Halls Christmas Tree Farm

Halls Christmas Tree Farm


We have a tradition in our family, that when the tree comes in and is all decorated and lit, we stand back and say, "It's the prettiest tree we've ever had!" I have to say that this year, it was the truth. I cut my Halls' tree about a week before Christmas, and today, Epiphany, I have taken off the ornaments and tonight the tree will go out on the burn pile, but it is still as fresh and healthy and beautiful as the day I brought it inside. I hate to see it go, but I look forward to my next years tree from you. Thank you so much!
Keeping busy helping Toby at Halls Christmas Tree Farm harvest Christmas trees just before thanksgiving always gets me looking forward to the snowy holiday season. I’m kind of excited it’s finally here!

As things cool off we encourage our Orono Farmers' Market winter market shoppers to preorder veggies online! Check out the link in our profile and get your orders in by Thursday night!
Local folks are welcome to shop with us through the Maine Highlands Farmers' Market in or pick up on farm in by request.

First visit for Eleanor!
Our 85th party starts today! It may be chilly out, but it'll be toasty inside our Christmas store. After you choose your tree and greens, come on in by the fire for some warm cider and treats, listen to some live holiday music, and perhaps spot St Nicholas on your way through!
Brianna and Jessica Cobb with many years of practice making their wreaths.
Jessica Cobb's first time helping with the wreath
Our family tradition at Hall's started in 2000 when Brianna Cobb was 1 year old. At age 2 she design her own wreath with the help of the wonderful staff at Hall's. Jessica Cobb's first trip was in 2003, age 1 and she helped in making our wreath in 2004, age 2. Here we are 16 years latter still making beautiful wreaths. The girls no longer need help or guidance just space and tools. Halls has helped to make do many great holiday memories. Thank you so much for all you do.
Any 7-8 ft. trees for sale wholesale ?? Looking for 400 ..
Our tree travelled over 350 miles to Massachusetts and looks beautiful in our living room!
Happy 85th Anniversary! I miss making all those kissing balls! Hoping you have another successful season. I'm working on wreaths down here in NC, but it's not quite the same. Miss you all! Happy Holidays!
hello cousin toby
How much do you charge for a tree? Does it depend on size?

Farm grown Fraser and Balsam fir Christmas trees. Cut your own in our fields or choose from our fres


We’re dreaming of a white Christmas…and the end of our 2022 Season.

Our LAST DAY will be this coming FRIDAY, December 16th, when
we’ll be CLOSING FOR THE SEASON around midday.

We’re OPEN THURSDAY, 9:00- 4:00, and FRIDAY UNTIL MIDDAY (when it’ll be time for all of us to hunker down for the predicted snowstorm).

The Choose and Cut Trees are awaiting your arrival…and with bare ground for the moment, it’ll be easy to get your cut tree to the Stand in one of our tree-carts. It’s not too late to get a fully decorated wreath or choose a festive centerpiece. A seasonal greenhouse plant is an easy way to add a pop of color to your home.

For the host/hostess gift on your list, you can select from a variety of handmade items from our potter neighbor, Mudder Theresa. There are also many locally-handmade tree ornaments from which to choose.

Time’s a-tickin’! We hope to see you soon! 🎄🎄🎄


It’s time to plan ahead!

Our LAST DAY will be this coming FRIDAY, December 16th, when
we’ll be CLOSING FOR THE SEASON around midday.

This week we’ll be OPEN WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, 9:00- 4:00, and FRIDAY UNTIL MIDDAY. (We’ll play that by ear, depending on how the predicted snowstorm comes in.)

You can still get a Choose and Cut Tree from our field, or select a decorated wreath from our Stand. We have a few evergreen garlands left, as well as a variety of centerpieces. On Wednesday and Thursday, there will be some of our greenhouse plants in the Shop, too.

Don't forget that we have a nice selection of host/hostess gifts, with pots, cups, and ornaments from potter Mudder Theresa. There are also handmade tree ornaments.

No more time to dilly-dally! Come on in and we’ll get your last-minute holiday decorating needs filled.


We’re OPEN Sunday from 9:00- 4:00…and it’s going to be another glorious day to be out and about! (Remember, we’ll be closed Monday and Tuesday!)

Sometimes we have to talk about the less-glamourous side of Christmas decorating. It’s kind of like pulling back the curtain and looking at the backstage crew. Without these hard little workers, Christmas decorating could hit some unnecessary snags.

In addition to our lovely Christmas trees, wreaths, and festive decorations, we also offer a supporting cast of items that will help to make your seasonal efforts easier. We carry Christmas Tree Removal Bags that will make the final clean-up of your tree easy-peasy. Just use one as you set up your tree, and when the time comes, you can contain all those pesky needles within the bag as you cart the tree outside. (Who wants to still be vacuuming up old needles in April?)

Many of our patrons are already longtime users of the central pin Tree Stands that we sell. We pre-drill a hole up into the base of your selected tree. Once you get home you can just slide the tree onto the pin of the stand when you get it into the house. It’s a slick and secure way to display your tree. The water reservoir holds a bit more than a gallon of water, too, so your tree will be able to drink to its heart's content each day.

If crawling under the tree to water it every day is on your list of “least-liked Christmas chores,” you should take a look at the nifty watering spouts. They’re really long-necked funnels that allow you to add water to your tree stand without rustling around under the tree. Just slide the end of the spout into the tree stand base and pour water into the top end. No more needles in your hair after watering the tree!

We also carry over-the-door wreath hooks. These hooks are stylish and allow you to hang your wreath without needing to drive a nail into your door (a real problem if you have a window in your door). Look for the hooks with the selected seasonal cuttings inside the Stand.

See…nothing sexy about today’s offerings. Just practical little tools that help to make your seasonal decorating and clean-up a bit smoother. Think of them as little elves that help you get the job done. If you have trouble finding them in the Stand, please ask us. 🎄🎄🎄


It’s officially the weekend! Woot! Woot!

We’re OPEN Saturday and Sunday from 9:00- 4:00 and it’s going to be prime weather for Christmas tree hunting!

While you’re at the farm, be sure to check out the hand-crafted pottery made by our wonderful neighbor, Mudder Theresa. She has an impressive variety of wares on display, including hand-thrown pots that are perfect for displaying our greenhouse plants (hint, hint). There are smaller vessels, too, that can be tucked onto a shelf with a tidy display of holiday greenery. In addition, look for her mugs and stylized pottery Christmas tree votives. You’ll see Mudder Theresa has also been busy making some festive tree decorations that would make a great host/hostess gift or, perhaps, serve as the first ornament for some young sprout.

We’re very pleased that Mudder Theresa has made our Stand and Shop all the more merry with her pottery. Do keep an eye out for her uniquely designed pottery when you visit! 🎄🎄🎄

Photos from Halls Christmas Tree Farm's post 12/09/2022

We’re OPEN Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9:00- 4:00, with chilly, but sunny days predicted!

Many people ask us how to best take care of their Christmas tree, once they get it home. It’s all about water and a bit of peanut butter.

Within three or four hours of cutting your tree, the cut will glaze over with a layer of sap which will prevent the tree from drinking water. There are two ways to remedy the situation. Once your tree stand is in place (away from heat sources), you can cut about half an inch off the base of the tree before plunking it into the stand. Even better, use a sharp knife to whittle a sharp angle around the entire base of the tree (see the pictures). This exposes more of the cambium (the layer under the outer bark) and allows the tree to drink in more water.

Once the trimmed tree is in the stand, carefully fill the stand with really hot water. This will encourage the tree to start drinking the water right off. There’s no need to add sugar, aspirin or vodka (!) to the water. The tree is used to drinking plain water– why change now?

Be sure to check the level of the water at least once daily (or more during the first few days). Christmas trees can drink a couple of quarts of water a day when they’re fresh. As the days roll by, the tree may use less water, but it’s worth it to keep checking the level. Never allow the level of the water to get lower than the end of the trunk.

Where does the peanut butter come into the picture? Well, if you get sap on your hands as you settle your tree into its new home, smear a bit of peanut butter over the sap on your hands and rub it in. Then, wash off the peanut butter with hot soapy water. The sap should come off easily.

If you have any questions, please ask us when you visit. We want you to have a healthy happy tree for the entire holiday season.


The weather folks are getting our hopes up with a Thursday forecast of sunny weather and temps in the low 40s…ideal weather to hunt for that perfect Christmas tree on our farm. We have Choose and Cut trees in the field and freshly cut trees in the Stand.

If it’s still a bit early to set up your Tannenbaum (that’s German for fir tree, BTW), you can still get to decking your halls with wreaths or swags. We have a variety of these traditional symbols of goodwill in many sizes and styles– and will gladly change out a bow or add decorative touches to fit your holiday decor.

We offer fresh seasonal cuttings for your homemade centerpieces, too, including bunches of boxwood, holly, red osier twigs, and festive winterberry branches. If your creative juices aren’t flowing yet, you can pick out something from our collection of hanging and tabletop decorations for instant gratification.

It’s the holiday season and we’re here to help magnify your merriment!
Hope to see you soon! 🎄🎄🎄

Photos from Halls Christmas Tree Farm's post 12/06/2022

We’re OPEN Wednesday- Sunday from 9:00- 4:00…even in the rain! Remember that we have a great selection of freshly-cut Balsam and Fraser Fir trees under the cover of our Stand. There are also wreaths, swags and tabletop decorations. You can ponder your choices while staying out of the December rain.

We also have a wide variety of Holiday Plants from our Greenhouse. We have red and white poinsettias, red and white cyclamen, and topiary Christmas “trees” of thyme, rosemary, and lemon cypress. Many of our houseplants are festively decorated in holiday containers and pottery vessels handmade by our neighbor, Mudder Theresa.

Don your Wellies and “slickahs” and head over. We’ll have hot cider ready to take the edge off the damp. 🎄🎄🎄

Photos from Halls Christmas Tree Farm's post 12/05/2022

We’re Closed on Tuesday, but will reopen Wednesday- Sunday, 9:00- 4:00.

As you contemplate what type of tree to get when you visit our farm, here are some things to consider:

We have Fraser Fir and Balsam Fir trees– both in the field and freshly cut in the Stand. How does one tell the difference between the two? Which one is right for you?

Fraser Fir is a popular choice for Christmas trees. They have a blueish-green color, with a silvery tone to the underside of the needles. The needles are “pointy” and a bit stiff, and have excellent retention value. The Fraser’s branches are thicker and tougher than the Balsam’s, due to their slower growing rate, making the Fraser a great choice if you have heavy ornaments. The Fraser has a lovely, subtle scent.

Nothing beats the rich seasonal scent of Balsam Fir trees; most people associate the Balsam scent with Christmas. (Needles from the Balsam are commonly used for sachets and small pillows, due to their lovely fragrance.) The needles are flat and softer than a Fraser’s, making them a great choice for constructing wreaths. The Balsams branches are less rugged than a Fraser, so they tend to bend more under the weight of heavy ornaments. Often a Balsam fir will appear fuller than a Fraser.

So…which one’s for you? Some folks don’t care about the type of tree, as long as it’s the “perfect” tree. Often a tree just speaks to you, so keep your ears open while you visit. Your Christmas tree is waiting for you. We’ll keep an eye on it ’til you get here.


Have we said how much fun it is to have folks visit the farm? People arrive with smiles on their faces and lots of enthusiasm. It has been a pure pleasure to have you join us!

We wrapped up this week with a very busy Sunday. (Who can blame people for venturing out on such a great day?) Linda Hall’s harp music wrapped the Stand and Shop in wonderful, festive music, the cider was flowing and the cheer was contagious. Thank you, all!

We will be CLOSED for the next two days (Monday and Tuesday), replenishing the Stand and Shop with holiday magic. See you on Wednesday, December 7th, when we reopen at 9:00 am.

Stay warm! 🎄🎄🎄


The weather outside was frightful today, but Sunday is supposed to be a great day to be out and about! Come on over to the farm for all your Christmas decorating needs. Our bow saws are sharp and ready to go when you find the perfect “Choose and Cut” tree out in our fields. If you’d rather stick closer to the Stand, you can select a freshly-cut tree from the wide variety set up in our dooryard. We have a sweet choice of wreaths and swags, table-tops decorations, and locally-made ornaments. There are tree bags (for easy clean-up), watering tubes (so you don’t have to climb under the tree), wreath hangers for the door, and tree stands.

🎼While you’re strolling in the Stand on Sunday, you’ll probably hear lovely music drifting out from the Shop, thanks to the talented harpist Linda Hall. Her seasonal music will make the atmosphere even more festive as she plays during the midday hours. You’ll be able to hear her songs up close and personal, too, when you step inside the Shop to check out.

Take a meander over to our new Greenhouse! It’s located on the left end of the Stand and offers a choice of live potted plants to deck your home, including cyclamen, poinsettias, and topiary Christmas “trees” of thyme, rosemary, or lemon cypress. Our “Trees for Tomorrow” are potted tabletop evergreens that offer a sustainable approach to holiday decorating. In the spring, these Christmas trees can be planted outside (care instructions included).

Hope to see you! We'll have the hot cider and cookies ready!🎄🎄🎄


Don’t let the rain stop you from visiting us! We have a large Covered Tree Stand with lots of freshly-cut Christmas trees ready for you. You can stroll among the trees while staying dry… no galoshes or slickers needed! We have a selection of large and small trees, with both Balsam Firs and Fraser Firs available. For the “ducks” among us, the fields will, of course, also be open for “Choose and Cut” trees. 🎄🎄🎄

Check out our new Greenhouse while you’re visiting! Located on the left end of the Tree Stand, the Greenhouse has a lovely variety of seasonal plants to help dress up your home. We offer red or white poinsettias, and mini-topiary “Christmas trees” of thyme, rosemary, or lemon cypress. There are also red or white flowering cyclamen, as well as potted boxwood and rosemary. Several of our flowering plants are featured in hand-thrown pottery made by local Sangerville potter Theresa Boetner. (We have her handmade ornaments, too!) For those who are seeking a sustainable Christmas tree, we have “Trees for Tomorrow,” small potted tabletop Christmas trees that can be planted outside in the spring (care instructions included).

🎼 Remember we’ll be hosting harpist Linda Hall this Sunday. Her beautiful music will grace our Christmas Shop during the midday hours.


So your sweet dog doesn't look at you with mournful eyes from the car window, please leave your pup at home when you visit our farm. We love our dogs, too, but would prefer that you hunt for your Christmas tree and decorations without canine assistance (except, of course, for official service dogs). Thanks for helping us out with this!

We are delighted that talented musician, Linda Hall, will be playing her harp inside the farm's shop on Sunday, December 4th. The soothing sounds of Linda's music will surely calm the soul, while adding to the festive atmosphere in our stand. You'll be able to enjoy her ethereal notes as you check out, but we're certain that her music will be floating from the shop, beckoning you to peek in the window to watch Linda create her magic. She will be with us during the midday hours on Sunday. Free hot cider and cookies will be available, too, to complete the merry occasion.


Who knows a dance for an appropriate seasonal snowfall? This November rain could be a real killjoy for any Yuletide spirit, but not here on the farm! We are in full festive-mode with plenty of holiday joy to share.

We'll be open at 9:00 a.m. with a full selection of wreaths, swags and fresh-cut trees in the stand just waiting for you. The fields, of course, are available for choose and cut trees, too. There are decorative items to fill in any design gaps and lots of gift choices that are sure to ignite smiles.

We hope you'll find your way over.
Frosty will be ready to welcome you! 🎄🎄⛄️🎄


Santa is making his list and checking it twice. You should be doing the same, with the idea that you can fulfill some of your gift-giving needs with lovely items from Hall's Christmas Tree Farm. We have a large selection of locally handcrafted items like soaps and gift items from Lomah Farm, seasonal plants snuggled in unique pottery made by Mudder Theresa, and sweet little ornaments crafted by a variety of local folks.

You can find a host/hostess gift here that exudes that "Happy Holidays!" feel. We have aromatic miniature "Christmas trees," created from manicured live plants of thyme or rosemary. There are also lemon cedar "trees"– perfect for a windowsill or countertop.

There are gift items of all sorts from which to choose. So, grab both your "nice" list and head on over! (And maybe, give those naughty folks a break and bring along that list, too.) 🎄🎄🎄

We're open Wednesday- Sunday from 9:00 am- 4:00 pm.


We're CLOSED on Monday and Tuesday,
but will welcome you to the farm Wednesday- Sunday,
from 9:00- 4:00.


What an extraordinary day! We welcomed many familiar folks to the farm and met so many new visitors. Thank you so much for stopping in! It's been a short– but busy(!)– week.

Now, it's time to catch up with our wreath-making and get ready for a new week. In the meantime, let's try to invoke the spirit of Dean Martin (O.K., maybe Michael Bublé for you youngins) and conjure up a real "winter wonderland."

We'll see you when we reopen on Wednesday, November 30th, from 9:00- 4:00.


After your creative Sunday brunch, using those Thanksgiving leftovers in ways that beg for an end to that turkey dinner, reward yourself with a trip out to our farm. A walk in the fresh air, exploring our fields for that perfect Christmas tree, will do you good. (We also have a nice selection of freshly cut trees, ready to bundle up and carry off.)

Our wreath-makers are always making new wreaths in a variety of sizes and designs. We have fresh bundles of greens for you to use when decorating your home, as well as pre-made pieces to add a festive touch to your sideboard or windowsill. If you don't see what you'd like, please let us know and we'll do our best to fuel your Yuletide decorating dreams.

We're open on Sunday from 9:00- 4:00. Hope to see you!





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Wednesday 9am - 4pm
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