Sassy Little Bee

The most fun wedding de-stress’er in town! Recently transplanted to Montgomery, Alabama to save the sanity of the engaged.

I curse, I’m tattooed, and I don’t like football. Proud supporter of BLM, LGBTQ+, decriminalization of Cannabis, human decency, feral cat rescue, and science.


Wishing I was home right now in a loving mess of embracing arms belonging to this fine group of magical humans…

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Joined the East Alabama Orchid Society tonight. What’s not to love about a bunch of fellow orchid nerds showing off their blooming plants and trading tips and tools??


First time voting in Alabama! It’s a dramatically different experience than voting in California, but we’ll worth the extra effort to dig up the unbiased info to make the most informed decisions. Here’s hoping positive, forward thinking change is coming!!! **kthepatriarchy


Y’all. I am O B S E S S E D! Linda In Stained Glass is finally finished!!! Thank you to of for being such a patient and talented instructor. Can’t wait for January’s session!


You can’t pick your sister, but you can pick your nose. Circa 1980

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Dear Asheville (& Swannanoa),
It was a pleasure to meet you, and I have no shame in admitting that , and I definitely have a crush on you. Thanks for the seemingly endless incredible views, food and booze; we didn’t know how much we needed all of that until we were fully immersed in it. And waking up each day to a completely different panoramic color palette than the day before was the icing on the cake!


Vacations are rough. 🤣

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Why did write “I ❤️U Husfriend” on *my* birthday cake? Great question, I’m glad you asked. It’s because I love my husfriend, he is my person. And he’s willing to drive us 2 1/2 hrs to Atlanta to pick up a cake I ordered for myself, along with gf donuts, pound cake, curry turnovers, and spanakopita because I have no self control at Hell Yeah. 😆🎉👍He also followed me around the (only partially distracted by sportsball stuff), and then treated me to a gluttonous steak dinner after realizing both my first and second choice restaurants were closed. To top it all off, he got me a bday gift that I already have two of, because a chronically chilly girl can never have too many Comfy pullovers. 😆 Thanks for doing life—and another birthday—with me, !


Tales from our marriage… When we’re collectively stressed or frustrated, we go for drives. Those drives have never *not* turned out to be a great idea. Exhibit A: spotting this owl.


Every morning when I walk out of my bedroom, I’m punched in the face by the fragrance of these orchids I’m growing. Super glad to have that blissful moment before the reality of being a woman in America in 2022 punches you in the gut for the rest of the day. (Bc. Glorious May from Palmer Orchids; blooming for just under four weeks now) *t


This. It’s my life. And now my job, too. 😆🙌🎉


I can’t manage to remember how to lift my head or use my legs to get out of bed thanks to these two throwing the best gay wedding small town Alabama has ever seen. (Thanks for the rainbow, Sarah! 💕) Absolutely unforgettable weekend, and the best celebration and couple I could have asked for to close out the wedding planning chapter of my life. Also, for any of y’all not-yet-married folks, Quaker style wedding ceremonies are where it’s at.


What can I say, it was a really good party. More photos and stories to come. But now…we sleep.


It’s go time on my first SLB wedding since March 7, 2020! And my last SLB wedding (or so I keep telling myself). 🥲😢These handsome fellas have put together the most thoughtful and heartfelt celebration of their love and it’s been an honor to help plan & coordinate for them. The Alabama weather doesn’t want to cooperate this weekend but that’s nothing we’re letting stand in the way of the best wedding Eclectic has ever seen!!! And in true fashion—no pun intended—I’m more stressed about what to wear than how much rain we might get.


Happiest anniversary to us, . There’s no one else I’d rather spend this crazy life with.And to all the folks who helped make our pandemic wedding the most magical day of our existence, we thank you every single day!!!!

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Missing our San Diego wedding fam something fierce today. Those who were there in person, those who were not.


Hey San Diego family and friends... We’re all in support of authenticity and vulnerability, and uplifting one another, right? Please take a moment to watch this video from my dear friend and spectacular photographer . I witnessed the incredible sacrifices she made putting her thriving career into slowmo and risking her sanity to care for her father as his dementia progressed. She did it all with grace and her amazing sense of humor on the surface, but there was so much struggle *beneath* the surface that we rarely saw from her as she put all of herself on hold to be a caregiver. She’s tough as nails, this one. Now that her father has moved back to Ohio, she’s ready to reclaim her happy, her peace, her strength, and her passion for photographing other humans. I encourage you to check out her work, to follow her on social media, to view her photo galleries, and if you are in a position to do so, book her to shoot some incredible photos for you, your family, your tribe, your posse. You’ll laugh harder than you expected, and the realness that she captures will be something you will treasure for the rest of your days. (I also encourage you to dig into her IG feed and find the video where she learned and performed the entire Napoleon Dynamite dance in her garage during quarantine. It’s pure gold!) Love you, Jill, and I’m so happy to see you putting your best self out into the world again!!!


Husfriend immortalized my favorite piece of street trash in one of his recent commissioned paintings and OJ couldn’t be more disinterested. So very cat of him.


It’s official, y’all! The 1616 House has opened its doors, kicking off her debut with a spectacularly beautiful wedding. As the in-house coordinator for this event, there are sooooo many vendors to thank for knocking it out of the park for Suzanna and Brian, and you can check out photos and videos over on ’s posts and stories. Be sure to give us a follow on that account to keep up on all the magic we’re going to make in this town!! (You’re welcome to stay tuned here if you’re into sporadic, unapologetic, occasionally sassy and/or profanity laced posts which you are unlikely to find on the MUCH classier 1616 account.)


Brendle rentals

Peggy McKinney Cakes

And our badass security guards from the Montgomery Police Dept

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We took our first Alabama adventure today out to The Joe’s Black Angus Farm in Newbern for a day of nature and birdwatching. 200 acres of peaceful beauty, an abundance of great company, and lots of laughs with the Joe Family made for a truly memorable day. The and will definitely be seeing us again!


Sending a big THANK YOU out into the universe to all of us who helped one another survive last year. ♥️🐝♥️
It’s been one year and one day since the first Sassy Little Bee wedding was postponed due to the pandemic. That year lasted a whole decade and looking back at it is kind of like when you find yourself laughing out loud at a feels wrong to be happy, but you know you can’t only be sad.

Too many months were spent watching every one of my couples struggle with the unknowns ahead as Michael and I did the same right along with them, both on an engaged-during-a-pandemic level and on a what-about-my-small-business-I’ve-put-my-entire-life-into level. We tried our best to chart a course towards stability and achieving our long term goals while I stayed committed to seeing my couples through this...regardless of where I would be living and regardless of what their decisions would be or how many times they might have to change them.

In this year, I’ve learned a lot too... a lot about about politics and idiots and why I love science and what matters most. I’ve learned a lot about myself, about my partner, about being a bride and a wife. About the benefits of boundaries, and about how much us wedding folks are willing to sacrifice for the love of other people’s love and weddings. And how no matter how much of yourself you give, it can all disappear at the hands of circumstances beyond our control. Plus lessons of loss, grieving for non-living things, and the very real fear of losing someone you love to COVID.

But thanks to and throughout all of that learning, we made the best decision for us and our future. We have no regrets (but this whole “giant scary wasps getting into our house multiple times a day” thing is NOT something we were warned about living in AL. Can’t wait til the mosquitoes show up.) 😳🤦🏻‍♀️😡 In all seriousness tho, I am happy and hopeful and grateful to be here. And I’m beyond thrilled about our new life in Montgomery and all the magic it's already brought our way.

I see and feel all of that, a montage of the good/bad/ugly of all 2020 in every photo from last year. I wonder if I always will.


I feel like the old “Live Laugh Love” toxic positivity movement has finally started to shift to “this is our new *real* honest reality” but at least we can all agree that we’re completely burnt out together, right? Strength in numbers and all?? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️


and I cooked our first Montgomery family dinner for ’s hardest working folks, and this past weekend. To say they work hard is also a gross understatement. I’ll never stop being in awe of all the love and dedication they are putting into 1616. They deserve home cooked meals daily but perhaps I need some more culinary training before I try to feed them again... one day we will all have a good laugh at my epic sous vide steak fail from that night, but at least the cheesecake was amazing!😉


“One gigantic never ending scrape job.” It’s the official motto! 😉 I’m going to have a very special relationship with this fireplace once we’re finished. ♥️💛♥️


Happiest birthday, ! You are truly one of a kind and I can’t imagine how absolutely lame (not to mention stressful AF) these last few years would have been without you. 😉I’m lucky to know you and love you a ton, and I will always come to you first when I need your expert private investigator skills. 😉♥️🐝♥️


“There is nothing in this world that you could ever show me that could ever matter more.” -Ani DiFranco

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It’s been a good long while since I’ve had a ton of wedding/event related work so I am *very* ready to clock in at . 1616 is undergoing a new phase of renovation and restoration starting this month and you can follow along with the progress on the venue account. So much love and attention to detail is being put into this property and I am thrilled to be working alongside Cristina on this dream of hers!


My dad is known for talking on the phone a ton...he seriously loves to talk on the phone...all anyone who will pick up when he calls. He stopped answering his phone a few days after being hospitalized with COVID (which happened while we were packing our trailer in CA), and he stopped checking texts, too, but I keep sending them anyway. Please remind your family and loved ones that this pandemic is FAR from over. Don’t tip toe around the issue either. Tell everyone you love how much you love them as often and as loudly as you can. And if you’ve got a prayer to spare, send one my dad’s way.

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This. It’s my life. And now my job, too. #winning 😆🙌🎉
Happiest anniversary to us, @michael_c_hayes. There’s no one else I’d rather spend this crazy life with.And to all the f...
Hey San Diego family and friends... We’re all in support of authenticity and vulnerability, and uplifting one another, r...




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