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MKI Group Travel


IAM interested to start Miki group travel in Malawi Africa therefore lseek your consent if you are agreement with that
Solid work, Len Evans.

We are a 'Niche' travel agency - for those needing missions, humanitarian, or adoption airfare. Click 'book now' for free, no obligation quote!

Group Airfare -- capability to hold up to 11 months in advance -- often waiving or delaying your deposits to allow you time to recruit and raise funds for your journey. Individual Airfare - utilizing sale fares, discount consolidator fares, and humanitarian fares -- geared to help you get overseas with the best price, service, and connections!! No Obligation Quotes!

Operating as usual


Mission Trips, COVID, and 2021

Just finished our 4th installment on Post Covid response and direction this afternoon. Sponsored by -- if you'd like to check em out. Here's the link: 🙂

[06/18/20]   We've been receiving requests for 'Virtual Missions' options for churches, youth groups, and individuals - especially as a result of all of the 'Covid 19' joys -- and as international travel has come to a standstill.

As such --- I'm putting together a resource for those who are interested in developing strategic partnerships, building relationships, and even being mentored by missionaries.

*** Who do you know that we should know? ****
*** Any ideas you'd like to share? ***

If you know of opportunities -- please drop us a line or IM -- and let's connect!


COVID-19 & Mission Trips Revisited (April 16, 2020)

follow up webinar - Grateful for the privilege of being a part of this. Check it out!

This is "COVID-19 & Mission Trips Revisited (April 16, 2020)" by Standards of Excellence on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people…


COVID-19 & Mission Trips Revisited (April 16, 2020)

Enjoyed being one of the panelists on the update on Covid 19 Webinar (Missions/travel/Insurance) held yesterday, sponsored by the folks at Here is the link. Enjoy!

This is "COVID-19 & Mission Trips Revisited (April 16, 2020)" by Standards of Excellence on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people…


Uganda Gold

Solid work. Must see. Well done!!!

In a country where 30% of the population doesn’t have access to clean water - drilling a sustainable well is like striking gold. 03/19/2020

Global Level 4 Health Advisory – Do Not Travel

If you need help...let us know. Especially one way flights back to the US. Move quickly.

Anchor deep! The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19.  In countries where commercial departure options remain available, U.S. citizens who live in the United States should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless they ...


COVID-19 and Mission Trips Webinar Recording

Navigating Missions in the time of Covid-19
A webinar sponsored by SOE.ORG. (replay)

Thanks for the privilege of being involved!
Medical, Insurance, and Travel considerations.

#soe #gogogo #covid19travel #mkigrouptravel

This is "COVID-19 and Mission Trips Webinar Recording" by Standards of Excellence on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. 03/14/2020

🔜 UPCOMING WEBINAR // COVID-19 and Mission Trips

Navigating missions in the age of Covid-19.

Where do we go from here?

** Come join us for a Webinar ** discussing Covid-19, and it's effect on travel, missions, mobilization, insurance, and building strategic partnerships around the world, sponsored by Standards of Excellence in short term mission ( Hope to see you there!!

[02/17/20]   CoronaVirus -- what questions/concerns are you working through as you consider traveling in 2020? We're working on a FAQ -- and would love your input so we can provide the needed resources to help you. Thank you in advance!

[01/24/20]   Corona Virus - Recommendations for Travelers / Update

If you are planning to travel to or through areas currently affected by the Coronavirus which seems to be gaining steam, here are a few suggestions:

1.) IF you already have tickets - ** the airlines have begun to offer waivers to travelers desiring to reschedule their flights ** This will prevent you from paying $2-300 per person to make changes, and is good news. Delta led the charge earlier today - and I'm confident the other legacy carriers will follow suit. Call your travel agent - or check the airlines website if you are handling this on your own.

2.) IF you decide to travel - now is the time to seriously consider travel insurance. For just a few bucks per day - you can protect yourself from undue costs if you happen to fall ill. Having insurance is just one more precaution that you should take.

3.) If you are purchasing a ticket soon - consider utilizing humanitarian fares (if you work with a 501c3, NGO, etc), Student Contract, or other consolidator fare. Most of these private contracts offer competitive pricing - AND are typically refundable and changeable, should plans need to change.

I'm confident 'this too shall pass' - but it is always wise to do your research, check with those who are onsite and/or handle travel. Travel well and Stay Well! #gogogo

[12/13/19]   Holy Land Tours -- If you or your church or organization are interested in customizing a Holy Land Tour in 2020 - NOW is the time to start locking in space. We've partnered with a phenomenal onsite Christian agency - that specializes in connecting you with the Holy Land -- from the sites - to actually connecting with other churches in-country. Opportunities for both tourism -- AND ministry opps! Track us down if you'd like more information!!

[12/09/19]   Working on a May group to China, a July crew to Krakow, and a monster group to London for June. We can hold space for you up to 11 months in advance. Beat the New Years' rush! Drop me a line if you sense we may be able to serve you! ( from 1 person... to 300!) :) #gogogo #availabilitygame


MKI Group Travel's cover photo 11/07/2019

Water for Good - with Jim Hocking - the 'Indiana Jones of water for Africa' ! - Mission Leaders Podcast -

Jim Hocking is a legend -- working tirelessly for over 20 years to bring life-giving CLEAN water to the Central African Republic. Grateful we were able to grab some time to hear his story, and how they are continuing to impact so many lives!
#waterforgood #cleanwater Jim Hocking has been working to provide clean water for the CAR for the last 20+ years. His work first with ICDI, and now with Water4Good -- is literally saving lives in the CAR and beyond. Come hear his story, and how you can be involved! 11/05/2019

Unconventional Ministry - With Dennis Wiens / SAT7 - Middle East Broadcasting - Mission Leaders Podcast -

Want some positive news out of the Middle East? For over 20 years, SAT7 has been exploding stereotypes of what it means to know and follow Jesus Christ by providing resources to those who desire to know more about how the Gospel can change lives. Join us to learn more about their 'Unconventional Ministry' throughout the Middle East and Northern A...

[10/29/19]   If you happen to be traveling for Spring Break in 2020, or even through next summer...

NOW is the time to start the search for group airfare! We've been amazed at much of the group space is already starting to disappear!

Track us down for no-obligation quotes! 10/10/2019

Launch Episode - Mission Leaders Podcast! Short Term Missions - Done 'right'... - Launch Episode - Mission Leaders Podcast! -

1st Episode dropped --- let me know if you have anyone you sense would be a good 'fit' for this podcast -- or if there are specific topics you would like discussed. #funproject The face of missions is ever-changing. On this 'inaugural' episode of the Mission Leaders Podcast, I'll be sharing from my experience leading a campus ministry in Vilnius Lithuania, as that is where many of my convictions regarding Short Term Missions were borne. My hope is that this will give you a... 10/01/2019

USA Israel Tours is a local branch of Isra Home Tours – Israeli Tour Operator

Has your church or organization ever considered a Holy Land Tour? We are now the US reps for -- a Christian Holy Land Tour Specialist. Connecting you with Israel - as well as other churches in country (in addition to the standard Holy Land Tour arrangements). Contact us by PM, or email [email protected] for more information! Come join us! 07/16/2019

7 Standards of Excellence | SOE (Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission)

If you are a missions professional, pastor, or leader of a team -- you should check out the resources here. They've been around for over 20 years -- and continue to provide SOLID material, consulting, and training! 7 Standards of Excellence - A code of best practice for short-term mission practitioners. 1: GOD-CENTEREDNESS An excellent short-term mission seeks first God’s glory and his kingdom, and is expressed through our purpose, centering on God’s glory and his ends throughout our entire short-term miss...

[06/14/19]   Question: Have you (or your church) ever considered customizing a Holy Land tour? We are partnering with an Israeli-led Christian tour company expanding their operations to include mission groups, youth groups, Holy Land tours, and even smaller (family or homeschool) groups.

Tour, partner with a messianic congregation, serve, all sorts of opportunity!

If you'd like more info, comment below or email us at [email protected]. or call!

[06/07/19]   Regarding Cuba and the new travel restrictions. Most of the changes involve cruises to Cuba, and the 'people to people' classification that Obama allowed.

However -- you can STILL go to Cuba as part of a 'religious activities, or humanitarian project'.

Current categories of allowed activities - (with proper documentation, permits, etc. include:

Categories that are licensed by the U.S. government:

Family visits
Official business of the U.S. government, foreign governments, and certain intergovernmental organizations
Journalistic activity
Professional research and/or meetings
Educational activities
Religious activities
Public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic and other competitions, and exhibitions
Activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes
Exportation, importation, or transmission of information or informational materials
Certain authorized export transactions
Support for the Cuban people
Humanitarian projects

**** If you are looking for connections on how to make this happen, contact us. We've 'got a guy' who is a great resource, and leads teams to Cuba all the time. Would love to put you in touch with him! :)


Got this from a friend today -- gave me my 'Fryday smile' -- :) Lots of summer travel booking lately - and groups already booking for Fall and through next April! Where are YOU going??? Go go go!


Happy Bday Israel! Interested in taking a group from your church or organization? Track us down for more information! We've got a new Holy Land Tour partner - that is doing phenomenal work with the teams we send!

Happy birthday, Israel !!!

[03/21/19]   Good news for those traveling to Brazil!!! It looks like the visa requirement is being lifted!

Given the fact that traditionally - this has been one of the most difficult countries to obtain a visa for (we once had visas rejected because we signed the form in blue ink - instead of black ink!) -- this is great news!

[03/15/19]   According to a recent industry white paper, in the 45 days prior to booking travel—from beginning research to final purchase—the traveling American spent 22.95 hours of their time, and visited over 100 different websites. ---
(Others - just called their travel agent, and spent those 23 hours focused on the work that only THEY could do). Give us a call!


MKI Group Travel


MKI Group Travel's cover photo 03/05/2019

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: 7 Proven Strategies to Overcome Fundraising Failure. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar.

Well worth your time. I continue to be impressed with the value of their knowledge and expertise in this area which is so difficult for many! Check em out! In this free webinar, we'll unpack the reasons why your fundraisers may not be bringing in the funds you need. Then, we'll dig in to what you can do to overcome those failures and start raising more funds with less stress. 03/01/2019

Vidyard GoVideo Recording

Early Morning shout out to Go Be Love International before heading over to their conference here in Atlanta this morning. I give them my 'three hats' recommendation. Check em out! Go go go! #gobeloveconference Vidyard GoVideo Recording

[02/28/19]   Whew! Tip of the day! TSA lines at MSP are LONG at 4am! Lots of 5-530am flights...and the gates don't open til 4!!! #gobeloveinternational #eventravelagentsbarelymaketheirflights!

[02/24/19]   "An indespensible travel agent is like a seasoned concierge: better connected than the internet, faster than a T3 line, able to book the unbookable with a single call." ~ Conde Nast Traveler

[02/21/19]   Just got a call from Africa from a missionary needing an emergency flight TODAY.

The best price they could find online for a one way direct flight ? $1067! Our cost for a missionary fare (on the same direct flight)? -- $503 !!! 5 minutes on the phone -- and they are on their way!!! Gotta Love it! #servefirstthebizwillfollow #privatecontractsrule 02/15/2019

Anti-government protest in Haiti, shops looted

Challenging times for our partners in Haiti. We have been working to help bring some home - -and others to rebook/reroute during this crisis. Keep Praying!! Hundreds gathered in downtown Port-au-Prince on February 12 to demonstrate against economic mismanagement and corruption and to ask for President Jovenel Moise to step down. 01/11/2019

Go Be Love Conference 2019 | Go Be Love

Come Join us! - we got the link to the conference I'm speaking at in a few months. Bob Goff is the main speaker so it promises to be a great time to learn, network, and expand your IMPACT!
If you know of anyone interested in going - let us know, and we can get you $50 off your registration! Go Be Love Conference 2019 Pursuing Excellence in Short-Term Missions Go Be Love Conference 2019 Since 2005, Go Be Love International has prepared and sent thousands of short-term trip participants to mission fields all over the world. Engage with us as we tackle big topics with global relevance tog...


For those of you serving with non-profits -- Mary and Joel are two phenomenal resources!!! Check em out!

Thanks to everyone who joined in on today's webinar on the "7 Year-End Fundraising Secrets Every Nonprofit Should Know"! We had a great crowd. Hope you left with some new tools in your tool belt for the next couple of weeks!

If you missed it live and want to catch the recording the link is in the comment section. Thanks!


Serve. Connect. Provide. Our desire is to serve those who are serving, connect opportunities to serve -- with the folks who desire to serve -- and PROVIDE superior service and competitive discount airfare for those traveling internationally, either as individuals -- or as part of a group.



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