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Fat Dissolvers, cellulite and wrinkles reduction, skin tightening treatments.

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👉🏼Needless fat dissolve is administered with an air
pressurized pen designed to deliver product into the subcutaneous layer of the skin effectively and
✨Deoxycholic acid is made naturally in your body🌱 is a bile acid which emulsifies and solubilizes dietary fats in the intestine, and when
Delivered subcutaneously, it disrupts cell membranes in adipocytes and destroys fat
cells in that tissue.


✨ Cuándo empezaré a ver los resultados?🤔

👉🏼Algunas personas pueden notar una disminución en pulgadas y una piel más reafirmada desde su primer tratamiento, sin embargo se requiere una serie de sesiones que van desde 6 a 12 tratamientos para lograr sus resultados finales.

El número de sesiones depende de la meta, cantidad de exceso de grasa, cantidad de piel flácida, metabolismo y estilo de vida del paciente.


✨This is after only 2 double chin+fat dissolve treatments and you can definitely see the difference! 🙌🏼

👉🏼You can start to see results within 3 days but full results can be seen in 30 days .

🌱🌱Our Fat dissolving serum contains ingredients that our body already naturally produces. It’s inserted with a needless device for minimal pain/discomfort or bruising.

🌱We recommend 3-6 treatments for best results depending on the size of the area and patient metabolism.

Dm to book your treatment today! 🗓️


👉🏼The lymphatic system’s role in Body Sculpting is to absorb fat and transport it through the bloodstream, where it can be removed as waste.

A poorly functioning lymphatic system can lead to swelling and no results on your body sculpting treatment. ❌👎🏼

🌱The better your lymphatic system is working ,the quicker you may be able to see results form your body contouring procedure. 🙌🏼

✨Let’s take care of our best friend. 😉


👉🏼Estas empezando tu trayecto de perdida de peso.?

👉🏼Vas al Gym, pero hay grasita que no se quiere ir? 😒

👉🏼Quieres minimizar celulitis y estrías?🍊

𝗬𝗼 𝘁𝗲 𝘁𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗼 𝗹𝗮 𝘀𝗼𝗹𝘂𝗰𝗶𝗼́𝗻!! 😱

✨tratamientos con aparatologia corporal

🌱terapia de láser
🌱vacuum terapia
🌱mesoterapia virtual
🌱mesoterapia con pluma

👉🏼Contamos con sueros para mesoterapia con activos para tratar diferentes tipos de padecimientos como :

🌱Grasa localizada difícil de eliminar
🌱Piel flácida

Reserva tu cita.!


One session Progress 🙌🏼💜

She needed some help re tightening lower abdomen, as you can see with only one session we were able to lift her tummy, Although flaccid skin may take many more sessions you will start to notice a difference in as little as 1 session but to see a greater difference you must continue consistently with your sessions !
We’ll keep doing a series of treatments to lift and reduce the abdomen using a combination of cavitation, radio frequency and low lever laser therapy ✨


I love giving my clients their confidence back.! ✨💜🫶🏼

Remember we have 0% interest payment plans.!! 🔥
Recuerda que tenemos financiamiento disponible con opción de 3-6-12 meses sin intereses 🔥


It’s not magic! ✨It’s Mesotherapy serums specialized in fading hyperpigmentation, collagen production and cellular regeneration.✨

👉🏼In addition, we implemented LLT and RF which aids in production of new Collagen and Elastin.

🌱Skin inflammation was reduced significantly after one session

🌱Stretch marks are fading from a deep purple to light red tone

🔥We will do a series of treatments and keep working on production of new collagen fibers and rebuilding those affected by stretching minimizing the appearance of stretch marks.


You don’t need this negativity in your life 👎🏼🤣

✨Spoiling yourself means loving yourself

🔥Book your appointment and look fabulous for the holidays🔥

🌱fat dissolving
🌱skin tightening
🌱skin rejuvenation
🌱Anti cellulite
🌱Stretch marks treatments
🌱BBL butt lifting

✨Non-invasive treatments✨
✨No pain✨


✨Treat Yourself ✨

🌱Payments allow you to enjoy all the Body Sculpting treatments you want without having to worry about the cost... get affordable, flexible & budget friendly
payment options!

🔥No credit checks
🔥instant approval
🔥fast funding!


✨Remember to follow the after care if you want to get the best results ✨💜✨




✨Saturday of stretch marks treatment✨

⚡️The Electroporation process sends short controlled pulses of a low current to the treated area, temporarily disrupting the cell membrane and allowing products to pe*****te deeper into your skin easily.
No Needles, No pain.! 🔥


✨Fast absorption of products into the skin to maximize results. Serums can be used for:

🔥Fat reduction
🔥Skin tightening
🔥Butt enhancement
🔥Cellulite reduction
🔥Minimize the appearance of stretch marks


✨First treatment✨

Our first treatment and we achieved incredible results! So excited to continue working on her🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


👉🏼👉🏼Por qué NO al alcohol después de tu tratamiento.? ❌❌❌

✨Para obtener los mejores resultados, debes evitar el consumo de alcohol por 48 Horas después del tratamiento.⏰
El consumo durante este período puede evitar que tu hígado deseche la grasa y toxinas de tu cuerpo ya que el hígado dará prioridad a eliminar el alcohol que se encuentra en tu sangre. 🍹❌🍺




✨Los mejores tratamientos reductivos no invasivos con resultados desde la primera a la tercera sesión.

🔥Elimina la grasa localizada
🔥Mejora la circulación sanguínea y linfática
🔥Moldea la figura
🔥Elimina la celulitis
🔥Aplana abdomen
🔥Reduce la cintura
🔥Mejora considerablemente
la apariencia de la piel
🔥Reafirma la piel




We are excited to announce that we now offer payment plans at Dharma body sculpting🥳🥳🥳
Have you been waiting on a service that was just a little out of reach? Wait no more! 😉😉
Save money getting a package and pay later with Cherry payment plans.! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
🌿3-6 and 12 months financing.
🌿0% interest options.
🌿No hard credit check, this means applying won’t affect your credit score.
🌿Easy Approval in seconds.

Pre-qualify here by clicking here! and be ready for your next appointment with the ability to enjoy your services now and pay later.
Can’t wait to work with you! 💜💜


👉🏼Has recurrido a la cirugía plástica? Sigue leyendo que este post es para ti.!! 🙌🏼🥰

✨La Radiofrecuencia y cavitacion ultrasónica son el tratamiento ideal para lograr máximos resultados y mantener tu nueva figura después de tu cirugía. Algunos de los beneficios son:

🌿Reafirma la piel después de tu cirugía, ayudando a que se produzca el efecto de adaptación y “adherencia” de la piel al músculo.
🌿Elimina cualquier grasa que haya quedado oculta a la cánula ayudando a conseguir una cintura más definida.
🌿Disminuye la fibrosis post quirúrgica.
🌿Ayuda a la inflamación que comúnmente aparece después de tu cirugía.

👉🏼Recuerda que es primordial seguir con los cuidados después de tu cirugía si buscas mantener resultados duraderos y permanentes, y lo mejor de todo es que son tratamientos no invasivos y no causan ningún dolor.!! ✨
👉🏼CUIDA TU INVERSIÓN.! Hiciste una gran inversión en tu cuerpo asegúrate de tener los cuidados necesarios 😉
Para cualquier pregunta o para agendar una cita mándame mensaje. 🥰🙌🏼


Remember to follow the after care if you want to see Maximum results 💜


1 session progress, 2 inches down on her waist. ✨💜✨💜✨


When women support each other, incredible things happen ✨💜✨💜


Follow the before and after care and you’ll see amazing results ✨✨✨






Estas lista para cambiar tu cuerpo y estilo de vida? Puedo crear un paquete ideal para tus necesidades y objetivos.

Agenda tu cita para reducir la flacidez y grasa localizada con tratamientos utilizando aparatologia corporal con tecnología de cavitacion ultrasónica, radiofrecuencia, láser frío, mesoterapia virtual usando electroporacion.

✨Reduce de 1-3 pulgadas por sesión.
✨Tratamientos no invasivos, no hay tiempo de recuperación ni dolor.
✨Disminuye la celulitis.
✨Tonifica tu piel disminuyendo la flacidez.
✨Elimina toxinas y Mejora tu circulación.

☘️Que mejor inversión que mejorar nuestro cuerpo y autoestima.
Mándame mensaje para más información o para agendar tu cita.

Photos from Dharma Body Sculpting's post 07/28/2022

A little more information about some of our different types of treatments and what are their benefits. ✨✨✨
Beneficios de algunos de nuestros tratamientos.


Welcome to Dharma Body Sculpting, I am here to help you redefine your body without the need of surgery or invasive procedures. I offer treatments for both face and body. we’re all beautiful on our own way but I think is very important to feel confident with our body and skin, I love to see empowered and secure women reaching their dreams, for that and many reasons I’ll be honored to be part of your process to help you achieve your goals. LET ME HELP YOU FEEL AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ALREADY ARE. 💜💜💜

Photos from Dharma Body Sculpting's post 07/28/2022

Qué es y qué beneficios tiene cada tratamiento? Desliza para la información. ✨


Photos from Dharma Body Sculpting's post 07/28/2022

First session Progress ✨ Todo comienza con el cuidado a uno misma, recuerden que mantenerse hidratadas es esencial para obtener resultados.


Finally, the wait is over! ✨
I am so excited to announce that I am now open for business starting August 1st. Please fell free to message me for a consultation. I’ll be happy to help you.
Click on the link or dm me to make an appointment. 💜💜
Mándame mensaje para cualquier pregunta.!

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