California Air Duct Cleaning

California Air Duct Cleaning


This homeowner was wondering why the dryer was taking so long to dry the clothes. They actually had a birds nest in the pipe on the side wall of their two-story home not that uncommon.
I just wanted to say what a great job California Air Duct has done for me. The photos below were from what came out of my dryer duct in 2019. I had no idea the amount of build-up that happens in these ducts. Don't let this happen to you. This is very high fire danger to have lint in your ducts.

I had California Air Duct come back today and clean it out again and I am going to keep using them to make sure these type of photo's don't repeat themselves. Randy was great and I would encourage everyone to get their dryer ducts cleaned. It tends to be out of sight and out of mine.

If you dryer does not seem to be working at peak level, it may be that your ducts are full of lint. You may not need a new dryer.
We had our dryer vents cleaned by Randy at California Air Duct Cleaning and oh my what a difference in the drying time. We thought we needed a new dryer because it was 14 years old but once we had the vents cleaned our drying time was like it was when it was brand new. I was amazed at how fast they dried. Its like a new dryer. We were very happy especially with the cost of the cleaning.
Thank you Randy!
Heres my video to show the before and after. Killer job you can see all the way up the shaft now. No more issues after this things dry quicker now too.
I had Randy come out and clean our dryer vent last week. I couldn't believe the buildup! He was professional, thorough, explained everything in detail, and left the whole area cleaner than he found it. Not only that, but he's just an amazingly nice person. I would highly recommend him!
Hey California Air Duct Cleaning thanks for purchasing our HVAC Ducts #hvac #ducts #industrial #ventilation #ducting
We love to use local businesses when we have a need. Our clothes dryer has been taking longer to dry our clothes so we thought we would have our dryer vent cleaned.Our dryer vent goes up the wall, makes a 90 degree turn, and runs about 20 feet through the ceiling joists to the outside. Wow! It was unbelievable how much lint came out of that dryer vent. I have tried to clean our vent before but it is difficult to do unless you have some special tools. Randy at California Air Duct Cleaning has all the right tools. He did an outstanding job in about one hour AND he's a nice guy. I recommend Randy and suggest you have your dryer vent cleaned out.

We're in Roseville and service everything from here to Sacramento. We specialize in dryer vent cleaning too! 8398 Oliva Rd. Roseville, CA 95678

We service Roseville and Sacramento California, and clean your system with a state of the art HEPA air duct machine to give you and your family the service you expect and deserve.

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Photos from California Air Duct Cleaning's post 05/02/2021

This dryer vent was so clogged that I couldn’t clean it to the laundry room I had to blow it out to the the backyard!!

Photos from California Air Duct Cleaning's post 04/04/2021

Last week unfortunately I was doing an air duct cleaning for a family that had some smoke damage due to a Dryer vent fire. We are all doing more laundry these days especially towels washing our hands. Please clean your dryer vent every few years it will save you money and never let this happen to you!!!


This dryer vent pipe in the attic was so packed I had to take it apart to take it outside and clean the customer said it was taking three hours to dry a load of clothes for a long time!! This is not a normal Dryer vent cleaning it cost her three times as much don’t wait this long clean every couple years!!!


We are all probably doing more laundry right now. You’re wasting money on every load if you haven’t cleaned your dryer vent for more than two years!!


The homeowner bought a new dryer and the clothes were still taking multiple hours to dry we’re all probably doing more laundry right now so if you haven’t cleaned your dryer vent in two years please give us a call.


Home owner Bought a new Washer & Dryer old one was taking over two cycles to dry clothes. How much time are you wasting or extra money on electricity or Gas ??? Clean ever two years!!



Check your dryer's hose today to make sure you have the DryerFlex installed to help prevent fires.


I have been super busy don't have time to clean my dryer vent. I will get to it Later.


Another customer clothes taking to long to dry. Purchased a new washer & dryer $2000 later clothing still takes three cycles to dry .Dryer vent on most one story homes vents threw the roof need to clean every couple of years. Saves time and $$$$ less drying time each load .


Hears the Dryer vent roof jack costumer bought a new dryer clothes taken two three cycles to dry. Still taking long time to dry . Called service person to come check told homeowner everything works fine have you ever cleaned your dryer vent? You did not need a new dryer. Clean your vent every Two years or sooner!!!


A dryer vent cleaning company went to this home a few weeks ago. The home owner still noticed the clothes were taking a long time to dry. When she called the company back they told her we do not get on roofs. Ask questions or call us it will be done The right way every time .


I am doing a dryer vent cleaning today at a home owners rental . She was horrified . All of this is bad . Can you pick out the most obvious FIRE. HAZARD.?? Please reply back your thoughts. If you have rental properties have your Dryer vent cleaned ever year !!!!!!


I did an air Duct Cleaning for this hero today . He did not ask for it I gave him a $50 Discount and said thank you for your service he had a smile shook my hand said thank you that was worth every Penney. Look at the medals and the story's behind them🇺🇸🇺🇸


Did a Dryer vent Cleaning this week . This is a Stackable unit in a small rental. So lucky their was no fire . !!!!


Don't let the lint in your dryer become a fire in your home. Call us to clean if you have not done in the past two years.!!!!


This Is a lint trap you clean in your dryer every time . I had a call today they were concerned about a burning smell from the dryer. I ask how long has this been this way over a year the hole is this size of a fifty cent peace. Check the model # inside the door order a new one will save you from much larger problem .


This home owners dryer heat element fuse went out. A few hundred dollar repair , and you still need to clean the dryer vent. Clean your dryer vent every couple of years, Save money , time, frustration !!


Did a dryer vent today . They had a company come out last year they cleaned the wrong vent the customer was trying to tell me the vent was on the wall that's wear they went last time. It vents threw the roof. Only luck the lint below back up in the dryer did not catch fire.!


Hear are a couple of dryer vents I cleaned last week, In both cases the home owner bought a new dryer. Because the clothes were taking longer then two cycles to dry. Always clean your dryer vent every two years you will not need a new dryer.


Very lucky home owner. This paper in back of the dryer started smoldering on the dryer pipe getting too hot dew to crushing it by pushing the dryer to close to the wall. Keep clean in back of dryer, and clean the dryer vent every couple of years.


This Is a common problem in a lot of homes please take a minute and watch and give us a call.


I did a dryer vent cleaning last week. Why is the dryer taking so long to dry clothes??? Before & after photo of dryer vent and roof Jack and the dryer vent hose in back of dryer. How this did not catch fire. Please do not wait this long because you are busy .!!!!!


The home owner called dryer was taking three cycles to dry a load of clothes, this was compacted in a 90% bend on a two story home. They cleaned their lint trap before every load, please clean your dryer every year or two. -


If you have a white Dryer Vent hose need to change . A S A P made out of plastic super old extreme fire hazard!!!!


California Air Duct Cleaning

Hope everyone has a safe and great 4th .I need some help getting the word out can you forward to your contacts and have them do the same . let me know what you think thanks.


We clean dryer vents in Roseville and Sacramento


California Air Duct Cleaning's cover photo


This home owner dryer was taking over three cycles to dry clothes . Then the heat element went out . Repair cost $250. The repair person did not tell them to clean the vent. Element failed again. The vent was so impacted I had to go in the attic separated the vent.
You need to clean the vent every couple of years.


Do not push your dryer to close to the wall for more room always look in back of dryer to make sure vent hose is not damaged Fire Hazard!!!


This is what can happen by not cleaning your dryer vent . They were at home and smelt something burning . Never run the dryer if you leave the home.



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We just ordered some of these hoses to offer our customers. Great product!

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This Is a common problem in a lot of homes please take a minute and watch and give us a call.
We clean dryer vents in Roseville and Sacramento
Have you wondered why your clothes are so hot when you take them out of the dryer?



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