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Cali Guppy


my email is: [email protected]
and telnr: 0032484461507

i'm from belgium and ik wanted to breed and sell guppies only in belgium as a hobby.
therefor i need good lines, so i wanted to buy them from you .
After 5 months whe gonna move to another house, and then whe gonna put lots off bassin for guppies .can you teached me how i can breed the beautifull guppies above on youre startpage off facebook, lightblue with white and rose.i'm gonna stay breeding so i need many times guppies, so it's not that i gonna buy some and then i d'ont buy anymore.i like also for my own aquarium the moscow purple guppies.can you teach me how to breed on colors, and then i stay ordering guppies of you.belgium is far, so i am not a concurrent.and it's just as a hobby
Picked up some new guppy strains yesterday

Welcome to Cali Guppy. We are Northern California based guppy breeders and importers. We provide man


Black Metal in white light .
Hope to send nice fish to your aquarium


Purple grass in natural light



Dumbo Koi guppy


Ivory purple Bds halfmoon


Happy 4th of July to you and your family
Hope you agree America one of the greatest countries


Red Dragon Ribbon Fin


Blue Lace Ribbon Swallow


Platinum Dumbo Red Tail


Red Lace Ribbon Fin


Blue Dragon


Blue lace Ribbon Fin


Purple Dragon Ribbon


Red Dragon Male


Blue lace BDS


Female tuxedo koi short ribbon sharkfin


Red Dragon BDS Halfmoon tail


Relax feeding time


Albino Full Red Big Dorsal

Photos from Cali Guppy's post 05/11/2021

Some cool pics of Albino Koi Red Ears




When raising aquarium fish in general and Guppy fish in particular, every farmer needs to pay attention to 3 problems: firstly, that the fish must always be healthy, which means that their intestinal tract and immune system are good enough not to get sick; the second is the ability to grow rapidly; and finally the coloring in the fish. In fact, not many people really understand what the necessary and sufficient conditions for an aquarium are like, how common their intestinal pathology is, how the habitat meets safety standards,… when the weather changes abnormally, the immune system declines, the fish are very susceptible to the disease.

》》Refer to other probiotics for aquariums from Koika brand

So how to overcome these problems in the safest and most effective way, let's study the digestive enzymes for fish KOIKA-BAC+, the microbial product line is receiving positive feedback from many aquarium players, which has great use in limiting common diseases in fish , stimulate fish to eat healthily, grow faster and more flexibly thanks to high resistance.


Bacillus coagulans 10^8 CFU/ml
Micro-minerals and additives just enough 1ml
Use of digestive enzymes for fish

Help the fish and the scenery grow quickly.
Prevention of intestinal diseases, fungi, parasites.
Help the fish to a beautiful color.

Dry food (Bran powder, bran tablets) 5 times spray for 50 grams of food.
Fresh food (Artemia, truo, beef heart) 10 sprays for 50 grams of food.
Spray directly into the feeding tank, 3 times spray for 10L of water.
How to use digestive enzymes for fish

Shake well before spraying, spray directly into the food before feeding the fish or spray directly into the feeding tank.
Note when using digestive enzymes for fish

This is an environmentally friendly biological product, which does not cause harm when overdose of fish and cloves.
Shake well the bottle of digestive yeast for fish before use.
Do not use together with bactericidal chemicals and antibiotics.
Turn on a strong aeration continuously when using the composition.
Coated out of the reach of children.

Dry, airy, direct sunlight coated
Volume: 120ml
》》More: Experience filtering microorganisms for aquariums

The factory is qualified for the General Department of Fisheries


Just for show and hope everyone have fun and enjoy


Feeding time


Blue Grass Big Dorsal


Dumbo Red Tail


Dragon guppy high quality and good for breeding

Photos from Cali Guppy's post 04/30/2021

Some pics of full gold ribbon female


Albino Koi Red Ear


Full Gold Ribbon Female

Photos from Cali Guppy's post 04/27/2021

Some of pics of Blue Dragon


Super High Quality Albino Koi Red Ears Ribbon Big Ears
Sold out

Photos from Cali Guppy's post 04/20/2021

Cool pics of Half Black Red Rose Guppy Fish


Golden Lace Swordtail


L600 - Leopard Cactus Pleco - Small size 3-4 cm
Pm if u interested


5 pairs Koi Red Ears for to pick up . Have fun and enjoy . Thank u so much

Photos from Cali Guppy's post 04/11/2021

Happy Sunday morning! Some beautiful Blue Grass Rb , Albino Blue Sky Rb male , Golden Lace Sword Tail , Full Gold Male and Plece L600 go to Daly City.
Have fun an enjoy with new fishes and Starbucks Coffe . Thank u so much

Cali Guppy updated their website address. 04/10/2021

Cali Guppy updated their website address.

Cali Guppy updated their website address.


Hey Family Lovers ! Watching my fishes, they are healthy and active. The water is really clear and bright. Is this what all guppies lovers are always looking for?


Unbelievable !!! My fish were lost for 30 days when I shipped them from CA to GU and from GU back to CA. They are still alive and a female is pregnant.
Part 2


Unbelievable !!! My fish were lost for 30 days when I shipped them from CA to GU and from GU back to CA. They are still alive and a female is pregnant.
Part 3

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Black Metal in white light . Hope to send nice fish to your aquarium #Cali_Guppy #Beautiful #RedDragon #GreenDragon #Red...
Purple grass in natural light #Cali_Guppy #Beautiful #RedDragon #GreenDragon #RedKoi #FullGold #DumboMosaic #DumboRedtai...
Dumbo Koi guppy
Ivory purple Bds halfmoon
Red Dragon Ribbon Fin
Blue Lace Ribbon Swallow
Platinum Dumbo Red Tail
Red Lace Ribbon Fin
Blue Dragon
Blue lace Ribbon Fin



San Jose, CA

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