Char Cabrera Digi-Biz MKTG

Char Cabrera Digi-Biz MKTG


The love in our family flows strong and deep, leaving us memories to treasure and keep.
Here’s to healthy eating, Bisaya salad. 🥗
Izaac 1st visit to Disneyland (6 years ago), was not very impressed with the Disney characters 😄😆
I give THANKS for the great health and safety of my families, friends and love ones both near and far ❤️
New month, same GOAL same Decision!
My hubby is an aquarist enthusiast. Of all the fishes he has had, this rare Albino Arowana is by far the most exotic. It resemble to Chinese dragons so much that many people find them as good luck bringers. 🐟🐠
Bulalo with extra veggies for dinner is perfect for the cold windy weather.
It’s been 1 year since we had these aloes. It’s finally taking its spiral formation😍
I would not mind living in this cute, cozy house as my home 🏠
Love walking through my garden after the rain 🌧
If I had only known…..🤣😂
It’s a start of a new week. Hope it will be amazing.

Helping Others


Ready or not, here he comes- grade 5 edition! 😄 Time to conquer new subjects, crush goals, and create lifelong memories with classmates. Let the academic journey begin. 📚✏️


It’s the first day of the week….no matter the size of the step, just keep moving forward.💪👣


When your sick with no appetite to eat at least feed your mind. 📚


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🔴⚪💙As we celebrate the land of the free and home of the brave, let us remember that liberty has always been won through sacrifice and unwavering courage. Today we honor those who fought for our freedom – past, present, and future heroes alike. Happy 4th of July, America 🇺🇸🎊🎉- let freedom ring loud and proud! 🎆🗽


Happy Father's Day to the most incredible dad! Thank you for always putting your family first and being our rock 🙌🏽 We love you more than words can express ❤️


"Our flag waves to remember those who fought for freedom 🇺🇸🌟 Thank you to all the courageous soldiers and veterans on this Memorial Day” 🤝🎗️

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Celebrating all the super moms out there! 💪🏼💐You are strong, beautiful, and inspiring💕 Happy Mother's Day 🌸"


Happy Fri-YAY!

I’m just grateful for the gift of life. No complaints. No request. Just a peaceful mind, and a heart filled of gratitude. ❤️💫


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Dining out with my favorite boys is always a blast 😁😍Especially when it's spent dining on fresh delicious seafood 🦐🍤


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When you have a hobby you love, it’s a passion. I’ll never get tired of this🥰



May the Lord’s endless blessing be with you throughout the years. Wishing you peace, love and prosperity throughout the season.

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Happy Monday!!

Take time to appreciate the little things 💐These gorgeous orchids in full bloom remind us of the beauty and joy life can bring 🌸❤️



Congratulations to all the determined families and brave individuals who made the bold leap for time freedom and better finance.


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☔️ Nothing like curling up with a good book on a rainy day📖.


💝It’s Valentine’s Day! Wishing you all a magical✨day filled with lots of love ❤️ and appreciation!🥰💖


Every failure is a stepping stone to your success.


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New month, new goals. Ready to make February count💪🏼 🤩

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Got a case of the Monday blues? 💙
Spicing up my Monday with this home made energizing organic ginger and turmeric shot! 🍊 It's packed with anti-inflammatory goodness for ultimate health benefits. 🔥


I have always loved butterflies because they reminds us that it’s never too late to transform ourselves no matter our circumstances🦋


Don’t give up on your dream just because of the time it takes to achieve it.


Throw back Thursday……

I can listen to this all day music 🎶

My daughter playing one of my favorite piece. 🥰♥️🎹


My beautiful sisters, nieces and daughter💝 Even though we're all so different, I'm so blessed to have such strong, beautiful women in my life 💖 💗 💛


Who said cleaning has to be dull? 🤪 Get excited and smile with every scrub thanks to this happy dish sponge! 😄


Honoring Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.


Our first zoom meeting of the year.
Starting the year right with building a tribe of successful digital entrepreneur one business partner at a time.


A caterpillar 🐛 doesn’t just stay in its cocoon. It’s only in there temporarily until it has enough strength and what it needs to FLY.⠀

It usually takes time, but it will transform into a butterfly 🦋 and then fly away and begin an entirely new journey.⠀⠀
But the caterpillar 🐛 doesn’t stay focused on the fact that it’s a caterpillar.
It doesn’t stay focused on the fact that it doesn’t have wings yet.
It doesn’t stay focused on the fact that it’s not where it wants to be.

It just continues to grow and do what it needs to do to transform into a butterfly. 🦋

Right now you might be feeling like a caterpillar. In a cocoon, feeling a bit trapped, not sure how to fly...⠀

You might be focused on the fact that you’re not where you want to be.
That you don’t have your wings.
That you’re not flying.

But let me remind you that a caterpillar goes through all types of changes. All types of changes, different climates, rainy days, windy days, etc.

But regardless of everything, it keeps its eyes fixed on becoming a butterfly. It keeps its eyes focused on breaking out of its cocoon and FLYING.

And it doesn’t think anything less.

It works through limiting beliefs.
It works through doubts.
It works through different environments and climates changes.

And it eventually develops the wings needed to spread and fly.
What you don’t realize is — your own personal transformation can mirror that of a caterpillar 🐛 turning into the butterfly. 🦋

Are you allowing limiting beliefs to rob you of your greatness and to be the best version of yourself?
Are you remaining stagnant and focused on life as a caterpillar or are you keeping your eyes fixed on growing your wings and flying?
Your life is a physical manifestation of what’s going on inside your head. You are worth more than you know, capable of more than you think. Changing your mindset is everything of all the possibilities of what and who you can become.

Focus on growing your wings.
Focus on flying.
Focus on moving from the YOU that you are to the YOU that you’re becoming.
Focus on the journey to becoming that beautiful butterfly. 🦋


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Went out to my garden and discovered this….
I wonder who’s been feasting on my salad bowl Aeonium? 🐛 🐌

Photos from Char Cabrera Digi-Biz MKTG's post 01/12/2023

A very much needed foot massage 🦶🏼


No matter your circumstances, you have the POWER to change it. Have an awesome day!

One day a farmer’s donkey fell into a well. The animal cried loudly for hours, while the farmer tried to find something to do to get him out.

Finally, the farmer decided that the donkey was old and the well was already dry and needed to be covered anyway; that it really wasn't worth pulling the donkey out of the well..

He invited all his neighbors to come help him. They each grabbed a shovel and began to throw dirt into the well.

The donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly loud. Then, to everyone's surprise, he quieted down after a few shovelfuls of dirt.

The farmer finally looked down into the well and was amazed at what he saw... with each shovelful of dirt, the donkey was doing something incredible: It was shaking off the dirt and stepping on top of the dirt.

Very soon everyone saw surprised how the donkey reached the mouth of the well, went over the edge and trotted out...

Life is going to throw dirt at you, all kinds of dirt... the trick to getting out of the hole is to shake it off and use it to step up. Each of our problems is a step up. We can get out of the deepest holes if we don't give up...

Use the land they throw you to get ahead!!!

Author Unknown


My message for the day. 🙏🏼♥️


Every small step is a GOAL ACHIEVED 💪🏼
Have an awesome week!


WOW! We have hit a new milestone in our business! Over 140k people from all around the globe have officially joined our community. 🤩

CONGRATULATIONS to all mentors, coaches and business owners.

Grateful to be part of the TEAM!


JESUS I TRUST IN YOU for thy WILL is GREATER than mine. 🙏🏼♥️💜🖤

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