Giandana Healthcare Consulting

Giandana Healthcare Consulting

Giandana Healthcare Consulting provides consultative services to physician groups, multi-specialty c

Giandana Healthcare Consulting provides consultative services to physician groups, multi-specialty clinics, hospitals and insurers on how to improve and adapt in the rapidly changing healthcare industry. With our wealth of operational and financial experience combined with a clinical perspective, we are able to evaluate and guide healthcare organizations into value-based accountable care in a way


Pitfalls of data analytics … Converting it into useful information that staff can use to improve patient care. 08/04/2017

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Healthcare Providers, Insurers and Payers: We have solutions to optimize growth! Operations, Clinical & Financial … Contact us today. Please call to schedule a complimentary consultation or free 60 minute evaluation of your facility, practice, or plan.


OSF Healthcare improves quality of care for end-of-life patients and controls costs with advanced care planning. Here’s how they did it:


Adopting a healthcare analytics system helps to streamline information, improve performance and save your workforce valuable time. We can help.


ACO Tip: To improve efficiency and patient experience, plus reduce costs, every person in your healthcare organization must work together and exhibit behaviors of accountability.


We consult MD groups, multi-specialty clinics, hospitals & insurers. Improve operations & adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare industry. Get in touch >


ACO report says hesitancy among end-users to adopt new procedures, and lack of in-house IT familiarity, are likely to hamper growth of the market. More on ACO outlook:


Non-profit healthcare system, Allina Health, controls costs while boosting quality of care. Here’s how: 07/26/2017

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Insurers/Payers: Implement ACO payment models, plan your approach, ID areas of engagement and find ways to reduce your long-term costs. Here's how > Giandana Healthcare Consulting has extensive insurer backgrounds and direct operational experience creating and implementing value-based payment...


For commercial healthcare providers, how do we close gaps in improved care when incentives, such as bonus payments, are not offered? Discussion from San Antonio’s 2017 RISE summit.


Success Story: What Texas Children’s Hospital has done to reduce healthcare associated conditions.


Trend alert: Telemedicine brings cost savings and influences quality of care with faster response times.


Healthcare Providers, we set up operational efficiencies to capture value, improve patient care and increase performance ratings. Learn more:


Provider Tip: Identifying high priority patients — by means of Risk Stratification — helps a care coordinator to divide necessary services among providers, track referrals, ensure appointments are kept and more. 07/18/2017

Navigating Accountable Care Organizations for Healthcare Providers

While many providers joined the ACO program to participate in a new model of care, the reality is that a strategic approach is required to achieve financial awards. Is your organization ready? Find out here: With the advent of accountable care organizations (ACO), the shift to preventive, coordinated care is in favor of providers who maintain patient... 07/17/2017

U.S. Health Care from a Global Perspective

Shocking & all the more reason for a shift to accountable care … “The U.S. spends more on healthcare, yet has a lower life expectancy & worse health outcomes, than any other high-income nation.” Despite spending far more on health care than other high-income countries in 2013, Americans had comparatively poor health outcomes, including... 07/14/2017

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We have extensive insurer backgrounds and help Insurers/Payers create and implement value-based payment models. Learn more: Giandana Healthcare Consulting has extensive insurer backgrounds and direct operational experience creating and implementing value-based payment... 07/13/2017

Outcomes Improvement: Five Essentials

Quality improvement, in healthcare, is a broad topic. To help narrow it down, here are 5 key ways to go about it: What are the top five essentials for continuous, sustained outcomes improvement? Successful systems prioritize financial alignment, analytics… 07/12/2017

Fact check: Deaths from a health care bill?

The healthcare industry is always on the move & this bill certainly has tensions rising with some. What does research say about the impact of health insurance on mortality rates?


Payers: How to use data to pinpoint ways to increase Star ratings. 07/06/2017

Population Health Analytics: A Guide to Successful Outcomes

Key question for population health management: How do we systematically improve outcomes for a population of patients, one patient at a time? Looking for a definitive guide to population health analytics? While there are different ideas about how to be successful, a proven approach... 07/03/2017

Insurers/Payers - Giandana Healthcare Consulting

Insurers & Payers: Reduce costs, and rapidly transform and improve your operations, with Giandana Healthcare Consulting. Giandana Healthcare Consulting has extensive insurer backgrounds and direct operational experience creating and implementing value-based payment...


Industry Trend Spotlight: New study shows specialty practices are using nonphysician providers to see patients and not just for routine follow-up care. Will this last and what are the implications?


Rethinking the Physician-Patient Relationship: Could it be more about the willingness of a physician to listen than about technical skills?


Our Vision, at Giandana Healthcare? A new era of patient-centric healthcare, richly based on data, and meeting the standards of care.


Interesting article: ACO-based care management study yields positive results that are also highly replicable.


The precarious state of the healthcare insurance industry and its possible fate ...


Ready to improve your patient engagement strategies? We can help. Set up your complimentary 30-minute consultation today.


Industry News: Drug rebates may shift costs to Medicare, according to a recent study published by JAMA Internal Medicine.


The key to patient satisfaction: empathetic communication. Healthcare providers who convey a sense of optimism and hope have more satisfied patients.


Giandana Healthcare Consulting has completed the ICD-10 Medical Coding Program. We are equipped to better serve our clients in understanding and improving participation in national healthcare initiatives.


Almost 90 percent of Americans say it's important to have a relationship with a physician who knows their health background and family and medical history, according to a recent poll conducted by Family Medicine for America's Health.


Probably one of the best reviews for successfully transforming healthcare from fee-for-service to value based care.


Are you migrating your reimbursement model to value based contracting? Learn the ins and outs of this payment model in our recent blog. >


If you could avoid driving to the doctor’s office, would you? Telehealth is emerging as a viable service in healthcare.



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