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Host a hive program, honey bee removals based on donations and honey and hive products for sale


Harvested quite a bit of honey from our apiaries, leaving about half for our girls. We decided to do a contest! Here’s the rules:

Make a guess on the amount of honey(Pounds) in the comments below👇

Winner is the closest without going over, and will be announced by this Sunday, June 12th. The winner will receive 1 bottle of our pure, raw honey; fresh from the hives!

(Shipping is not included)


This year has FLOWN by, we took a much needed break from social media to focus on bees, work and family. Now we are back to share all our adventures!

Thanks for all your patience and understanding 😘


I am posting this with a heavy heart.
As much as I love Beekeeping, it takes up much of my time and I am struggling to keep up with the everyday basics such as cutting grass, cleaning and maintaining our home, so something has to give. I will be getting rid of my gear.
Below is a list of what's available. Serious inquiries only please. And please don't insult me with your offers.
Thanks for reading and understanding.
1. Dustpan and brush
2. Sponges
3. Dusters
4. Mop and bucket
5. Window cleaner
6. Vacuum
7. Dishwashing liquid
8. Laundry detergent
9. Fabric softener
10. Laundry baskets
11. Toilet brush
12. Cleaning sprays
13. Scrubbing brushes
14. lawn mower



Had lots of fun today! Over 40 “cut-outs” under our belts but this was our first open air colony 😁♥️ 🐝


6 cuts out scheduled for the next month, plus honey extraction from our apiaries! It’s gonna be fun! Stay tuned for tons of pics!

Becky has always wanted and dreamed of removing an open air colony. We’ve been blessed with this gorgeous beauty thats coming up soon 😁


Our makeshift swarm trap has caught us a swarm!


We have a limited quantity of pure local honey available,get yours before it’s gone! Message us today 🐝 ❤️


Visiting our new local beek friend 🐝❤️

Photos from Kiss my Beehive's post 04/22/2021

Three nucs installed at the newest Host a hive apiary! This ranch will learn through this program, hands on for a year, some great methods of raising bees!

Interested in hosting some hives on your property? Whether you need the pollination, looking for honey and/ or to learn hands on in your own backyard, we’d love to help! Message us!

Photos from Kiss my Beehive's post 03/18/2021

Happy to say we had several hives overwinter wonderfully! Even with the storm in February, 5/9 hives are bringing in pollen and have good amounts of all brood stages!


Are you thinking about getting started in beekeeping? Want to learn more about what’s involved?

This spring we will be offering hands on classes! We would love to let you borrow a suit and join us as we visit our hives! *Limited to 3 people per class- cost $20 per person.


Tiktok- we have landed!

As soon as I uploaded this video this morning , our account got completely locked out 🤦‍♀️. Here is the link to the beginning of our new account!

on TikTok


Happy new year!

With this second day of January started, we wanted to bring some good news! This year, we have a very full plate.

New hive products, webinars, videos and pictures. For those wanting hands on, in person demos!

*still waiting for Texas AM due to covid. In the meantime, Becky has been nominated for Educational director for the professional bee removers of Texas! Make sure to pick up the latest Bee Culture to read her article on Beginning Beekeeping!


What a thoughtful, loving Christmas gift from my daughter, Cheyanne! I will cherish this so much! Thank you baby girl! 😍🥰


What removes toxins from the air as it burns, and is perfect for the center of your thanksgiving table? Beeswax taper candles!

We have a few pairs left for $10 each, and we do ship!

Photos from Kiss my Beehive's post 11/08/2020

Double cut out was a giant success! Both colonies have been relocated and wax and honey are being processed. Owners sat in their car and watched our quick work and devotion to the girls. This puts cut out #39,40 in the books. Now to feed and care for them as best as possible.


Happy Halloween to our fellow beekeepers and supporters!! Be safe out there!


Double cut out was rescheduled to the 28th for more owner preparations to be done. Next week we’ll be doing inspections in Austin and starting to winterize the apiaries!


That humongous cut out? Planned for this coming Wednesday!

It takes days to prepare for any cut out, but this one is special. Two colonies mean double the equipment, time and preparation. Plus, with the time of year- we will be moving quickly and backwards. Honey first into sealed containers then brood into frames.

Even with 37 cut outs under our belts, this one will require special treatment.

Photos from Kiss my Beehive's post 10/08/2020

I love bee butts and cannot lie! 🤣🐝❤️

Photos from Kiss my Beehive's post 10/04/2020

Tell the bees! Kris proposed and I said yes! The ring was made to look like a bee 🐝! No date set yet, but will definitely involve our beloved girls! 🍯 🐝 ❤️

Photos from Kiss my Beehive's post 09/16/2020

TWO separate, humongous colonies are being removed from this mobile home before it is torn down next month. This will take us an entire day, but hopefully two colonies will survive the removal and winter- we will do everything we can to help. Anyone want to join us?


Hahahaha- very much me ❤️🐝


SO excited! Successfully making honey straws! These will be for sale soon ❤️🐝 🍯

Photos from Kiss my Beehive's post 08/19/2020

Checking out some hives near Austin. Top bar hives and Langstroth, all healthy and growing with good stores. We love traveling and teaching! These newer beekeepers are doing a great job! We’ll be back in a few weeks to check in and possibly do an extraction


Allergies. Do you know someone that is allergic to the bees’ sting? If you didn’t before, now you do. I am highly allergic to honey bees. Here’s my short story.

Started keeping honey bees in April 2013. Got stung in May 2013 to my neck with a slight reaction (swelling, redness that lasted a few days). The first year, got stung 13 times with slight reactions, until the fall when that 13th sting caused major swelling. The next year, 16 stings- all tolerable with slight reactions. Keep in mind, I wore a full suit then. The following year, 2015; I wore just a jacket but my reactions to stings starting getting worse, to the point of experiencing anaphylactic shock twice. After being seen by my doctor, allergy tested and prescribed an epi-pen along with being highly advised to stop being a beekeeper, I was a lot more careful. I never worked bees alone, always had my epi-pen on me.

The next year I experienced anaphylactic shock again. The doctor prescribed more episodes pens and once again tried to talk me out of beekeeping. Over the next 4 years, I sustained an average of 26 stings per year; but something was changing in 2018, the stings were no longer giving me issues! Swelling, a little- but no pain, no redness, no medical emergency. This year, 2020- 3 stings so far, and no reaction!

I wanted to write this to all who read it and may be allergic or not. Allergies can get worse, can go away- and throughout the spectrum in between. After talking to your doctor, decide what is best for you.

I am still considered highly allergic due to past reactions, still carry an epi pen, and thanks to my great partner- never have to worry about being alone or working alone again.

But I will never put down my hive tool 🥰


Who is your beekeeper?


Just received a wonderful gift in the mail- premier foundation to test. We’ve used plastic foundation in the past, but not this brand

Watch Masters of Bees Season 1 - Prime Video 08/06/2020

Watch Masters of Bees Season 1 - Prime Video

Watching this on amazon prime during our down time, just a few minutes in and Were hooked!

Watch Masters of Bees Season 1 - Prime Video Ever since it appeared nearly 80 million years ago, the bee has occupied a special place in evolution. Untiring worker, essential to vegetables, it is one of the foremost species maintaining our equilibrium on Earth. In a world where the climate is changing and biodiversity is gradually disappearing...



This event brings together a hive of experienced, diverse, purposeful individuals to expand the opportunities for women (and men) as keepers of the ecosystem to support the health and sustainability of honey bees, native pollinators, and beekeeping. To learn more about this presenter and this national conference go to


Labels have arrived!! We are excited to finally offer our honey for $15 a bottle. Each bottle is ~24 ounces of raw honey.

Other sizes available upon request. Shipping is available for an additional $8. Pick up is free.

Quantities are limited- so get yours before we’re out!


Late night wax work. Candles and 1 ounce bars getting ready for sale. Still waiting on the labels for the honey to come in 😬


Gorgeous raw honey will be available soon! Accepting preorders now!

Photos from Kiss my Beehive's post 07/18/2020

Soffit removal in San Antonio, bees took residence about 10 months ago. This is our 4th cut out so far this year! Interesting layout- brood in the middle, honey on both ends. Big issue we encountered though- once honey started dripping, bees from other colonies somewhere nearby started robbing and fighting ensued.


I apologize for the short notice on the wax rendering. The next Facebook live should be this weekend, We will do our best to give at least a few hours notice for those that want to watch and join.

What subjects is everyone interested in learning about?

Cut-outs? Inspections?hive products?


Going live in 30 minutes- “Easy wax rendering”

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Had lots of fun today! Over 40 “cut-outs” under our belts but this was our first open air colony 😁♥️ 🐝
Tiktok- we have landed!


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