Pizza Perfect Nails

Pizza Perfect Nails

Nail Artist Nail art technician specializing in imported Japanese gel nail art and hard gel nail enhancements. *no acrylic*

Timeline photos 06/22/2019

Vacation marks the spot! ✖️ when I find the reference photo, I promise to share it, then you can see where my brain goes. ✖️ .

Timeline photos 06/05/2019

🌸Sand art inspired for Summer 🌸 thanks for coming in! .

Timeline photos 05/22/2019

Freestyling shapes and colors 🔶◾️➖〰️🔸 thanks for trusting me with your nails 💜💜💜. .

Timeline photos 05/17/2019

So fun getting to paint some Cactus Friends for @revexxsstagram !🌵(they're officially called that, turns out Tokidoki has the same language style as I) Hamburgers are on the menu next when you get back 💜 .

Timeline photos 05/15/2019

Lavender chrome drips for Shirley 💜💜💜 .

Timeline photos 05/04/2019

This is a set I've been holding onto because I was so proud when I finished it with @hollandbuds that I wanted to pick the "perfect" time to post. So silly. The world should see it even though it's long been one of Ellen's past sets. This was inspired by @jessicawashick 's iridescent set .

Timeline photos 05/03/2019

This is a set I've been holding onto because I was so proud when I finished it with @hollandbuds that I wanted to pick the "perfect" time to post. So silly. The world should see it even though it's long one of Ellen's past sets. This was inspired by @jessicawashick 's iridescent set .

Timeline photos 04/27/2019

✨💚Ikat waves and color changing stones for @smeowse 💦✨ .

Timeline photos 04/17/2019

🌟Gold leafed wedding Nails for Sarah 🌟 congratulations, I'm so stoked for you! . .

Timeline photos 04/08/2019

So some of you know I make nail art tutorials on but I hadn't shared it here until now. I've been really excited about the new stuff that's coming out and would like to share it with you! 🎀 . If you'd like to learn how to make these cute quill feather nails with alcohol ink go here! . Let me know what you think 💜 .

Timeline photos 03/18/2019

Cute scallops for @peppeplarson 🥦🥦🥦 We did this before St Patty's but thought I'd be appropriate to share today 🍀🍀🍀 .

Timeline photos 03/07/2019

〰➰〰 inspired by @thenailartbabe and @squids_s ➿ Coincidentally I created this set about 24 hours after @rawrrgina did something similar and had no idea until after 🔮 I sense a trend emerging. .

Timeline photos 01/31/2019

STUDDED AND REFLECTED for @jtikky1 inspired by @mee_yagi ✨ . I used Aurora cat eye gel from @nailwonderlandsg and black gel from @leafgelusa .

Timeline photos 01/29/2019

Anticipating the first appointment with a new client always gives me a little apprehension, but I don't why I get this way; 95% it's a wonderful time! I'm so grateful getting to know and collaborate with a new person and I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who's taken a chance on me 💜💜💜 you're the peanut butter to my jelly 😝😘 . .

Timeline photos 01/26/2019

Disco cherry blossoms for @five_fifty_five 🌸🌸🌸🌸 These teeny flowers are really cute, who else wants to rock these? .

Timeline photos 01/12/2019

HANAFUDA 🎴 for @crystal_carrington . So much love and respect, thanks for trusting my process! .

Timeline photos 01/05/2019

So, I’ve been having some anxiety about posting again on IG. I took a little break while I was in Portland for the week of Christmas, and it felt really good to not worry about committing to the Emotional/professional demands of Instagram. It’s a love/hate relationship right now. This tool has made a huge impact in terms of success and my business, but it also causes me a lot of internal turmoil. I want to post the best, but A lot of the time it feels like the best isn’t good enough. I know this is in large part due to the algorithm, and that I refuse to pay for ad space on this platform (the most inorganic way to find what you’re looking for), and unhealthy comparison of others’ work. I know likes and followers are not a clear indicator of success, but It kind of sucks to invest so much time and still feel invisible. This last year was incredibly inspiring building PPN and creating a home and safe space with @rawrrgina in Snailart Studio. I love the journey I’ve been on with my clients, and the evolution of our art. I want to keep building that. I’ll keep posting here, don’t worry about that, but I want to learn how to build better here and connect more with others. The internet can be a dark place; let’s be friends and make it better, ok? 😘💜💜💜

Timeline photos 12/20/2018

🔲 ALL THE MOODS🔳 for @peppeplarson ✨ . This last week before Christmas is all booked up! Thanks everyone whos been a client with me this year (and the years before that!), I really appreciate your creativity and patience for sitting and holding hands for hours together. You make this career worth it! .

Timeline photos 12/06/2018

Fresh marbles for @lchan917 ✨ .

Timeline photos 12/04/2018

〰✨Laser diamonds with a half and half design for Masami ✨〰 . .

Timeline photos 12/01/2018

GucciGhost ready 👻 . .

Timeline photos 11/26/2018

🛸Trippy experiments 👽 my new take on Galaxy nails . .

Timeline photos 11/22/2018

“As we go through life we gradually discover who we are, but the more we discover, the more we lose ourselves.” – Haruki Murakami . .

Timeline photos 11/19/2018

🔻Keeping it geo for @jtikky1 🔺 . .

Timeline photos 11/17/2018

So fun getting to play with liquid gold! Thanks @peppeplarson . .

Timeline photos 11/09/2018

☁️✨Dreams do come true!✨ ☁️@perridactyl and I had a blast creating this set inspired by @kai32 💜 . . We used @leafgelusa For the base, the color shifting glitter is from @daily_charme And most of the studs are from @oceannailsupply . The extensions are by @apresnailofficial ✨ . .

Timeline photos 11/06/2018

✨🗡PROTECTION SPELLS for @makingwavs 🔮✨ . .

Timeline photos 11/03/2018

CORAL X GOLD for @jtikky1 ✨✨✨ How are you going to spend your Saturday? . . .

Timeline photos 11/03/2018

☁️🌸Delicate flowers for @lisayamani 🌸☁️ . I used all @leafgelusa gels for this set 🎀 . .




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