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Read the article in the Coastal View News. Delighted to buy locally - yesterday ordered sanitizing spritz, delivered today by usps. Couldn’t be more pleased!
Please call me ASAP. My daughter is signed up for the scent camp this week and we arrived this morning at 9am to find the store closed (we visited both the old and new locations). I have left several message at (805) 318-1486. I am so frustrated -- please have the owner call me ASAP (my number is on your vmail).
In my skin's lifetime of sensitivity, outbreaks, redness, flaking - you name it, no product I've ever tried - not natural products, not doctor prescribed creams, not high-end cosmetic potions - nothing has ever helped my skin and kept it happy like Cali-vine face cream. If you ever decide to stop making it, I swear, I will hunt you down like Tommy Lee Jones did with Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. I have referred many a sensitive skin customer your way because I selfishly want to make sure your sales keep flowing and you stay in business. That's my skin talking, btw. It has learned to type.
So this took a minute... or 3 days longer than we thought... but I've let go of perfection! Our new store is 90% done and we're ready to show it off! Stop by 120 Santa Barbara St in the to check out our new store! botanical beauty from wine, made fresh in Santa Barbara. Visit our Se Experience Botanical Beauty for Wine.

Natural anti~aging skincare from the vine, body care , soy candles, essential oils & gifts as well as products for men, baby & dogs, too! Made with love + certified organic ingredients, pure essential oils & local grapeseeds. Visit our retail stores: 21 W Ortega St Santa Barbara, CA AND 4193 Carpinteria Ave #6 Carpinteria, CA or online at

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Grapeseed Co. 24hr Sale ⚡ Classes at Seaside Makers -

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Scent Bar field trip to our store in Carpinteria! Each student created their own Hand & Body Wash to take home. We talked about learning through our senses, how scent triggers memories, and how all the makers and artists we carry in the shops have turned their passion into their profession! What a fun experience.



Travel facial oils?
These minis are too cute, and a prototype we may turn into a limited edition run… what do you think?


When you get emergency alerts about blizzard conditions on the way in Santa Barbara 🤦‍♀️ 😳 it makes us think it’s about time to break out those spring and summer scents in the shower!

Jasmine bloomed early and our Spring Santa Barbara seasonal soap is ready 🌸 and Summer Crisp Chardonnay always start the day off right! Aroma-therapy…

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Did you know we make custom scents for other spas and companies to expand their product lines?

We’re proud to partner with local businesses like since the release of their topical product line! We created a custom Essential Oil blend a few years back based on some of the owner’s favorite scents that is truly unique and sets their product a part. You know it smells good when people start wandering into the warehouse asking, “what’s that amazing smell?!” when we leave the door open on sunny days like this. Happy Monday, friends! ☀️

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Happy birthday ! Such a joy to celebrate you with a special Scent Bar Party tonight. So much ♥️ and laughs - thanks for the fun and enjoy your signature scents!


Our Santa Barbara store, Carpinteria store and warehouse will be closed today. Please stay safe and off the roads.


*new release*
Rare & Beautiful Essential Oil Gift Set
Pink Lotus 🪷
Neroli 🌸 🍊
Bergamot 🍋 🌸
Blue Chamomile 🌿
It makes the perfect, thoughtful for the essential oil lover in your life!

Find it at our and stores and up on the website this weekend!

🎁 Shop Small Specials at Grapeseed Co. + Seaside Makers 11/25/2022

🎁 Shop Small Specials at Grapeseed Co. + Seaside Makers

🎁 Shop Small Specials at Grapeseed Co. + Seaside Makers -

🎁 Shop Small Specials at Grapeseed Co. + Seaside Makers New handmade holiday wreaths, ornaments, and one-of-a-kind art, jewelry and gift sets are arriving in our stores daily! Our helpful crew will assist you in finding the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

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Our new production queen, Amberly, killed it on candle making 🕯 yesterday! Can’t help but smile this morning; the whole warehouse smells like Santa Barbara Sunshine 🌞. Order up 📦♥️📦!

We are churning out your wholesale orders for holiday season. Place them now for large quantity or customized 🍇 products.


Fresh label print on your favorite Local Love Aromatherapy Mists! Which destination will you relax at this weekend?


Booking Scent Bat Holiday Events! A fun new way to bond with your crew. We have weekends through early November currently booked and are opening up reservations through the end of the year. Msg us for info or Reserve a date at, enter “scent party deposit” in the search option to book your date!


Avocado 🥑 Blossom
Santa Barbara Seasonal Soap
Always a favorite! We release this every year when it turns to fall, a few weeks before the Avocado Festival. If you’re lucky 🍀 there are still some bars left for holiday shopping! Our Seasonal Soaps are limited runs and all about the fresh bounty that grows around us.

This year we are doubling down in production on this one, so this local favorite will be readily available through the transition to winter.

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What a fun Bachelorette Scent Bar Party today at our store Secret Garden 🪴


It’s a sad day at the warehouse… our original Mac 🖥 I started the company with back in 2004 has died!
This trusty partner was a Craigslist purchase when this crazy idea to take our industry waste 🍇 and turn it into was just a dream, and I was scraping by to get started. I think this baby is actually 2002 origin!
Thanks for processing all the orders that have built and to where we are today. You’ve been our longest and hardest working element of the company! really builds a quality product. ♥️🙏🍏

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Leaning abou dry farming in


Simple favorites. These multi-use facial oils renew, hydrate and refresh all skin types, leaving you with that !

We created these almost 8 years ago; with so many uses they’ve become cult favorites for good reason.
*Under 5 organic & 100% natural ingredients in each formula
* skincare simplicity; just add a cleanser for 2-step daily care, perfect for traveling
*Use after toning mist and layer under your fav moisturizer for a more detailed, targeted routine
*mix into our dry masks for an indulgent facial
*Doubles as an eye makeup remover

I have normal skin and use all 3 at different times of the year. It’s hard to pick a favorite!
Try Avocado 🥑 for mature skin
Argan 🌿 for normal to combo skin
Rosehip 🥀 for dry skin and to help combat redness

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What a gorgeous evening for a corporate Scent Bar party on the bluffs. So fun to share the stage with my friend .art, bringing Grapeseed Botanical skincare from wine and Danielle’s lovely and unique wine painting to this fun crew!


We are hiring 2 great additions to our team:
1. production and warehouse assistant: set your own schedule M-F, make and ship our products at The Grapeseed Co. warehouse.

2. Sales associate at our Seaside Makers stores : earn sales commission while you work, availability for shifts during store hours 11am-5 or 6pm. State St. and Linden Ave.

Msg us for more info, or email your resume to [email protected]


Some days I just have to say “thank you for letting me do what I love 💕!”

We are hosting a private Scent Bar event at one of the most glorious spots in


The Goodland…
It’s been our home kitchen soap favorite since the release this past spring.

Lemon 🍋 sage, sea salt 🌊 & verbena 🌿 make a yummy, fresh and comforting scent that give you a hug and mellows the mind 🤗


Local Love Collection product sampling, with to take home at a recent


It’s been a LONG time since we have assembled a team that loved and like this one did. I’m happy to say, MANY years later we’ve finally assembled a team I feel confident with. Thank you 🙏 for delivering what we need, 🌎. Watch out at what we will accomplish with this new crew!! this is the first time in years I want to record the awesome people behind what we do! Let’s book a date soon.


Another beautiful Scent Bar event tonight! The Bacara is feeling like our Grapeseed “home away from home” this week. Thankful to be doing corporate events again. Super fun to sample our Local Love collection this evening, and talk about all the amazing plants that grow here 🌿☀️


3 new “ready to go” Essential Oils in our top favorites collection! Bringing on some from the rare side…
Blue Chamomile 💙🌿
Pink Lotus 🪷
Bergamot 🍋 🌸

Find them at and later this week!

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New Release : Local Love travel minis are here! Your favorite Local love scents, inspired by what grows in Santa Barbara County, are coming out of the warehouse today and will be hitting our store shelves this weekend in and .

The perfect size to bring on your adventures.


Afternoon bike, hike, and pleasant reminder why we live here…

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Our full Refill Bar is OPEN at both shops! We are thrilled to bring back the OG refill bar that’s been a part of our stores since 2010!

Covid restrictions prohibited us from being able to offer this in its entirety the past 2 years. No time like the present to start reducing and reusing!

Just bring in your clean empties to either location, and save some 💵 while you help save our 🌎.

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It’s that time of year… nothing says spring is here like sweet, intoxicating pink jasmine blooming all around us!

Our coveted limited edition Pink Jasmine Santa Barbara Seasonal Soap will be ready for sale the first week of April. Pre-orders will be available online end of the month.
🌸 🌿 💕

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Sneak peek of a New Scent joining our Local Love Collection this March 🍋 🌿 🌊

Goleta the Goodland will be hitting the shelves of State St. and Linden Ave. stores mid-March, and select retailers in April 👏.


Grapeseed Co. Signature Scent & Local Love collection at our store.


You can now find our Local Love line at ! Our Santa Barbara Sunshine Hand Wash & Lotion along with our Shampoo & Conditioner are now stocked in the locker rooms, and select gifts will be available in the new gift shop! Stay tuned for more fun and collaboration as Polo season starts up!

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Fun 2014 photo shoot find, back when we used to manufacture in a small kitchen in the back of our Ortega St. store…
Rather ironic we landed right around the corner in 2021 with our State Street shop!
One of the most beautiful things about is being able to maintain the ability to
and … it’s not easy, but it’s the ultimate freedom in my book! Thankful for the people and experiences that have formed who we are today.



What a fun memory to pop-up today! 8 years ago at our old downtown Grapeseed Co. store on Ortega Street… We were custom blending at the Scent Bar, and the Eco-Refill station was in full swing!

Our “look” has evolved over the years, but the product formulas, creativity, eco-friendly focus and unique custom experience at our scent bars have been going strong for 12 years now!


Need something to look forward to right now? Book a Scent Bar party!

Our spring and summer schedule is booking now for outdoor wherever your ♥️ desires… DM us for info or email [email protected] 😊

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💡create your own custom bath 🛀 with a visit to our Scent Bar, or a Essential Oil set.

Create you own bath salts, body wash, bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner and more at the Grapeseed Scent Bars in our or stores. You can your favorite products here, too, and save some $ while helping save the 🌎.


I often get asked, “what’s your favorite product?” Which is a tough question to answer!

The 2 products I use the most often are these… but I have so many favorites!

Our Resroli Serum is a miracle worker for me, a swimmer who spent way too many years in the sun. It balances and brightens my complexion, leaves my skin dewy and glowing, evens out sunspots, and I use it year round.

The Argan Grapeseed Facial Oil is my go to daily for face & body moisturizer, shaving oil, on the rare days eye makeup graces my face, it’s also what I choose to take it off. It’s a “one-and-done” product for travel, too!

I love so many of our products this is a tough question to answer, but in all honesty, we probably go through a gallon of that argan grapeseed oil in my household a year 😂🙏😊

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It's time for a holiday GIVEAWAY!!! I've collaborated with 7 other local mamas and entrepreneurs in order to get this amazing set of clothing, art, skin care, jewelry, and fine wine together for one lucky winner! The value of this giveaway is over
$550. Swipe along to see each item!
Rules to enter are:
Like & comment on this post
Follow each participant tagged
Post to your story
Item descriptions:
1) 'Forever Bracelet' ($49 value). Handmade
dainty gold-filed & natural gemstone jewelry.
2) Bottle of 'Helmet' Pinot Noir ($36 value). Notes of
pomegranate, cranberry, ripe cherry and a hint of toasted oak make
this 100% Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir the perfect fireside sipper.
3) Handmade baby or child's crewneck sweatshirt by ($30-$40 value). This cozy, 100% organic French terry sweatshirt in your
choice of size and color. Sizes to choose from: 0-3 months through a
kids 9/10.
4) Original signed art from orb series by ($145 value).
Watercolor and prose on fine archival paper.
5) earring and necklace set ($120 value)
Aquamarine and apatite on gold-filled.
6) Vanilla Almond Cinnamon holiday special wash & oil
gift pack ($37.50 value). This bath & massage oil and wash & suds set
contain steam-distilled essential oil blends. Handmade in Santa
7) AstroPoetry ($44 value). This is a
personalized poem based on the exact moment you or someone you
love was born. Britt calculates your birth chart to determine your sun,
moon and rising sign, and then writes the poem inside of a 5X7
design. Comes framed! When I can pick their color scheme for the
design, and Brett will work with you to get your birth time to make the
proper poem.
8) A $100 digital gift card to jewelry. Olivia Rüst a collection of Demi-fine modern charm bracelets designed to inspire confidence and embrace authenticity. Combining thick 14K
recycled gold and silver plating with precious gemstones, each peace is responsibly handcrafted in India

Winner will be announced Saturday, 12/25


Fully stocked online and in the and shops with all your favorite essential oils and sets! Give a gift to the mind, body and senses…


Smooth, soft lips are just a coconut cream 🥥 scrub away…🌴 such a delish experience!

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