Flourishing Feminine

Activating the divine feminine within to bring healing and harmony into our lives



The battle in our home, relationships and ourselves is a reflection of what’s going on in the world.

We are all participants.

Without placing blame or shame, this is an invitation to look inside.

But the problem is we don’t know what to look for or how to travel within. The world is getting noisier and inside is the stillness that is your endless source of love and guidance.

Inside our homes too. 🏡

I kept this course original when I recorded it during covid after creating it for a live class of my first 5 students. I’ll clean it up a bit but my 3 step process is one I use to this day especially at my uplevel.

Your home tells a story. Inside the walls. The stuff and energy of your stuff. The clutter. The energy of your home and people in it.

I like to start at home. How energy is flowing. Have you cleansed the toxic from years ago or yesterday? Have you appreciated your home— learning from the law of advancement. Have you grown resentful? What are you holding on to that you know is time to go?

If you don’t know where to start healing I’m your inner world, start with your environment, your home. The walls absorb energy, everything in it. The battle usually is in ourself, our home, relationships and because we’re all connected as one, it reflects and reverberates out.

Home is feminine. The kitchen is the heart chakra.
The bedroom is the pleasure center, sacral chakra.

In sacred times, when women were revered, home was revered, kids flourished, crops flourished, men flourished. The whole family flourished.

Sacred women are rising. Everyone elevates in the home when the woman is respected, nurtured, revered. This has not been the case for too long.

A man in his sacred masculine knows otherwise.

The world suffers. Relationships suffer.

I see a world healing together. Harmony being restored. The work is within.

The power is being redistributed in a way everyone succeeds.

I’m unleashing mystical truths that transcends ordinary understanding but will help give us perspective we need now.

Too much suffering in our homes, within our bodies and minds.

It’s time to take this course back out. I’m cleaning it up just some but keep in fits essence (even though filming is meh, my heart and soul was there).

This is how powerful you are. Just start in your home. Your inner world will catch on. I love this course I created. I do! One of my first ones. All heart to help us all including me, as home is my domain since I could remember.

There are recipes for flower water. Next level purification. How to use your home as a living vision board for your next evolution.

Decluttering and emotional release. Where energy gets stuck in your home and letting it flow more freely. Your health and pocket books start opening up.

Mental clarity restored.

You feel lighter.

You will FEEL the soul of your home and within.

As not just walls but living breathing. The argument you had? The walls absorb it. Are you having purification plans to release it?

This is how the world heals.

Doesn’t matter you live in a cave, jail cell, mansion, car, these principles apply to any situation where you go to the next phase of your life (without comparison to another’s divine design timeline)

In body, mind and spirit.

This is not only a DIY course but support available inside a group page.


Peace and Love ❤️

Photos from Flourishing Feminine's post 12/13/2023

Love this oil. It’s one of my favorites, Ginger Lime.

Now you get a chance at getting the Oil is Love Beauty Box ♥️

Here’s the link to purchase

FREE How to perform Abhyanga, Ayurvedic self-massage. The method

Ps I realized I have oil coming out of my nose 😅.. a healthy lubricated nasal passage is essential esp in winter


The theme going in to 2024 is


This for all areas of my life

Because I hadn’t been truly clean and clear and now I crave and desire to be. The fog has lifted.

2023 was about eyes wider open than ever, embracing the “in-between” phase of my life and enjoying it than wishing I was somewhere else and someone else.

I sank deep inside into my holy hot mess muck that’s risen to the surface.

As long as you’re alive there’s always a next level as an expansive being with a soul.

So I really wanted to give myself space this year to look at my shadow feminine, dive in to my dark feminine and play with my light.

I will share more on how this looked like.

But as I go through this I’ll share parts that’ll serve you to activate your feminine soul power.

There’s nothing you need to do but allow the shifts to take place as you resonate with my words.

There was no numbing out. I developed myself from the inside out, a kind of peaceful but radical revolution into next level like a video game, levels are earned.

There are initiations to pass. New laws to lean into.

I did this by surrounding myself with lots of people, going all in, then retreating to home as my sacred sanctuary and going to my center, my home within home to discover more bits of me, to fill up on love.

Letting childhood wounding rise and release. Old patterns dissolving.

The inner revolt is passing who I was and the crown up version of me of who I’m allowing myself to become which is and has already been part of me.

Now surrendering to her.

We are poised.


Love to hear your thoughts how this resonates with you. We are all clearing away the old. A new way is emerging. These are exciting times for the divine feminine expansion and the sacred masculine rising to meet in harmony. It’s looking messy before it gets better. Hold on but loosey ♥️♥️♥️


3 yrs ago I placed Sabrina’s ashes in a rosemary bush where we used to hike in central coast Ca.

My grieving was quick. I was surprised but I had prepared myself for her time by living fully with her and loving her with everything I had. People always said you’ll know. I didn’t understand or comprehend it. Until the morning after a difficult night she had a seizure. Most that night we were on the grass. Sabrina bounced back fast. But wanted to be on grass. So I grabbed some blankets and lay with her. It was so cold.

She was ok next day Sunday. I didn’t plan on going to farmers market to sell seedlings but I saw her look at she said don’t stop living. So I did. I cried so much and dear people comforted me. My plants did. I made the decision that day I knew what to do for Sabrina. I got so crystal clear as one seedling after another left to new homes and I talked to people. The tears kept coming. I knew but still couldn’t accept it. It was time.

Sabrina was complete. Tired. Done in her dog body.
We traveled the USA couple times, hiked and camped all over Ca. Joshua tree with wolves around our tent. Whitney pass in snow. Big Sur. Grand Canyon. Smokey mtns, bull run Virginia. Socal beaches galore! We almost went down a ravine in Santa Barbara. Scariest moment of my life. She ran so fast she went down the bluffs. She barked at ocean waves and was at her best on a ranch herding. She hated san fran.. any city. Loved Utah and Vail and Sedona. Her home was Santa Barbara. Natural environments. She passed in Texas.

She started to slow down so I took her into my practice and saw her healer gifts. She gave me the confidence to go after what I want. I went into the wellness beauty profession because of her— I had to figure out how to have this lifestyle with a crazy active dog and earn a living. We did it.

She was by my side and clients during rasayana treatments. She was a herder and healer. My most amazing Sabrina. 19 yrs with her I am so grateful.

When she passed, gifts and kindness extended from all over were sent. Thank you to those who followed me and Sabrina. I miss her today more. And some ways I feel little lost since she left the earthly realm. I’m getting back in the path. Blow her a kiss for me. And may I love all in again ♥️ no matter the hurts in life, may we all love ALL IN ♥️


♥️ Abhyanga, a regular self-oil massage practice..

using proper oils for your skin type and tried and true methods over thousands of years remains timeless… you appreciate your body, your soul, side affects are delightful like soft and supple skin, improved tone/elasticity, you stop fighting against natural aging process but this practice slows it down and you embrace the wisdom of aging

The ancient texts did not lie. I proved this over 10 yrs practice.

🙌 I’m working on the most comprehensive course I know of on Abhyanga and will be available in December. I answer every question I’ve ever been asked about.

🤔 What would you like to know? I will be sure to include it for you, and dispel myths about it if you’re drawn to this loving practice.


Translated from Ancient Ayurvedic texts on the benefits of Abhyanga

“Regular application of oil massage promotes longevity and nourishes all parts of the body”


Thankful for it ALL!

That sums it up ♥️

Tomorrow my oils go on sale 🙌

My most divine oil YET…. Oil is Love 🌹

Peace and love ya’ll that’s all I got in me these days peace n love ✌️


Amber bottles-gold tops are back

Photos from Flourishing Feminine's post 11/20/2023

🌿 Restore Harmony Within 🌿

Are you feeling restless, anxious, or overwhelmed? These could be signs of a Vata imbalance, a common challenge in our fast-paced world.

Join me in a transformative journey where we dive into ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to soothe and balance. We’ll explore nourishing practices like self-massage, meditation, the use of healing botanicals and feminine medicine practices

🌸 What’s in Store for You:

• Nurturing Ayurvedic Routines: Tailored to bring you back into a state of harmony and flow
• Spiritual Practices: To ground and center your energy.
• Edible Flower, Aromatics and Herbal Aphrodisiacs: Learn to incorporate these into your diet, soul and skincare rituals to enhance your feminine sensuality and power

🌟 Balck Friday Special Offer: The first 10 to sign up will receive an exclusive gift from the botanical beauty collection!

✨ Reserve Your Spot Now - Click “Send Message” for details to join my Inner Circle Wellness



Abhyanga a day keeps the doc away 💕

It truly does.

After 10+ yrs of practice it’s been a saving grace. I am growing younger. Slowing down the natural aging process.

And it’s about the little things, but the right things, each day done consistently.

✔️ Silvery locks slowed down
✔️ Living my ideal weight
✔️ Strong digestion and metabolism
✔️ Hormones happy and balanced
✔️ Bones and muscles feel strong
✔️ Skin tone, elasticity, softness and suppleness improved
✔️ Immunity feels at the ready and strong . just some of the benefits

As a vata-kapha, I mastered this art.

Unlocked true healthcare Abhyanga + Non-restrictive Lifestyle

And you don’t have to wait 10 years to see benefits.

New improved course will be released in time for holidays!

*Subscriber update: higher costs, sourcing scarcity and shipping delays— Oil is Love Box delayed 3rd until next week (those grandfathered in) however good news is coming..

Dm/ pvt consultation


Beautiful Soul!

An exclusive offer just got sent out to my tribe. I’m excited about this for you and all highly creative entrepreneurs struggling to create a consistent stream of money from your online business.

I've just put together the finishing touches on a potent bundled package for you that includes business + spiritual strategy to start earning money online now and creating your own economy.

If you could smell success!

Get your next level clarity on the work you're here to do NOW, not yesterday. I lost years locked in to an identity that wasn’t me anymore and couldn’t help anyone else because of it.. unlike what “online gurus” say.. as highly creatives expression of your gifts is breathing giving you life. I can’t take those years back. Instead I did it in a way I knew and that gave me gems in itself and woke up my soul.

And my blessings are yours!

If you’re ready to get back in the game and earn as you learn today, I’ve got something for you.

Dm or comment Prosperity Project.


Just got back from the farmers market and couldn’t resist Lol


What did the eggplant 🍆 say to the arugula?

I be-leaf in you 🥬


Water Lilies at the Lakehouse Spa and Evolution

Water lilies rise from the mud and they blossom so elegantly. Their symbolism is as elegant… rebirth, purity, strength, resilience, beauty, awakening, peace, compassion, and harmony.

If you come across them, sit with them as you would a friend and be a good listener. They have so much to share in these times of chaos, confusion, transitioning, trauma and into a new world that is being birthed.

Do the deep work now, you’ll blossom in no time🪷


I’ve been getting messages from plants for many years since my first conscious connection with a very powerful one during one an aromatic plant immersion with gorgeous souls in the sierra nevadas. Floracopeia created an energetic space to feel safe. Herbalists, aromatherapists, plant people, healers, yogis.. it was a special time for several trips I made to the mtn. If you were there you know what I mean.

Since then I worked with the late Eliot Cowan in Ojai who introduced me to plant spirit medicine and journeys which helped me understand what I was experiencing and getting activated in me through my “work” with plants and supporting healing in others and myself.

I know I’m not alone but many have been quiet because we are just not educated in this realm. But plants are assisting more and more of us.

Transmissions have been happening since then. It’s been an awkward journey learning to trust what’s inside and quietly observing who out there are the “real deals” so I can satisfy this inner yearning.

Then 3 more plants appeared in dreams in Ojai in which I journeyed with over the years…. As the goddess energy and a few saints consciously started to become more active in my visions as I started the plant medicine project.

There is more to this story as I let it unfold here in Texas.. as the activations and reprogramming continue.

It’s been a difficult journey I have to say. But a magical one when I can sink into it. I’m coming through only because of faith, grace and intuition— feminine virtues we need today.

I’m not alone. If I have been experiencing this, I know many others. I’ve turned people away to work with so I can get to this point of removing the noise and toxicity to get to receive the clarity.

Guidance has been so clear what the next steps are. This has to do with you, not me nor was it ever about me but I’ve matured on this path. Evolved.

If there is something pulsating strongly in you, you feel unsure about how to liberate this “thing” inside you, you feel there is more and you’ve got a dream, vision or something to give to humanity or just simply want to free the voice in you and you are drawn to plants, in any form, AND desire more financially then I have a special class for you.

It’s been a while since I’ve taught online but this is more of an update and revelations for you on your path to prosperity, with working with plants as you grow in financial prosperity, inner prosperity and allow nature to heal as you do yourself in this process.

I am so thankful for the teachers who are opening others to the plant energetics in a way it’s coming at us in different ways. An aromatic activation happened in Honduras with a Mayan shaman I learned about by a documentary film maker on plant medicine Shannon Kring. But I saw him before I met him. She was the conduit through my Lit Up Life Soul Summit. Which I will re-release as a remembrance for the late Patricia Bragg who I interviewed.

It’s been my journey and I’m sharing this because I need to honor my place and let you know you’re not alone. You want more and the safety around that and what that means.

If this speaks to you at a deep level, I’d love to see you there.

If you’d like to join the class and activation, dm me or give me a flower 🌻 emoji in the comments. You will get first to know about a new project I am excited about for you as well. Join remote from anywhere.


“Heal yourself with the light of the sun and the rays of the moon.

With the sound of the river and the waterfall.

With the swaying of the sea and the fluttering of birds.

Heal yourself with mint, neem, and eucalyptus.

Sweeten with lavender, rosemary, and chamomile.

Hug yourself with the cocoa bean and a hint of cinnamon.

Put love in tea instead of sugar and drink it looking at the stars.

Heal yourself with the kisses that the wind gives you and the hugs of the rain.

Stand strong with your bare feet on the ground and with everything that comes from it.

Be smarter every day by listening to your intuition, looking at the world with your forehead.

Jump, dance, sing so that you live happier.

Heal yourself, with beautiful love, and always remember ... you are the medicine.”

Advice from María Sabina, Mexican healer and poet


The time we had red poppies in the front yard 🥰


Focus less on the outcome and who more on who you’re becoming in the process ♥️


Summer is coming to an end and I’m thrilled to share a glimpse of a sanctuary for you to Flourish. 🍃✨

Inside you’ll get the support to nurture your soul alive through daily routines, rituals and spiritual practices as you see evidence of it in your life through feeling calm, clarity, vitality, libido, spontaneous healing, intuition opening and abundance expanding in all areas of your life🌙🌷

Stay tuned for your invite on Autumn Equinox, a day of perfect balance. 🍂🌗



It’s my thing now when people ask me in my classes things like..

Re:sleep class end of day review and visualization practice 10 minutes before bed

“Maria, how long will it take to get the thing you imagined?”

Re:sensual vitality class
“How long does it take for the aphrodisiacs to kick in and the practices I do to get me feeling sexual and ready?”

Things like that.

My answer.. it really doesn’t need to be the thing we all hear is that it takes 28 days to make a habit stick?

I really don’t believe that. I believe at the Speed of Love♥️. As fast as you are ready to.

Meaning however long you need for it to take to let it or you come alive! The practices help prepare you but you’re wired for now.

That’s my thing now, speed of love♥️

Prove to yourself, as a conscious creator, over and over you can make it happen speed of love knowing also the work in-between is gold.

💎Affirm yes: I attract the best in my life right now. I am a magnet for all I desire that is beautiful and true.

All my love 🌹


Keep your feet rooted to Mother Earth and look up to Father Sky tonight beautiful souls. I’ll be near the water tonight and away from the city to reflect on the cosmic dance in the sky and reflect on what is important to me.

If you saw my video on “happiness is the best beauty cream” that’s the theme still running through me this month.

No one or no thing can ever be responsible for your happiness… not even a beauty cream 😂

But seriously, happiness through the challenging times and of course the good ones. This is true happiness that transcends any experience externally. It is not superficial, it comes from fulfillment and sweet contentment you cultivate within yourself.

This is a lasting happiness. It’s a healthy practice to reflect on this tonight. Sometimes we are shown the way back to the great love within when we experience perceived roadblocks to our happiness. We’re being re-directed back to love for ourself. Then we can give from that overflow if you’re needing filling up again.

What is your heart longing for? That’s the 🌕 energy healing.

The divine feminine era means for me it’s a great time to be alive. 🌹 It’s a healing, transformative energy. It has no gender but a lens to live life by.. that the universe is always in balance and that all truths then are half truths.

This cosmic dance tonight in the sky orchestrates the divine balance happening in our lives. What might seem tumultuous is divine chaos coming into order.

We are coming into greater focus with the healing love and compassion the feminine energy brings to all aspects of our life. We can see clearly now through divine loves lens.

Be happy in this moment, for this moment is your life🌻

I wish every being love. I wish you love 🤍
In love, Maria 🌷

Opt-in 08/03/2023

Oil is Love, which started out as a subscription massage box with how-to videos, is getting updated to a comprehensive Ayurvedic Self-Massage Course.

It’s a course to open more people to the power of touch and oil.

Coming soon!

All for love,
❤️ Maria

GET your free How to Perform Abhyanga

Opt-in The regular practice of self-massage keeps your skin soft and supple, improving skin tone and elasticity; keeping your muscles and immunity strong; increases love and appreciation for yourself, keeps you grounded through times of stress, and gives you a natural glow!


I am patient with my creative spirit.

I don’t force her to come when she feels like wandering.

I don’t hold on tight to her.

I set her free.

She teaches me so much about myself and how she likes to be tended to and nurtured.

She’s gold.

She’s alchemy.

She’s the Goddess in me.

And goddesses do it with ease.

No burnout. No exhaustion. No overdoing.

Goddesses don’t require motivation.

It takes a spark of inspiration in me and usually it’s from somewhere I least expect. My soul likes to keep me actively listening tuning in and outside. She’s playful.

I learn to listen because when I execute I want it to come from full/on spirit led… from inspired action.

It’s like catching a wave. That’s what it feels like. It feels exhilarating, free and expansive.

I walk with my feminine friends grace and faith to know the next wave of creation is coming…
at this point she’s telling me to rest.

I rest then spark the back up⚡️

We co-create together. I do my part and show up in small ways each day. For me it’s not massive action. That always felt exhausting to me.

It’s gentle little things I do each day from my soul nudges (theyre pesky it’s so easy to ignore). It becomes a lifestyle not something outside of me.
Everyday is training day. Undoing the programming of bring ok with exhaustion and overdoing.

mostly had it right— yes I said it. Mostly 😊

This feels good to me.

I feel brave. I feel focused.

I didn’t know the feeling I always wanted.. I thought it was peace.. yes that too but it was an ease I knew existed but didn’t know how naturally.

Life isn’t exhausting after all when you lead with the feminine.

I’m writing a 📖 inspired by anonymous. You’ll find out when it’s complete. For now it it’s done.
Send love.

So it is.
With Love,
Maria ♥️

Love You Poem

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The Short Story

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