Ethos Health Co ~ EHC ~ Where Physical Culture Meets Your Culture

Ethos Health Co ~ EHC ~ Where Physical Culture Meets Your Culture

Ethos Health Co., or EHC, is a corporate health and fitness consulting company based in San Francisco, CA. For forward-leaning, culture-creating corporations, Ethos Health Company is the only health and fitness consultancy that aligns physical culture with corporate culture to help modern workers adopt sustainable habits and build stronger companies. 12/12/2013

Drug Companies Accept FDA Plan To Phase Out Some Animal Antibiotic Uses The Food and Drug Administration has advised companies to change labels on drugs sold to farmers. 12/09/2013

11 Surefire Ways To Get Your Ass Out Of Bed New Year's resolution: Stop being a lazy slacker and start being a REAL PERSON. 12/06/2013

What It Really Means To Take Care Of Yourself

Redefine self-care. Start your day with love. When you wake up, and certainly before you start making your mental to-do list, ground yourself in love. Remind yourself of your worthiness before you even get out of bed. 11/21/2013

How To Eat Healthy For Under $6 A Day A number of recent studies have demonstrated the increasing cost of fresh, nutritious food. Conventional wisdom suggests that this cost can keep you from eating as healthfully as you might like. But is eating healthy really as expensive as everyone claims? 11/20/2013

10 Common Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Workout By Michael Schletter for Life By DailyBurn If you've been working out for eight plus weeks and haven't started to reap the benefits yet, there's a good chance that one or more of these silent setbacks has found its way into your fitness regimen. 11/19/2013

Diet Soda, Aspartame Shown to Destroy Kidney Function In an 11-year study by scientists at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, there was a strong positive correlation found between degeneration of kidney function and consumption of aspartame-containing diet soda. Published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, the study... 11/13/2013

Russian Subways Now Accept Squats for Payment

This should be in every subway station. haha If you live in Moscow, your morning commute can now include a brief fitness session. 11/08/2013

7 Ways to Protect Your Energy & Enforce Healthy Boundaries Strategies to avoid overwhelm and create boundaries that keep you sane.


How Not to Plank

Plank safely friends.

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Getting Real About Weight Getting Real About WeightPosted on August 27, 2012 - 40 CommentsI find that whenever I read about weight loss in the popular media or watch people on reality TV trying to fight off the pounds, or listen to the latest strategies from the experts – be it a drug, diet, or the promise of some genetic br... 11/01/2013

See Why We Have An Absolutely Ridiculous Standard Of Beauty In Just 37 Seconds

This is why... Reality check! Any woman who feels she's not good enough might understand why after watching this. 10/14/2013

6 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate / Nutrition / Healthy Eating

Happy Monday all!
Make sure and have some dark chocolate today (= Dark chocolate has recently been discovered to have a number of healthy benefits. 10/10/2013

The Simple Things You Should Be Doing Every Morning (But Aren't) The alarm sounds and you're off: Onto checking emails, finding car keys and, if you're lucky, brushing your hair. The madness, the rush of it all -- it's got to stop.


EHC provides: (1) Corporate health and fitness consulting services; (2) Customized corporate fitness programs and platforms; and (3) Facility design and developmental services (i.e., corporate gym set-up and management.


San Francisco, CA
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