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An Amazing Dance Vacation! www.dsdestinations.com DS Destinations is the premier travel resource for your next dance vacation! Vacationing since 2002, DS Destinations has extensive experience in planning and coordinating dance focused vacations, ensuring luxury, comfort, and unforgettable entertainment.

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[01/07/14]   We leave for Puerto Vallarta in less than a month!! With this sub-zero weather we are even more excited!


Dancers Studio

Join these 5 crazy and talented professionals in Puerto Vallarta Feb. 3rd thru Feb. 10th 2014 for an amazing dance getaway!!


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[09/01/13]   The first 10 people to enroll for the 2014 Destination trip will receive a FREE private dance lesson on the trip! So far we have had two people enroll, so come in soon before its too late!

[08/31/13]   The 2014 dsDesinations trip location has been decided! We are going to Puerto Vallarta February 3-10, 2014!

[06/16/13]   Are there any certain excursions anyone would like to go on?


Here is one option!


Here is a hint!


Anyone getting excited to find out where next year's destination will be?


Just a little something to brighten up this dreary weather.

[05/22/13]   We are starting to plan the Destinations trip for 2014. We have narrowed our resort selection down to four. Where would you like to go?

Cancun 2013 02/09/2013

Cancun 2013


Hello from Mariusz and Jeff, soaking up some sun in Cancun, while the rest of us shovel snow!!


DS Destinations's cover photo


DS Destinations's cover photo

[12/23/12]   Dancers Studio holiday hours:

Monday, December 24th CLOSED
Tuesday, December 25th CLOSED
Monday, December 31st 10am-6pm
Tuesday, January 1st CLOSED

[12/21/12]   There is still time to sign up for the DS Destinations 2013 Cancun trip!! Don't miss out on the vacation of a lifetime January 25 - February 1, 2013 including:
• 7 nights / 8 days at Omni Resort, all meals included
• 4 Hours of Dance Workshops with Guest Coach Mariusz Olszewski!!
• Over 15 hours of dance workshops
• Nightly dinners and dancing with Dancers Studio Staff
• Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages included
• Wood dance floor in beautiful air-conditioned ballroom
• Omni amenities: 24-hour room service, fitness center, in- room mini-bar (refreshed daily), extensive leisure activities including Zumba, aqua aerobics, volleyball, and trivia games
• Non-stop, round-trip air from Minneapolis to Cancun, Mexico
• Two FREE checked bags
• Pure, gorgeous Cancun sun and fun!

dsdestinations.com 12/17/2012

Destination: Cancun Dance Getaway 2013! « DS Destinations – Worldwide Dance Vacations!

The down payment deadline is drawing near! Make sure to contact the studio to register for the trip of a lifetime by Wednesday, December 19th!

Dancers Studio: 651-641-0777

Check out our website for trip details and to see photos and videos from previous Cancun vacations!


[12/14/12]   The Cancun 2013 trip is getting closer! Inquire today at the studio about registration and pricing. Don't miss out on this amazing dance vacation!
Trip Dates: January 25, 2013- February 1, 2013.
Dancers Studio: 651-641-0777

omnihotels.com 12/12/2012

Cancun Hotels, Resorts & Villas | All-Inclusive Resort| Omni Hotels & Resorts - Cancun

Check out the Omni Hotel website to view their beautiful amenities for the Ds Destinations 2013 Cancun trip!

omnihotels.com The all-inclusive Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas offers a luxury five-star resort experience in the heart of Cancun, along the glorious Mexican Caribbean. Book here for our Best Rate Guaranteed and all-inclusive resort packages.


Need another reason to go on the Ds Destination vacation to Cancun January 25- February 1, 2013?! Guest coach, Mariusz Olszewski will be leading 4 hours of dance workshops and is also available for private lessons! Get fantastic dancing instruction from an amazing dancer!


Have you signed up for the Cancun 2013 trip yet?? If not, down payments have been extended to December 19th!

Join Ds Destinations from January 25-February 1 2013 at the Omni Hotel in Cancun, Mexico for the trip of a lifetime, and enjoy these TERRIFIC ammenities and events:
• 7 nights / 8 days at Omni Resort, all meals included
• 4 Hours of Dance Workshops with Guest Coach Mariusz Olszewski!!
• Over 15 hours of dance workshops
• Nightly dinners and dancing with Dancers Studio Staff
• Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages included
• Wood dance floor in beautiful air-conditioned ballroom
• Omni amenities: 24-hour room service, fitness center, in- room mini-bar (refreshed daily), extensive leisure activities including Zumba, aqua aerobics, volleyball, and trivia games
• Non-stop, round-trip air from Minneapolis to Cancun, Mexico
• Two FREE checked bags
• Pure, gorgeous Cancun sun and fun!

Dance, Play, Sail Away! Alaskan Dance Cruise 2012 10/05/2012

Join us this August 19-26 on this amazing dance getaway!

Join us this August 19-26 on this amazing dance getaway!


Traveling this weekend? Stay safe and enjoy the long weekend! Happy Labor Day!


dsDestinations and Dancers Studio had a wonderful time on the 2012 Alaska Dance Cruise! For more information about dsDestinations or to learn more about upcoming vacations visit http://www.dsdestinations.com/

dsdestinations.com 08/21/2012

DS Destinations – Worldwide Dance Vacations!

Want to take a vacation with DS Destinations? Check out www.dsdestinations.com for the latest news and upcoming vacations!

dsdestinations.com Experience the breathtaking beauty of Alaska as dsDestinations takes the vacation of a lifetime! Join dsDestinations August 19-26, on an amazing Alaskan Dance Cruise aboard the ms Oosterdam of Holland America Cruise Line. Indulge yourself in the majestic scenery, spectacular nightly dance parties, e...

[08/19/12]   Today is the day! The 2012 Alaska Dance Cruise is setting sail today! Wishing all our dancing friends safe travels and a wonderful dance-filled vacation!


Only 3 days from the 2012 Alaska Dance Vacation!

[08/07/12]   Travel Tip Tuesday!

Flights: Paying too much for a flight is a huge pain, but sometimes it feels like there are few other options. Get Smart.

Before you go…
- Use Bing’s travel site with a fare predictor. You put in the dates and places, and the Fareologist will show you a break down of recent prices for this flight, advising if it’s a good time to buy or you’d be better off waiting.

When booking…
- Know the best tips to get the best prices - like booking on Tuesday 3 pm EST and searching for flights heading somewhere on Wednesdays, Saturdays, or Tuesdays.

If you want to travel to someplace specific…
- A friend who flies home to see her family often told me about Airfare Watchdog. You sign up for alerts for specific flights - let’s say New York to LA - and you’ll receive email notifications as soon as deals for that destination are available.


If you’re renting…
- General travel sites like Expedia will search the best car deals but another route is to search through your company (or even holding/partner compaies) to take advantage of a corporate discount.

If you’re without…
- OffMetro is a great site for people living in the metro areas of NYC and San Francisco who are looking to get away without a car. They suggest places to go (let’s say you’re interested in accessing a few beaches in the area) and how you can get door to door via train or other clever, non-car ways.


Take your pick on where to rest your head…
- Sign up for reward points at any hotel you frequent. If you travel for work, there’s no question you should be taking advantage of this to get a few free nights later.
- Keep an eye out for deals by following Travel Zoo’s Top 20. Every week they publish the top deals from flights to hotels to entertainment. For our trip, I booked a fancy hotel at a huge discount price in the center or a major (i.e. expensive!) city.
- Save money with Bed and Breakfasts or hotels where breakfast is included. One less meal on the road, is money in your pocket.
- If you’re up for it, do a house swap. I had a friend who stayed here through AirBnB.


What do do…
- log on to Trip Advisor, input your destination (Napa, CA) and up pops all the information you need to know about the attractions you can’t miss and the best hotels, all with experienced reviews from first hand visitors.
- Utilize the hotel concierge. I recently got a deal on show tickets through a hotel and the discount was better than any other published deal I found online.

Where to eat…
- Browse the foodie chat boards on Chowhound or search on yelp to get suggestions and reviews from the people who have experienced it first hand.
- Simply input your location (hotel, show, etc) and see what’s in the area via Google Maps.

hollandamerica.com 07/31/2012

Cruise Planning & Advice, Preparation - Cruise Tips and Info - Holland America Line

Travel Tip Tuesday!

New to cruising? dsDestinations is traveling aboard the ms Oosterdam of Holland America Cruise Line this August! Check out the link below for cruising tips from Holland America!


hollandamerica.com There are so many details when it comes to preparing for your cruise, to make your preparations easier visit our most popular subject areas.

[07/24/12]   Travel Tip Tuesday!

Save money by choosing the right airport! The three airports where prices were the lowest were all in California, with Burbank's Bob Hope Airport coming in as the cheapest with flights averaging $221. Long Beach and Fresno were two and three, with flights averaging $250 and $290 respectively. Rounding out the top five were two Pennsylvania airports—Harrisburg International ($304) and Lehigh Valley ($307).

Wondering what the most expensive airports were? New York's JFK came in fifth with flights averaging $678, followed by Kahului in Maui ($712), Charleston, South Carolina ($717), and Honolulu ($854). The top spot went to Anchorage's airport, where flights averaged a whopping $964!

huffingtonpost.com 07/17/2012

PHOTOS: 10 Tricks & Tips From Pilots

Travel Tip Tuesday!

Top 10 Flying Tips from Pilots:

huffingtonpost.com We came across an article in Reader's Digest entitled "50 Things Your Pilot Won't Tell You." While we have to admit the title made us nervous, it also intrigued us.

[07/10/12]   Travel Tip Tuesday:

How Can I Avoid Seasickness?
Staying busy and keeping your mind occupied are the best ways to avoid seasickness. Try to stay on deck in the fresh air and focus on anything other than the moving ship. Take deep breaths and drink plenty of water. When on deck, facing forward (rather than to the side) seems to help most people. Remember that you need to let your brain adjust to this new unstable environment by allowing the horizon to act as the true point of reference.

Although drinking plenty of water is important, you also need to keep something in your stomach (although spicy or fatty food is not recommended). Lying down in a deck chair in the fresh air often helps many people; it's almost like you can sleep it off! Most modern cruise ships are equipped with stabilizers that eliminate much of the motion that causes seasickness. This is one time when bigger might be better-the larger the ship, the less it will rock! If you know you are prone to seasickness, try to get a cabin on the outside (with a window) and mid-ship where there is less motion.

local.amazon.com 07/06/2012

AmazonLocal St. Paul: Today's Local Daily Deal

Want to learn how to dance? Check out this amazing deal for group dance classes at Dancers Studio in Saint Paul, Minnesota!

local.amazon.com Great St. Paul deals that save you up to 75% on St. Paul restaurants, spas, entertainment, and more.

[07/03/12]   Travel Tip Tuesday:

Cruising Etiquette
Even though your cruise ship may be bigger than your hometown, it's still one place where many people must coexist harmoniously. Be courteous and respectful of others by following these guidelines.

Dress Properly -Even if you're allergic to dress codes, do not show up to a formal dinner in jeans and flip-flops. The ship will have a code for each day, so learn it.

Keep Your Children Close - Kids, we all love them, except when they're someone else's. If you travel with your little ones please keep them under control, especially around pools and while passing through more adult-centered areas such as the casino.

Learn the Ship's Language - Your vessel is a ship and never a boat, and the ship is always a she or her. Left is port, right is starboard. Aft means rear or stern, while the bow is the front of the ship. The bridge is where the Captain and his crew control the ship, and only some ships have open bridge policies.

Save One Seat, Not All - While it's okay to save a seat for your companion, it's poor form to save a row of seats for your entire table. The same goes for deck chairs.

Follow Jogging Rules - Most ships post hours when running is allowed because passenger cabins are often located under the jogging deck and some people prefer to sleep at 6 a.m. than listen to your footfalls.



415 Pascal St N
Saint Paul, MN

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Star Wars: In Concert, the unique multi-media event featuring music from all six of John Williams’ epic Star Wars scores, will play two performances on Sunday, July 11 at 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul.

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OceanGrafix is the first company to offer NOAA print-on-demand nautical charts for recreational and commercial mariners.

Yoga and a Pint Yoga and a Pint
550 Vandalia Street Suite 160
Saint Paul, 55114

Yoga and a Pint Online classes include: 60 min Yoga Classes (broken into 20 min segments), Strength classes (about 10 min each), Kiddo Yoga Classes (20 min each), and much more! Every class has a theme and a playlist available on Spotify!

Metropolitan State University Fitness Room Metropolitan State University Fitness Room
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