Turning Points

Turning Points



Humanity at a Turning Point includes the realization that as a society Christianity has resigned over MODERNITY in supremacy. The radicalized Christian (your friend, sister, uncle, preacher) is feeling the pull to fight a losing battle: the one where society realizes the depth of it's cultural diversity lies both in personhood and in the belief systems of all it's people's. The homeless Christian is realizing that supremacy, zealotry, colonization are all radical attempts at maintaing the Christian status quo at whatever costs. For some, that cost has been their very life and livelihood. For others, the cost is forced conversion resulting in lost language and culture.

Daniel Pinchbeck asks if we are facing a new initiation as a humanity. We are certainly at a global crossroads, a turning point in our evolution.

>>One of the comments from the original post:

We can use it as an initiation, but I think it's roots lay in what Native Americans call "wetiko", a kind of mind virus that is vampiric in nature and has infected much of humanity for thousands of years. Ironically, shamanic cultures seem to have an immunity to this memetic pathogen.
Great note!
Question of the moment: What does it mean to be human in today's world?
East meets West meets Shaminism: Time and the Art of Living -
Here is one tradition that has travelled the globe and found it's way into the hearts of many peoples who have been faced with the challenges of many inevitable cultural disagreements.

"Our ancestors recognized different regions practiced differently and it didn’t mean superiority of one over the other. Our ancestors found common unity being born of Mother Earth and forces of nature. They recognized that we all have common needs .. To have a good quality of life. To have peace of mind. To live in alignment with our destiny. To prosper and thrive in our lives and be healed and whole. . We must seek to do as our ancestors did and find unity in our diversity and transcend our minor differences. ...A greater truth beyond local nuances. We have to appreciate the different strains of light that Orisa come in just as the rainbow is beautiful from embodying different colors and applications in nature. Just as each Orisa is different but share a common source, purpose, and function in Olodumare, we must find common ground and common love in the name of our ancestors, the Orisa, and our global community as a whole.

Welcome Home. This page is a portal to your homecoming. Becoming human over and over again is the task of our times. With depth and multiplicity.

This page is a dynamic process of sharing, expanding, growing together and apart, learning to simply be who we are in the present moment. All that we do and say here is a work-in-progress. Life is a slow verb, a process filled with myriad and nuanced perspectives shared upon this planet some call Mother Earth. We are living in apparently and profoundly transformational times as a human species, on

Operating as usual

[08/20/21]   If life were a wheel turning would be our nature

[05/11/21]   NEW MOON
offers opportunity
to create or change
a belief that will carry you toward the visions
your dreams have shown you



Dance in your home.
Move in shapes that your natural hair makes without any product or stylized hairdo.

Imagine how your hair extends to others dancing like this in their homes with their own particular natural hairs.

[11/23/20]   IMAGINAL TASK (edition politics)
you are embodiment of all your ancestors that come before and after you

you embody genes and the wisdoms live in your very bones. your terrestrial ancestry is both your human lineages and all of their relatives. your stardust trail carries the alien ancestry that envelopes you as your aura.

planetary human races today have both different genetic materials and different starpaths, and all belong. all are invited to the party. all are invited to participate in systemic policy changes.

Your expression in politics is your channel for all of your ancestry, all of your relatives, and all of your wisdoms.

What do you bring?



USA and anyone invested

Rx: 15 minutes daily, as often as needed/possible

Find a sit spot in nature near your home and allow yourself to remember the young joys from childhood, pre-politics. And, if that doesn't work for one reason or another seek the universal joy abounding in our world. Ask yourself what truly matters when you are joyful. And carry that forward through your days.

Contraindicated: multi-tasking, no exercise or journalling etcetera

Common side effects: calming effect, centering, clarity, purpose

Image: my present view


Another universe existed before ours – and energy from it is coming out of black holes, says Nobel Prize winner


And there is a tiny black hole at the center of every single atom: the fractal of a [dynamic] wHole.

Sir Roger Penrose also claims that another universe will exist after this one

[08/26/20]   SHADOW WORK
it's a rare few who enjoy it, but it is a necessary part of existence, and when the entire planet is going through it together it is both time to hold one another in integrity and in accountability.
And ourselves.

while shadow work is a constant The Great Turning of humanity is the end and the beginning of an age, or perhaps an epoch

While some of us think in terms of ourselves individual, it is imperative that is in relation to all others,


#transpersonal and #transcendent
#rooted #truenature


primary patterns, generating entire symphonies

“The Torus or primary pattern, is an energy dynamic that looks like a doughnut – it’s a continuous surface with a hole in it. The energy flows in through one end, circulates around the center and exits out the other side. You can see it everywhere – in atoms, cells, seeds, flowers, trees, animals, humans, hurricanes, planets, suns, galaxies and even the cosmos as a whole." – Nassim Haramein

Learn more about the fundamental energy-flow filed-patterning of the universe at all scales in the free Unified Science Course at ResonanceScience.org

interestingengineering.com 06/25/2020

Researchers Teleport Information between Two Microchips Using Quantum Entanglement


"Photons connected in an entangled quantum state know each other’s characteristics at any time. A change in the state of one immediately results in a similar change in the other.

This peculiar relationship can be used to exchange quantum information between the locations where the entangled photons are sent. In the long run, this approach could one day be used to develop completely secure internet connections."

Resonance Science Foundation establishes that there is a tiny Black Hole at the center of every single atom. Imagine if those black holes were both separate and one in the same-- how might attention to entanglement alter our understanding and participation in [and as] the universe?

interestingengineering.com The experiment brings us closer to a faster and more secure Internet.


The Great Turning
that humanity is going through IS about remembering our humanity as one race, and doing it together.

It entails ancestral healing, greater communication among spiritual belief systems-a reweaving, and recognizing the complexity of reality is not simply either GOOD OR EVIL.

Modernity is marked by The Church, by Big Religion, and it is clear that even among the differing Christian communities there is disagreement.

The task for all of us is to know ourselves, know our beliefs, develop within, and recognize that others' are here as a compliment, a teacher a brother, a neighbor to cherish within our human family.

It is not time for zealots. It is time for open-hearted connection... and when we think we see dark forces externally, it is time to go within.

History is a lesson not a prescription.
Beliefs are a manner to relate with spirit not a prescription for humanity.

Spiritual warfare at the core is really a battle within, and becomes alive in a populace through indoctrination.

Religion should not create soldiers. If it does it has become corrupt.


[06/09/20]   IMAGINAL TASK
what if every spiritual belief system were a gift from a super intelligence, an alien communication;
and what we need here on Earth is not warfare but COUNCIL.


not a prescription

What gift to you carry into the unknown?


imagine THE CITY is a metaphor, you are borne as a being of the wildest hearts, your natural essence is both your ancestry and your legacy

Why would you enter THE CITY?
How does it differ from nature?

Note: The City is neither good nor evil but both exist within it's confines.


Keep it to yourself or share it as you desire.


Neither as a Democrat nor a Republican

when we "reopen" we certainly need to remain aware of one another's presence. There is a greater energetic force that unites us all no matter our identity or perspectives.

This force guides us as an embodied presence in life. It is what makes us larger than life. And when we all fill up on it it reminds us that our individual pursuits are no more or less relevant than others' pursuits.

And it shows up for us. From messages from spirit to how we move through space and share it.

Egos aside.

May the force be with us.



End of Days or End of Daze? Interpreting the Archetype of the Apocalypse --PCC Forum April 9th, 2020


Professors Craig Chalquist and Debashish Banerji in dialogue on the archetype of Apocalypse, various end-time prophecies and stories, possibilities for growi...

[04/10/20]   🌟[NUANCE]🌟
word of the month

[04/07/20]   IMAGINAL TASK
all of humanity shares one mind, it is like soup that needs bone broth, fire, air, and earth veggies
What part are you in principal?



as a national standard in a democratic republic

TASK: Find and implement a practice that teaches the kids how to embody their nature inside and out, regardless of the plastic house.


A most important turning point for You is when one in your life aligns with one in the World.



Task of the Month

Go out to eat. Alone.

Order an item that fulfills you where you are today. Do not lie to yourself.

Eat it like foreplay. Not the addicted to s*x or erotically lustful version.

Eat it with desire. Commune with the food. Listen deeply. Allow all emotions to move through you.

Do not get caught up in a mindtrap of repetitious "shoulds." But do hear that inner voice letting you know what to eat and when to say no.

When you surrender pay attention to whom or what you surrender yourself.

Are you obedient to an external source? Or have you connected with your inner knowing.

When you've completed the meal sit and reflect on how glorious the experience was, and how connected you feel to the world around you, and within.


sciencephiles.com 03/01/2020

A New Theory On Time Indicates Present And Future Exist Simultaneously

When the turning point is NOW it is always a weaving of past in relation to future.

sciencephiles.com The box Universe theory describes “now” as an arbitrary place in time and states that the past, the future and the present all exist simultaneously. Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of philosophy Dr. Bradford Skow suggests that if we “look down” on the universe as if we were l...

resonancescience.org 02/20/2020

Neuroscientists call for more comprehensive view of how brain forms memories - Resonance Science Foundation

Like weaving our ancient future into the here and NOW. Neuroplasticity is a theoretic medium and model for integration of what's beyond the senses.

Embodied phenomenology of our life is a self-organizing behavior, where order in the chaos appears more synchronous the more lucid and expansive our presence.


resonancescience.org The neurocomputational paradigm is the predominant model of explaining cognitive functioning of the brain – the generation of subjective qualia comprising a state of awareness, phenomenological experiences, as well as learning and memory. As indicated by the name, the neurocomputational model is b...



Reverence for the wild nature we embody as beings in relation to one another begins with understanding we are more than the sum of our parts.

When tending and mastering Fire one must not underestimate the reach of her tongue; that her crackling flames lick the dry logs in her immediacy, but that her capacity reaches further than can be seen, that she is connected to all Fire always.

When navigating the Water there are ways to encourage natural ebbs and flow that are in relation to all the elements as she is the expression of a greater communication, one that emotes and transmits intelligent reminders throughout the rivers of time.

When designing and cultivating Earth one must realize the unseen connections that generate within all of us and that is the source of our power, of our unique essence, and the life force of our time and shared spaces.

When wielding the whispers, gasps, and gales of the invisible element we call Air we must realize that there is a concert symphony of forms singing and dancing through our mind as natural as the intelligence of both a discerning grounded understanding and a wild untamed spirit of change.

If you were a person made up of these 4 elements, which would you feel most empowered by today? Close your eyes and meditate on your embodiment of them for 5 minutes.

drive.google.com 01/26/2020

Engineering the Infinite.pdf

That turning point at the center is always NOW.

An interesting read. Perhaps insightful. Read the table of contents and carry on if it resonates.


[01/16/20]   Imaginal task:

What would your world look like if it weren't necessary to save one another from our own actions?

[12/20/19]   MONTHLY MANTRA
The people do not hear what I have not said, and do not discount what I have yet to say. My voice matters.

[11/11/19]   Monthly Mantra: Lucid Dreaming

"I am aware that I am dreaming. I am in communication with higher consciousness. I walk lucidly."

for all the imaginicians present

Any physical individual is a person with a personality and ego* who has an identity, history, etymology and likely a personal mythology that entangles with all the myths of the world to manifest into being. Note: who one is directly relates to what they are for the world.

Now, imagine that any individual worldview or powerful tradition in the world is also a Person entangled with the other Persons of the World. Each one in relation to the others, dynamically transforming the experiences of a shared world. Christ centers one on selfless service. Buddha's timeless roots connect to source in dynamic relation. Ifa lights the way for embodying+ one's particular relations among the living and the gods alike.

***How might one embody their personal consciousness, the personality bestowed upon them, the participatory becoming of a living presence in a shared world?***


*Like emotions, the ego plays a very important role in the lives of people and shall not be dismissed without due acknowledgement
+embodiment is a fully integrative and lucid stepping into oneself as divine intelligence, with many bodies to carry--> physical, emotional, mental, energetic...

Read this article for a transpersonal perspective rooted in conventional modern psychological theory: https://carljungdepthpsychologysite.blog/2019/11/10/all-opposites-are-of-god/#.XcjeuGSIbpE

"Our aim is to create a wider personality whose center of gravity does not necessarily coincide with the ego, but which, on the contrary, may even thwart the ego-tendencies. Like a magnet, the new center attracts to itself that which is proper to it, the ‘signs of the Father’, namely everything that pertains to the original and unalterable character of the individual ground-plan."

[11/02/19]   MONTHLY TASK

"German City declares 'N**i Emergency'"
"Fifth person dead after Halloween party shooting at AirBnB Rental"
Protests toppled two governments in 3 days, but the fight is only beginning"

Pick a Headline, then:
1. Get off social media
2. Write down why you chose your headline on a piece of paper.
3. Burn your paper while praying. Don't look up the article.


Bonus: instead of using your Fitbit, count how many minutes/hours/days you spend in nature, breathing fresh air, and circulating your blood (in your body, you ghouls).


Question of the month:


*clearly not all human beings want to be treated exactly the same as one another

[09/21/19]   Monthly Mantra:

I access the heart of the world through my body and all her relatives

medium.com 08/30/2019

The trauma of western culture and the crisis of climate change

what do you imagine these articles are pointing to?




medium.com Widespread cultural trauma and moral injury are both perpetuating ecocide & keeping us from effectively responding to the climate crisis

apnews.com 08/28/2019

Jimmy Carter: World at "turning point," must commit to peace

You may find yourself at a new turning point each morning. You may find yourself in a tide turning the sea.

We are all at a crossroads together.

apnews.com ATLANTA (AP) — Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter said Monday that the world is at a “turning point in history” and governments must choose policies of peace and human rights over war and human suffering.


is brought to you by the word:

> a new age derogation that is often misused in modern circles casting shadows over the light of our true nature.

Being part of a soul tribe in today's world is often misunderstood and misappropriated by materialist ideals.

True embodiment of one's soul and resonance among humanity does not require amassing a tribe of people.

True embodiment of nature and the soul of the world cannot be measured by modern ideals of success.

They say humanity is in it's adolescence. What if true embodiment of soul were to embody the cosmos as a human being walking a lucid path as nature herself?


Question of the day:

True liberation is beyond the confines of identity. So what happens once you've discovered WHO YOU ARE? Once you've gone through a dark night of the soul? Once you've come to consciousness?


This is especially pertinent for those who live and participate in an individualistic society- aka: modern people.


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ANIMA MUNDI: THE SOUL OF THE WORLD IS WHERE ALL THE WORLDS GODS RESIDEEmbodying anima mundi is embodying our true nature...


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