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Licensed Therpaist | Somatic Breathwork Practitioner | Reiki Practitioner To discover and integrate who we truly are is to live a life in alignment.

Somatic Breathwork will provide results, whether you are seeking to strengthen self love and knowledge, searching for support while enduring life's challenges, or desiring an expansion in personal wellness and development. As humans, we are invited to connect with our true nature and explore what is beneath our past traumas and conditioning. We are being called to leave our baggage behind and set


No plans tomorrow night? Why not invest in yourself and come to this one-of-a-kind event, where we will be combining Somatic Breathwork with Sound Healing?!

Somatic Breathwork is a trauma-informed technique that uses breathing coupled with rhythmic music to assist in releasing stress, clearing blockages, and reuniting with what's most important. This helps to expand mental clarity, regulate the body's nervous system, and develop emotional wellness. Somatic Breathwork offers an individualistic process to assist you in your own personal healing journey.

How is it effective?
-Somatic Breathwork stimulates the body in a way that leads it to process unhealed memories and repressed emotions with a sense of safety and presence.
-Most stress is caused within relationships, often then, the most profound healing we can encounter is within the realm of a safe and therapeutic relationship.
-Oftentimes, we find ourselves trapped in explaining our story, with no real connection to the emotions behind it. Somatic Breathwork is a bottom up approach, which means while the breathing occurs, there is a sense of awareness and an ability to explore the emotions and sensations within the body. This action-oriented approach allows you to work through your challenges and a rewriting occurs. This rewriting allows you to be more at ease and less reactive in your daily life.

At this event Adrienne will be using various drums, a gong, crystal bowls, and tuning forks which all assist in creating a deep meditative state. This aids in the release process and brings on a state of deep relaxation. Explore the felt experience of sound.

Go to www.mindbodysoulaligned.com to register!


This event combines breathwork and sound healing, creating a powerful, active space for self-healing. Clear out what you're ready to release and let beautiful energy in.

In this trauma-informed Somatic Breathwork event, you will be safely guided to release stuck energy in your body. Through this experience, you will be given an opportunity to remember what it is like to feel more peace and presence in your life. While processing, there will be live harmonious music aiding the self-healing process.


Space is limited

To register: www.mindbodysoulaligned.com/somatic-breathwork-events


You WON'T want to miss this!
Spots are limited.
In this trauma-informed Somatic Breathwork event, you will be safely guided to release stuck, blocked, or frozen energy in your body. Through this experience, you will be given an opportunity to remember what it is like to feel more peace and presence in your life. Cost is $33/person.

Register at: https://www.mindbodysoulaligned.com/somatic-breathwork-events



A trauma-informed Somatic Breathwork Community Event where you will have the opportunity to safely release and transform stress and emotion that is stuck or frozen in your body. Somatic Breathwork is a catalyst for freedom from physical, mental, and emotional blockages. I invite you to reconnect with your authentic self.


Join Jess and I for a one-of-a-kind workshop in Alamosa, CO. You will be provided the opportunity to access unprocessed stress that has been trapped in your body and you will be able to interact with it safely to allow it to release. This allows you to work through whatever is holding you back and assists you in aligning more deeply with your authentic self.

This event will assist you in stimulating your body in ways that lead it to process unhealed memories. We will be offering group processing at the end of the workshop to assist with integration, providing you an opportunity to heal in community. As Gabor Mate said “The loss of self is the essence of trauma, the treatment and healing of trauma then is reconnection.”


My Spring Equinox Somatic Breathwork event went so well last month in Santa Fe that I have decided to co-host my next event with Sweetgrass Therapeutics in Alamosa, CO. I’m heading back to the magical place of the San Luis Valley, where I got my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am stoked to be putting on this trauma-informed somatic breathwork and somatic yoga workshop with Jess. I used to intern for Jess at her practice in Alamosa. She has been building her practice from the ground up and offers so much to her clients! Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 3rd!


Tomorrow’s the day! A few important details about the Spring Equinox Somatic Breathwork Event, the session will last for 90 minutes. The beginning 15 minutes of the session is utilized for introductions and intention setting. The main portion consists of 50 minutes of breathwork and the rest of the time is spent processing and integrating whatever came up in session. Please plan to show up right before or at 5:30pm to ensure a prompt start. Doors will be locked and no entrance will be granted after 5:35pm. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late, we still have a few spots open! Cash/square invoicing will be accepted methods of payment the night of.

**It is best to wear comfortable, loose fitted clothing and to avoid wearing hats or long jewelry to the event. Please ensure you have at least a one hour gap between the event and the last time you ate, as this type of breathwork should not be done on a full stomach. You can either bring your own yoga mat or one will be provided for you. Please bring your water bottle and if you have a journal, feel free to bring that with you, as some people find it useful to take notes during the integration portion. This will be an eyes-closed journey where you will be laying on your back on a yoga mat with your shoes removed. There is a Release of Liability Form, which will be reviewed the day of the session.** If you have any questions, please let me know, see you tomorrow!


Hello everyone! We are only one week away from the Spring Equinox Somatic Breathwork event! Join us on Monday, March 20th from 5:30pm - 7pm to welcome in the spring season. The Spring Equinox is a joyful time of year centered around rebirth and growth. Somatic Breathwork is used to clear out the old in order to welcome in the new…spring cleaning but for your mind, body, and soul. What do you want to let go of in order to make way for what's meant for you?

Head on over to www.mindbodysoulaligned.com - "Bookings + Events" to register for this event. You will receive an invoice shortly after to secure your spot. Otherwise, if you're not into group events you can book an individual session with me (either in person in Santa Fe or online via Zoom). If you have any questions, DM me or email me at [email protected].

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I am a Somatic Breathwork guide. My mission is to offer a holistic therapeutic experience to help people heal and work toward connecting with their highest self through alignment of their entire being (mind, body, soul). I have discovered that sometimes people need an action-oriented approach, more than just talking to assist them along their healing journey. That’s where I come in. Learning how to build inner resilience by using your breath is a powerful practice that can help you heal and make the changes you’ve been craving in your life. Somatic Breathwork uses breathing to help release stress and clear emotional blockages. This helps you to expand mental clarity, regulate your body's nervous system, and develop emotional wellness.

Five years ago, I found myself struggling after yet another failed relationship. I was stuck in a codependent rut where I was people pleasing and putting everyone else’s needs and wants before my own. I was incredibly lonely and noticed that my anxiety, depression, and substance use issues were worsening. I had to do something because I was so sick of feeling lost, like I didn't know who I was anymore. I decided it was time for me to take action and I have been on my own personal healing journey ever since. I am passionate about being able to offer to my clients the same modalities that worked the best for me along my own healing journey throughout the years. I have fallen in love with traditional talk therapy/counseling, somatic processing, mindfulness, meditation, reiki, yoga, and you guessed it, breathwork! After several years of practicing and working with mentors/teachers, I have made it my mission to assist others in cultivating self-love and inner resilience along their own healing path. Your journey begins from within. Are you ready to join me?


Did you know that I’m divorced? I got married when I was 24 & divorced at 28. A big part of me questions if I ever really loved him, maybe I just settled because I was too afraid of being alone. Little did I know that the most alone I would ever feel was with him sitting right next to me. If you've heard the saying “You accept the love you think you deserve” well back then, I guess I believed that I didn’t deserve a whole hell of a lot. I couldn’t be myself around him, hell I didn’t even know who I was anymore, I had lost myself entirely in that relationship. I was heavily reliant on alcohol to help me cope with being so miserable. There was no intimacy, we didn’t speak of how we felt, we just swept things under the rug and played along. I remember daydreaming about leaving him and starting my life over again. I craved a fresh start but I felt like I needed to wait until I had a “good enough reason” to leave (as if my own unhappiness wasn’t enough). I was ready to be alone and figure out what I really wanted out of life and I knew that I was holding myself back by staying.
It wasn’t until our couple’s counselor looked me in the eyes and said “Chelsie, I think you came here to get “permission” from a professional to get divorced.” She was 100% right! So why did I stay for so long? Well, I felt like I had to do everything possible to try and save it, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to afford leaving, I was ashamed and felt like a failure, I didn’t want to disappoint people, plus I was raised in the Catholic church & I had a very Catholic grandma who I thought would resent me. Basically, I stayed for so long because I was afraid of what others would think of me if I left. I eventually realized that my happiness and the quality of my life means far more to me than other people's opinions. As it turns out, my grandma was one of my biggest supporters, she sent me this after I filed.
Even with all of the pain and toxicity in that relationship, I would still choose to go through it ag that it was the catalyst for my career change and what I would require in relationships going forward and without all of that pain, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


My business cards are in!

Photos from Mind Body Soul Aligned LLC's post 02/22/2023

Somatic Breathwork is a trauma-informed technique that uses breathing coupled with music to assist you in releasing stress, clearing blockages, and reuniting with what's most important in your life. This process helps you to expand mental clarity, regulate your body's nervous system, and develop emotional wellness. In the first half, you’re able to release emotional blockages and clear out stress which allows you to work through what is holding you back. Release may look like moving the body, shaking, screaming, crying, laughing, etc. the purpose is to clear out the emotions and sensations that have been rejected or suppressed and call in more of what you do want in the second half.

I’ve talked with a lot of people about my love of Somatic Breathwork and the first initial reaction I typically hear is something along the lines of “Wow, that sounds pretty intense and scary.” And I get it, I understand how you might think that. My response to that is to explain that with Somatic Breathwork, you have full control. That means if your experience is getting too intense for you, you can back it off by slowing down the rate of your breathing. There are also breath holds which allow for a reset during the clearing process. I will say that the depth of healing that is experienced through Somatic Breathwork is unlike any other I’ve ever seen. I am excited to share it with the world!

To book a session with me, DM me directly or head over to the bookings+events page on my website.


So what is Mind Body Soul Aligned? Mind Body Soul Aligned LLC is a small business that focuses on holistic health & wellness, based in Santa Fe, NM. I started Mind Body Soul Aligned to deliver a well-rounded approach to health and wellness, focusing on the mind, body, and soul. I felt frustrated at times in grad school that so much of counseling was focused on our client’s minds and working with their thoughts. While I believe that is helpful, I also feel there is a big piece of the puzzle missing in the mental health field. I believe it is necessary to also work with the body and the spirit. Anyone who has read The Body Keeps The Score (and if you haven’t, you should!) knows that the emotions we have avoided and rejected throughout our lives get stored within the body, causing us to feel pain in our physical bodies and to be more activated, reactive, and less in control. Breathwork is the main way that I’ve found that helps me find peace and to connect more deeply with my self, which allows me to live my life with more presence. Somatic Breathwork in particular is a modality that assists you in both clearing out what no longer serves and repatterning or calling in what is most important to you. It is a beautiful, individualistic process to healing. One day, I will add traditional talk therapy to my list of services but for right now, I offer Somatic Breathwork sessions in person in my Santa Fe office and online via Zoom. I do individual, couples, and group sessions.

If you are interested in booking a Somatic Breathwork session with me, check out the Bookings+Events page on my website: www.mindbodysoulaligned.com or DM me!


Hi there, my name is Chelsie and I’m the owner of Mind Body Soul Aligned LLC and this is my story. I’m from the small town of Brandon, South Dakota; which I got out of as fast as I could. I always dreamt of moving to the mountains, so much so that when the sun would go down, I would pretend the sunset clouds on the prairie were mountains. I always wanted to find my purpose and work in a career that I’m passionate about, something that fits me perfectly, that I don’t have to escape from, that I’m happy to come back to after holidays and vacations. Slowly, inch by inch I’ve been making my dreams come true and I’ve found my life’s mission.

I used to work in HR in the corporate world. I’ll never forget the day I was promoted to HR Manager, I was super happy and also a big part of me was lost and thinking “Well now what?” I had gotten the title I had been wanting for years, I was making close to $100k, I had the highest certifications, and a master’s degree in my field but I was feeling…unfulfilled. I knew I didn’t want to climb the corporate ladder any further and I wondered what my life would have been like if I would have chosen a different career path. I had always been interested in counseling but I felt discouraged knowing it takes 2 years for a new master's degree and an additional 2 years to become fully licensed (not to mention all new certs, student loans, etc.) But I had incredibly impactful experiences with the therapists I’ve had in my life and I became clear that I want to help people connect with their true self, like my therapists helped me do. I want to serve other people and help them in a way that I was helped during my worst and most broken times. Now I’m graduated and licensed working full time as a mental health therapist at a group private practice, I live in Santa Fe, NM surrounded by mountains, and I just opened my own business which focuses on Somatic Breathwork, a modality that has been incredibly impactful and healing for me. So I hope you follow along and watch my journey unfold as I work on accomplishing my dreams. I promise to be vulnerable on my page and to share content that is focused around wellness.

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