Natalie Mc Ateer Postpartum Doula Nurse

Natalie Mc Ateer Postpartum Doula Nurse

- What do postpartum doulas do? What a postpartum doula does changes from day to day, as the needs of the family change. Postpartum doulas do wh

As a postpartum doula I am nurturing, calm, very professional and work together with my families so that we have an understanding of what is going on throughout my services so no one is feeling left out. I bring a warm harmonic presence which makes the family feel comfortable and confident upon my departure. This has been what families love the most about me... I have wonder full references and lo 04/08/2018

Holding Babies Changes Their DNA, New Study Finds New study shows babies’ genes express themselves differently depending on how often their held Babies who aren’t held often enough are genetically underdeveloped, according to a recent study published in Development and Psychopathology. Researchers at the University of British Columbia and the B...


Carmen Herlihy Doula/LVN

Fact ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


David Wolfe

Time to relax now all my expecting mamas Carmen Herlihy Doula/LVN

Comfy Pillow Lets You Relax On Your Belly While Pregnant 09/30/2016

Paced bottle feeding: How to do it and why you'd want to Paced bottle feeding is a method of feeding your baby that mimics breastfeeding. Learn how to do it, plus all the surprising benefits, in this article.


(ICEA) International Childbirth Education Association

Yale Researcher Finds Natural Childbirth Activates Protein Related to Brain Development 08/30/2016

Seeing a Pelvic Physical Therapist After Giving Birth Should be Our “New Normal”

This is so true , most women do need this after childbirth 😀 Going to a physical therapist (PT) after pregnancy and childbirth isn’t standardized care in America, but it absolutely should be.I sat down with three therapists at Body Connect Health & Wellness (where I get treatment) to learn more about why every mom should check in with a pelvic PT at least onc... 08/27/2016

After Three Infant Deaths, Coroner Has a Warning for New Moms Using Breastfeeding Pillow

Just a reminder - These crescent-shaped pillows are used to help moms support their babies while they are breastfeeding. 08/09/2016

Full Belly Sisters: 5 Things to Do in Your Baby's First 24 Hours to Help Ensure Breastfeeding Success

Lactation Education 😀 The first day of life for your baby – and for you as a new mom – is exciting, thrilling, wonderful and terrifically overwhelming. Unfortunately, for many women it is a time of anxiety-provoking questions and feelings of doubt. This list is an attempt to make you feel rock-solid about your decision a...


So true ❤️


Bright Side 06/03/2016

Here's Why Experts Say You Shouldn't Wash Your Baby After Birth

Love this ❤️ A wait of at least 24 hours is recommended —​ for a very good reason. ​ 05/21/2016

Little Boy Helps Dad With Skin-To-Skin Contact For Newborn Siblings

Aweeeeeee Beautiful photo!



The importance of not using drugs/ substances while pregnant - as it has serious effects on babies !

These babies were born addicted to drugs.


Say yes to the breast !! So freaking cute ❤️ 03/09/2016

Toddler died from meningitis after anti-vaxx parents treated him with maple syrup instead of...

Maple syrup
!! Two Mormon parents who own a nutritional supplement company are accused of letting their toddler son die from meningitis because they tried to treat him with home remedies instead of medicine.


Heaven Sent Support LLC

Great explanation of the roles of a #doula and a #midwife. We aren't the same--but we compliment each other and work together for mamas and babies. 03/02/2016

In California, where moms deliver affects whether they have C-section

Good info!! For a low-risk, first-time mom, one of the biggest factors in whether she'll have a cesarean birth is the hospital in which she delivers. In California, C-section rates can vary widely, even for healthy women carrying a single, full-term baby who isn't breech. 02/24/2016

Johnson & Johnson to pay family $72 million after mum died of cancer - Mouths of Mums A jury has awarded $72m to the family of a woman who died from ovarian cancer. They have said it was caused by using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder and other products containing talcum. The civil suit by Jackie Fox of Birmingham, Alabama, was part of a broader claim in the city of St. Louis circuit…


Faith-healing couple WILL go to prison for manslaughter of baby

Shocking 💔

Dale and Shannon Hickman, both 30, were convicted in 2011 of second-degree manslaughter for the death of their son, David, who died nine hours after a home birth.


Raising Natural Kids

This is news TODAY! It doesn't end with Johnson & Johnson. They use toxic ingredients in their products. Please, make others aware. So many trust the name without really knowing! For safe baby and adult products, make sure they are made in the USA, that ingredients are clearly and easily accessible, that you can read and recognize the ingredients and that they are certified organic. A great brand I use and have partnered with: (all handmade by the owner and her staff in New Jersey!) 02/22/2016

Sleep Savvy Certification Program - Savvy Parenting Support   Enrolling Next Small Group Now. Space Limited to 10. Instruction Begins March 5th. I will mentor you for Sleep Savvy Certification over 1 year or finish sooner at your own pace.  Who is the Sleep Savvy Certification Program best suited for? Postpartum Doulas Lactation Consultants Infant Nannies wo… 02/20/2016

Everyone Who's Ever Considered Not Vaccinating Their Baby Needs to Read This

Please vaccinated your children .... So sad!! A 2-year-old girl died of meningitis on Valentine's Day. 02/15/2016

Johnson & Johnson Finally Admits: Their Baby Products Contain Cancer-Causing Chemicals I literally feel sick about this. OMG!


Natalie Mc Ateer Postpartum Doula Nurse

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers--strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” ― Barbara Katz Rothman

[02/11/16]   “Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers--strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” ― Barbara Katz Rothman 01/30/2016

Oxytocin - 15 Fascinating Facts About The Love Hormone | BellyBelly

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Oxytocin is at play if you're making love, pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding, kissing or hugging! Here are 15 fascinating facts about oxytocin.


Natalie Mc Ateer Postpartum Doula Nurse's cover photo 01/18/2016

How Using Our Power as Consumers Could Change Maternity Care Forever - Mothering

So true ;) Simply re-thinking your role as a birthing woman can change maternity care. Re-thinking maternity care- from patient to consumer. 12/27/2015

This Woman's Response to a Breastfeeding Shamer Is Worth Your Applause

Love this 😀 The awesome reason this mom's response is going viral.


Great Christmas party with all the strong amazing Women In my networking Group ! So happy to be a part of the community . Birth Doulas, postpartum doulas , lactation consultants & midwives and much more ...... Empowering women supporting women and there families ! I'm very happy to be apart of it ❤️ UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital 11/25/2015

Breast milk storage: Do's and don'ts - Mayo Clinic Breast milk storage — Find out how to safely store expressed breast milk. 11/22/2015

Oxytocin - 15 Fascinating Facts About The Love Hormone | BellyBelly

Amazing facts on Oxytocin! Oxytocin is at play if you're making love, pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding, kissing or hugging! Here are 15 fascinating facts about oxytocin. 11/20/2015

The infant gut microbiome: New studies on its origins and how it's knocked out of balance

Amazing new study ! A f***l sample analysis of 98 Swedish infants over the first year of life found a connection between the development of a child's gut microbiome and the way he or she is delivered. Babies born via C-section had gut bacteria that showed significantly less resemblance to their mothers compared to thos…





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