I Am Nicole Michelle

I Am Nicole Michelle


Just gotta say watching the recorded zoom meetings is so helpful! When I saw Your Brand Story Canvas and the questions, I immediately got nervous and started overthinking it. Then I remembered the recordings!

I felt connected to all the ladies in the first recording! The customer question can be so broad, and I have lots of customers so when I try to merge them all into one "avatar," I cringe, feel overwhelmed, and usually stop there. LOL This helped me look at a higher level but in some respects hone in on that IDEAL client.

Thanks everyone! xoxo

I help entrepreneurs create effective content to increase sales and impact.


Sometimes you meet people, and you just know they are meant to be in your life. That's how I felt when Allana Da Graca first called me. Over the past few weeks, I've been having so much fun learning and growing with her powerful tribe during the series!

I'm honored to be a spotlight speaker at the culminating event, the 5th Annual International Women Build Confidence Conference, happening December 9-11.

Grab your tickets now for Black Friday pricing! https://www.drallanadagracaa.com/iwbcc2022


Could your profits use a boost right now?

I don’t know about you, but as an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for smart ways to drive my profits higher, run my business with less stress, and have more fun along the way.

And that applies now more than ever!

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the talk I'm giving: 3 Secrets to Copy that Converts Like Crazy. Join me LIVE today for a free preview to what this talk is all about, including an interview with MY mentor Susie Carder, The Profit Coach.

My talk is geared to help you drive value and profit, starting today.

Even MORE thrilling... this is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sharing my talk as part of Susie's 3-Day LIVE virtual event: The BIG Money Business Summit – the exact place I got MY jumpstart into building a business.

Sign up here for the summit: https://live.susiecarder.com/invitation1?cookieUUID=e0b9ef28-8e48-4a3d-9a5c-67814b4e4a8e

Susie’s coached entrepreneurs and businesses with household names

like Lisa Nichols, John Asseraf, Paul Mitchell Hair Care, Steve Harvey, Dell Computer, and Redken…
..and she’s also helped thousands of everyday entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and speakers turn their fickle and fledgling businesses into well-oiled profit machines.

If you want a system you can follow to create predictable profits in your business, then grab your virtual summit ticket right now: https://live.susiecarder.com/invitation1?cookieUUID=e0b9ef28-8e48-4a3d-9a5c-67814b4e4a8e

Your pocketbook (and your anxiety) will thank you!


Answering your questions before the doors close TONIGHT on . Register at https://www.iamnicolemichelle.com/six-figure-content-sales-page


Launching something new? This is your nudge into ACTION. What are you setting up NOW to set yourself up for your best 2021?

Comment below with what you're COMMITTED to doing and then JOIN US in Six Figure Launch Content.
Doors close on Tuesday, December 8 at midnight PST.

If you're looking to launch a course, revitalize your brand, or simply make more profit in less time, it ALL starts with the content.

Join me, and in just a few weeks you'll have content for ready – websites, socials, emails, funnels – so that more of your ideal clients say YES!!!

And for my fast action takers, I'm sweetening the deal. DM me before Saturday, December 5 and I'll give you a $200 coupon...just to make this a no-brainer for you to say YES to yourself, your business, and the people you were put on this earth to serve. See you inside!


Six Figure Content Sales Page 12/04/2020

Doors are open for Six Figure Launch Content: A Start-to-Finish Guide! https://www.iamnicolemichelle.com/six-figure-content-sales-page

Watch the replay!


See why Day 3 was over the top. Can you say **breakthroughs**!!! Today we covered:
1: What brand voice is and why you're missing thousands of dollars without it
2: A content health check up to see where your business is rosy-cheeked and healthy and where it's on life support

Watch TODAY and say YES to the bigger profits, bigger impacts, and streams of ideal clients who are just waiting for you to tune your words, your images, your videos to a frequency they can hear.

**BONUS**For my action takers. My people COMMITTED to serving the world in a bigger way in 2021. Watch the video by Saturday and DM me your biggest takeaway for $200 off my Six Figure Launch Content course.

Six Figure Content Sales Page Six Figure Content goes beyond helping you improve your copy. While that in and of itself can transform your business, we also address the systems that will keep your success going.

Rock Your Content - Free Live Workshop 11/30/2020

Hello my tribe! I did a thing. It was a workshop, and a lot of folks liked it an awful lot. So, I'm doing it again.

**Please help me share this far and wide so I can hit my goal of 100 sign ups. ** Thanks + gratitude in advance.

If you couldn't make the last one (or if you did and want more of the goodness) join me on December 1-3 from 2:30 - 4 p.m. PST so we can Rock Your Launch Content.

I’m here to share the secrets to effective content so you can launch like a pro in 2021. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the copy you need to create, let me help you walk step-by-step through a system for getting – websites, emails, socials, funnels – set up with massively effective content for YOUR six figure course or brand launch (or relaunch!)

Rock Your Content - Free Live Workshop Is six figures and beyond your goal? Get FREE hands-on support in three LIVE sessions to apply strategies that immediately improve your content (and profits).


This is a week when people in the U.S. are taking time to be GRATEFUL for what we have, despite COVID, social injustices, and multiple other hot messes we're facing in 2020. I'm grateful for YOU. For showing up to do the work so that the world can be a better place through what you have to offer.

If you missed our last Rock Your Content webinar, YOU'RE IN LUCK! We're running it again DEC 1 - DEC 3 2:30-4 p.m PST. This time, I'm zeroing in on those of you who are launching (or relaunching) a brand or course...why?
Because 2021 is just around the corner, a fresh new year is just WAITING for you to go big, and it's time the world heard what you have to say. Attend the last one? Come back -- new content is in store!

REGISTER TODAY: https://www.iamnicolemichelle.com/rock-your-content-registration


Answering your questions before the doors close TONIGHT on Six Figure Content. Register at https://www.iamnicolemichelle.com/six-figure-content-sales-page


So excited to announce the DOORS ARE OPEN for Six Figure Content: A Start to Finish Guide. We'll set your content on fire with strategy and apply it across your website, emails, social, blogs, funnels, and more so you go into 2021 STRONG. Get all the details and register NOW before doors close November 17. https://www.iamnicolemichelle.com/six-figure-content-sales-page

Nicole Michelle Rock Your Content Day 3 of 3 11/12/20 11/13/2020

Day 3 was just chockful of learning, smiles, and apply-now strategies. THANK YOU to all those who helped build this rich learning community by committing, showing up, and really shifting into an effective content frame of mind.
It left my heart super full to hear how much value our time together brought you. If you attended live for any of the days, then take a peek NOW at the replay (around minute 3:30) to learn about the special $500 bonus you earned by showing up. If you COULDN'T attend live, there's still a couple hot offers on the table that you'll want to see for yourself. ALSO, if you haven't yet, hop over to join our Facebook group and get ongoing content support at facebook.com/groups/rockyourcontent


Nicole Michelle Rock Your Content Day 3 of 3 11/12/20

Nicole Michelle Rock Your Content Day 2 of 3 11/11/20 11/12/2020

So much fun and learning on Day 2 of Rock Your Content! We really got to work applying effective content to create our winning websites. There's a lot more goodness to come in Day 3, so check out yesterday's session in the video below, and join us at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time TODAY to get your website dialed in and get access to a free $375 bonus coaching session with Nicole. There's still time to register: https://www.iamnicolemichelle.com/rock-your-content-workshop


Nicole Michelle Rock Your Content Day 2 of 3 11/11/20


It's Day 1 of Rock Your Content, where we'll get into the secrets of effective content and applying this to your business. Let the learning begin!

Rock Your Content - Free Live Workshop 11/10/2020

Hi! I'm so excited that tomorrow is the first day of the Rock Your Content Workshop. I can’t wait to share my secrets and tips for creating effective content. With the COVID crisis, digital marketing has become even more important to business growth. Which social platform do you use the most for digital marketing? Which platform do you think your brand could use the most improvement on?

If you haven't already registered, it's not too late! Register here and I'll see you soon! https://www.iamnicolemichelle.com/rock-your-content-workshop

Rock Your Content - Free Live Workshop Is six figures and beyond your goal? Get FREE hands-on support in three LIVE sessions to apply strategies that immediately improve your content (and profits).


Can't wait to see everyone on Nov. 10 -12 from 2:30 - 4 p.m. so we can Rock Your Content. If you're someone who has ever wondered "what do I write" or "how do I fit in the time to create content" then this workshop is for you. Save it on your calendar now if you haven't already, and sign up at https://iamnicolemichelle.com/rock-your-content-workshop


Welcome to the Nicole Michelle community! We're growing fast! Look forward to meeting you, learning about what you're doing in the world – and helping you use effective content to get your message out. If you haven't already, comment below with your BIGGEST content questions, and sign up for my FREE Rock Your Content workshop >>https://iamnicolemichelle.com/rock-your-content-workshop >> happening November 10-12 from 2:30-4 p.m. PT. We'll be looking at the foundations of effective content that works across all platforms – social, email, blogs, website, video, you name it – that you can start applying immediately to your brand. Sign up now at THIS LINK >>> https://iamnicolemichelle.com/rock-your-content-workshop

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