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Son of Jen puppets

Welcome to Son of Jen Puppets! Please feel free to browse through posts and pics. All puppets are on


Freakin’ love ComicCons!! Lunchboxes signed by Tom Cook and Robert Lamb, as well the skelly funco with signatures and original art by Robert Lamb:)


Day 3 of MinnesotaCon!! Swing over and visit my maniacal menagerie, chat about puppets and all things nerdy, and visit all the other amazing vendors and celebs.

Super secret Passphrase of the day “maybe you should put some shorts on or something… if you to keep fighting evil today”

Say the super secret phrase at our booth and receive the super secret discount on all your puppet purchases today!!


Day two at Minnesota con!! Swing by on out to pick up you copy of Spectral, 6 short horror comics that are bound together by a maniacal puppeteer and his evil puppet wagon written by David Accampo and illustrated by Chris Anderson, featuring my puppets based on their designs to tell these terrifying tales.

Here’s the Creep, the nippliest puppet I’ve made so far. He comes with a copy of the spectral collection, the original puppet designs and an original character sketch by Chris Anderson. Swing on out, pick up this creepy, nippy fella, and read some spooky stories.

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 06/03/2023

MinnesotaCon day two! One of the hardest decisions I have to make for each day of a Convention is which lunchbox to bring:) Day one of Minnesota Con was Secret wars, and today I’ve decided to bring two. One of my Motu, and my flintstones. Why would I ever need two lunchboxes at a Con? The amazing animators Robert Lamb and Tom Cook are boothing here!! Both of these wonderful fellas worked on the He-man Cartoon I grew up with, and Tom Cook worked on the Flintstones as well. I’m hoping I have a little time to get some signatures from them before the end of the Con:) whoop whoop!!

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Minnesota Con Day 1!! All set up and ready to go! Swing by and check out my puppet wares, chit chat and geek out with Star and I. Lots of amazing vendors, celebs, and Perdy Nerdy stuff:)


Hello puppet peeps!! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve significantly scaled back on my puppet making endeavors as of late. The last few years have been an AMAZING experience! I’ve made new friends, met so many fantastic people, and I’ve been shown so much love and support for my craft, and I’d like to say thank you all for you’re love and support for Son of Jen Puppets!!

I will be attending and selling at Minnesota con this coming weekend. Swing on out and say hello, check out my puppet wares, and enjoy the amazing talents, celebs, and all the nerdy/geeky stuff your brain can handle!:) I’m looking forward to easing back into the wonderful world of puppet mayhem, and to once again get my geek on!!


Four free performances of Three Little Pigs on Saturday, April 1 at Dreamland Arts in St. Paul. We're going to be filming the shows, and we'd love to have the audience filled with a crowd to cheer them on!

For more info and to reserve tickets:

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 12/11/2022

Happy holidays puppet peeps! I have 3 Gnome/tomte/nissen puppets available that are looking for new homes. $80 plus $15 shipping in the U.S. i also have 3 of the Chonky Penguins left at $80 with $10 shipping in the U.S. if you’re interested feel free to PM me your preferred email address, and your choice of gnome or Penguin:) I’ll send an invoice and ship your new puppet pal the following day:)



Chonky Penguins:

Light blue hat
Red and green hat
Purple space hat

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 12/10/2022

Hello Puppet Peeps and Happy Holidays!! I have some Chonky Penguin Puppets looking for a good home. I haven’t posted them in my Etsy shop as of yet so I thought I’d offer them up here before I raise the price to cover the Etsy fees.

I have 5 Chonky Penguin Puppets available at $80 each, plus $10 for shipping (if shipped within the U.S.) I ship with UPS and delivery times average around 3-5 business days. If you’re interested send me an FB or IG message with the hat color, and your preferred email address. I’ll send you an invoice and ship them out ASAP!

Chonky Penguins

Green hat SOLD!!
Light blue hat
Purple hat
Red hat
Multicolor with pink hat SOLD!!

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Day two of the Holiday Craft Fair in Roseville MN! Swing by to shop puppets and so many other fantastic arts and crafts built by amazing local artists. Quite a few puppets have already found new and loving homes. For those of you that are unable to visit, here’s some pics of what I have available. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested, if you’d like to snag one At the craft fair price I can invoice you for the puppet plus $25 for shipping. Happy holidays!!

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 12/03/2022

All set up for the Holiday Craft Fair in Roseville MN!! This is always a wonderful event filled with amazing local crafters and artisans! Swing by and find handmade gifts and goodies perfect for the holiday season:) The event rubs fro 10-4 today, and 12-4 on Sunday. I’m fully stocked with Holiday, Hoblins, fan art, fantasy/RPG, Roly-Poly Penguins, Gnomes, and MEGA puppets. Looking for a smaller gift? Check out my finger and glove puppets:) we’re all looking forward to seeing you here!

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 11/28/2022

Happy Holidays to my Puppet Peeps!! I’m excited to be selling my puppet wares at the Holiday Craft Fair in Roseville MN this coming Weekend, Dec 3-4. This will be my last event of the year and I hope to see you there:) I’ve been stocking up on gnomes and Roly Poly Penguins, I’ll be sneaking in some of my… other holiday creations… with a festive and wintery holiday twist makeover!! Swing out and shop my puppet wares along with all the other amazing handmade crafts created by amazing local artists. Hope to see you there!!


Did you know we take over the Roseville City Council Chamber for our sale? In that room you'll find Son of Jen puppets along with 11 other vendors selling all hand-made goods. On the lower level of City Hall you'll find Judy Carly, "The Bow Lady" (embellished garments) and Blue Ox Stoneware, and many more. Make those plans to Visit Roseville!


Tomorrow’s build…. I’m spooktacularly excited for this one:)

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 11/13/2022

Day 3 of Twin Cities Con has begun!! Yesterday was a whirlwind of good friends, family, amazing patrons and unbelievably creative cosplay:) thank you to everyone who has stopped by to show their support for my puppet biz. I look forward to meeting and chatting with more fantastic people today, and hopefully more of my puppets find their puppeteers:)


Twin Cities Con day two has begun!! We’re a little lighter in stock, but still have a plethora of puppets for sale! Gnomes and Horror fan art puppets have been the hot seller so far, I’m excited to see where the trends lead today:)

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 11/11/2022

All set up for Twin Cities Con!! Doors open in a little over an hour. Swing by this weekend for comics, collectibles, artwork, panels, celebrities and, most important of all, PUPPETS!!! Stop by the booth and grab a business card, browse my wares and chat us up about nerdy geekdom.

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 11/10/2022
Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 11/10/2022

Twin Cities Con exclusives! Starting Friday these will be available for purchase at the Con this weekend. Gandalf’s staff glows to help find his path through the darkness and Bilbos elven blade Sting warns him of danger when murderous creatures are about. If you’re able to make it to the Con, swing by my booth and experience my maniacal menagerie of puppet creations. I’ll also be taking preorders for a super secret new product which I’ll be unveiling at the Con. Keep it secret, keep it safe.

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 11/07/2022

Twin Cities Con is this weekend!! Swing out to experience this Fantastic event filled with Amazing Artists, vendors, and Celebrities!! I’ll be Tabling at the event with my maniacal menagerie of puppet creations, so swing by my booth and browse my puppet wares. Here’s a sneak peak of the first of a trio of puppets I’ll be debuting at the Con:) I’ll be fully stocked on my Hoblins , Halloweenies, horror fan art, Motu fan art, handpuppets, finger puppets, and vent puppets!!

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 10/19/2022

My HALLOWEENIES sale is up and running! Check out my Etsy shop and take advantage of the Spooooooky saving through Halloween night. I’m fully stocked with Hoblins, Hoblins Halloweenies, Hoblins friend or foe, fan art, finger puppets, glove puppets, and muppet style moving mouth puppets! Browse my Maniacal Menagerie of zany characters and grab em up before they’re gone!


Just added some Li’l sammies to the Etsy shop. Had a few requests to restock these. They tend to go pretty quick so grab one while you can!!


I Wish you all an spooky and kooky October!! To celebrate this maniacal month I’m hosting a SPOOKTACULAR sale I’m my Etsy shop. I’m offering 15% off on all puppet purchases from Oct 1st, through Halloween night. Stock up on horror fan art, 80s fan art, Hoblins, and The new Hoblins Halloweenies! Click the link and find your very own puppet pals to help you hand out candy and entertain the trick or treaters. Limited quantities on all, so grab em while you can!


Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 09/17/2022

Day two of Crypticon MN has begun! I’ve added some of Chris Anderson’s one shot horror comics to the puppet booth so come grab em before they’re gone! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the both last night. I Met so many amazing people, had great conversations, and thinned out my stock a bit. Looking forward to another fangtastic day!!

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 09/16/2022

Crypticon MN, day one!! Booth is all set up and ready to go. Event starts at 4pm and rolls through Sunday at 5, swing by and say hello, chat about puppets and spooky stuff, and shop through my puppet wares!!

Don’t forget to say the super secret phrase “I love Halloween 3!!” And receive a super secret discount on all puppet purchases from my booth during the Con.


Crypticon Minneapolis starts Tomorrow!! Along with my maniacal menagerie of moving mouth puppets, I’ll have a splattering of spooky, slip on, glove puppets! For this terrifyingly tantalizing event my glove puppets will be priced at $25 a piece, or 3 for $60!! Swing by stock up on fan art puppets of your favorite horror baddies! Say the secret phrase “I love Halloween 3!” and receive a super secret discount on all puppet purchases at the the Con. The first to say the super secret phrase will receive a free set of Halloween 3 fan art finger puppets!! Mmwaaahaahaa!!


Crypticon Minneapolis starts tomorrow!! I’ve had a few requests for Leatherface fan art puppets this year. So I’ve patterned and assembled a limited amount of “li’l leathermelon” finger puppets, and “Leathermelon” glove puppets to debut at this years event. I’m also adding my “Freddy got finger puppets” and some “li’l J.V.” Glove Puppets with a few different shirt variants at this years show. Limited quantity on each so swing by early and grab em before they’re gone!


Crypticon is this weekend!! I’ll be slinging my Puppet wares and I’m looking forward to conversing about puppets, horror, and everything else with all the amazing people this spookily fantastic event brings together!! Hi m stocked up on goodies for the kiddos trick or treat session on Friday night, and I’ll dole em out to all the other kids stopping by to see my maniacal menagerie of spooky puppet characters.. so swing by the booth for free glow in the dark bouncy balls and Halloween slap bracelets while supplies last!!


Wow!! The Waite Parks fall festival was such an amazing event! I saw so much joy, happiness and excitement in every face of the wonderful people that attended, and the overwhelming sense of community and support was absolutely inspiring:)

Thank you to each and everyone one of you, that created and visited this festival and my puppet booth. I’m humbled by the smiles, stories, conversations, excitement, love and support that you shared with my puppets and I. This festival is truly, one of my favorite events I’ve ever attended, and I will count the days until sept 9th next year to see you all again!


All set up and ready to go for the Waite Park Fall Festival!! Swing by and say hi, browse my puppet wares, and enjoy the rest of the fest, live music, local vendors, great food and perfect weather!!

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 09/09/2022

Hoblins puppets are now available at Pink Lilie in Ridgedale Mall!! Pink Lilie is a magical place featuring local artists, homemade goods, and and an amazing staff! Swing in to browse the unique and wonderful wares and show your support for this independably owned and curated shop, as well as the fantastic artists and artisans that put their heart and soul into their work:)

Photos from Hoblins's post 09/09/2022

Crypticon Minneapolis is just a few days away!! I’ll be slinging my Puppet wares among the ghoulishly awesome celebrities and vendors. Swing by my booth and speak the super secret phrase “I Love Halloween 3!” And receive a super secret discount on all puppet purchases during the 3 day event. The first person at the convention to speak the super secret phrase at our booth will also receive a their very own set of my SOTW silver shamrock finger puppets!! Woohoo!!

Photos from Son of Jen puppets's post 09/09/2022

The Hoblins Halloweenies will be making their debut at the Waite park fall festival tomorrow, Sept 10th from 3-7 pm. Swing on out to enjoy live music, activities for the kids, and local artist and vendors! I’ll have my Hoblins, Hoblins Halloweenies, and many other puppets of all shapes and sizes. Say the super secret phrase “I’m a Halloweenie!” For a super secret discount on all puppet purchases during the festival:)


New Hoblins Halloweenies will be making their debut at the Waite Park Fall Festival this coming Saturday from 3-7 Pm!! Swing on out to browse through my maniacal menagerie of puppet characters. I’ll be fully stocked with my Hoblins line, Hoblins Halloweenies, fan art, spooky Halloween, Fantasy/RPG, and so much more!! If you’re unable to attend this fantastic event, I’ll be posting pics from my Son of Jen Puppets booth. Feel free to reach out through FB, Instagram, or email during the event. I’ll honor the event pricing plus shipping cost for all puppets available. It’s gonna be a spoooky good time:)


Crypticon Minneapolis is coming up quick! Son of Jen Puppets booth will be filled with spooky Halloween puppets of all shapes and sizes! Along with with my horror fan art puppets I’ll be stocking my 80s cartoon inspired Hoblins puppets, fan art puppets and original characters spanning many genres of puppet nerdiness!! Click the link to get your tickets, check out the amazingly awesome celebrities that will be attending, and the spookily deranged events happening this year. Swing by my booth and speak the super secret password “I Love Halloween 3!!” And receive a 10 percent discount on puppet purchases during the event:)


I’ll be tabling at the Waite Park Fall Festival on Sept 10th!! It’s a really amazing community event in NE Minneapolis featuring live music, arts, activities and so much more:) swing out for a fun filled day and swing by my booth and check out my puppet wares!!


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