Kara Suhey Print Shop

Kara Suhey Print Shop

Art prints to help you bring the beauty of the outside inside! 🌱🌈

Photos from Kara Suhey Print Shop's post 08/26/2022

“Bim Bom.” 🌊 Out now!

Photos from Kara Suhey Print Shop's post 08/24/2022

New print! “Connemara.” Looks like the Caribbean, is actually a bay on the west coast of Ireland. ☘️ The water is veryyy cold 🥶, but if someone paid me $100, I’d probably swim in it. Many people were there swimming in it, probably for free.


“A postcard from Italy.” New print out now! ⚡️


Still editing my pics from Italy!

I really like to take my time and enjoy the process with these. Based on the subject matter, it’d be incongruous not to. ☀️🍹


The best selling print in the shop (by far), the Dance of the Colorful Woman! 💃🏻

The colorful woman takes her coffee in the sun. She draws hearts in the sand at the beach, and wears woven espadrilles threaded with all the colors of the rainbow.

(Pictured print is a 30” x 40”framed floater canvas.)


We made it to Ireland! 🍀

Photos from Kara Suhey Print Shop's post 03/29/2022

I sure do love a yellow couch. I don’t have one, because we’re saving up for our honeymoon, and it turns out I’d rather go to Italy than have a yellow couch. But someday, it will be mine. (Said in Wayne’s World voice)

But this post wasn’t supposed to be about yellow couches! I got sidetracked. It’s supposed to be about the art behind it! That’s “Trail Rider,” a bad ass piece featuring the bad ass desert. It can be yours as a framed floater canvas or unframed paper print! 🤠


“The Voyager” is out in the shop now!

Photos from Kara Suhey Print Shop's post 03/25/2022

New print alert! “The Voyager.” 🌊

Available as a framed floater canvas or an unframed fine art paper print!

Photos from Kara Suhey Print Shop's post 03/22/2022

New release!! Just dropped in the shop.

They shut off the power at our house today to work on the power lines, so we’ve been working from a friend’s house. I haven’t really eaten all day, and now I get to go out for nachos. Plus this is a new print! That is all the news I have for today. ⚡️


"Rainbow Daughter" is out in the shop! Available as a Fine Art Paper Print or a Framed Floater Canvas. ❤️ This is a print of a collage made from some photos I shot in Glacier National Park and on Wild Horse Island in Montana as the background.


New feature alert, one of my prints in the wild! 🐅 ⁠

Interior designer has killer style! Her spaces are refined and modern with pops of colorful artwork and rock and roll vintage flare. I was honored to have my print the "Dance of the Colorful Woman" included as part of a feature collection photographed in her San Francisco home. Thank you Elena and ! 🤍 📷:: ⁠

Read the full "Shop the Shoot" feature via my link in bio!


New in the Shop! "Going-to-the-Sun." A magical moment in the vast expanse of Glacier National Park, Montana. 15% of the sales from this print will be donated directly to preservation efforts for the park through the Glacier National Park Conservancy.⁠

This is the first in a series of "Planet Prints" I'm working on. A portion of the proceeds from each print will be given to support various non-profit and grassroots organizations working to conserve, protect, steward, unite, and usher in the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. 🤍


Work in progress! Experimenting and trying some new things…


Woohoooo new prints coming soon! (If I can peel myself away from the holiday festivities to get it all loaded up on the website. 😁) And also we’re on the way to Tucson, so if you like prints of the desert, you’re in the right place. 🏜


Sneak peek of some new work I’ve had lined up since our trip to Montana!


"Tahoe Wahoe." It's a good name for a print, and you can't argue with that. Available now as a framed floater canvas or fine art paper print! ⁠


"Sky Stories" has dropped in the shop! On an unrelated note, I'm having trouble typing this post because I'm eating a big slice of watermelon 🍉 and it's dripping all over my keyboard. Summer is the best, sticky ol’ keyboard and all. ⁠


New in the shop! "Ghosts." ⁠


"Coyote." This entire finished piece popped into my head one eve as I was lying down in bed, so I got up and painted it exactly as it had appeared in my mind. I was tempted to add in more detail and color, but talked myself into slowly backing away and letting less be more. ⁠

Now if I could only get myself to adopt the same approach with my cooking... Every meal turns into some grand experiment where I add different concoctions of herbs and spices like a warlock brewing some proprietary potion. ⁠

AJ is a real saint for eating most anything I put in front of him, and luckily I haven't turned him into a toad yet. 😜⁠


"Cloud Poems" on canvas with a floater frame. ☁️⁠

"Imagine the clouds dripping. Dig a hole in your garden to put them in." - Yoko Ono⁠


This new piece titled "Lady of the Lake" is out in the shop now as part of the Light Year collection! 🤍⁠

The title comes from the the spot I shot the photo looking out from the top of Cave Rock at Lake Tahoe. I was told the profile of the rock formation is sometimes called the "Lady of the Lake," which has a lovely poetic ring to it and also reminds me of Joni Mitchell's "Ladies of the Canyon."


"Icing on the Cake," pastel dots and other elements painted upon a photo of Lake Tahoe, is officially out in the shop now! Along with a few another new prints I'm slowly trickling out... ❤️⁠


Should I name this new piece "Sky Stories" or "Rainbow Ice Capades?" Other suggestions are welcome, but if this is going to go in a Boaty McBoatface direction... ⁠

I'd be totally fine with that. 😁⁠


The below text plopped itself into my inbox through the newsletter of an illustrator I follow, and it feels like such a meaningful little message that I so needed to hear! I've been staying up til past 3am working feverishly on new pieces, and although I'm happy with a lot of the new work.... I'm so tired!! 😭😭 ⁠

Here are some snippets from the email I received this morning: ⁠

"I used to think my best work came out of me when I stayed up all night to finish it in a fever of creation. I subconsciously thought good art came from a place of suffering. I'd take no breaks except to eat 3 bowls of cereal at 3am. As the sun came up, I'd finally submit my work. My body hurt everywhere.⁠

(There's some more writing in between here, but I'll skip right to the point below!)⁠

I've come to believe that life is hard enough. The lesson is: Art may come from a place of joy & comfort." - Hallie Bateman

And with that, I'm going to focus on creating some new work before the midnight hour hits for a while. Here's a sneak peak of one of the new pieces I've been working on from some photos I took at Lake Tahoe. And now I'm taking a break to get out of the house and enjoy this beautiful sunny day!!! ☀️⁠

Photos from Kara Suhey Print Shop's post 05/12/2021

This is “An Outlaw's Honeymoon" sized at about 30" x 40" including the mat and frame. This piece is one of my favorites and we have it sitting above the fireplace in our home. 🥰 (when AJ is not posing with it on a fence.)


This print is titled "Yoka Sui," and it features tonal desert rocks with vibrant painted orange, red, and white dots layered on top. This piece adds a nice little punch of color and playfulness to a room! 🙃 ⁠

Speaking of playfulness, I bet all of the five-year olds reading this post would really like jump up and down on those chairs.⁠

"Yoka Sui" is available in an elegant natural wood frame with or without a white mat on karasuheyprintshop.com or !⁠

Photos from Kara Suhey Print Shop's post 05/03/2021

New in the shop! "Beartooth Pass, Montana."🌲 This beautifully framed print of a rugged pass in Montana looks amazing in rustic-type spaces and is really in its element surrounded by wood and hits of leather decor. In fact, if this piece had a scent (the prints do not yet come scented, but it's not a bad idea...), it would smell like a bundle of sage smoldering on the windowsill of a cabin with a well worn fireplace. 🌄 Or a to***co scented candle for those that don't get out into the woods much. :)

"Beartooth Pass, Montana" is also available as a framed floater canvas (the 3rd image in this post) sized as large as 32x48 or 40x60!


I taught my boyfriend what a "credenza" is, and now it's his favorite word. Here is "La Tierra" pictured above what I think is a very nice credenza. Although it could be a sideboard. Or a buffet table. Perhaps I don't know what a credenza is either. 🤔⁠

"La Tierra" is available as a fine art paper print or framed floater canvas only on ! (Link in bio)⁠


This is "Open Water" as a 40" x 60" framed floater canvas in a customer's new home! 🌊 (It's hard to get a sense of how big this piece is from the photo.) She reported that her son actually thought it was a painting at first, which made me really happy as I spend a lot of time editing these pieces to purposely make them feel more like paintings.⁠

She had me deepen and shift the colors toward more of a navy blue to match her decor, which I'm happy to do on any of my pieces if you'd like them color adjusted a bit to better fit into your home! ⁠

Unless you want me to turn it orange or something. Although yeah, I'd probably do that for you, you fantastic psychedelic person! 🧡🤗⁠


"I Feel Free." The title to this piece feels relevant right now on so many levels. ☀️ ⁠

Available only on Wescover ! 🌈⁠


I'm still in Florida enjoying an extended visit with family and this is my view from the lawn chair out back. My big plans for tomorrow include accompanying my Dad to the driving range so that I can take videos of his golf swing for him 🏌️‍♂️, and trying to get a photo of the alligator that lives in the pond behind the house (without getting eaten by it.) 🐊

Photos from Kara Suhey Print Shop's post 04/09/2021

I got the name for "The Dance of the Colorful Woman" by plugging a couple keywords into an online band name generator. “The Dance of the Colorful Woman" was on a list of 5 or so name suggestions it spit back out, and it was perfect! Much better than "Rubbish Desert Kangaroo," which was also on the list. Although it's not too late for me to rename it if you like that one better... 🤔

"The Dance of the Colorful Woman" is available exclusively on Wescover!


Many of the design accounts I follow are psyched on gallery walls with lots of very curated prints grouped together. I tried to get into the trend to style out my own space, but found it overwhelming to choose 10 pieces of art at once that I'd want on my wall for many years to come. The cost of framing all of those pieces felt prohibitive, and I'm definitely too clumsy to hang that many pieces together without them looking like they were installed by someone with vertigo.💫⁠

I conclusion, I realized I'm way more of the "one and done" type. 😂 Just one thoughtfully-chosen, large piece on the wall works great for me. ⁠

Here is "Super Pink Day Moon." And it's available exclusively on Wescover. 😊 ⁠


"Easy Riding" in a situation with some very nice light. :)⁠


"Easy Riding" features the kind of blue sky that just makes you feel good. 🌤(Willie Nelson knows.) I was reminded about the universal healing properties of soft clouds in a blue sky earlier today when I was getting an MRI of my foot. (I had a minimal foot injury thing that is hopefully just about healed now! In a nutshell, my foot took a beating from wearing poorly-fitting but cool-looking cowboy boots for years.👢 It was worth it?! 😭) But in the MRI room directly above the machine on the ceiling is a big image of a blue sky for people to stare into while they have their imaging done. ⁠

I think all medical facilities should be full of luscious green plants 🌱 and windows to the outside with music playing and bright, beautiful pictures on the walls. Anything to get some more joy flowing in there and to lessen the cold, surgical feeling of most doctors’ offices! There should be a face painter in the waiting room to at least paint an alligator 🐊 or the moon phases across your forehead while you wait. And the doctors' and nurses' scrubs should probably all be Hawaiian print. 🌺 Why isn't healthcare allowed to be fun!?!?!⁠

Photos from Kara Suhey Print Shop's post 03/24/2021

Spring is here and it's time to BLOOM! 🌹 I've learned so much from my houseplants/plant buddies. There's one plant in particular that totally shrivels up and "dies" every winter, which alarmed me the first year. I was pretty sure I killed it, and was ready to play a bagpipe video on YouTube to send it off to plant heaven. Now I see that every March it springs back up from deep in the soil and bursts into full form with gorgeous green leaves once again. 🌱

It's made me feel better about turning into a slow-moving, hibernating grizzly bear in the winter. Ready to spring back into action with the rest of nature with colors blazing when the time is right!!

One grizzly bear trait that I don't plan on shrugging off is my incredible fondness for honey. I enjoy a giant squeeze in my coffee every morning while I smile widely and do a little dance like Winnie the Pooh. 🥰🍯

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