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We'll get your medical records faster than you will manually—and we do it all online.


Hospitals Ranked on Responsiveness to Patient Record Requests; How Is Yours Doing? | David Raths | Healthcare Blogs

Our Hospital Performance Scores are featured in Healthcare Informatics today. Have a read! July 20, 2017 by David Raths | Reprints PatientBank rates medical records departments across four categories: speed, fees, fulfillment and deliveryClick To View GalleryOne topic that has drawn my interest repeatedly over the last few years is patient access to their own data — perhaps because gettin... 07/12/2017

Paging all doctors and lawyers: there’s a better way to let patients sign requests for medical…

Another new feature out this morning—this time for doctors and lawyers. Now third parties can let patients sign medical records requests online just by sending them an email or SMS! At PatientBank, we help people gather and share medical records online. Recently we’ve seen a surge in growth from doctors and lawyers…


The Migraine Diva

Excited to have another partner: The Migraine Diva!

‪Own your health information with PatientBank! Read my post about why it’s important and get a discount when you sign up!‬ #migraine #headaches #selfadvocacy


PatientBank makes headlines less than a year after launch

Check out the PatientBank shout-out in Becker's Hospital Review today: In October 2015, four individuals — Paul Fletcher-Hill, Feridun Mert Celebi, Kevin Grassi, MD, and Graham Kaemmer — founded New Haven, Conn.-based PatientBank.


Y Combinator

Today we officially launched from YC!

PatientBank (YC S16) is Creating a Unified Medical Record System


Preparing for a visit with the pediatrician — PatientBank Blog

Seeing a new pediatrician? Make sure you're prepared! This is the next in our series of posts about what information you should bring to an appointment with a new doctor. This week is my… 07/18/2016

Introducing PatientBank Provider Pages — PatientBank Blog

Contact info for every doctor and every hospital. Search once and done. Tracking down your medical records can be pretty difficult. At PatientBank, we aim to help patients navigate this process. That is why we… 04/12/2016

Hospital Highlight: Blount Memorial Hospital — PatientBank Blog

Another hospital helping patients get access to their electronic data. Thanks Blount Memorial! We are very excited to announce our feature hospital this week: Blount Memorial Hospital. They have done an outstanding … 04/07/2016

Hospital Highlight: East Jefferson General Hospital — PatientBank Blog

This is the second post in our series highlighting hospitals that are making it easy for patients to access their medical records.

Our feature hospital this week is East Jefferson General Hospital. East Jefferson General Hospital has done a great job, completing over 90% of requests and returning medical records in under three days on average! Our patients thank you! This is the second post in our series highlighting hospitals that are making it easy for patients to get access to their… 03/23/2016

Hospital Highlight: Elmhurst Hospital Center — PatientBank Blog

Requesting records from half the hospitals in the country teaches you a lot. Some hospitals are really good at responding to requests for information. And others are not.

We're starting a series of posts called Hospital Highlights that celebrates some of the most responsive. Our first is Elmhurst hospital 79-01broadway! Read on to learn why Elmhurst Hospital Center is one of the best in New York. This post is the first of many stories we have planned about our experiences gathering medical records from hospitals. 02/12/2015

Open-Sourcing a Treatment for Cancer - The New Yorker Elana Simon was given a diagnosis of a rare form of liver cancer at the age of twelve. Six years later, a few months shy of her high-school graduation, she is not only a survivor but a certified cancer researcher: today, she published an article about her disease, fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcin… 02/12/2015

Patients Find Each Other Online To Jump-Start Medical Research Through their pages, chat rooms and message boards, patients are recruiting each other to participate in medical research in a kind of virtual word-of-mouth. Patient-initiated research is especially appealing to people with rare diseases whom researchers can't easily find. 02/12/2015

The Future of Health Is More, Better, Cheaper New entrants and established players are racing to create the next generation of medical products and services. 02/12/2015

Beth Israel pilot to let patients add notes to medical records | mobihealthnews Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center received a $450,000 grant from The Commonwealth Fund this week to develop a program called OurNotes that allows patients to contribute to their medical records. The program is an extension of the well-known OpenNotes initiative and will include collabora… 02/12/2015

Larry Page Wants To Open Up Anonymous Medical Records For All Researchers To Use The Google founder doesn't want the government looking at your data, but there are some areas where he thinks the more open we are, the better. 02/12/2015

Survey: 90% of people will share health data, 26% don't care about privacy A new survey suggests that consumers are getting more open-minded about sharing their personal health data. A whopping 90 percent of the 1,000 respondents to the Makovsky Health/Kelton Survey said…



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