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Interested in starting your New Year's by improving yourself with an in-depth self-care routine?

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, it is my specialty in getting you to improve yourself.

Either posture & stress related, pain and stiffness, or just an added routine to enhance your day-to-day life overall?

Utilizing advanced Soft Touch assessments and treatments to treat your muscular, joint, or other bodily imbalances, it gets results.

This offer is for you. Discounted Initial Sessions for 30 - or 60-minute bodywork sessions are now available to see what self-care plan is the best fit.

Call or text 505-490-6714 or fill out the form for us to reach out to you with more information & get you scheduled.

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In other words, a person who is fanatic in matters of religion and clings to certain ideas about the nature of God and the universe becomes a person who has no faith at all. - Alan Watts

It is the distortion of a false sense of control that is your own worst enemy. When you are not able to control something outside of you, it infuriates you. You feel lessened by the lack of control of the outside situation. This is simply because you can't truly control yourself, so you look for outside control, hoping it will put your mind at ease.

Don't you notice how exhausting it is? To pretend like you have control,  when you are really placing your time and energy in all the wrong spots.

This false sense of preservation can be a common tactic. Some where along your life, you thought controlling your surroundings mitigated your punishment of a situation. That is not the case, & deep down, you know it as well. That's why you keep having situations pop up around you that you continue to try and control.

The identity that is not really you clings to the lack of true identity in others. This perpetuates the cycle. When the other person breaks free of that cycle, true limitless freedom, it can be threatening to the other still in the cycle. Not being in a robotic automatic response can seem threatening to those that are.

The shift in presence literally threatens the robotic behaviors of the person not making the shift, as the fake dance is what allowed you to be hypnotized or entranced the whole time to begin with, giving you a false sense of security, safety, or control .

Want to break the robotic cycle? Figure out who you are. Who you really are. Not your stories of the past, not adjectives used to describe the image of you. Who are you?

What is it that potentially triggered you by reading this, and how deeply can you observe it. Where did it really come from ? Can you notice the distance between it and the real you? Comical, isn't it...


"This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief" - Rumi

This happens each time one has a death of an identity. It is so entrancing & hypnotizing when you are in the middle of the act... but when you can break into another viewpoint, you see how insignificant it really is. It becomes comical, embarrassing even.

People are asleep to their misconstrued knowledge of what they really are. The power they really have. They take on robotic behaviors & isolated, limited perspectives, keeping them in a mindless simulation of their day-to-day activities.

When you can break free for true self-reflection, expansion , & awareness, the power that ultimately comes with it is unlimited.

Most think mindless meditation or avoidance of issues is what they need to do to "free themselves" when that's not the case. Similar approaches pop up in other therapies, yielding minimal results, if any.

I've seen it many times with newer clients who have done "talking therapies" for any extended amount of time. They are trained to key on the fluff of the symptoms of the issue & almost never address the root issue. For instance, they can identify their toxic cycles, but never the roots it stems from.

This focus on the fluff allows them to stay comfortable & passive while mostly dismissing any opportunity to make the changes they want to see.

The nuance in the therapy that is offered at Kenetic Wellness is that it gets right to the heart the issue while offering a way to re-center/ awaken oneself to avoid going into pilot/simulation mode.

This can be uncomfortable but unexplainably powerful to the individual as they learn to identify their true-self.

Interested in shedding the baggage? Feel free to reach out, or schedule a session through the website in my bio.


2022 has been a monumental year. Left Florida,  moved across the country with what could fit in my car, and opened up an office space.  It's been a dream of mine to see others I work with go through so much exponential shifting that they become essentially new people & I see it happening regularly now in the office. What required me hours upon hours of facilitation to assist someone with a deeper  perspective shift can happen with one single session. Even my session times have shifted from longer sessions to shorter ones because of the amount of precision I can hone into now.

I see it reoccuing with individuals I've worked with in the past remotely or in person & to see their continued growth is amazing. As the shifts happen for myself, I can see tests of the older versions of myself trying to re-control my perspective and presence, but with no success. As I become more aware in more ways I would have ever perceived imaginable, it sheds the former identities of which I use to associate with or live by.

This I also see occur in clients that visit, from experiences they share, & new awareness they foster. It's interesting to see people come in for what they think is a single session pop-up, turn into a desire for continued growth & expansion from deeper connections they make. It's addicting to become more aware & more present. Anxiety & other stress disorders you thought would never resolve diminish & vanish.

You stop associating to what people make of you, & thus, making you your own creator of your reality. This is freeing for many and terrifying when you realize you are what is holding you back from what you really want to be, not others like so many place the blame too.

2023 will be continued growth for myself, I hope the same for you.

The resources around me help facilitate it constantly, so thanks much, 😘 and others.

Be((in)g) Center Is Where Per-Shiftual Presence Awaits ™️


Sick of having nagging joint pain & stiff muscles?

Call me at
(505) 490-6714
or email me at [email protected]
to schedule your limited time discounted 30-minute quick stretching & balancing session for quick relief.

Only Valid thru January 15th, 2023.



Life changing ❌️= Changing Your Life

Some say their sessions feel life changing, but it's not an accurate way of viewing the process.

Within the session, it gives one the opportunity to change their perspective, which then can lead to the opportunity to change your reality, therfore "changing your life." Some do change their life little by little every session, so it eventually equates to a different person over time, others remain in place as they don't do the inner work to change.

Life changing events don't equate to changing one's life for the better. It just means the external environment may have changed, but not necessarily what happens within the external environment or subtleties within it.

Changing your life can be life changing. Just as a square can be a rectangle, but a rectangle can't be a square in an Euclidean plane (which we are not in, but is being used to express the grander point).

Want to change your life? Book a session through the link in my bio. Or reach out with further questions.


Emotions can be great indicators as check points for change. They can also be a toxic waste of energy if not utilized appropriately.

Make sure you are aware of the emotions and situations that elicit them. This is a big magnifier as to what needs to be resolved within you to see the reflection in the external environment.

In talking therapies, where eliciting emotional reaponses are the focus can be full of distractions or dramatic retraumatizing events that can leave one spinning wheels and make no true progress.

People also think changing the external environment is what they need to do to have "inner peace," but even when they do so, they eventually find the same stressors are still there, affecting their "inner peace."

It's not necessarily about changing your attitude towards something that resolves the issue/stressor. It's the shift in perspective that gives you a different vantage point to break the cycles.

Reoccuring themes I've noticed with clients lately are that they become presented with situations that amplify the old patterns they are trying to break, essentially testing their new commitment to a shifted identity. This test either is passed and reaffirms the shift they are taking on or delayed, which causes them to fall back into the cycle until the deeper change happens.

It's not about having to work harder to make the shift. More often than not, it's actually less work required to shift into the right direction and break cycles.

It's a Western mentality of "hard work" that many get stuck in to "change their lives." Doing too much will exhaust you and prevent you from really making the shift. The shifts are supposed to free more energy as you become more congruent with yourself, not use more energy. Efficiency is energy conservation, same with life changes.
Wasting energy on the same cycle over and over again leaves you feeling like you are submerged in toxic sludge.

'((Be(in)g)) Center Is Where Per-Shiftual Presence Awaits.' ™️


Special First Session Offer for new clients only in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Initial Session price is $90 + tax for an InBody Body Composition Analysis Report, 30-minute bodywork therapy session, and a 20-minute Red Light Therapy Session.

Call me at (505) 490-6714 for more information or to schedule your Initial Session.

Or visit to book your own Initial Session to experience how much better your body can feel.


Photos from Kenetic Wellness's post 12/13/2022

People come in saying how they have multiple neurological doctors prescribing whatever types of medication for any combination of symptoms to no avail.

They tend to be surprised with how powerful soft touch therapy reduces or eliminates their issues, but here's a quick explanation with these charts, I hope to clear up how simple this actually is.

Whether it's a TBI, build up of stress, some trauma, or an imbalnce of the system that has gone untreated, it can affect the meninges, ventricles, sphenoid, or any of the important nerves of the skull.

When a traumatic injury or lesion pattern occurs to the body, the body will go into a protection mode by limiting the tissue pliability of the affected region and surrounding areas. This impairs tissue functions and creates what is called in osteopathic practices lesion patterns. A lesion pattern is essentially a compensatory pattern through an alternate neuromuscular strategy that is used in place of natural motion to get by at the cost of normal functioning.

This is important because if the sphenoid bone, which in the first two pictures (pic1 dark blue, & pic 2 green) is restricted in motion can affect any of the nerves that exit it (pic 4) or nearby structures. This can be the nerves involved with vision 👀 , arteries & veins supplying the brain & nerves w/ nurtients & eliminating waste, & creating a ripple affect to the surrounding bone structures at the base of the skull, which include other nerve roots. 😳

Getting soft touch work is not hocus pocus or wizardry. It simply is a deeper understanding of the nonlinear functionality of the human body & how it works together. Freeing up the meninges restrictions, increasing the ventricles drainage, reducing lesion patterns (warped tissue motion) around the base of the skull, & improving blood flow to the brain is as simple and effective as it can get for neurological (or any) disorders.

Taking 4+ medications, when 3 medications are for the symptoms of the other medications, is not the way the way to be healthy. Treat your body well. It can heal itself and stay balanced through appropriate outside facilitation.

Visit the link in my bio to get feeling better.


Have you ever gone for a massage due to your shoulder and/or neck pain, but hours later, it returns? Sometimes, it returns even worse than before.

This is because if you work only on the muscles and fascia locally, which is standard in traditional Swedish massage, deep tissue, and other muscle based approaches, you are really just distracting the body from the pain you went into the session with, with a new temporary external (caused by external forces) pain, instead of resolving the deeper underlying issue.

Working with the liver, stomach, lungs, or pancreas can have a huge impact on relieving the tightness or pain for shoulder and neck pain since they actually can create a big problem for the shoulder and neck if they have limited mobility. The ability for these organs to have the capacity for unobstructed movement greatly enhances the capacity for thoracic flexion and extension, which in turn greatly reduces pain and stiffness in the shoulders and neck.

Why this is important is because often it's not so much the neck and shoulder not moving enough that causes pain, more so that they are moving to much in relation to other segments of the body that creates more of an overuse injury to the over active area.

This is why at Kenetic Wellness, the assessment used is to evaluate the entire body, pinpoint the limitations, and then treat the limitations, not just the painful areas.

Send me a message, or visit my website in the bio to schedule your session to see how much better you can feel.


Retreat 1, Group 2 is now complete.

Thank you to everyone who came out and joined our first Chilly Nervous Reset. From the group classes, hiking, 1-on-1 sessions, soaking at the thermal pools , and chatting around a campfire. We hope you had a great time, and I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Big thanks to .training with for coming out to Santa Fe for the week to educate everyone on new ways of training and warming up.

Thank you to for loaning us the fire pit and wood.

🎶 by - I Monster: Daydream In Blue


Group 1 for the Chilly Nervous Reset is complete with .training
Group classes, hiking, 1-on-1 bodywork therapy and training sessions, soaking at Ojo Santa Fe , and group gathering around a fire. Doesn't get much better.

Photos from Kenetic Wellness's post 12/11/2022

Do your 2023 goals involve weight loss or management?

Have you ever considered the correlation for Body Mass Index (BMI) to health disease risk?

Or body fat composition to health disease related risks?

Have you wanted to track the changes you implement to your daily routine and how they affect your body composition over time?

That's what the InBody can help you with as you get ready to take on your 2023 health goals, and its at Kenetic Wellness, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

For an athletic body type, BMI isn't as much a concern as the lean body mass, total body water, and total body fat is that composes the body.

For sedentary individuals, BMI plays a much more crucial role in highlighting risk for health related diseases. This can be monitored and adjusted for through proper testing and guidance given to minimize these health factor risks or to make appropriate lifestyle changes to positively influence the numbers.

Interested in your numbers, and what can be done to help them?

Schedule your initial Health Coaching Session through
to get started on making positive lifestyle changes.



My background may be in soft touch, CST, VM, and BB, but at this point of my session treatments, I don't utilize them like I used to, especially in the way of which they are taught. I can't put into words what my process is now. Learning within the confines of a set system will give you blinders to the truest and deepest potential that there is available to reach, especially withing therapy.

Like every opportunity we get to learn synthesized information, we then, after coming to a new understanding of that information, can then synthesize this information even further and be even more precise with it. This has been undoubtedly expedited because of my relationship with and our deeper, mind opening discussions of what really is self expansive care and change.

When you are going to a therapist who may practice the above-mentioned therapies, I can safely say that they are not including components that are integrated into treatment sessions I now offer. I get told this regularly from people who have received the other therapies and compare it to what I do now.

The therapies I have mentioned in the past are still beneficial for what they are, but I wish to not confuse you anymore. To not create an expectation from receiving those therapies as they don't remotely encompass what is I practice now.

There's a lot of fluff and misinterpretation built upon old thinking patterns that were thought to be foundational at the time of these nuanced ideas at their conception, but time and space have amplified the need to get deeper and a truer foundation to have a deeper understanding and affect for change to occur.

If you are not truly changing what is deeply foundational within you, you will not see external changes in your structure or reality. This is why, after a session, even weeks later, clients report to me the noticing of continual shifting of awareness they have. This is simply because of the level of depth that is being touched upon in every session.

The more fundamental the shift you create, the more it is seen in your surroundings. I am now noticing that more and more as my reach, audience, and clientele shift in mindset and support.

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