Author Silvi Martin

Author Silvi Martin


My hot Spanish wife, my angel, my love has a new book! Yay! In case you didn't know, Author Silvi Martin writes sweet, small town romance. All of them are available for the Kindle, paperback, and FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

I love Silvi's stories and I'm so proud of her to be able to publish these books while working her butt off full-time as a high school teacher. She's amazing!

As for the stories, they're set on Coronado Island, one of our favorite places that's located just thirty minutes from our home in the San Diego bay.

The City Girl is Book 3 in the Coronado Island Series. If you've already read the first two books in the series, you can grab the next book at the Amazon store nearest you here:

If you haven't tried her series yet, I recommend starting with the first book (The Postgirl) to get to know some of the characters first. You can find that first book in series here:
My hot Spanish wife (Author Silvi Martin) spoiled me for my birthday, as usual. I love her SO MUCH! ❤️ I even won an Oscar for "Best Husband." Thank you, my angel! Thanks to the Academy. And I would also like to thank my mom for making me possible. 😁
Wish you a very happy birthday. May this year give you great ideas to Pen down and make your readers happy.
Celebrating today with the love of my life, my angel, my hot Spanish wife, Author Silvi Martin. Happy Birthday! I love you, love you, love you! ❤️
Hola Silvi es alma la mail lady que te ayudo un poco en tu primer libro, me moví a otra estación y perdí contacto contigo, espero tener tu libro muy pronto. Saludos
I went on a #LittleFreeLibrary book tour this afternoon in San Diego with my hot Spanish wife Author Silvi Martin, leaving signed copies of my bestselling romantic comedy KISSING FROGS. That was fun!

Contemporary Romance Author


Coming very soon!!! 🥳🤩❤

It's been almost a year in the making and I can finally say with a huge sigh of relief that you can now reserve your copy of my next romantic comedy, MEN OR PAWS. 😊 Thank you for your patience, your love, and your support. It means the world to me and I can't wait for you to read Beth and Rocco's fun story! By the way, this is also the longest book I have written. 😍 And one more thing, the publish date shows March 31st, but the plan is to publish it in February, so preordering means you will get it the moment it releases. Yay! 🥰
Grab your copy here:


Happy Valentine's Day!! This toast is to you and everyone who believes in love, any kind of love. ❤


Not everybody has a romantic partner right now, but everybody who is old enough to be on Facebook has already been in love, once or multiple times. But today I want to celebrate LOVE, all kinds of love, love for your family, friends, romantic partner, pets... If we think of all the people we love and have loved with gratitude, there is no way we can feel bad today. Even though some of those people are no longer in this world, their memories and moments with them should bring a smile to our faces.
Happy LOVE's Day to all of you!! 🥰❤️ From my heart to yours...


Dear readers, two days into the brand new 2021, I want to wish you all a better year, a year where dreams start coming true, where people will hug one another again after we all learned something from 2020. We're ready to love more, to give more, and care more, while we judge less and focus on the things that really matter in life. Do what really fulfills you in 2021, choose the thoughts that make you feel good, and start now!! With much love and humbleness,
Silvi ❤🤗☀


After sending a newsletter to all my subscribers announcing the cover of my 4th book in the Coronado Island series, it's my pleasure to share the cover of THE GHOST GIRL with you all. I love this cover!!! Today is also the anniversary of our 1st kiss—12 years ago—and it's embarrassing to admit that my hubby remembers this day before me every year. Today he woke me up with extra kisses and I had no idea why... 😘💋🤗❤️


I'm excited to announce that Book 3 of my Coronado Island series is finally out and healthy, like a baby after a long delivery. Mothers, please, don't be offended if I used this analogy—of course it's not comparable to having a baby. For authors, every book is like a new baby that we bring to the world with love, after months of gestation, patience, and dedication while the book is growing, changing, and becoming what everybody sees when it's finally released.
The book is only in English, but I promise you won't notice my accent when you read it 😉.


Even though our anniversary was on June 26th, one of my gifts for my hubby was a little late (my fault for not contacting the artist sooner). The best part is that he LOVED it!!! I wanted something special, unique, romantic, and meaningful. My friend Nathalie gave me the idea. This artist had done a couple of works for her, and when I saw it, the lightbulb in my head lit up. The amazing thing is that the whole process was easy and fun. I told the artist about us, our personalities and things we love, and he came up with this. I don't deserve any credit at all, other than choosing him for this unique gift. I've never been happier with my choice for a gift. Seeing my hubby's face when he opened it was a real treat for my eyes... 💝

Look what my sweet wife did! ❤️ She commissioned an artist in Spain to paint a custom canvas as a gift to me for our 10th anniversary and had it shipped 6000 miles to our home in San Diego. I love it so much! It looks like one of my book covers, doesn't it? 😀

Here is the artist:


I know I haven't been very active on my author page, but I'm excited to announce that The City Girl will be released before the month is over. And soon after that, I'll do a cover reveal for the 4th and last book of the Coronado Island series that I already started: The Ghost Girl. Happy Friday!! 😘


Because it's always time for a great Christmas book... I can't wait to read this one. Knowing the author it can only be awesome! ❤️

Who needs a little Hallmark Christmas magic?

She never dreamed her holiday would include her hometown, a dog, or a firefighter. But a mysterious charm bracelet predicted it all…

CHRISTMAS CHARMS is coming from Hallmark Publishing Oct 6! Pre-order now:


My hubby is the best!!! It touches me to see how total strangers received the love and support Rich sent by giving away dozens of books as a thank you for all the work doctors and nurses have been doing for the past few months. He's getting heartwarming notes like this one... It really makes me very proud of him and inspires me to give more as well. Gratitude is a powerful feeling! 😇😊🤗


Isn't this great???? And he was feeling bad thinking it wasn't enough... My hubby...😇🤗.

I guess I got a little carried away. 😂 The plan was to give away 10 autographed paperback copies of my romantic comedy IT'S NOT PMS, IT'S YOU during . I ended up giving away 25 novels to nurses in California, Michigan, North Carolina, Illinois, New York, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. Happy Reading and thank you for all that you do! ❤️


My husband, Rich Amooi, is part of a contest to make his book It's Not PMS It's You into a movie. All he needs is 10 seconds of your time to VOTE for his book. There are only 48 hours to vote. He spent 4 hours last night signing twenty something books to donate to nurses all over the country. I'm very grateful to have such a loving and giving husband, so winning this contest can be his good Karma for caring so much about others. Please, vote for his book!!


I'll be done with The City Girl by Thursday this week. Today I broke my own personal record. I haven't written this much in one day since last year when I wrote the Spanish reader. I feel very accomplished right now 😊. I'm so close . . .


Another update about my progress . . . Getting closer and closer to the two words every author is eager to type "The end." 😃


I'm excited to share that in the next couple of weeks I'll be finishing the first draft of The City Girl, book 3 in the Coronado Island Series. I had a very productive day today while confined at home, and I didn't start writing till 4 p.m.


I met you, Honey Bunny, and my life will never be the same... I love you Author Rich Amooi! ❤️


If someone offered either of these two options as a gift... Would you rather spend two days here or a week in the mountains, all inclusive?

Photos from Author Silvi Martin's post 02/02/2020

Yesterday evening was the 54th Annual Local Author Showcase at San Diego Public Library. My hubby's Something about a Cowboy will be on display for the whole month. We enjoyed some live music, mingling, refreshments and other activities. I tried the virtual reality program and I traveled the world in 10 minutes. It was a cozy atmosphere with yummy food surrounded by books, authors and readers. 📖📚❤️


I can't wait for this special book signing. The place is historical and his book is amazing. If you live in San Diego, come and join us!! 🥰

A special delivery for my book signing at Warwick's, the oldest continuously family-owned and operated bookstore in the country. If you're in Southern California (La Jolla), stop by on Sunday, January 12th from 2pm-4pm! Would love to meet you in person. 😀


May 2020 bring love, wisdom, peace, health and joy to you and the world. Happy New Year!!


THANK YOU for supporting refugees

This is the organization where a 100% of the proceeds from my Spanish reader Una Noche Mágica go to :) They really help people who have lost everything except for their lives. 🥰

Photos from Author Silvi Martin's post 12/25/2019

Happy holidays to you and your families, regardless of what you celebrate. It's time to get closer, appreciate the people in your life and share moments with those you love.
Don't forget to kiss!!! 🥰😘😉


... and this is the only way to a successful, healthy relationship. ❤️ Kindness, respect and forgiveness can be magical. 🥰


On a raining morning, being cozy inside a local café with a hot coffee and the laptop, in the company of other writers, was the best thing to do.

Photos from Author Silvi Martin's post 11/24/2019

Date night with my hubby, Author Rich Amooi to celebrate the beginning of a week off 🥰. On the way to the theatre we stopped at our favorite coffee place to indulge in a hot mocha with extra whipped cream. Then we headed to Solana Beach to watch Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys, a brilliant comedy with witty dialogue and a fun plot. Last, but not least, we enjoyed a lovely dinner and listened to Christmas music in the car as we drove home. 🙂


I had to share this because this idea is brilliant and brought me memories about this great book that made me want to accomplish all my dreams. Reading this posting—and the answers some followers and friends wrote—has made my day, and probably my whole week... 😊

**CONTEST CLOSED!** Congrats to Diane Gallaher! You've got yourself a $25 Amazon gift card. YAY! Send me a private message to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone for playing and sharing your bucket list items. Get to work on that bucket list. Don't wait until it's too late! I'm cheering for you to live life to the fullest. :)

Here's another prize (a $25 Amazon Gift Card) to celebrate my 5 years as a published romantic comedy author! YAY! Since my latest romcom DYING TO MEET YOU is about spontaneity and living life to the fullest, tell me the #1 thing on your bucket list that you want to do in the next two years. I'll choose one random winner tomorrow! Good luck and don't stop following your dreams and living life! Don't procrastinate! Life is short!


After 10 years without living the experience of La Noche de San Juan in Málaga, Spain, I was back with my husband, Author Rich Amooi, to enjoy the most magical night of the year. A TV channel interviewed us on the beach.

Photos from Author Silvi Martin's post 06/17/2019

My hubby Author Rich Amooi and I felt like giving back to our community and drove to a few of those little street libraries where we left signed copies of our novels while Tara, our golden-doodle, watched from the open window of the car. It was fun 😊.


This picture was taken a few years ago, before we moved to San Diego. I'm planning on using it for a blog posting on my website about this beautiful city, but I'm thinking of a title... Any ideas? 🤔


The new paperback has arrived!

DYING TO MEEET YOU is Rich's heartwarming, inspiring and feelgood latest novel, a book that will elicit all kinds of emotions. 🥰


I wrote my first novella, in Spanish. It's actually a Spanish level 3 reader. I wrote it for my students, and all the proceeds will be donated entirely to UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) 🥰. It will be out next weekend (Mother's Day in Spain).


Rich has been invited to many book clubs, both in person and online (Skype) all over the country, but this is the first time I've been present, since he was the guest at our book club last night. Three people were absent, but it was still great.🥰👏📖

These are the fabulous ladies from the book club I attended last night in Poway, California hosted by the amazing Ann Matthys Clevenger (holding the book). We had a great time eating yummy food, drinking wine, and discussing my romantic comedy MADAM LOVE, ACTUALLY. We also chatted about my writing process. Thanks so much for the invite! I love ❤️

P.S. If you are not in California and would like me to visit your book club, we can do a video conference where I can connect online and chat with everyone wherever you are in the world! Send me a private message for more details. :)

Photos from Author Silvi Martin's post 02/25/2019

A friend of ours gave this to us today, in case of emergency —Belgium chocolate is the best for these kinds of emergencies. What we didn't expect was to have an emergency so soon... We're in heaven now. 😋😋


When the other women in the zumba class understood why the man on one corner of the room ran to the woman in the opposite corner, hugged her and kissed her, crying, it was all "awww" and "ahh." I was embarrassed, but it was instant, as if someone had clicked a button and tears automatically started flowing with the song. 😁

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