We buy & sell Lego®. This is an effort of parents to teach our kids entrepreneurial skills. We like to say, "We're all over that." We'll find your Lego®

This started with a boy who was wild about Lego®, who eventually had a son who was wild about Lego®. The interest became the opportunity to teach son & daughter some entrepreneurial skills. We buy and sell the toys. Sometimes we have sets or random parts to sell locally, but we always keep some premium parts stocked on our Bricklink website. If you are looking for someone to acquire an old set or complete it, we are your seekers.


Ah, the fun of all these collectable minifigures. A ton of these were just added to our stash on Bricklink. Check it out. We will trade for the few that our collection is missing.


Way too much unsorted inventory. We need a committed Lego room, which we really don't have. Any suggestions? Any which way, I see a sale in our future and a lot more inventory available that hasn't been listed before. Want anything special? Let us know.


Bricktopus now has a live Instagram account! Go check us out


Lego is always the answer.


Still loves Lego. And what was he building?, or was he just dreaming?

Photos from Bricktopus's post 03/30/2020

From our sheltered Lego lair....Yes!, we are still filling orders and moving cool old Lego. Here we have a sweet old Star Wars set, and an important customer has asked to see how nice the box is. As you can see, it’s real niiice.


Well, Isaac of Bricktopus just turned 14. But it's not the last year he's going to enjoy this set! Keep on building, fellow Lego enthusiasts.


Some shiny packaging from a Lego seller partner. We’re putting together parts for someone‘s custom Star Wars build. What projects do you want to work on? Let us help!


Lots of orders already for February. Just some of Bricktopus' Lego orders going out the door this morning. Happy building!


Holidays are coming, and I'm feeling pretty well stocked with Lego parts and sets. This is our inventory, a magical place to get lost for a few hours. Mind you, this is the unlisted inventory. We'll be posting some discontinued Lego sets that we have for sale this year.


Dino-Score. We'll be playing with these for a while. Eventually, a few will be for sale, along with our ever-expanding inventory. Remember, if there's Lego that you can't find for Christmas, let us know.


It’s looking bright and beautiful today. A friendly reminder to get out of your house and plant a garden.


I found some Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw Quidditch uniforms. Any Harry Potter fans want to put in an order for some? Let us know.


Isaac's Modern house took top marks at the Lego Store Last night, so we had to leave it there. Its in a display case on the east side of the Lego Store near the North face. Thanks to Young Builder's and Designers for offering the event, the Lego Store for supporting this, and all those who mentor and work with kids including Crows Nest Design. Watch this page for news of future Young Builder and Designers' events. For those that are sharp eyed-our family is modeled in minifigure and included in the front yard.


Bricktopus designed and built this modern house for Today's Young Builders and Designers house competition at Mall of America today.


We're down a couple of our participants for this Lego Housing Competition. But we have a great list of ideas if people are interested in joining our team. We'll meet to work on models this weekend and put things together at the competition Tuesday. Contact us to be a last minute participant!


This very old and classic set went out in today's mail. It was really cool to build it once. May it entertain many a kid. Our tally for the week was shipping out about $500 worth of lego. Not too bad.


Soon to hit our Market: This epic Hogwarts Castle. Quite a find, and we were able to fix/find most of the pieces. Turns out it's missing only 4 now. If you're into Harry Potter...This is your lego set.


Proud of Isaac of Bricktopus for a good showing with his Cyber Village Academy Team in this year's Lego League competitions.

CVA Robotics Students finished in 2nd place and won the Judges Award.


Isaac of Bricktopus, still loves Lego that much.


Britain's only certified LEGO builder

Check this out, Isaac Cap. All that's missing for Bricktopus is the space. (and steel, and a million pieces)

Photos from Bricktopus's post 08/24/2017

We visited a talented Lego designer last night. Patrick really makes the most of living in a house full of Lego. Bricktopus salutes your work, it was a pleasure to see it.

Timeline photos 03/07/2017

The latest Lego we bought is encouraging watching a sunset on a beach with a loved one. Aww Lego, so sweet.

Timeline photos 01/27/2017

We've recently sponsored an event by the Young Builders and Designers group taking place at the LEGO store (Mall of America) Tuesday 6-8. The theme is housing. It is a house design competition. Right now, I am a team of 2. I’ve been told that we are the only people representing Saint Paul. We want more young Lego designers from Saint Paul! I can add up to 8, and I’m offering to hold a couple Lego building workshops this weekend, if kids are interested in the team. Grand prize is having your team’s Lego creation on display at the Lego Store. Message me for details on fee, t-shirt and questions.

Timeline photos 12/11/2016

Our $6 quart bags taking space in the inventory. They need to be in Christmas stockings! Message us for this and our Minifigures.

Timeline photos 11/26/2016

Our owners and setup at the Midway Holiday Pop-up Shop. Come on down. Selling Lego inventory until 4 today.

Photos from Bricktopus's post 09/09/2016

Our good friend, Chip, built an expanded Star Wars First Order Transporter to be just like it was in the movie. Pretty good work Chip. Bricktopus salutes! Chip has been selling Lego with us, and we owe him money. Uhm, the check's in the mail. Thanks again.

Timeline photos 08/22/2016

We've been getting less orders, but still getting orders from a few people. I found that our Bricklink store was closed to the public today. No way! Well, we are having a grand re-opening. We've put hundreds of dollars worth of new inventory up. So have fun. Let us know if you need something. Often we have it, and we can certainly find it for you.

Timeline photos 08/15/2016

Another "not from kit" creation. Our new Kylo Ren shuttle in black. More to edit on it, but it was fun to build this from collected parts.

Timeline photos 07/21/2016

Every Lego haul contains new surprises. Uhm, Yoda? Is that you?

Timeline photos 06/04/2016

Some very fun building on an Ecto-1 kit from grandma for his birthday.

Photos from Bricktopus's post 05/16/2016

Bricktopus is Back! We have been down for inventory, but have reopened with some great new stuff. Check out this Classic 80's castle. And here is Isaac with a Aston Martin DB5. It's anyone's guess who's driving such a sophisticated classic.



Something that hits at the overlap of our interest Venn diagram.

DAVID BOWIE - COBBLER BOB Animation by Chris Salt TWITTER: YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Illustrations by Dan Berry TWITTER: ...

Photos from Bricktopus's post 12/22/2015

'Tis the season for wrapping gifts late into the night. Any locals finding they are short of stocking stuffers, or need some extra, our Lego is guaranteed to please. We've got a couple good days left promoting our $6 quart bags and $2 minifigures. As always: our Bricklink store for more variety:

Timeline photos 12/13/2015

FLL Trash Trek robot monster. Competing with schools and running courses, father and son.




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