Rivera Sol Bodywork

Rivera Sol Bodywork


In studies of ancient systems, music theorists have identified and analyzed the notes of our modern tonal system in depth and discovered the system of 5ths, a sequence of notes that have been studied and have been found to balance and harmonize the nervous system amongst other health benefits.

In the traditional Himalayan singing bowl healing technique, the sequences of notes played matches a note (frequency) to each of the 7 chakras. The system of fifths coincides with the traditional Himalayan bowl layout confirming what ancient teachers arrived at by trial and error some 2,500 years ago.

In the sound therapy sessions offered at Rivera Sol Bodywork, each of the notes payed in the healing sequences for chakra opening maps to the system of fifths naturally harmonizing and balancing the nervous system and the mind, body, spirit.

“ I haven’t felt part of my body that I do now in over 10 years, areas that have felt dormant and pin spots that have just become normal”

Massage and bodywork is a process of becoming embodied, awakening your nervous system and replenishing your life force. It’s a process where you become aware and present to the fact that you have a body and it’s needs are very important and are constantly being communicated to you moment to moment whether you are aware of it or not.
Are you listening?👂


Hey Everyone!

Just a reminder that I am offering 80 min and 110 min massage treatments a discounted price until the end of this year.

80 min - $85 (orig. price - $130)
110 min - $115 (orig. price - $180)
Trio package of (3) 80 min treatments - $250 (orig. price $360)

Pricing goes back to normal in January!

Merry Christmas and happy near year to you all!


With love and gratitude,


Sound Therapy - Inner Massage
Upon striking a singing bowl you can feel the air surrounding the bowl also vibrates. The powerful vibrations spread quickly through our body, which consists of more that 70% water. Water is an ideal carrier of vibrations and this results in a very effective, delicate internal massage of all the cells.
The human body is a living entity of vibrations and wave lengths. A healthy organ is well tuned, meaning that it vibrates only at its own frequency, while the frequency of a sick organ is disturbed.
Singing bowls re-create the original harmonic frequency, and stimulate the body to rediscover it’s own harmonic frequency, by making it vibrate to the frequency of the bowl so that when it is synchronized , It can vibrate independently. Stimulated and taking up by the powerful vibrations of the singing bowl the body is able to tune into is own undisturbed frequency.
This is one of the many reasons I’ve become fascinated with sound and The impact of certain frequencies on our body and how it can contribute to harmony and optimal health. I love to incorporate sound in most of all my sessions so you experience an external physical massage and an internal (at the cellular level) massage!

Rivera Sol Bodywork updated their website address. 02/15/2022

Rivera Sol Bodywork updated their website address.

Rivera Sol Bodywork updated their website address.

Rivera Sol Bodywork updated their info in the about section. 01/31/2022

Rivera Sol Bodywork updated their info in the about section.

Rivera Sol Bodywork updated their info in the about section.


Hello Everyone!

Excited for this new year, many new projects underway, here is my new pricing for 2022:


80 min Integrative session - $130
110 min Integrative session - $180

80 min Thai session - $160
110 min Thai session - $210


80 min in-home integrative: $150
110 min in-home Integrative: $200

80 min in-home Thai: $200
110 min in-home Thai: $270


80 min integrative Trio - $375
110 min Integrative Trio - $480

80 min Thai Trio - $465
110 min Thai Trio - $605


80 min Integrative Self-care Plan- $115 per month

110 min Integrative Self-care Plan- $155 per month

80 min Thai Self-care Plan- $145 per month

110 min Thai Self-care Plan- $175 per month


30% off any additional 80 min or 110 services purchased

30% off gift certificates

30% off 80 min or 110 min packages

Exclusive access to corrective exercise/stretching, and mobility self care videos. (coming soon)


Hello Everyone!

Excited to share that for the New Year I am now offering exclusive Self care memberships to help those of you who want to make bodywork a regular part of your self care routine and at an affordable price.

A monthly membership plan that gifts you *one* 60 min or 90 massage per month at a discounted rate.

(60 min - $90 monthly)
(90 min - $120 monthly)

The self care plan includes:

- 30% off any additional 60 min or 90 services purchased
- 30% off gift certificates
- 30% off 60 min or 90 min packages
- Exclusive access to corrective exercise/stretching, and partner stretching technique video courses. (coming soon)

For more questions on membership terms or how to sign up, message me or email me at : [email protected]

Have a blessed day!


Dear , I love you. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms this time around. I am grateful for all the beauty you have to offer and the deep healing of your high mountains and desert terrains that nourishes my soul in a special way.

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“The best doctor is one who teaches people how to prevent sickness, not one who treats sickness” - Yellow Emperor

60 min Integrated treatments are $85 from now until the end of June! DM me to schedule your appointment.
This will be my last promotion until my move to it was a pleasure serving the people of Colorado this past year 🙏💚

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You would think that as a massage therapist/bodyworker I out of all people would make the time and space for myself to receive bodywork, but to be honest I can sometimes be so consumed by my work and the act of giving that I forget. I forget to stop and check in with myself and to replenish/nourish myself with this form of self care/healing.
I have to say though I have been allowing less time between when my body/mind/soul is out of alignment (feeling irritable, imbalanced emotional states, unusual thought patterns, physical imbalances, etc.) from when I decide to receive a treatment of some sort. And my awareness and intuition of when that is needed is becoming more refined overtime.
The healing that occurs during bodywork is so so multi-faceted and serves a significant purpose to the mental, emotional, physical, and metaphysical nature of human health. It’s truly a marvelous holistic approach to ones Heath and vitality.

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“The earth is what we all have in common” don’t know who said this but it’s the truth 🌍

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The feet often are neglected as we often take for granted how much work they do for us, supporting our weight while moving us from one destination to the next each day.
The feet can also symbolize our foundation within our lives, ability to stay grounded, trust and set appropriate boundaries. Furthermore in the context of reflexology, there are points and reflexes that correspond to every organ and system in the body. During a session you can discover and become aware of many aspects of yourself beyond just muscular imbalances.
How strong is your foundation? Do you feel grounded to the earth? Are you nourished in your life?
As my own foundation begins to change with the transition of soon moving to Santa Fe NM It has me thinking how I can support the clients that have supported me with my foundation here in Colorado. So I’ll be offering specials until the end of June to share my gratitude. DM me for more details and stay connected 🙏

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The day we met, I told you I’d make sure you get the best out of this life and here we are, brings my heart so much Joy to see it unfolding as I envisioned it not only for myself but with you by my side.
Thank you for being one of my greatest mentors and yes, this mans best friend 🐺 🐾☀️💚

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Happy BEING me

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Can you be quite enough to hear your souls whispers of truth, and do you have enough trust in yourself and the Divine to move in the direction your being guided?
The truth can only be evaded for only so long until the only sound choice is to surrender and let spirit lead the way....

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“I had amazing sessions with Nick . My favorite one is Thai massage . Nick has such healing hands that I felt the warm energy coming through his therapeutic touch. I’m a NYS licensed massage therapist who is specialized in Thai massage . I am very picky and I set high standard . I have to say that I am impressed by Nick ‘s skills . He applied the right amount of pressure with right rhythm and fantastic stretching techniques .

I also felt the intent with his touch through out the session . The massage was deeply healing .I highly recommend Nick . Please book a session with him. You won’t be disappointed!”

For the first week of May, make the investment in yourself with any trio wellness package of bodywork treatment and get one free 90 min Thai massage session. DM for more details 🙏🌀☀️

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Back to basics - thoughts/thinking
Diseases and health like circumstances, are rooted in thought. Thoughts of fear have been known to kill a man at speedily as a bullet and they are continually killing thousands of people just have surely though less rapidly.
The people who live in fear of disease are the people who get it, impure thoughts will inevitably soon shatter the nervous system and weaken the body’s defenses.
The body is a delicate and plastic instrument that response readily to the thoughts by which it is impressed.
How are you tending to the garden of your own mind? Are you fertilizing and planting seeds that will bare healthy fruits in your reality? Or is your garden burdened with weeds that take up all the space and leave room for nothing new to grow?.
This garden can be symbolized as our subconscious and the seeds are those thoughts and ideas that we choose to cultivate in it. What thoughts we choose to entertain and cultivate are sure enough to grow and manifest into our reality, so choose wisely.

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As the years have gone by I’ve begin to see myself as more than just a Massage Therapist but as an Artist.
Bodywork for me as become this kinesthetic experiential expression of art and connection, resulting in healing for both practitioner and receiver.
It’s an ancient art passed down from generation to generation, a prescription prescribed way before western medicine.
Massage is a medicine of embodiment, a medicine that uses the science of touch to communicate to everyone of your cells through frequency and sensation creating catalytic responses for the body to reorganize and heal itself, what it does best.

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“I have been receiving massage from Nick for over a year now and every time is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Nick is very energetically attuned and the massage penetrates through the physical and is deeply healing on the energetic and spiritual level. Each massage feels like a blissful journey into a timeless space sending me into a deep state of relaxation dissolving all stress and thinking. All the stars and thumbs up possible.”

— David Wang.

It always brings me joy when clients leave my studio feeling more balanced and aligned, it’s what fuels my passion for this work.
If you are new to my work and your feeling uncomfortable in your body from a specific imbalance and want to experience a treatment, I’m offering new comers a first time discount.
If it’s your first time working with me you can book a 60 min integrative treatment for $88.
And when considering an ongoing wellness regimen, I always recommend clients to start out with three sessions to experience the full potential of what this work can do for you.
I provide a 60 min Trio package that includes three 60 min integrated treatments at 20% off each session. I’d be happy to talk more with you about it over DM! Stay well friends!

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“ I effortlessly and joyfully experience the perfection inherent in universal design. The eternal now unfolds in my awareness. Everything thing and everyone in the universe are already perfect, including ourselves.
We do not have to do anything to make the universe or anything in it more perfect. Whenever we believe we must do anything It is a signal to remember this principle. It is wise to sit down in a quiet place until the perceived need to act passes. Anything done out of a sense of need or obligation is inappropriate. Every activity grounded and peacefulness and inspired by joyfulness is appropriate”.
- Arnold Parent universal principles #3 we start from completion

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Back to Basics - Water & Hydration

Water, we have all heard it by this point. Whether it be from your health provider, family & friends, the internet and social media, or your massage therapist! Water is important and most people are just not aware of this fact or don’t highlight it as such. For some people if they just began increasing their water intake most aches pains and some dis-eases begin to lessen or sometimes even go away completely.
There's an interesting correlation between humans and the earth in regards to water: Almost 70% of the Earth is covered by water, most of which is ocean, and humans are composed of about 75% water—our blood containing roughly the same salinity as ocean water. Water plays many major roles in our body, some of the main suctions include maintaining a stable environment inside and around our cells. To provide the most optimal environment for life, the water we consume must be consumed from a clean source and in the right amounts.
Ideally I would recommend getting your water from a natural spring (even though springs nowadays are becoming contaminated as well, there are still a better option then tap water) or investing in an individual or whole house filtration system to minimize exposure to heavy metals, chlorine and other waterborne toxins. Additionally, the water you put on your skin should be as clean as your drinking water! Get yourself a shower filter. One of my favorite places to recommend people for household water system is . My good friend David will help you with any questions you have.
So, how much water should you drink? Most health professionals align with Dr. Batmanghelidj’s recommendation for hydration. Determine your body weight in pounds, divide it by two and drink that many ounces of water each day (Body weight (in kg) x 0.033 = how much water to drink in liters). As an example, a 200 pound man would need to drink 100 ounces of quality water each day, possibly more if in a hot climate or exercising. Additionally its always helpful to add a pitch of high quality sea salt to your water for better retention and less frequent urination.

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