet the Green Knight, will be facilitating this encounter for us. Saint Germain first appeared to her here in Santa Fe, NM and continues to be one of her guides. If you would like to know more about Robin, here is a link to her website:

You do not need to have the perfume for the live session. Keep in mind and heart, that I only have one solid left as I type this and am in the process of decanting more of the Eau de Parfum.


“Beloved children. Rejoice! Claim your I AM ness – I AM – in the name of God I AM. You ARE. Be that. Claim that. Throughout the history of your earth you have been subdued and ruled by forces that seek to control and prevent you from claiming your power and divinity. This is about to change. The course has been set. Time for you all to awaken. There are many forces working on your behalf to assist you. But ultimately you must make the commitment to do the work. Be discerning in what you believe to be true. There is only One Truth and that is God. Can you find that? Claim that as yours? I and that Ascended Masters and the Brotherhood of White Light are working tirelessly on your behalf. I have given you the gift of the Violet Flame of transmutation and encourage you all to make use of it daily. It will assist you in clearing away karma and blockages which hold you down and hold you back from your Ascension. You may invoke the Violet Flame daily as many times as you wish. I encourage you to do so. You may call on me or any of the Ascended Masters for support. We are all with you.”

Photos from Illuminated Perfume's post 04/14/2022

Infusing calendula flowers at the perfumery.
Plants retain and transfer the vitality of the Earth to us, facilitating an upgrade to where it Is most needed. Calendula flowers have an affinity to the sun, as we can witness by their Doctrine of Signatures, which acts as a mode of communication without words, where the plant shows us through its shape & color what is star signature is.
Recently, a couple internet trolls, hiding behind their fake names, attacked the concept of the Doctrine of Signatures in a review of my Green Knight fragrance. They remarked that it isn't real, not even a little bit and that its a bunch of yogababble.

We each have the lenses we use to perceive the world around us. The ancients, through out all traditions, observed plants to understand the non-linear language being communicated, it is a very right brain mode of perception, where we observe patterns and archetypes.

For individuals who have become very "land locked" within the left brain, functioning in a narrow, mechanistic paradigm, these concepts are completely out of their sphere of perception.
Instead of opening themselves up to new ideas, they automatically move into their reptilian brain and attack.

As I contemplated what was occurring, it became clear that this is the tale of The Green Knight! When we put ourselves out into the world, sharing ideas, concepts, our creativity, if we are doing it bravely, then we are offering the trolls our axe to cut off our head. What they don't realize is, in that act of cutting of my/our heads, they then have accepted the challenge of having their heads cut off.

As above, so below
As within, so without

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