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i’m moving! don’t worry - not too far. but you can help lighten my load 😉

santa fe peeps - i do free drop offs for orders of $50 or more ☺️

keep in mind - in these super hot times 🥵 some of my products are a little melty! refrigerate upon arrival to re- solidify.

much love! ❤️


happy spring 🌷🌿😎🌱🌸😘
mother’s day is around the corner.

i’m doing an online sale- use code MAMALOVE15 at checkout. 😁

i will ship it within 24 hrs

💕send some love to the mamas out there! as always, everything in my shop is handmade by me and my artwork is on the labels.

much love,


🥰online SALE! last minute gifts for all the mamas out there (or of course a gift for yourself 😉)

use code MAMALOVE15 at checkout for 15% off any items - just doesn’t include gift sets. 😘i also always have free shipping for orders $50 or over ♥️♥️

i’ll ship right away!

my products are always handmade by me with lots of love. all the mamas i know are the most hardworking ladies. they deserve the best!


this one has been helping me relax!
it’s so calming…
my LAVENDER SAGE relaxing mist also includes frankincense and Roman chamomile. soothing for the skin and psyche. i mist on my face or my surroundings

Photos from MIA ZIA potionworks's post 02/15/2022

textures! 💫🌀
take a peek at my the textures of my three face balms.

give your face some love ❤️ ❤️
no weird stuff. all balms are made with high quality unique oils and all of my balms work for all skin types. they are non comedogenic yet highly moisturizing. i can go on and on and on about how much i love using oils/ butters on the face. DM if you have questions. best if applied on moist skin with a mist 😊


market day! fun sales
all of my testers are out 😊 stop by to try out all of the textures and scents 💫

much love!


a good day for a bath! isn’t it always a good day for a bath? i sometimes have to remind myself that it is so important to decompress.

these bath salts are perhaps a little more special than your average bath salts. they contain Hawaiian black lava salt. the black lava salt doesn’t exactly contain lava but it is full of activated charcoal. this helps to detoxify 🖤. i have also added beautiful rose petals and lavender flowers for a truly luxurious bath 😊. essential oils like lavender, rose geranium, cedarwood and eucalyptus aid in relaxation


thank you 🙏🏼 body butter for helping my skin in this cold snowy time.

it feels very nurturing to make products i can use myself. but that is also why i love sharing them with you!

the body butter is perhaps the best winter skincare helper outer. it can be used kind of like you would use a lotion BUT it is quite different in that it contains no water and therefore no preservatives. it is also therefore quite rich and best applied on damp skin or in small amounts

full of shea and mango butters and other nourishing oils like organic virgin coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil and a beautiful sweet almond oil


❤️🌹🌸 happy monday y’all! i hope your week is getting off to a good start

remember to take care of yourselves and get plenty of rest in this wintery time. i have to remind myself too!



diy tinted lip balm! ❤️❤️

i’m always testing new things. and yes i have been testing tinted lip balm for a LONG time. i tried out a new recipe today. i want to get it just right 😘 and i do plan to sell in the future.

do you want to make your own?? here is a great recipe to try. it is smooth and moisturizing and you get that pop of color (if you can take your mask off 😍)

15 g coconut oil
7 g castor oil
7 g raspberry seed oil or other carrier oil like sweet almond or avocado
8 g beeswax
1/4 tsp mica powder of your choice
6 drops essential oil (optional)

-measure beeswax and oils into a heat safe glass measuring cup ( like pyrex) place cup in a pot shallowly filled with water. heat water on med/ low until oils beeswax is melted.

- remove from heat and add mica powder and essential oils (if using).

- mix until incorporated and pour into small jars or lip balm tubes ♥️💋🤗


for yourself, for your friend, for your sibling, for whomever!

gift sets are reduced in price til 2/14.

perhaps this holiday is a bit silly but i can get behind celebrating love and care :) plus, I really appreciate you all, so this is my way of giving back!

i hope to add some more gift sets soon. when you order through the site, you can ask me to include a gift note.

take care! XO


some ANCIENT HERB hand and foot balm for me this morning 😊

my go to with dry hands this winter. eeek! we’re getting ready for a snowstorm ❄️❄️

i like the high shea butter content in this. it absorbs well into the skin and maintains a protective barrier against the elements

🌿scent is a little minty/herbal

happy tuesday!


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CLAY mask diy

i feature 4 different clays here: kaolin, bentonite, french green and Moroccan. (see stories for more info on them!) they have slight differences but overall same general benefits. you can make a lovely clay mask with any of these (or combine) to maintain your skin. they work especially well for oily, congested or acneic skin.

clays are slightly alkaline. they can be combined with raw apple cider vinegar to neutralize the alkalinity. our skin is slightly acidic and likes to stay that way!! greatly disrupting the acid mantle of the skin can be harmful. clay is not great for overly dry or sensitive skin. good for aging skin, though!

simply mix ~ tbsp clay with equal parts water and/or ACV or a floral mist or hydrosol. you can a couple (1-2) drops of essential oil, if you like. mix until combined and spread over face. leave on face for - 10-15 mins. if face feels too tingly remove before elapsed time. wash off with water. mist face and moisturize well.

clays can be bought in bulk - usually at 1 lb increments and this is typically the most cost effective way to purchase them!!

happy concocting!

XO Mia


diy body scrub! ✨🌹🌸

you can certainly make your own body scrub. 🤩

🧂both salt and sugar are great natural exfoliants. salt will be a little more abrasive - sugar a little less so.
💫exfoliation is highly beneficial for improving skin tone and texture as well as aiding in lymph flow. your skin will thank you!
⭐️you can get scientific and specific with it or not! if you’re looking for the easiest option - start with some salt or sugar and simply add a nourishing oil such as avocado, sweet almond, grapeseed, or apricot kernel. store in an airtight container. great option for reusing small glass jars!
♥️you can add essential oils for scent and added benefits too!
☕️other fun additions; coffee grounds, flower petals, a small amount of castile soap
💛i have more info on my website
🤍please don’t use in your face - too abrasive.

example recipe:
*1 cup sea salt or granulated organic cane sugar(or a slight combo of both!)
*1/2 cup oil - such as avocado, sunflower, grapeseed, apricot, sweet almond (or combine!)
*1 tbsp castille soap - like Bronners. (optional)
~ 20 drops essential oils
15 drops lavender + 5 drops peppermint
10 drops grapefruit + 8 drops ylang ylang

mix in bowl til combined. adjust oil to salt/sugar ratio, if necessary!

happy concocting!



diy facial oils! 🌿🌸

are you interested in learning more about which oils will be best for YOUR skin? are you wondering which oils you can apply to your face? i’m here to help!

⭐️there are MANY different carrier oils that hold slightly different benefits for facial application. I go much more into detail on this subject in my ingredient compendium on my website. how to choose!?
🧡one of the biggest things to pay attention to is the comedogenic rating of oils (especially if you have acne-prone skin like me). this will determine the oil’s likelihood of clogging pores. there are plenty of oils that do not clog pores!! please don’t be afraid of oils if you have oily skin. your skin may be over-producing oil because you are not applying ENOUGH oil to your skin. oils CAN help with acneic skin.
♥️one way to start learning is to scour the labels of already popular oils. do you have a favorite blend you already purchase? look at the ingredients. sometimes it will blow your mind how simple it is.
🌳always source your oils from a high quality supplier. believe me - you can tell the difference!
🌱when possible buy cold processed and unrefined so that the oil maintains its benefits.
🌼use your instincts! are you naturally attracted to a certain oil - listen to your gut instincts and give a try :)
🌸adding essential oils? start small! you want a maximum 1 -1.5% concentration. this will be only 6 drops for a 1 ounce bottle!!
🧙‍♀️you can reuse glass bottles - like the ones here. wash thoroughly in dishwasher or hot soapy water. make sure it is completely DRY prior to adding oil. make sure the stopper isn’t degraded.

so much to learn here! i find it fun and fascinating so feel free to DM with questions.

happy concocting!


the deliciously decadent COCOA belly better.
i haven’t featured this product for a while - i figured it was due! 😉

🍫cocoa butter (yes, it is in chocolate too) smells rather chocolate-y in its natural form! it is simply the best ingredient for promoting skin elasticity. it has occlusive properties that allow it to sit on the surface of the skin and provide conditioning.

⭐️great for preggo people! but also great for those who are simply looking to improve the elasticity of skin in other areas

✨i have also added other vitamin-packed oils such as rosehip seed oil and tamanu oil as well as mango butter to assist in nourishing the skin.


the delightful floral notes of this mist remind me of spring! longing for the warmth and flowers 🌸

🌸ROSE GERANIUM balancing mist can be used on the face or to mist your surroundings. it works very well in combination with face balms and oils. It has a light floral scent. made with essential oils that assist in balancing the skin tone.



a little remedy.
inspired by a recipe posted by thank you!

there is something so lovely and comforting about making little remedies for yourself. it is an important part of healing for me!


DIY sunday 💫
you can reuse your MIA ZIA mist bottles to make your own blends. I often reuse bottles to test out new scents. some rules to follow:

🧼 make sure bottle is well cleaned and dry. you can wash the glass in dishwasher - if you have a sanitize setting that is best.
🌿best if you can use a new mister. at least make sure the plastic is in good condition. and beware that smell may transfer in the mister - so best if used for similar scents.
💧best if you use distilled water - does not contain microorganisms and therefore will not get contaminated.
🌼you want to keep the essential oils at a 0.50 - 0.75 % dilution for facial use. for 2 ounce bottle this will be 6-9 drops of essential oil. you can double that for 4 ounce. start small.
🌸when determining what essential oils to use- complex scents that have base, middle and top notes are most enjoyable. this is not 100% necessary but often results in an especially pleasing scent. use this ratio:
top: 20-40%
middle: 50-75%
base: 5-10%
if you are not sure what note your oil is you can ask me or check on the internet.
⭐️not all essential oils are suitable for facial use. i do not recommend using citrus oils on the face because they photo-oxidize. i also don’t recommend mint or eucalyptus. do a quick internet search or dm me if you want to check.

happy concocting!!
XO Mia


a little window into the creation of my EUCALYPTUS ROSE bath salts. luxuriously calming. unique and refreshing. packaged in a recyclable bag.

mineral rich epsom salt and beautiful Hawaiian black lava salt. activated charcoal helps with detoxification. rose petals and lavender flowers provide extra relaxation. lightly scented with an essential oil blend of eucalyptus, rose geranium and Bulgarian lavender

Photos from MIA ZIA potionworks's post 01/15/2022

CLARY SAGE essential oil and a collection of my products that contain this amazing oil

i like to share information about my favorite ingredients. check out the compendium on my website for more. always feel free to DM me with questions.


✨body butter in progress

freshly whipped!☁️

ingredient list: unrefined shea butter, virgin unrefined coconut oil, mango butter, extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, non-GMO vitamin e oil, ylang ylang e.o, pink grapefruit e.o, and sweet orange e.o. ❤️


SLEEP AID aromatherapy roller

🍃made with USDA organic fractionated coconut oil and essential oils of lavender, clary sage, frankincense, Roman chamomile, and ylang ylang

🛌i have struggled with insomnia since i was a little kid. i have found aromatherapy to have a lovely calming effect. i simply apply to my temples, wrists or feet shortly before bedtime.

🥱aromatherapy stimulates the limbic system. this is the part of the brain that controls emotions.



🌟refreshing and bright
💐a little floral, a little citrusy
☁️same beautiful fluffy texture
❄️perfect for this time of year
🥥coconut oil, shea butter and mango butter make up the base.
🧴vitamin e to nourish your skin

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some ANCIENT HERB hand and foot balm for me this morning 😊my go to with dry hands this winter. eeek! we’re getting ready...
a little reminder!⭐️ link in bio everything in store :) much love! 💕


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