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All products are drawn, designed, and hand-crafted by me. I run the shop all by myself. I love makin


Get it now! Special pricing ❤️🫶✨

Photos from Smile Studio Stickers's post 12/05/2023

I have news.


Sometimes you just can't fall asleep 🤧🙃


Camping is one of the best things about summer! I love paranormal stories around the campfire and playing games with all the little cousins ♥️ I'm looking forward to camp this year too!


Now available in shop!!

The awesome squad in the rain 🌧️

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Summer Memories sticker sheet is now available online!

This was one of my favorite sticker sheets to make, although it did take me about a whole month ♥️♥️♥️ I can't believe I can finally make this announcement, I worked very hard on this one and I'm sooo proud! Hope you all like it too🪻

A reminder to use rep code MAYSMILE15 when you check out for 15% off your order! Only now through end of May 😊


It's the first official day of reps!! Ahhhh I'm so excited. It feels like I've waited for this day to come forever ago!! Excited to be working with .penpals and ❤️❤️❤️ Rep code for this period is MAYSMILE15 to get 15% off your entire order!


Introducing our reps!!

It was super difficult to come to a decision, there were soooo many great applicants 😫✨🤌 I sent our rep packages last week so I pray it arrives safely to their home 🙏 Tho this rep term will be short, I'm super excited to work with them! More info will be coming soon ♥️

Photos from Smile Studio Stickers's post 03/18/2023

The Awesome Squad Sakura Edition will be posted on my website tomorrow by 3/19!

I had a lot of fun drawing my original characters in The Awesome Squad ♥️✨. Sooo many people love Mr. Circle (swipe for #9) and Mr. Rectangle (swipe for #5). I included pictures from a poll on my story a few days ago. Mr. Heart is gaining more popularity✨. I feel like Mr. Triangle's fan base is composed of people who all high-key know they all secretly have a crush on him LMAO.


Hello everyone! Since we have many new friends who have joined us recently, I'd like to reintroduce myself :)

I am the owner of Smile Studio Stickers, and I go by Lynn. I am a Hmong-American artist/creative (My Hmong name is Luagntxhi, which means smile). It has been 2 years since I opened this shop. I love creating cute stickers and stationery and sharing them with the world. I have a friend who introduced me to the world of stationery, and I have never turned back since. I've been so blessed to have had so much support from so many of my friends and family, and so many kind strangers like you who have helped make my dream of creating art a reality.

My shop has 4 original characters (OC) and they are known as The Awesome Squad. Their names are Mr. Heart, Mr. Triangle, Mr. Circle, and Mr. Rectangle. Each of them have their own set of personalities (Mr. Triangle and Mr. Circle have been a fan favorite since the very beginning)! I based these characters off myself and some of my closest friends. I created this set of characters way back in college for a project, and I never thought I would ever bring them back again haha.

Thank you so much to the followers who enjoy my art and have followed me to this point. I truly appreciate your support and I am happy that my art can bring you happiness in return. To the new friends who have recently joined us, welcome!

I am also looking for reps for my shop right now. Anyone who has a public account and is a stationery-focused/ journaling account can apply. Click the link in my bio to learn more! Position is short-term, 1 month long, from May 2023 to June 2023. Last day to apply is April 2 at 5pm CST (17:00).

Sharing is appreciated! ❤️

Photos from Smile Studio Stickers's post 03/11/2023

Laughter is the best medicine 🥺✨️❤️ We have lots of stickers in stock right now. Lots of the holographic stickers and our new sticker collections are a fan favorite right now 😌✨️

Tag the people who will laugh with you and make your day better 🌷❤️

‼️do not steal or copy my art‼️
Please support your artists. It really takes a combination of brain power, creativity, and lots and lots of time and passion to make art.

❤️ shares are appreciated!


A day in Mr. Triangle's thoughts...

The tsundere in him makes me want to cry!!

Shares are appreciated ♥️

This video doesn't have sound because it would get copyrighted. If you want to hear the music with the animation follow this link to my Instagram:

Y'all have no idea how frustrated I was animating this LMAO. MY BACK HURTS, MY EYES ARE ACHING, AND MY FINGERS ARE STIFF. Gosh, keeping the shape of Mr. Triangle in every frame was sooo very difficult haha. Hope I can improve on the animations from now on!! Timing is the most difficult thing after drawing!!

Photos from Smile Studio Stickers's post 03/02/2023


How to apply:
1. Like and save this post!
2. Follow us (if you only have one social media platform please let me know which) :)
3. Tag 1+ friends who you think would enjoy our products (No giveaway accounts)! The more tags the merrier!
4. SHARE this post on your story. Make sure to TAG me so that I see it. Due to the way Instagram works, I will NOT see your story unless you tag me.
5. Fill out the application form in my Instagram bio! If you're on Facebook I will link it!
Link here:
6. Have fun!

It's the first day of March and it's the perfect time to announce our rep search! It's been a while since we've hosted a rep search and I am so excited to see all the amazing people who are going to apply. 😭♥️

May seems very far away but I want to get a head start since the application window is very long 🌷 Please read every single slide or all the info on the application form before applying.

Cheers! Hopefully the weather gets warmer 🙆‍♀️✨

Photos from Smile Studio Stickers's post 02/20/2023

To my fellow ISFP-T personality types✨♥️

It's time to add this homebody sticker sheet to your sticker collection.

Sticker material shown is matte, glossy is also available in store now!


As voted by many, these will be given out as a freebie for all orders $10+ USD (before shipping and taxes). They will be given out at random so you'll either get the rabbit one or the pudding one ♥️.

*While supplies last. These are NOT waterproof but are water resistant. I do not recommend putting these on water bottles since water will leak in through the sides. But if you spill water or liquids in these, they will not get wet. Just a quick swipe will make them good as new ✨

Photos from Smile Studio Stickers's post 02/16/2023

✨homebody sticker sheet✨

Available this dation Feb 18th!!

Photos from Smile Studio Stickers's post 02/16/2023

Sheeeesh look at these SHINE ✨

Coming to the shop on Feb 18th! These are not waterproof but they are water resistant. I do not recommend putting these on a water bottle because water will leak in through the sides. If you spill water on the surface it will be fine tho! Just wipe it up really quick. The good thing about vinyl is that spills are easy to clean, just swipe swipe and good as new!!

Photos from Smile Studio Stickers's post 02/15/2023

✨cafe shop-themed sticker sheet✨

Drops on Saturday, Feb 18!

I always fantasize about having my own cafe and this is as far as I go with that fantasy haha. In real life it's tough and I know it's a lot of work, labor of love 🥹🥲

This is one of my favorite new sticker sheets! I've been working on this for like half a year, on and off. I just never found the right time to release them. Can't believe I'm making it a reality this weekend 😭♥️


Revealing our vanilla pudding sticker sheet! It is now on a sticker sheet ♥️ coming to the shop Feb 18 on Saturday!


Hi everyone, it seems that Facebook has given me some a notification that they are going to lock my account. I may have to start up a different page. If I become inactive that may be the reason why. If you'd like to continue following me, please head over to my Instagram page or keep up with my website. I will update on either one or both platforms when it does happen. Not sure if it's legit, still looking into it. Thank you!

SMILE STUDIO STICKERS on Instagram: "Okay HOLD UP--DID I REALLY JUST MAKE THAT?? I spent a month on this drawing because I was just never satisfied with it and FINALLY, last night I had a mental/art break-through!! Apparently these sparkly... 10/22/2022

First time making sparkley, glittery vinyl stickers! I'm going to try these out before releasing them, but I am soooo happy with the results! Couldn't share the Instagram vid directly on Facebook, so click below to go to the short video of how I made them!

SMILE STUDIO STICKERS on Instagram: "Okay HOLD UP--DID I REALLY JUST MAKE THAT?? I spent a month on this drawing because I was just never satisfied with it and FINALLY, last night I had a mental/art break-through!! Apparently these sparkly... SMILE STUDIO STICKERS shared a post on Instagram: "Okay HOLD UP--DID I REALLY JUST MAKE THAT?? I spent a month on this drawing because I was just never satisfied with it and FINALLY, last night I had a mental/art break-through!! Apparently these sparkly overlays are supposed to be vinyl and waterpro...


High introvert energy ~ the best feeling is getting home 😌✨

(I hate when the color is off because of different screen colors 😭)


Website is now live @! Head over now to see our new arrivals! Please be reminded that tote bags have limited quantity ♥️✨

Photos from Smile Studio Stickers's post 10/07/2022

First-ever tote bag release!

I was going to only make one design but I ended up with 2 ✨

There's limited quantity since I'm only doing a trial~

Photos from Smile Studio Stickers's post 10/07/2022

New Memo sheets!

🧙‍♀️witch memo sheet🧙‍♀️


🌷Tulip girl, Just Wannabe Me 🌷

I made this drawing like 3-4+ months ago but never shared it haha. I'm making this into a waterproof sticker so hopefully it all turns out well 👉👈✨️ I have samples that came in from different manu's but I can't decide which one I like more or if I like them at all. I've been testing out the samples and I say they're pretty good quality! I may give some out as a promo gift before they're released to the public hehe.

‼️Please do not copy, steal, or post my art without permission ‼️ Credit

Photos from Smile Studio Stickers's post 06/16/2022

Not me realizing that I never posted this until this moment haha. Most of the stickers are from my shop ♥️ I love the spring washii tape sticker samples, super versatile 😍

Photos from Smile Studio Stickers's post 04/15/2022

I've been planning grab bags for a while now but just never found the right time to release them!! I'll put these up on my shop soon :) ❤

Each bag has a value of up $11.25! These will have a mix of B-grade stickers and memos (repeats are possible). The max number of stickers you can get is 5! Many sheets will have very obvious miscuts and obvious printer streaks. Or they'll have color that is faded or printed wrong. Those are some examples of what you might get!

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A day in Mr. Triangle's thoughts... The tsundere in him makes me want to cry!!Shares are appreciated ♥️This video doesn'...
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Not sure if this video will get taken down from copyright music, but we'll see if it does LMAO. I'm adding these diecut ...




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