Barnets Salon

Our talents include cutting, styling, all aspects of coloring and smoothing treatments. We love to explore new techniques and trends. At Barnets salon we aim to guide you through the endless possibilities to find a look you will love.

Our stylists are passionate about thier craft and are committed giving you great service and a great head of hair when you leave. This page is to help you get to know a little more about the talented stylists who work here.

Operating as usual

Update from BARNETS salon -please read.,,, 05/01/2021

Update from BARNETS salon -please read.,,,

Spring is in the (h)air!

We are officially back in our groove here at Barnets. Michele and I are fully vaccinated and we have reintroduced some salon comforts like herbal tea if you are sitting in the color processing area and the cushions and are back!

With over 75% of our clients being fully vaccinated, we are no longer taking temperatures or requiring hand washing from vaccinated guests, although hand sanitizer is still available around the salon.

All tools, towels and gowns are sanitized between each client but we have reduced salon sanitation down to twice a day or after a non vaccinated client.
Doors and windows are still open so remember to dress warmly.

There has been some confusion around mask wearing. The latest update as of this morning is that although vaccinated people no longer need a mask outside, masks still need to be worn inside public spaces.

I love, love, love that this new sense of freedom is sparking creativity in your hair ideas but if you are considering a MAJOR transformation (particularly with color) shoot me a text to let me know so I can adjust your appointment accordingly.

Thank you all for your loyalty and support. I believe we have light at the end of this Covid tunnel.

Update from BARNETS salon -please read.,,, Click here for an update from BARNETS SALON!


So happy to be back in the salon, especially when my clients agree to an impromptu experiment with color Ive never used before.
What do you think?

So happy to be back in the salon, especially when my clients agree to an impromptu experiment with color Ive never used before.
What do you think?

Reopening update - please read 01/25/2021

Reopening update - please read

We Are Opening.... again.

Yes, it feels like groundhog day but Barnets salon will be opening its door for the second time on Thursday 28th January.
THIS Thursday!
I know you guys are ready to refresh your Zoom image with a sharp new cut and some dazzling color so book now and beat the rush.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.
We are, of course, still implementing all the protocol required of us to meet reopening safety standards. We have also installed safety measures that go above and beyond CDC requirements including the AG+ Pro Sanitizing air purifier from Brondell that will capture and ELIMINATE 99.9 % of viruses, including the COVID 19 virus, in 15 minutes.
We are one of the few salons able to offer this extra layer of protection and hope this adds to a comfortable experience.

Please continue to practice your own safety precautions while at the salon.

Look forward to seeing you. Yayyy!

Reopening update - please read Click here for an update from BARNETS SALON!

Barnets salon - An important update 01/08/2021

Barnets salon - An important update


........ I dunno.
Tho' it has not been definitively announced, it appears that the extension of the lockdown is in affect.
Barnets will stay closed until further notice. Please reschedule your appointment for a least another two weeks out or text me at 415 621 1923 if you are interested in other options.

Barnets salon - An important update Click here for an update from BARNETS SALON!

Reopening update for 2021 🎉 01/03/2021

Reopening update for 2021 🎉

Happy New Year!
...we made it to 2021.

Hope you all had a relaxing holiday and are ready to take on whatever might get thrown at us in 2021.

The latest update I have is that salons will be able to re open on January 8th which means I am open for business 9am on Saturday 9th.

My schedule has changed slightly and I am pleased to announce that I am now able to work from 10am to 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5.30pm to 8.30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and 9am to 6pm on Saturdays.

Salon protocol remains the same: waiting area outside the salon, temperature checks on entry to the salon, sanitation between each client. Bring only what you will need during the appointment and be prepared to wipe down devices and water bottles. Wear a mask that you dont mind getting a little wet or getting some color on the straps and dress warmly as the door and window will remain open.

I am also excited to tell you about an added safety feature in the salon by way of an air purifier by Brondell that is not only proven to trap viruses (including the Corona virus) but kill the virus within 15 minutes of contact. this is another layer of protection to make your visit more comfortable.

I will be keeping an eye on announcements this week in case there are further delays in re opening but fingers crossed I will see you in the salon soon...

Reopening update for 2021 🎉 Click here for an update from BARNETS SALON! 12/09/2020

Barnets: Online Store by SalonInteractive

Its February 2021 and we are happily back in business and looking forward to rebuilding the successful salon you've grown to know and love.

You can support that effort by booking an appointment where you will receive a FREE virtual hug or by treating yourself to some fabulous new products by ordering at
They carry Kevin Murphy, Moroccan Oil, Alfaparf and Eleven. Find your favorites or try something new. All recommended by Barnets salon. Online Store by SalonInteractive 12/05/2020


Oh lordy, here we go again!

Yes, you've guessed it. We are back in SIP.

It starts Sunday 6th at 10pm and continues through January 4th.

I will not be able to perform any services in the salon during that time.
I may have some alternative solutions for those of you who would still like to get their hair done before the Holidays so shoot me a text if you would like more information. I will also be rebooting my CUSTOM COLOR KIT with DELIVERY service for those of you living in the city or willing to meet me in the city.

Please contact me at 415 621 1923 if you have any questions or like to order a kit.

Meanwhile, you can still get all your favorite salon products at and you'll be supporting Barnets salon at the same time.

Im going to miss you all this Holiday season but please have a wonderful time, stay safe and I will see you in the New Year
Andrea Click here for an update from BARNETS SALON! 12/01/2020

Please view the latest update from Barnets salon

We are still open !

Dear BARNETS SALON community,

This is a quick update to clarify that the salon is still open for business.

The new restrictions do not apply to salons, however if we move into a lockdown then it could affect our ability to work so book NOW while there is still a window. We are, of course, following all major precautions to ensure your safety during your visit.

I have increased my availability on a Tuesday, now opening from 10am until 8pm. I am also hoping to increase Thursday hours from 1pm to 9pm.

I will be open until Christmas eve and available on the 29th and 30th of December.

I can not offer wine this year but working on a big barrel of Holiday cheer instead! Click here for an update from BARNETS SALON!


Good hair is the start of a good holiday season. Book NOW., #copperhair, #sfsalons, #blowout, #redhair, #longhair 11/19/2020

Book early for the Holidays!

Hey Everyone,

If you are thinking of getting your Barnet done for all those Holiday Zoom events, NOW is the time to book.

As many of you know, I have had to adopt a different schedule due to Samuel learning from home. I want to thank you all in advance for being flexible with your time (especially those who managed to stay awake past 10pm).

Our Covid protocol will essentially stay the same through the Holidays. It is still important that you arrive with only the items you will need for your appointment, phone, keys, water bottle etc. however, we are no longer bagging your bags as the risk of transferring the virus this way is very low.
Please wait outside the salon until you are called by your stylist and prepare for it to be cold in the salon. We have to keep the door and window open and you will have wet hair. Brrrrr!
When you enter the salon please read our questionnaire, then have your temperature taken. After wiping down anything you may use during your appointment you will wash your hands and we will be ready to start.
I am accepting all cards, Google pay, Apple pay, Venmo and cash.

Words can not express how grateful I am to have such an amazingly, loyal and supportive clientele. My contribution to your lives is so small compared to your contribution to mine. I can only hope that having happy healthy hair helps you feel like you can conquer the world (or at least 2020).

Stay safe and sane, my friends. Click here for an update from BARNETS SALON!


Barnets Salon COVID-19 Liability Waiver

So happy to be open and looking forward to seeing all our lovely clients.
We are asking that you to read, sign and submit this waiver before entering the salon and appreciate your patience and co operation with the new protocol. 09/14/2020

Whoo hoo! Important update to ALL clients. Please read.

Houston, we have lift off!

We've been getting the salon ready to to greet you all. It has been been thoroughly cleaned and the layout has been altered to accommodate six feet of distance between clients. All stylists will be wearing masks and/or face shields and we will be complying with Board of Barbering and Cosmetology guidelines which includes washing our hands between clients, issuing clients with protective coverings, using touch free technology where possible and sanitizing thoroughly before each appointment. We will also take our own temperature each morning.
These important measures will add time between appointments so please be patient while we get up to speed with the new routine. We will also be adding a $5 surcharge to your bill to cover necessary protective equipment and reduced availability.

You may now book online at Note: Andreas schedule has changed dramatically to accommodate homeschooling. This will return to normal as soon as schools go back to 'in person' learning so thank you in advance for your flexibility.

Please look out for an email with Barnets COVID 19 Liability Waiver. You will need to submit this BEFORE your appointment.

Here's how your appointment will look:
On arrival to the salon you will wait in your car or wait in one of the provided chairs outside the salon until your stylist texts or greet you. Please bring as little as possible with you. All purses and back packs will be sealed in a plastic bag.
On entry we will take your temperature and if under 100 degrees you will wipe down your phone and/or drink container, go wash your hands and take a seat at your stylists station. If your temperature is over 100 degrees you will be asked to leave the salon. You will not be charged for the missed appointment but you will not be able to reschedule at Barnets salon for 14 days.

We may talk during the appointment while we are behind you but we will be quiet when face to face.

We can take cash, Paypal, Venmo, Apple or Google pay or cards.

One last message for Rauls clients. He is having a hard time connecting with you all so please shoot him a text at 646 512 3956 and give him your contact details. Click here for an update from BARNETS SALON!


Barnets Salon COVID-19 Liability Waiver

Dear Clients,
A few days before you come to your scheduled appointment at Barnets please take a minute to fill out and submit our Covid 19 Liability Waiver. We will not be able to perform your service with out it. Thank you. 09/11/2020

Important update from Barnets

The word is out....
we're coming back!

The announcement yesterday that salons will be allowed to open for indoor services as of September 14th came as a surprise and welcome relief after six months of lockdown.

We are still waiting to hear HOW we can open so for those of you booked in to 'The Bunker" (my garage) please assume you will be coming here unless I contact you.

I will be accepting online bookings after the weekend when I will have a better idea of my schedule so please wait until Monday morning to make your appointment.

I will also send out more information on the updated guidelines we will be following so keep an eye out for emails from Barnets over the next few days.

I am sooo looking forward to seeing you all.

Until then.......
Andrea Click here for an update from BARNETS SALON! 09/06/2020

Update from BARNETS SALON about reopening schedule.

Reopening update from Barnets

Hey Everyone,
hope you are managing to stay safe and sane during this never ending lockdown.

I wanted to clear up any confusion around salons reopening in San Francisco.
As yet we are still unable to open our doors. Other counties have been allowed to open despite their numbers being higher than here but Mayor Breed is continuing to suffocate small business in SF. We are allowed to work outdoors but the reality is that working on 16th street with the dirt, traffic, wind, fog and colorful street life would not be conducive to getting a good hair cut.
There is no firm reopening date but the city has suggested October might be possible if the number of Covid cases continue to stabilize and go down so please continue to wear your masks and stay six feet from others. It directly affects me and all service industry workers who are waiting to go back to work.
I will, of course, let you all know when we get the green light.

In other news, Raul and Rachel have decided to move on to greener pastures. If you are one of their clients please remove yourself from this mailing list and contact them directly regarding your next appointment.

Michelle and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Finally, I want to thank you all sooo much for the support you have shown us over the last six months. It is because of you guys that we are so desperate to get back to doing what we love - making you look and feel fabulous!

In the mean time, shoot me a text if you cant take your bohemian locks any longer. I may be able to help ;) and dont forget you can purchase all your favorite hair products at ( . Click below for store.

much love,
Andrea Click here for an update from BARNETS SALON!


Just did my first Covid wedding. Bride and Mum. It was joyful to be a part of their big day - even with temperature checks, sanitizer and masks! 06/26/2020

OMG! Barnets salon will NOT reopen on June 29th. PLEASE READ...

Well.... the city has shut us down again.

I cant believe Im writing this but we are back on hold. No reopening date has been announced and the appointment Raul and I were soo looking forward to seeing you at is, unfortunately, cancelled until further notice.

If you are one of Rauls clients please refer to his Google, FB and IG pages
regarding next steps.

My clients - I am willing to do some appointments from the 'salon' in my garage but will only be able to book one or two a day so if you feel comfortable with that arrangement please text me about rescheduling.

For everyone else, we will keep you updated through Square and on the Barnets FB and IG pages as we find out more info. In the mean time please continue to order your products from

I am still delivering custom color kits to your home or a meeting point and there are tutorials on the Barnets page for you to follow to cut bangs, color your regrowth and cut your kids hair.

There is a hair god so please keep the faith and we will meet again soon.

Andrea and Raul Click here for an update from BARNETS SALON! 06/26/2020

Plans to further reopen San Francisco put on hold due to spike in virus cases

Can’t believe this happening again. Will everyone PUUURLEEEESE just wear your masks so my co workers and I can go back to work. San Francisco Mayor London Breed said Friday that the city’s plans to reopen more businesses on Monday are being put on hold due to a spike in coronavirus cases. 06/24/2020


Dear Clients,
Raul and I are so happy to send out this update.
Finally, after three and a half months of lockdown we have been given the green light to reopen Barnets salon on June 29th.
You have no idea how excited we are to see you all again and to cut some dang hair !

Ready to get your hair done?

Here's the skinny...

As you have probably guessed, there will be a few changes to your visit. While these may be a little inconvenient we will do our utmost to make sure you still have an enjoyable, relaxing and above all safe experience.

We are aware this is a lot of information but it so important that we work together so please read the entire message BEFORE you come to Barnets.

When you arrive for your appointment you will need to remain in your car or outside the salon (there will be some seats provided) until you are texted or called by your stylist.
Please note: over the ear masks are mandatory and we will not continue with your appointment if you are not wearing one. We will apply a cancellation fee if we are unable to perform your service due to no mask.
Once inside, we will ask you a series of questions, then check your temperature. If it is within the normal range you will be asked to wipe down your drink container and phone if you plan on using it and then go to the bathroom and wash your hands.
If, by chance, your temperature does not read within the normal range we will have to ask you to leave. You will not be allowed to rebook for fourteen days AFTER the symptoms have subsided. You will not be charged a cancellation fee if we have to postpone your appointment.

We will not be providing magazines or drinks at this time but you may bring bring a lidded cup or water bottle. Please aim to bring as little as possible to your visit. If you need to bring a small bag we will place it in a plastic bag for the duration of your appointment.

We are happy to sell you our normal range of great products but please ask your stylist to select and bag them for you. Our goal is to have you touch as little as possible while in the salon.

For our part we have allowed an extra fifteen minutes between each client to sanitize our stations and shampoo area. That means wiping down the chair, armrests, shelf, neck rest and shampoo bowl. Our tools will also be fully sanitized between each client and we will be providing you with freshly washed capes and towels or single use cover ups.

We will be sanitizing all the common areas such as the bathroom, door k***s, desk etc. multiple times a day.
We will be masked and wearing protective clothing.

While it breaks our hearts to say this, we ask that you refrain from too much conversation. It greatly reduces the potential for contamination.

You may notice our hours have changed. This is to accommodate there being only two stylists in the salon at one time. We ask that you arrive by yourself. Any one not receiving a service will be asked to wait outside.

One last thing. We have made every effort to comply with CDC and Board of Barbering and Cosmetology guidelines. The reduced hours and increased supplies have forced us to place a $5 Covid fee onto every appointment. We want to thank you for your understanding and indeed the unwavering support you have shown us over the years and during this crazy time.

Cant wait to see you! Click here for an update from BARNETS SALON!

Our Story

At Barnets salon we aim to guide you through the endless possibilities to find a look you will love. Our stylists are passionate about their craft and are committed to giving you great service and some head turning style when you leave.

Barnets opened its doors on February 14th 2006. The owner, Andrea Bolding, whose experience dates back over 35 years had crossed the pond from the UK and opened a salon on the Haight with a couple of co workers. Eight years later, she wanted her own vibe and decided to set up shop in the vibrant Mission district where she lived.

Fifteen years later, the salon is an established, well regarded feature of the neighborhood. Its cozy feel and chill vibe, along with a group of stylists whose expertise in cutting, coloring, barbering, smoothing and various other services keep clients coming back for more.

We will never stop striving to be the best we can be so you can feel your best self.

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Tuesday 10am - 8pm
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