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REMIX Audio Bar will be providing the beats at our upcoming ArtWalk April 2022 at Cafecito Santa Fe on April 23. See who else will be there on

Whether you are a seasoned DJ gigging it like a beast or a n00b who doesn’t know where the play button is, REMIX Audio Bar connects you to your audience and provides a space to grow or sharpen your skills. >

Event Details: Saturday, April 23, 4-7 pm at Cafecito, 922 Shoofly St.

Happy Holidays! 🌲🌷💫

Slowing down here in the studio, but I just brought to .santafe this new batch of LACE Mugs, so if you are in Santa Fe, NM and need a cozy meal and a last-minute gift, they are there for you, and in company of a great selection of artists.

Hope we get snow! 😃❄️🌲
¡Felices Fiestas! 🌲🌷💫

El taller ya está más silencioso, pero cabo de llevar a Cafecito Santa Fe un nuevo grupo de barritos LACE, así que si estás en Santa Fe NM y quieres algo rico y un regalo de último momento, ahí te esperan!

¡Espero que caiga nieve! 🌲❄️😃

Thank you for joining us at SITE Santa Fe's Annual Members Party last Friday!🥳💫 Our friends at SAINTS BALL, Cafecito Santa Fe, and Rolling Still Distillery and Lounge (not to mention everyone who dressed up!) made it a truly unforgettable evening.

Members are at the heart of everything we do at SITE Santa Fe, and we can't thank you enough for your support! Learn more about SITE Santa Fe Membership:

📷Shayla Blatchford
TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT! You’ve never seen Light & Space quite like this!🤩💫

SITE Santa Fe’s Annual Members Party is TONIGHT from 7-9pm, and our collaborators at SAINTS BALL are planning an unforgettable night of drag performances, Rolling Still Distillery and Lounge cocktails, Cafecito Santa Fe empanadas, and a costume Light & Space-themed contest! Brush up on your drag show etiquette and become a Member to attend!
Have you ever seen Light & Space quite like THIS?!🪐💫💋

SITE Santa Fe’s Annual Members Party is right around the corner, and our collaborators at SAINTS BALL are planning an unforgettable Light & Space-themed extravaganza! Sponsored by our friends at Rolling Still Distillery and Lounge and Cafecito Santa Fe, this wild night will feature drag performances, a costume contest, custom cocktails, and empanadas.

Become a Member to attend on Friday, Dec 17 from 7-9pm:

We are happy to announce the winners of our art contest! These emerging artists will have their work displayed on the tables at Cafecito for 6 months. And the winners are… 🥁

Caitlyn May Stuart
Ioana Villatoro
JC Ramirez
Ellie Beth Cohen
Jill Wallitschek

Thank you everyone for participating in this wonderful new adventure. We had so many beautiful entries that it took us more days to review them than we expected. And thanks also to Cafecito Santa Fe and Trailhead Santa Fe for helping us put this opportunity together. Follow them to find out about any future art initiatives and opportunities like this one.

Wow, our fourth was so much fun!! Thanks to everyone who participated, especially Cafecito Santa Fe for hosting and feeding us, REMIX Audio Bar for making it a party with your awesome DJing, and to La Loncherita Salvadoreña for also filling our bellies.

We will be announcing the September artwalk tomorrow, so stay tuned!!
⭐️Thank You Cafecito Santa Fe for being a true community partner & helping us celebrate our Kitchenality volunteers! Thank you very much for your generosity! 🔱🏆💫
Not only does Cafecito Santa Fe have a killer croissant, its patio is one of the nicest in town.
Honestly, the Cafecito Santa Fe croissant is still haunting us.
On episode 46 of the 5 Minute Friday we are dining at Cafecito in Santa Fe and we are cooking up grilled cheese sandwiches.

Shout outs to Cafecito Santa Fe Skarsgard Farms Tucumcari Mountain Cheese Factory, Inc. Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery Wild Leaven and Mi Young's Farm
Enjoy a take out meal on March 18 from the following four delicious restaurants and support Kitchen Angels! Cafecito Santa Fe Pecos Trail Cafe, India House & Piccolino! 😋🌮🍕🥘

Coffee House and Restaurant at The Trailhead
Blending Culture, Coffee & Delicious Food A new neighborhood snack place to stop in the heart of Baca Railyard.

Cafecito is a family business that mixes cultures to offer you a delicious menu in a beautiful gathering space. In Cafecito you can enjoy Argentine, Italian, Armenian meals, incorporating locally sourced ingredients and products from Santa Fe and New Mexico. As the main attractions on the menu are empanadas, homemade pasta, several Buenos Aires style coffee drinks, as well as mate, a traditional A


Soulful Shots is a new book that we are carrying in our retail marketplace at Cafecito. This book comes to us from local artisans in Taos, NM. As we all know, Taos is an ode to artists and within this new publication you'll find ceramics, desserts, hand made beauties as well as latte art. It's known as a true coffee table book and we all know how much you love espresso! Thanks to Janet Ames Boccelli and Juliet Isabella Smith for creating such a treasure. Next time you're in, meander over to our retail area and pick up this artful book for $45.00.

As always, thanks for being a part of Cafecito and the Trailhead community.

Photos from Cafecito Santa Fe's post 01/07/2023


Many of you know & adore McCarson as a server. But who among us knows all the gifts that she shares with the world? Farmer, photographer, dancer, songwriter, musician, athlete, author. Lover of dogs and the outdoors. Mixer of teas. The greenest thumb that ever thumbed. A curator of beauty in things, ideas, and living beings.
McCarson is the one who asks our Cafecito team each week what we celebrate. We didn’t ask her what she celebrates (because this is a surprise post), although we know her answer already: she celebrates SERVICE. It’s why she so quickly became a familiar face in the restaurant. Taking care of others, making them feel right at home: this brings her heart immense joy. If you were ever lucky enough to sit at McCarson’s table, you know what we mean. She generates enough joy to share the feeling with everyone in her sphere.
Her last official day as a server at Cafecito happened in December. BUT! She remains a part of our Cafecito family, and you will still see her at the restaurant. She’ll continue to craft the stories of our team each week, as well as helping out with other creative endeavors.
Plus, McCarson being McCarson, she has a dozen other ways to celebrate service beyond our space. She’s a steward of the land, tending to her organic farm & keeping the farm store . She’s a fine art and portrait photographer . She’s a recording artist . She’s a published author of poetry and prose. She’s the most attentive & dedicated dog mama there is. And, you’ll see her around town (and around the world) embracing old & new friends alike while dancing the Argentine tango. Just one more reason we love her so!
McCarson, we celebrate YOU. We are so fortunate to know you and to experience your joy in service. Here’s to all the creativity to come!

McCarson‘s s Celebration story line by Zack

Pictures by &others


Gluten Free?
No problem!
At Cafecito we cater to your allergies and always have something for everyone. Our GF meals and desserts are all over the menu. From breakfast to dinner, you’ll find some offerings that will tempt your tummy and delight your palate. When you’re in the mood to sort through our side menu, feel free to select a favorite: mixed greens with balsamic dressing, house made hummus, gluten-free toasted bread and add whatever protein you’d like! Pictured here is our fabulous grilled chicken.

Not only do we serve up tasty plates, we also care about your allergies!

Thanks for dining with us at Cafecito and we hope you enjoy this sunny day! .nm


Good day to all!
May we introduce you to our newest member in our wine collection, Mâcon - Lugny’s, Les Genièvres.

This recent Chardonnay addition comes to you aged in stainless steel vats for up to 8-10 months. From the high areas of the CÔTE - D’OR, where the warm limestone soil and fabulous terroir make for a delicious glass of Les Genièvres…
and we think it’s an excellent choice for Cafecito!

Its color is picture perfect with a sugar cookie yellow highlighted by a grassy complexion and it’s noted for white peaches and a floral aroma. Les Genièvres is a full bodied wine with a beautiful fresh finish. Delish!

Might we suggest if you’re meeting at Cafecito for lunch, try our Insalata Paradiso with grilled salmon or grilled shrimp. If you’re visiting us for dinner we’d love to suggest our Salmon special or our fresh house made pasta with grilled shrimp and pesto sauce.

And as always, thank you for visiting us at Cafecito!


Happy New Year!!
May 2023 be full of delicious empanadas! Cheers. #2023


Today December 29th last gnocchi of 2022
Are you going to miss them?

And remember, tradition says placing money under your plate is a good luck charm


One of the comfort options for this season

Photos from Cafecito Santa Fe's post 12/24/2022

Since we are approaching Christmas Eve, we thought it important to give the gift of gratitude. Each and every day you all come to visit, to sip coffee, share mate, devour our empanadas and experience good company. We hope to be a hub of connectedness, art, joy and culture and we thank all of you for contributing to this mission and encouraging others to walk through our doors. Without YOU, this wouldn’t happen.

So thank you for sharing in our spirit of Cafecito and in our spirit of the holiday.

We are excited to host many of you who have chosen to attend our special Christmas Eve dinner, because it is going to be delicious!

From our family to yours, we wish you the happiest of the holiday.

Photos from Cafecito Santa Fe's post 12/21/2022

Holidays are an important time to get together with friends and family.

Cafecito at the Baca Railyard welcomes you, your family, and friends to join us this holiday season for a delicious Argentine meal made from scratch. Take a moment away from the packed plaza, escape the mall, and come to our relaxed corner of Santa Fe for a treat.
You might try our signature Dulce de Leche latte with Lavazza espresso or a decadent chocolate mousse. Dinner reservations for Christmas Eve 5pm-8pm are still available, but filling up fast. Please call 505-310-0089 to book your table.

Note that we will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day for the team to have time with their loved ones.
Open December 24 th
until 8 pm
Open December 31 at until 4 pm

Happy Holidays to all, and we look forward to seeing you soon at the cafe!


Photos from Cafecito Santa Fe's post 12/17/2022

One of our recent newcomers to Cafecito, He comes in with his fantastic smile and his creative charisma. 
I had asked Riley to share with me what he celebrates in life and why he has chosen to work at Cafecito, and honestly people, I have to simply share with you what he told me because I can't just make this up. It's too humorous and right in alignment with the person that Riley is.  So here we go...
Riley celebrates: Brazilian music, of which I have heard he is quite talented. 
He loves slow movies, having a hootenanny with friends, acrobatics, silver, frozen foods, huge feet, birds of prey, lamentation, reusing and being reused, inspector gadget paraphernalia, rare types of rubber, ancient family secrets, ancient family mysteries and coolers.  What I imagine here is combining all of these fun facts about Riley into one heck of a celebration party and add some of Riley's professional filming into the mix and voila! You have your next big feature film hitting your local theatres.  So with all of this it's probably safe to say that Riley celebrates LIFE! 
And when you are around him, his big beautiful personality has a ripple effect. 
He is kind and honest and his communication is spot on. He is a creative person naturally, not only through his film work but also with his music.  Before Riley started working at Cafecito, he would come in with his friends and colleagues and throw around their newest short film ideas while sitting out at the picnic table on the mezzanine. He is here several days a week,
Riley has told us that he has chosen Cafecito because it's not like any other establishment. The most important aspect of serving at Cafecito is the "big familia vibe" and the "genuine familia energy".  He has said that it's easy to show up for work because of the atmosphere, the people, the patrons and the staff.  Well we feel the same way Riley. From the moment you started working at Cafecito, we drank up your affectionate admiration for life and we are thrilled that you are here with us, serving to all of our friends and patrons. 
From everyone at Cafecito, Riley we are so happy that you, we appreciate you Riley! Now, Go Go Gadget!


Our casual dinner specials
Warm, fresh house made

Every week Thursday, Friday & Saturday our Kitchen closed at 8 pm



Never just breakfast…


for sharing!


Planning the best way to finish 2022?
Make reservations for a lovely evening 🍾🥂
Saturday December 31st
Starting 5 pm

Photos from Cafecito Santa Fe's post 12/10/2022


Gentle, kind, hilarious and hard working...that's our Luke! He is dedicated to all that he does and we love him for it. He is an excellent communicator, patrons adore him for his manners and grace and we appreciate him for all that he is! We can't help but feel like he is one of our little brothers, so we watch out for him and high five when all is good.

You see Luke celebrates SUPPORT.  No matter giving or receiving, he celebrates it big. Luke has identified three major factors in his life in which he feels supported: family, friendship and his ability to escape when needed. All of these components lend him a hand when he needs to reset or recalibrate his moments in time. Don't we all wish we could have done that at his age!

Luke's family ranks up there in his support system.  He mentions that his family is always there for him and they support him no matter what. He knows they will always look out for him and have his best interests at heart. He also admires the support he receives from his friendships.  He definitely knows that he can turn to any of his friends and always feels held up high with their help. Last but not least, his car and the gym!  Luke tries his hardest to take care of himself through working out and taking a small journey in his car to relieve any stress of the day. For this young man to recognize what he celebrates and how he accesses that in order feel balanced, well that is a treasure.

You are a treasure to us Luke. You are. We appreciate all that you do here at Cafecito and we feel your support each and every time you walk through the door to start your shift. You believe in people, you connect with people and we adore you for it. Here's to celebrating the support that we all need and here's to offering that to one another. Thank you for supporting the servers, the chefs and the baristas all while supporting the customer's experience. 

Thanks Luke!!!

Luke’s Celebration story line and Pictures by the amazing Cafecito’s friend McCarson



A place where great things happen
A Cozy Thursday no doubt!!



Magic is in the air and the winter chills outside. ✨Join us for breakfast and let the coffee aromas embrace you in a big, warm hug. ☕️

Photos from Cafecito Santa Fe's post 12/03/2022


Our dazzlng Fifi, our fairy moving throughout the cafe, our darling ladybug that can make a mean utensil roll and greet you with a lovely smile.. that's our Fiona.

A round of applause to another one of our younger adults at Cafecito. She's smart, courageous, artistic and kind. How these youngsters juggle a full day of school, and have time for us on the weekend, is truly a blessing!

Fiona is completely artistic. She's athletic and she is a great friend. Not only does she cherish her friendships, all of nature and snowboarding the blues, but her family is also overwhelmingly important to her. You see, Fiona celebrates the NATURAL in life. Whether that be taking a walk and taking in all the surroundings, or clipping into her snowboard and flying down the mountain, she's a lover of nature and life and connections.

Art is also another natural component to Miss Fifi's life.  She's an avid thespian, participating in theatre with her school mates and incorporating music wherever and whenever she can. Music has always been the most important artistic avenue in her life. It's a huge part of her family and she benefits from all the joy it brings to her life. 

So where in the world does she have the time to help us at Cafecito? Fiona is usually a weekend birdie.  Fluttering around, bussing, greeting and assisting the masses. She loves working at Cafecito because she feels it's truly a family atmosphere. She's mentioned that she's never felt out of place because she works with amazing people. 

Well our dear Fifi, Cafecito is amazing because we have people like you who contribute in so many ways. Your kindness is so present and your gifts to the team are incredibly valuable. We want to say thank you for being with us, even when your school schedule gets challenging, you still have the time for Cafecito.  You are very special to us and we hope you feel that each time you walk through that front door. Here's to you Fiona!

Fiona’s Celebration story line and Pictures by McCarson

Photos from Cafecito Santa Fe's post 11/30/2022

Happy National Mate Day! 🧉

Mate is a traditional South American infused drink brewed with dried leaves of yerba mate tree, but it's also much more than a simple drink, it is culture.

Through mate we connect with people, with places, and stories.



We are proud to announce that we will be hosting the Inaugural Charrette Luncheon on Friday, Jan 20th at 1 PM with Chef Mark Miller and Chef John Rivera Sedlar to benefit Maize Food Museum.

Join us for an afternoon of creativity, culinary exploration, and inspiration. We look forward to seeing you there!

Get your tickets at:

Meet The Chefs! Cafecito Santa Fe will be hosting the Inaugural Charrette Luncheon on Jan 20th at 1 PM with Chef Mark Miller to benefit Maize Food Museum. Join Chef John Rivera Sedlar in Santa Fe, NM for this event! Reserve your spot now!


Look for sweetness in every moment ✨😍


Today is team mates
and collaboration day

A Place Where Great Things Happen

🇲🇽 🇦🇷


On behalf of the Cafecito team, we’d like to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving Day! 🍂♥️

We will be closed Thanksgiving Day to celebrate the holiday with our families and will resume back to normal business hours Friday, Nov 25th.

Thank you all for your love and support! We look forward to seeing your friendly faces on Friday! 🤗


Brisk mornings + a hot cup of coffee = the perfect blend 🍂☕️

Photos from Cafecito Santa Fe's post 11/19/2022


You can call him Daniel, but we call him our Superman. He definitely has all the qualities: super speed, stamina, multiple extrasensory and special vision. Daniel is quick minded and quick handed and that, Cafecito patrons, is why you are now going to remember this amazing young man and start watching his 'faster than a speeding bullet' actions. 

It's funny, the "older" crowd at Cafecito likes to think that we are the mentors to our young adult colleagues, but we realize they truly take care of US! They really do. We feel honored when they are here and we miss them terribly when they are not. We also understand the importance of High School and all that entails, but then we see them, especially Daniel, coming in and putting us all to shame with his super powers.

Daniel has spoken to us about his work ethic and how his family has taught him to always work hard. To be a part of something bigger and how to be a part of a special family, and that's what Daniel celebrates... FAMILY.  Through and through. His family has guided him to be a remarkable young man. One that we all admire. So when he isn't working at Cafecito, you can bet that he is enjoying his family and sharing adventures with them. 

Daniel, we adore you. Actually, we IDOLIZE you! From your innate wisdom to your quiet strengths, you appear to us as a super human and we thank you for being a part of our Cafecito crew and family.  Now we just have to get you that ZIA Soda spokesperson role too.  That would be an awesome gig for you! We know how much you love it.

Cheers Daniel. Here's to your greatness!

Daniel’s s Celebration story line and Pictures by McCarson

And others


Mate 🧉 time

All creatives loves a good design Mate


Photos from Cafecito Santa Fe's post 11/12/2022


Many of you aren't able to experience the true essence of our dear Gustavo. He is our evening front line cook working side by side with Chef Luis, and what a joy he is. If only you were all here after we close our doors, because then you would feel the immense joy from this multifaceted fellow.

Not only does Gustavo create those fabulous decorative delicious entrees for you, he dances while doing it. He sings while doing it. He celebrates life while doing it. His humor, his taste in music and his love for making people feel welcome, are only a few reasons why we adore this guy!

At a moment's notice you can experience how Gustavo celebrates life. When we spend time with him, he is welcoming, kind, humorous and downright giddy about life itself. But what he truly admires and CELEBRATES in life... is his family. He is obsessed with having a grand time with all of his kids and enjoying adventure as much as possible.

Not only does Gustavo dish out those picturesque plates, but he is an entertainer, DJ, dancer, dad and team member extraordinaire. He has mentioned that he loves working at Cafecito because it is like being with family and it's such a pleasant atmosphere and when he isn't working the line for all of you fabulous folk, he is out camping and enjoying the beach with his own family.

We are thrilled that you are a part of this special Cafecito crew, Gustavo. Your energy and spirit lift us all up and we too dance at all the possibilities that a shift might have in store for us. Your stage is the kitchen and your mic your food creations, and we are so thankful you are a part of this Cafecito family. We sing your praises and we appreciate your genuine excitement about life and the work and how much you love your family. Keep dancing dear friend and spreading the joy the best ways that you know how.

Gustavo’s Celebration story line and Pictures by McCarson

And others


Friendly reminder our kitchen will be closing at 2PM and our outdoor patios at 3PM today for a special dinner event. Regular business hours will resume on 11/12/22. Thank you all, and we look forward to seeing you this weekend! Cheers! 🥂♥️

Photos from Cafecito Santa Fe's post 11/06/2022

A sneak peek of what’s been going on behind the scenes in preparation for our Armenian Heritage Feast. 🍸🍽️

We’ve been sampling many dishes, having fun trying out new cocktails and sharing belly laughs with our amazing staff. We can’t wait to share this incredible experience with you! 🤗

Armenian Heritage Feast at .santafe
Friday, November 11th at 5:30PM
Registration link is in our bio!

Photos from Cafecito Santa Fe's post 11/05/2022


You know when you arrive at Cafecito, and you are craving that perfect Dulce de leche latte with the creamy top and caramelized milk on your tongue... and then it arrives, hand delivered to your table in one of our flashy red cups and then there is that gorgeous design floating in the foamy existence of what is now, your latte?  Well, we can almost bet that it was made by Mark.

Mark is one loving individual. He is kind, curious, confident and always welcomes you with a smile, and more times than not, a fabulous big hug. You see, Mark cares. He cares deeply and you see it from him every single day, and this, our dear patrons, is why Mark celebrates LOVE.

From his music selections, his biking, his puppy love, and to his beautiful Natalia, Mark is a lover of moments in time that encapsulate playfulness and stillness and all things romantic and magical. His love of nature is evident and he also appreciates togetherness with friends and family. 

Mark is a lover of life, his expressions and his mentality holds strong the imagination of creative forms as well as art and all that fuels that fire. All of the Cafecito team knows that when you work with Mark, you work with a human that respects all. He just does.

Mark is one of our baristas extraordinaire and he gives great effort to making your Cafecito experience a warm one. From that perfect steaming Americano to the well made Razzed cocktail, he is going to take care of you. We are incredibly grateful for the work you do Mark, like training upcoming baristas and educating us all on the philosophy of good coffee, thank you! You sir, are our lover of life.  When people have the opportunity to meet you, they are lucky to also meet your big heart. Thank you for being a special part of this Cafecito family, Mark. We appreciate you so!

Keep sharing and stay grounded, friend. 
ha ha. a little barista humor.

Markk’s Celebration story line and Pictures by McCarson
And others


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Mothers Day Weekend
National Empanada Day
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922 Shoofly Street
Santa Fe, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 3pm
Tuesday 8am - 3pm
Wednesday 8am - 3pm
Thursday 8am - 9pm
Friday 8am - 9pm
Saturday 8am - 9pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm

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