Eva's Creative Crafts, Saint Paul, MN Videos

Videos by Eva's Creative Crafts in Saint Paul. Everything here is hand crafted by me! I use a wide variety of materials to create these treasures.

Halloween is coming, $5 for horror fans only!

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Halloween is coming, $5 for horror fans only!

Beaded headbands! $3 each and Ribbon weaved barrette sets! $4 pair 80's nostalgic hair accessories! I remember wearing these styles of hair accessories growing up, my mom used to make them for me! Now I make them for you! Let me know if you want to grab some! (I'll be creating more, as time allows.)

Crossbody crochet cell phone pouches.

Come see me and all the vendors at Edgecombe Rec today!

πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈFAIRIES πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ These adorable one of a kind fairies are going to their first craft sale tomorrow! They are $8 each and have bendable legs and arms, so you can pose them! If your watching this is a REPLAY! MESSAGE ME DIRECTLY IF SEE SOMETHING, AND I CAN SEE IF HAVE AVAILABLE STILL OR NOT!

Garden Spiders! Perfect for houseplants, hang from these looped wire hangers! I also have suction cups if you prefer hanging from windows or on a mirror! Our just work as free standing decorations. I'll have a bunch of have them at the upcoming craft sale at Edgecombe Recreation!

Went for brunch then came home and decided to try a baby quilt... basic squares but we gotta start somewhere! Planning a crocheted border.

Seen an iso on another page for reusable swifter dusters so I replied that I'd make some of they couldn't find any. So I wanted to show you guys then in case anyone wants some made for them. Environmentally friendly and reusable! I've tested this out and works like charm! I'm excited to not have to buy disposable anymore! Brief video to show them in case never seen!

Introducing more spiders! But this time they have names and interesting backstories! Same low price, just a little added fun. 16 named spiders are in this video! First come, first served! Claim by name! $10

Made a new clutter of spiders! Perfect decorative pieces that can be used: In a houseplant Dangle from chandelier Hang from window Display on a shelf Keep for yourself or gift to a loved one or friend. These handcrafted beaded spiders are just $10 each. Get your totally unique spider today!

Sold out!!


QUICK Valentine's Earrings video sale. $3 each

With this said, I have oodles and oodles of things made up for you to purchase! I'll be posting Valentine's Day earrings and keychains tomorrow! Plus I've been busy making Saint Patrick's Day things as well, including earrings, variety of lucky jewelry, crochet shamrock pins, and some adorable keychains! Watch for those listings as well. Who else has an abundance of craft supplies waiting to be used? I know I'm not the only one!

Here's the latest Spiders available. Did you know they are being used for more than just Christmas trees? Hang from ceiling, fan, light or chandelier, put on display on a dresser or shelf, put on a house plant, (working on designs for beaded stakes with hooks for this exact purpose). Afraid of spiders? Conquer your fear. l Love spiders? Why not collect a few? Save for yourself or give to a friend!

Haven't posted Spider Ornaments in a few days. Several new ones are available! $10 each

Been so busy with Spider Ornaments I totally spaced on my great stocking stuffer Christmas jewelry! Earrings and necklace available, since I'm late to the show I'll reduce from $3 each to $1.50 each! Many charms to choose from!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Spider Ornaments are still available! $10 each However the tins were limited and are no longer available to me, therefore from here on out the spiders will be in jars as in video or boxed as photo below reflects. Thank you for your understanding!