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Turtle's Teas is my secret blend of cannabis & gourmet tea in a tea bag.It helps a lot for pain.I make each teabag with love and care!! Please check out our facebook pg as well as stop by our web site at http://turtlesteas.webs.com/

Turtle's Teas works wonders for the body.The delicious taste and health benefits makes Turtle's Teas a wonderful medicated beverage - much better than the unhealthy alternatives. Turtle's Teas dream began with an idea that people would enjoy fresh, high-quality tea infused with a secret blend of cannabis. We strongly agree that cannabis is helping people with medical condition all over the world.

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Inside Fauci's Inbox | Ep. 5

Tellem sis
People need to do their research on ANYTHING thAt you are given or taking. This STOP TRUSTING THIS GOVERNMENTwho doesn't even care about you in the first place. Imo

nbcnews.com 12/08/2020

House passes historic bill to decriminalize cannabis


nbcnews.com The proposal would end a federal ban on ma*****na and create a pathway to expunge related criminal records.



#CovidHoax2020 #covidlockdown #COVID19 #Makeyourvoiceheard #plzsignpetition


The Stoners Guide to Munching

King Palm's are the best to smoke a ni****ne free blunt. 💯

King Palm XL. Pre rolled leaf, free of to***co and additives, burns slow and has a corn husk filter. Tag a friend who'd help you finish this 😎



Damn son!!

"All of a sudden a gun goes off."

After a w**d deal went sour, this guy got shot in the neck. But instead of getting him to a hospital ASAP, his friend just stood there in disbelief.

Watch FINE YOUNG CRIMINALS box sets for free on All 4.


Comment whether you think Mr. Weiner is probably a PE*****LE.
We should be passing laws to be more strict with p**ophiles and recommending more harsh sentencing for anyone committing s*xual crimes against children!!! Why aren’t we passing more laws that PROTECT OUR INNOCENT CHILDREN!??!?!!!
Place your votes wisely, people!!!!! Some of these corrupt, criminal politicians are putting things in place that will actually endanger your families. Call your representatives and tell them you are AGAINST Scott Weiner and protecting p**ophiles!!! STAND UP FOR THE CHILDREN.

Imo the bill that Mr. Weiner passed is ridiculous af. So a 25yr old can be in a relationship/have s*x with a 15yr old, now it gives the judge the right to decide if he chooses to put the 25yr old on a s*x offender registry or not.😡🤬 Like say you're in hs and your teacher is flirting with you (which happens all the time)now cuz of the 10yr age gap these teachers have the green light to take advantage of a our children and will not have to worry about being placed on the s*x offender registry which would ruin their career as a teacher. Also the schools are teaching our children that pe******ia is okay its just s*xual orientation,smfh

#p**o #p**os #p**ogate #p**owood #scottweiner #scottweinerisap**o #pediphilia #p**ophelia #p**os*xual #pizzagateisreal🍕 #pizzalover #endchildtrafficking #childs*xtrafficking #endhumantrafficking #crimesagainstchildren #p**os*xualisnotlgbt #p**os*xualagenda #p**ohunter

thew**dblog.com 06/28/2020

List of Qualifying Conditions for Missouri Medical Ma*****na | What Are Qualifying Conditions for a Medical Ma*****na Card in MO?

All of your Missouri MMJ qualification answers in one spot...

thew**dblog.com Patients with any of the included medical conditions may qualify for a medical ma*****na card in the State of Missouri. Learn more about how to qualify for a medical card in MO.

forbes.com 06/26/2020

Science Reveals The Cannabis Industry’s Greatest Lie: You’re Buying W**d Wrong (And So Is Everyone Else)

"Medium THC flower, high-THC flower—all the same high!" This was not what the researchers were expecting.

Very interesting article what are your thoughts about this ?

forbes.com Do high THC numbers matter? Only for sales: as researchers recently found, more THC doesn't necessarily get you more high.

merryjane.com 06/26/2020

Colorado Pot Companies Donating Free W**d to Those Impacted by COVID-19

People over profit ♡

Free w**d and CBD are coming to Colorado residents hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic!!

merryjane.com Seeing as the state’s governor declared ma*****na an "essential" item during the coronavirus pandemic, it makes sense that those who need it most should get cannabis free of charge.

merryjane.com 06/26/2020

Seth Rogen Says He’s Been Smoking “Ungodly” Amounts of W**d During Quarantine

Seth Rogen Says He’s Been Smoking “Ungodly” Amounts of W**d During Quarantine.

Since quarantine I've smoked and dabbed more then my usually amount!!

merryjane.com Rogen made a satellite appearance on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” late last week to confirm that everything is better when you’re stoned — even a pandemic.

cannabisindustrylawyer.com 06/26/2020

How to Get a Dispensary License in Fresno California - License FAQ & Info

Did you know that about 50% of CA still has banned cannabis - at least from business operations in its municipalities - Fresno is going to allow licenses soon, what County will follow after that? Santa Barbara?

cannabisindustrylawyer.com Dispensary License Fresno CA - for the first time, Fresno California will allow cannabis business license for dispensary operators. Learn More here.

leafly.com 06/26/2020

Where's a better environment to grow w**d: indoors or outdoors? | Leafly

Imo indoor is the best!!!

leafly.com Here we look at the eternal debate: Is outdoor or indoor a better environment to grow?

localnews8.com 06/26/2020

Reclaim Idaho and medical ma*****na petitioners celebrate a win for citizen initiatives - Local News 8

Congratulations Idaho🌱✌🏻

localnews8.com Advocates for citizen initiatives are celebrating a judge's recent ruling regarding petitions during the pandemic.

herb.co 05/26/2020

You Have To See What Happened When Gordon Ramsay Met A Stoner

In an episode of his new show, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay visited a medical cannabis establishment and fell back on the stereotypical stoner for laughs. 😂

herb.co In an episode of his new show, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay visited a medical cannabis establishment and fell back on the stereotypical stoner for laughs.

herb.co 05/26/2020

For The First Time, Parents Smoke More W**d Than Their Kids

According to recent government data, baby boomers smoke w**d more than teenagers now. 😮

herb.co According to recent data, baby boomers smoke w**d more than American teenagers. This represents a major shift from the cannabis consumption habits among these age groups a mere decade ago. After cannabis, the second most popular illicit drug in America is prescription painkillers.

herb.co 05/26/2020

How Often Should You Change Your B**g Water?

Smoking out of a dirty b**g, water pipe, or rig is a recipe for a lung infection. 🤢

herb.co Smoking out of a dirty b**g, water pipe, or rig is a recipe for a lung infection. Here’s how often you need to change your water and clean your piece.

hopkinsmedicine.org 05/23/2020

Depression and Sleep: Understanding the Connection

Poor sleep may create difficulties regulating emotions that, in turn, may leave you more vulnerable to depression in the future—months or even years from now. And depression itself is associated with sleep difficulties such as shortening the amount of restorative slow-wave sleep a person gets each night.

It's a classic case of which came first (chicken or the egg), but instead, we're talking about #insomnia and #depression. Good news: Treating one may help alleviate symptoms of the other.

hopkinsmedicine.org People with insomnia have a higher risk of depression. On the other hand, depression can trigger sleep problems. Knowing the connection between depression and sleep can help you recognize symptoms and get treatment for both.

magneticmag.com 05/23/2020

Spotlight: How Cannabis Can Help Self Care During Quarantine

Self Care Saturday🥰🌱✌🏻

magneticmag.com Cannabis can be an important part of self-care.


So true, lol


🤣😂🤣😂 lmfao

huffpost.com 05/23/2020

Man Serving 18 Years On Ma*****na Charges Just Died In Federal Prison COVID-19 Outbreak

Fidel Torres, the latest federal inmate to die in the coronavirus pandemic, was a 62-year-old man with less than two years left on a 18-year sentence for ma*****na charges.

huffpost.com Fidel Torres, 62, qualified for a sentencing reduction, but the same judge who sentenced him denied it based on infractions while in custody.

thefreshtoast.com 05/23/2020

Study: Cannabis Might Prevent COVID-19 Infections - The Fresh Toast

🌱😲 so us stoners are safe?

thefreshtoast.com The Fresh Toast - New research into preventive measure and possible treatment to the novel coronavirus has yielded an unlikely candidate — cannabis. - Cannabis

thefreshtoast.com 05/23/2020

Are Ma*****na Stocks On The Rise Once Again? - The Fresh Toast


thefreshtoast.com The Fresh Toast - Ma*****na companies now see their fortunes on the rise, thanks to cannabis being labeled an “essential business” during quarantine. - Cannabusiness

greencamp.com 05/23/2020

How to Grow a Cannabis Bonsai Tree from Scratch (Step by Step)


greencamp.com If you're interested in creating a real piece of art from your plant, say no more. Find out how you can nourish your canna-bonsai, in a few easy steps.

ma*****namoment.net 05/23/2020

Most People In Recreational Ma*****na States Believe Legalization Is A Success, Poll Finds | Ma*****na Moment

ma*****namoment.net People who live in states that have legalized ma*****na for adult use broadly feel that the policy has been a success, according to a new poll. A majority of people from eight states that were surveyed said the programs are working well. And in Maine, which legalized cannabis in 2016 but still doesn...

merryjane.com 05/19/2020

Colorado Pot Companies Donating Free W**d to Those Impacted by COVID-19

F**k yeah Colorado✌🏻

merryjane.com Seeing as the state’s governor declared ma*****na an "essential" item during the coronavirus pandemic, it makes sense that those who need it most should get cannabis free of charge.

merryjane.com 05/14/2020

Cannabis May Stop Coronavirus From Infecting People, Study Finds

This is some good news for stoners,lol A new study from Canada suggests that cannabis extracts containing THC and CBD could prevent the novel coronavirus from infecting human cells. A full spectrum extracts is better cuz it contains THC,CBD, CBN(

merryjane.com This could be a game-changer not only for returning to our pre-COVID-19 lives, but for the global ma*****na legalization movement, too.

powerofpositivity.com 05/13/2020

Researchers Reveal Cannabis Removes Toxic Alzheimer’s Protein From The Brain »

Wow very interesting..

powerofpositivity.com There are new interesting findings concerning the use of cannabis and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have found cannabis to be able to...



₩○₩ that's some next level s**t right there, ayyy 🤯😄😎

Dennis Rodman got an upgrade. 😅

(🎥: Instagram/dennisrodman)


Whats everyone smoking on these days? I got this yummy London Pound Cake x Wedding Crashers🌱💯 😚💨💨

mjbizdaily.com 03/26/2020

California gov classifies cannabis industry as 'essential' during lockdown

Under a clarification document Gov. Gavin Newsom issued late Friday, all licensed ma*****na businesses in California can continue with business as usual during an effective statewide lockdown implemented in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

mjbizdaily.com California licensed ma*****na businesses can continue to do business as usual during a statewide lockdown implemented because of the coronavirus outbreak.

abcactionnews.com 03/18/2020

Ybor City chicken breaks $1,200 worth of glass pipes in CBD shop


abcactionnews.com Why did the Ybor City chicken cross the road? Probably not to get stuck in a CBD shop window and break more than $1,000 worth of glass pipes.


Last night in Clearwater Florida, police say cannabis crooks pulled off two break-ins at Trulieve Medical Ma*****na dispensaries overnight – one of them at 4:20.

According to police, three crooks hit the location at 645 Bayway Boulevard on Clearwater Beach at 3:43 a.m. They spent six minutes at that location and then drove to the dispensary at 24639 U.S. Highway 19, just south of the Countryside Mall. They arrived at that location at 4:20 am.

Lt. Michael Walek with the Clearwater Police Department says it appears the men know what they are doing. One man sits in the getaway car while the other two take everything they can get their hands on in a short period of time.

“Definitely organized, they knew what they were doing, they knew what they were targeting,” Lt. Walek said. “They entered through a back window and ransacked the business.” Clearwater police released surveillance video from outside and inside the second location.

The video shows a newer model black Chevrolet Camaro pull up. Two men get out and break into the building. Then the men are pictured inside a stock room, stocking up.

Walek says there have been a total of five such dispensary break-ins statewide and one attempted break-in in Lakeland. They believe the break-ins are connected. At this time no arrests, both locations closed.
#Florida #cannabis #cannanews #trulieve #turtlesteas

jpost.com 02/18/2020

Miriam Adelson: Cannabis is a gateway drug to opioids

“When kids see their elders using cannabis as if it’s normal, they are much more likely to partake themselves,” she added.

No. When kids see adults use responsibly, they are more likely to be responsible users, if they use at all. They are more likely to have had a rational discussion with adults they trust about it. Look at the data in legal states. It doesn’t bear out what she says.

Non medical cannabis will remain illegal for minors in every proposed legalization effort. Normalizing use and problems with minor use hold no natural correlation. Her assertion relies on the Gateway Theory, which is logically flawed, and has been far outpaced and debunked by the common cause (poverty) theory.

It’s hard to understand from an ivory tower, but Florida CAN members know what I’m talking about.

jpost.com “The normalization of cannabis in our society directly endangers its most vulnerable members: children,” said Dr Miriam Adelson.

palmbeachpost.com 02/18/2020

Florida lawmakers file bill to legalize recreational ma*****na for adults over 21

Let's go Florida!!!!!

palmbeachpost.com TALLAHASSEE — If you’re a Floridian over 21 years old and have any interest in recreational ma*****na, you’ll want to hear this. Florida

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Last night in Clearwater Florida,  police say cannabis crooks pulled off two break-ins at Trulieve Medical Ma*****na dis...


Turtle's Tea: It Does the Body Good!

Studies that support the health benefits of cannabis tea/tea drinking keep filling the headlines. There’s simply no denying that a daily spot of cannabis tea does the body good. Even though researchers can’t quite agree on every aspect, I’m sold on the fact that a few cups a day will do its best to protect me from heart disease, a stroke, cancer, and more.
What Makes Cannabis Tea Good for the Body?

Turtle's Tea contains high levels of antioxidants, some of which are called polyphenols, flavonoids, and catechins, and all of which take on the “free radicals” in the body and prevent them from harming the healthy cells on board. In other words, sending in antioxidants is disease prevention in its finest form. Antioxidants are ready and waiting not only in cannabis teas but also in several fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, and even wines.If that were not enough, cannabis tea also contains fluoride which benefits your teeth and has bacteria killing properties which helps control bad breath and the formation of plaque.
Heart Benefits:

• Study finds tea drinkers have lower blood pressure (Archives of Internal Medicine, 2004).

• Tea may lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease (Journal of Nutrition, 2003).

• Black tea may lower “bad” cholesterol (United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, 2003).

• Tea consumption may help heart disease patients (Circulation: The Journal of the American Heart Association, 2001).
Cancer Prevention:

• Green tea could help stem esophageal cancer. (Harvard Medical School, 2004).

• Green and black tea can slow down the spread of prostate cancer (Center for Human Nutrition at UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine, 2004).

• Tea may protect against cancer caused by smoking. (Journal of Nutrition, 2003).

• Green tea and white tea fight colon cancer (Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University study, Carcinogenesis, 2003).

• Hot tea may lower risk of some skin cancers (University of Arizona study, Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention (Vol. 9, No. 7), 2001).

• Green tea consumption may lower stomach cancer risk (University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Public Health study, International Journal of Cancer (Vol. 92: 600-604), 2001).
Hypertension-Reducing Benefits:

• Green and oolong teas reduce risk of hypertension (National Cheng Kung University study, Archives of Internal Medicine, 2004).
Immunity-Boosting Benefits

• Tea believed to boost the body’s defenses (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2003)
Leukemia-Fighting Benefits:

• A green tea component helps kill leukemia cells (Mayo Clinic, 2004).
Alzheimer’s-Fighting Benefits:

• Drinking tea might delay Alzheimer's disease (Newcastle University's Medicinal Plant Research Centre study, Phytotherapy Research, 2004).
AIDS-Fighting Benefits:

• Tea may play a role as an AIDS fighter (University of Tokyo, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2003)
In Conclusion:

To get the most health benefits out of Turtle's Teas, we have chosen high-quality loose leaf teas and a high grade special blend of cannabis in a teabag. Brew it up and enjoy. Don’t wait any longer. Sip, savor, and fight disease today. It's never too late to enjoy the many health benefits of Turtle's Teas!


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