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Star Tribune is reporting that the store ownership thinks the selling of bird seed is an essential service and therefore they are staying open. I understand that some birds can become somewhat dependent on home bird feeders, but c'mon guys this is ridiculous.
Cat in a box (not for sale -sorry)!
Summit University neighborhood this morning.
We're so excited to welcome Wild Birds Unlimited - St Paul as a presenter at Arboretum & Audubon: A Day of Birding Walks and Workshops on Saturday, May 18! We'd be so grateful if you could share this event to your followers. Thank you--we look forward to welcoming you to the Arboretum!
Raven's birthday is tomorrow - our neighbors next door (Weight Watchers) dropped off a birthday card. Raven sez "Mraouwwww!"

We sell more than bird seed and bird feeders. We are trained to show you how to turn your yard into a bird feeding habitat.

Wild Birds Unlimited specializes in bringing people and nature together through the hobby of backyard bird feeding and nature products. Our stores offer the highest quality products including Bird food, Bird Baths and Bird houses.


Songbird Meadow presented by Wild Birds Unlimited at the 2023 EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival is home to several native plants which provides a favorable habitat for birds and insects alike.

Scientists have identified habitat loss as a contributing factor for the decline in bird populations. One of the best things you can do is create a wildlife friendly habitat in your yard, on your patio or balcony. Native plants are a key element in your habitat. They can provide food, shelter and a place to raise their young. Below are a few native plant resources to get you started in creating a bird-friendly habitat in your yard:

National Wildlife Federation's Native Plant Finder: nwf.org/nativeplantfinder
Birds Canada: birdgardens.ca
National Audubon: audubon.org/native-plants
Pollinator.org: pollinator.org/guides

Together we can help


Once on the decline, more and more people are successful at attracting bluebirds. Their brilliant blue plumage, social nature and cheerful song add a little joy to any backyard they visit. A great way to entice them (and a variety of other songbirds) is by offering some of their favorite foods like Nesting SuperBlend®️, Bark Butter®️ products and mealworms.

Featured Bird: Eastern Bluebird
WBU Food: WBU Seed Blend
Feeder: Good Morning Bluebird Feeder

Timeline photos 03/20/2023

The WBU Owl Cam is up and streaming live video for another nesting season. And guess what? Mama owl has laid an egg! Follow along with us as we witness one of nature's most fascinating family interactions. Click here to check it out: www.wbu.com/owl-cam

Featured Bird: Barred Owl
Featured Product: WBU Barred Owl House

Timeline photos 03/20/2023

Regardless of what the weather is doing outside, the first day of spring, or vernal equinox, is Monday, March 20. That means there will be an increasing number of daylight hours and warming temperatures. That's pretty cool, even if it's a little less cool than what it was....

Timeline photos 03/17/2023

Happy St. Patrick's Day! From filling feeders to participating in Project FeederWatch, the birds are lucky to have nature enthusiasts like you looking after their needs!

Photos from Cornell Lab of Ornithology's post 03/16/2023

Winners have officially been chosen for the 2023 BirdSpotter Photo Contest! Congratulations to the top 10 finalists and thank you to all who participated by either submitting or voting for your favorite photos! Click here for more info on this year's winners: https://www.wbu.com/birdspotter/

Timeline photos 03/16/2023

Bluebirds are finally making their way back! Check out the latest post to learn why bluebirds are so beloved to us and how to welcome them back to our yards this season: https://www.wbu.com/bluebirds-always-bring-a-smile/

Data Entry Contest: What’s Your Feeder Setup like? 03/16/2023

Data Entry Contest: What’s Your Feeder Setup like?

Data Entry Contest: What’s Your Feeder Setup like? |Red-bellied Woodpecker by Bob Vuxinic | For the seventh season in a row, Project FeederWatch and our sponsor Wild Birds Unlimited are rewarding registered FeederWatchers with the chance to win prizes. This year, Celestron is joining the fun and offering one pair of binoculars to each data entry con...

Timeline photos 03/15/2023

Bluebirds always bring a smile. Even though early pioneers' use of the land resulted in habitat changes that left bluebird numbers in steep decline by the mid-1960s. Recognizing the issue, countless people began building nest boxes across the land, much to the benefit of bluebirds. Today, they are commonplace, not only in the countryside, but also in urban backyards.

Featured Bird: Eastern Bluebirds


Songbird Meadow with Jim Carpenter

Take a virtual trip to Walt Disney World Resort and visit the Songbird Meadow presented by Wild Birds Unlimited, during the EPCOT® International Flower & Garden Festival with Jim Carpenter, founder and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited.

Together we can help

Timeline photos 03/09/2023

John and Brian discuss how bluebirds delight us with their beautiful song, “color” and wonderful demeanor. Plus, expert tips on attracting them to your yard and inviting them to raise a family. Listen here: www.wbu.com/podcast/episode-71-bluebirds-your-backyard-buddies

Timeline photos 03/09/2023

Add some "reduce, reuse, recycle" to your own backyard with our Earth-friendly EcoTough®️ bird feeders or nesting boxes. They're made up of plastics that would otherwise end up in landfills. Click here to learn more: www.wbu.com/save-the-song-birds

Timeline photos 03/07/2023

Wild Birds Unlimited is proud to present Songbird Meadow at the 2023 EPCOT® International Flower & Garden Festival at Walt Disney World® Resort. We invite you to stop by now through July 5 to enjoy the garden and learn how you can help .

Whether you have a grand estate or room for just a simple container of native plants, you can create a bird-friendly garden right in your own backyard. Birds and plants: it's a magical match-up!

If you're able to visit Songbird Meadow at EPCOT in person, be sure to share a photo on social media tagged with the hashtags and . Be sure to follow our social channels as we share updates from the garden each week of the festival.

Timeline photos 03/02/2023

Bluebirds' gentle demeanor, melodious song and undeniable beauty have been admired for generations. They are a true source of joy and our day simply would not be the same without them. Show your bluebirds how much you admire them by offering a clean nest box and your feeders filled with bluebirds' favorite foods like our Nesting SuperBlend®️, Bark Butter®️ products and mealworms. Learn more here: www.wbu.com/birds/bluebirds

Featured Bird: Eastern Bluebird
WBU Food: Mealworms
Feeder: Single QuickBites® Feeder

Timeline photos 02/25/2023

It's almost time to vote for your favorite photo from the 2023 Photo Contest! Judges are currently in the process of choosing 10 finalists. Keep a look out to see when final photos have been uploaded and secure your vote here: www.wbu.com/birdspotter

Featured Bird: White-breasted Nuthatch

Timeline photos 02/20/2023

Whether you have a single feeder in your yard or a wildlife oasis, feeding the birds brings joy to every member of the family. Make sure it stays a part of your daily life with these tips for getting more bang for your buck:

1. Use the Right Foods:
The price of discount store seed blends may look good up front. But those bags can contain as much as 90% filler grains (like milo, wheat and oats), which most songbirds don’t eat.

2. Use No-Mess Blends:
Traditional blends include seeds that are still in the shell, with the shells themselves accounting for up to 50% of the total weight of a bag of seed. Our WBU No-Mess Blends feature seeds that have had their shells removed so the birds eat everything and there's no waste.

3. Use Seed Cylinders:
Seed Cylinders are made from tightly-packed, high-quality bird food. Simply put, they are the easiest, longest-lasting way to feed your birds.

4. Protect Your Bird Food:
Use baffles and cages to protect bird food from critters and to keep nuisance birds (like starlings and grackles) from eating all the food.

5. Feed a Little at a Time:
Bird feeders are a beneficial daily supplement to natural diets and not the birds’ sole source of food. It's fine to fill your feeders partially and only at times when you can actively watch and enjoy the birds.

6. Join our Daily Savings Club!
One of the best ways to stretch your bird feeding budget is to join our Daily Savings Club®️. You'll get 15% OFF regular prices of all bird food every day, 5% OFF bird food sales prices and earn points towards a $10 Bird Buck coupon with every purchase.

Timeline photos 02/17/2023

Looking for something fun (and important) to do this weekend? 👀

Participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count. It's a fun, family-friendly activity which helps scientists better understand birds' lives and the many factors impacting their welfare. And it's a simple action you can take to help .

Here's how to join in:
1. Keep your feeders filled to attract a wide variety of birds to your backyard.
2. For at least 15 minutes on one or more of the count days (February 17-20, 2023), simply tally the numbers and kinds of birds you see.
3. Report your bird sightings: https://www.birdcount.org/participate. That's it! You'll be doing the birds a favor, while having a little fun.

Wild Birds Unlimited is proud to be a founding and major sponsor of the . Be sure to stop by a WBU store for everything you need to keep your feeders filled throughout the count.

Timeline photos 02/15/2023

More than 380,000 bird watchers from around the world will come together February 17-20 to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC). The collected information gives a better understanding of birds' lives and the many factors that are impacting their welfare. The GBBC is a perfect family activity, tailor-made for kids, grandkids or even classrooms. Visit www.wbu.com/gbbc to learn how easy it is for you to become a GBBC Citizens Scientist.

Featured Bird: Tufted Titmice
WBU Food: WBU Hot Pepper Seed Cylinder
Feeder: Seed Cylinder Feeder

Data Entry Contest: How Does Your Habitat Benefit Birds? 02/14/2023

Data Entry Contest: How Does Your Habitat Benefit Birds?

There's still time to participate in ! If you're interested in capturing data to help scientists learn about the birds in your area, this is your sign to register! Learn more here: https://feederwatch.org/

Data Entry Contest: How Does Your Habitat Benefit Birds? | Gray Catbird by Laura Frazier | For the seventh season in a row, Project FeederWatch and our sponsor Wild Birds Unlimited are rewarding registered FeederWatchers with the chance to win prizes. This year, Celestron is joining the fun and offering one pair of binoculars to each data entry contest wi...

Timeline photos 02/14/2023

It's Valentine's Day, and love isn't the only thing in the air. There are also a bunch of hungry birds trying to survive winter! Show your birds some love by filling your feeders.

Timeline photos 02/12/2023

Participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count and help scientists by watching the birds in your backyard. Your observations, combined with those from other nature enthusiasts, provide important data about bird populations and movements. Click here to learn more: www.wbu.com/gbbc

Timeline photos 02/09/2023

Learn how you can contribute to world-wide conservation efforts just by sharing your backyard birds during the GBBC, February 17-20, 2023. Special guest Becca Rodomsky-Bish, Project Leader for GBBC, joins John & Brian to tell us all about this amazing, world-wide program. Plus hear a few tips along the way. Listen here: www.wbu.com/podcast/episode-70-birds-bring-the-world-together-february-17-20-2023

Timeline photos 02/07/2023

Timeline photos

What do you do to make your backyard a haven for your avian friends? Share your story! After submitting data online, participants have the chance to win a $200 gift card to Wild Birds Unlimited and one Celestron binocular. Two winners will be randomly selected February 14th.

To find the submission page, simply submit a count. Or, start at Your Data Homepage online on our website. Next, click "View or Edit Your Previous Counts". Here, click "View" on any of your previous counts, and you will see a button to Enter to Win. Good luck!

📷: Dark-eyed Junco by Robert David Atkinson

Register For The Bird Feeding Watch Party | Live On Bird Cams 02/03/2023

Register For The Bird Feeding Watch Party | Live On Bird Cams

Join the Cornell Lab of Ornithology team for a LIVE Bird Feeder Watch Party! The webinar will showcase Cornell's livestream of their FeederWatch Bird Cams on Tuesday, February 7th at 1-2pm ET. The Cornell team will share commentary, natural history tidbits, curiosity and community with viewers and each other. When you register, a link to the YouTube page will be provided. Hope to see you there!

Register here: https://bit.ly/3DDH7N0

Register For The Bird Feeding Watch Party | Live On Bird Cams Join a group from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for a fun livestream of our FeederWatch Bird Cams on Tuesday, February 7 2023, 1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. EST.

Timeline photos 02/03/2023

It's like a day was made just for us! Feed the Birds Day is February 3. And we might be biased, but there's nothing better than filling your feeders and enjoying the birds that soon follow.

Timeline photos 02/02/2023

We're proud to be the founding and major sponsor of the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), which takes place this year February 17-20. The GBBC unites bird watchers from around the globe to gather real-time data on more than 7,000 bird species. Visit www.wbu.com/gbbc to learn how easy it is to be a part of a community dedicated to making a better life for birds around the world.

Featured Bird: Blue Jay
WBU Food: WBU Seed Cylinder
Feeder: Tidy Cylinder Feeder

Timeline photos 02/01/2023

February is National Bird Feeding Month! That's right, an entire month dedicated to our favorite hobby. Who cares that it's the shortest and coldest month of the year, we'll take it! Celebrate with us all month long by feeding and enjoying your birds!

Timeline photos 01/28/2023

Happy 42nd Anniversary, Wild Birds Unlimited! Founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1981, we're proud to say there are now more than 350 Wild Birds Unlimited locations across North America. Here's to another year of bringing people and nature together!

Timeline photos 01/23/2023

Did you know that wild bird populations have dropped by nearly 30% (or 3 billion birds) since 1970? Watching the birds and reporting your findings is one way you can help . When you participate in Project FeederWatch, you can make a difference.

Now through the end of January, our loyal customers can save money while helping to Save the Song Birds. Simply join Project FeederWatch and our partners at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology will give you 50% OFF the annual participation fee ($9 value) for the remainder of the season, which runs now through the end of April.

Join now using the discount code: WBUPFW22. Then, count the birds on your schedule. You choose how long and on which days to count the birds, then enter the data online. Hurry! Offer expires January 31 and is valid for US customers only. Have fun counting the birds.

Register here: https://join.feederwatch.org/
More about how to Save The Song Birds: https://www.wbu.com/save-the-song-birds/

Timeline photos 01/21/2023

We've had our differences, but maybe it's time to call a truce, even if it's just for one day. January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day, and while they can be a menace, they're also pretty darn adorable and fun to watch. So enjoy your day, squirrels, because the truce ends on January 22.

Wild Birds Unlimited updated their information in their About section. 01/20/2023

Wild Birds Unlimited updated their information in their About section.

Wild Birds Unlimited updated their information in their About section.

Timeline photos 01/19/2023

Winter is a wonderful time to feed the birds. Not only is it a chance to help the birds get the necessary fats for surviving longer nights and colder temperatures, but it's also a good time to see a variety of birds visiting your feeders.

Featured Bird: White-breasted Nuthatch
WBU Food: Winter SuperBlend® Seed Cylinder
Feeder: FeatherWeight Seed Cylinder Feeder

Timeline photos 01/17/2023

Birds rely on a high-fat diet to sustain itself during the long winter nights. Check out the latest post to learn how to help your feathery friends survive and thrive this winter: www.wbu.com/helping-to-tame-winter-for-your-birds

Timeline photos 01/15/2023

For birds, the daily challenge is to find enough food to not only make it through each day, but also to replace their fat reserves for the coming night -- all in the course of limited daylight hours. Offering high-fat foods, such as our Winter SuperBlend®️, SuperSuet®️ and Jim's Birdacious®️ Bark Butter®️, is just one way you can help your birds survive the challenges of winter.

Featured Birds: Carolina Wren & Eastern Bluebird
WBU Food: WBU Seed & Suet Stackables®
Feeder: Mini Cylinder Feeder

Timeline photos 01/12/2023

There is a reason you don’t see birds at the gym trying to lose that holiday weight. They want fat! Learn how birds use fat and other strategies to survive long, cold winter nights: www.wbu.com/podcast/fatten-up-your-birds


National Bird Day Illustration Time Lapse

We truly have the most talented and skillful staff here at Wild Birds Unlimited.

Today, we celebrate WBU's very own graphic designer and the positive impact she makes with her keen ability to story tell and bring the WBU mission to life through her work.

You may recall our post from last week (check it out if you haven't seen it)! Our graphic designer put her heart and soul into creating and designing the illustration for that post.

Here's a sneak peek into her process, from drawing the birds by hand, to designing the final product in Adobe Fresco with her iPad.

Timeline photos 01/09/2023

We're big fans of caffeine. We're really big fans of bird-friendly, shade-grown coffees that preserve native forests that birds depend on for survival. Click here to learn more: www.wbu.com/save-the-song-birds




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