California Product Stewardship Council

California Product Stewardship Council


CEAR is amazing in many ways, including their approach to protecting our planet! CPSC thanks CEAR for their commitment to our planet this Earth Day, Earth Week, and all year long. #closedloop #earthday #circulareconomy
Hello and thank you for joining my Truckee Tahoe Litter Group. I invite you and your members to join; invites California Product Stewardship Council and its followers to attend two insightful Webinars tomorrow, April 10 and next Wednesday, April 17.

Learn more about Zero Waste as a viable solution to reducing Greenhouse Gases! And... about SB1383 - California's landmark legislation to move us toward robust materials management. GreenEducationDotCom will host two live Webinars that will dive deep into these topics.

The Webinars are being taught by some of the most insightful and expert Zero Waste professionals in the industry, and they're all local to California. The fees are pretty reasonable and if you register soon, you'll get 50% off.

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The California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) is a coalition of local governments and their associations related to solid waste, recycling, resource conservation, environmental protection, water quality, and other cross-media issues. In partnership with non-government organizations (NGOs), businesses, and individuals (Partners) across California, CPSC has created a powerful network of people s

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SB 212 (Jackson, 2018) - the most recent and arguably best EPR in CA – establishes a drugs and sharps stewardship program for both the collection and proper disposal of home-generated drug and sharps waste. The program rolling out in 2022, setting national precedent for multiple stewardship programs in one law. Swipe and follow CPSC to learn more!
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Established in 2010, AB 2398 set forth first, and currently the only, state mandated carpet stewardship program in the country. Clean up bills AB 1158 (2017, Chu) and AB 729 (2019, Chu) set national precedent for eco-modulated fees and added protections to the consumer fee money. This program is consumer-funded and producer-run and recently sent to compliance enforcement for not meeting legislated performance requirements. Swipe and follow CPSC to learn more! #carpetrecycling #EPR #productstewardship

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Did you know that California is a national leader for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)/ Product Stewardship Programs? CA has set many national precedents for EPR in various sectors such carpet, mattresses, and needles. Swipe and follow CPSC to learn more! #EPR #productstewardship #CPSC

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Happy #EarthMonth! CPSC would like to start off the month by celebrating our 2021 Arrow Award winners and all their innovative environmental efforts. Swipe to learn more about last year's Arrow Award winners and nominate a company for this year's Arrow Awards:

#circulareconomy #sustainability #productstewardship


Join CPSC in a free webinar to learn about safe marine flare management and collection opportunities, and learn about a reusable alternative to single-use pyrotechnic distress signals. Register:

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CPSC joins Environment California and many more advocating for legislation addressing ocean plastics on California Ocean Day. Swipe to learn more about some of the priority bills. #extendedproducerresponsibility #marinepollution #microplastics #CAoceanday


Yosemite National Park started their Zero Landfill Initiative to divert park waste, including single-use propane cylinders. Switching to reusable 1 lb. propane cylinders is an easy step towards zero waste camping! Read Yosemite’s urge for campers to reduce waste:

#RFYF #choosetoreuse #zerowaste #leavenotrace #LNT #zerowasteadventures


Happy #friendsfriday. CPSC staff joined our board members, Julia Au from RethinkWaste and Alexa Kielty from SF Environment, for Recycling Update 2022. CPSC would like to thank Northern California Recycling Association (NCRA) for hosting a wonderful event, giving CPSC's very own Doug Kobold the opportunity to present on extended producer responsibility, and giving the opportunity for those working in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot fields to interact. #EPR #circulareconomy


CPSC is hosting a FREE webinar Wednesday April 20, 2022 from 10:30AM to 12PM featuring Los Angeles Sanitation & Environment to speak on the collaborative Textile Recovery Pilot in Los Angeles. Register for free: #circulareconomy #textiles #sustainablefashion


CPSC’s 2022 Arrow Awards nominations are open! Nominate an organization based in or does business in California that exemplifies product stewardship and waste reduction. Nominations close June 1st at 5PM. Details and application:

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Join us for a free webinar!

If you're in the #textiles industry or interested in Circular Economy principles, you won't want to miss this free virtual event!

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Legislation Alert: #AB1690 (Rivas) has been introduced to ban the sale of single-use tobacco and cannabis components including cigarettes with single-use filters and single-use electronic cigarettes or cannabis vaporizer.
#toxicwaste #cigarettes #cannabis #cannabiswaste #legislationalert


Legislation Alert: #AB2440 (Irwin) and #SB1215 (Newman) make up the Battery and Battery-Embedded Product Recycling and Fire Risk Act of 2022! Both these bills create an industry funded safe battery program that offer residents, retailers, and customers support for battery collection.
#firesafety #batteryrecycling #batteryfire #legislationalert


Legislation Alert: #SB1256 (Wieckowski) has been introduced to prohibit the sale of disposable propane cylinders and would make the violation of this provision subject to specified civil penalties.
#householdhazardouswaste #propane #RFYF #legislationalert


Legislation Alert: #AB1817 (Ting) has been introduced to ban any person from distributing, selling, or offering for sale any textile articles that contain regulated per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in California.
#PFAS #toxicwaste #sustainablefashion #legislationalert


Did you know that batteries are in almost every household item, including some items we might not even notice? Batteries are embedded into everything from children's toys to hand-held mixers, and even children's shoes. Make sure to check for batteries before throwing things away as batteries should not be in the trash or recycling bin. Refer to your local waste manager for safe disposal options.

#batteries #EPR #batteryrecycling #hazardouswaste

EYE ON THE ENVIRONMENT | Extended warranties and the right to repair - VC Reporter | Times Media Group 03/10/2022

EYE ON THE ENVIRONMENT | Extended warranties and the right to repair - VC Reporter | Times Media Group

EYE ON THE ENVIRONMENT | Extended warranties and the right to repair - VC Reporter | Times Media Group Twitter 1 Facebook by David Goldstein Are extended warranties worth the cost? For cars, the question becomes complicated by a wide variety of options, prices and incentives. For other items, ranging from appliances to cell phones, the choices are simpler. Some people need extended warranties as insu...


Batteries are a known hazard in the waste stream when there is no convenient and efficient collection program for most loose batteries and battery-embedded products. Read the story of why safe battery management is needed in CA and how the proposed Battery EPR legislation could offer solutions:
#EPR #AB2440 #SB1215


YKK debuts a collection of zippers and a button make with Econyl regenerative nylon made from recycled materials sourced from California. EPR and product stewardship programs incentivize green designs and support recycling infrastructure.

Read the full article:


#Friendsfriday CPSC would like thank the California Ocean Protection Council for being global leaders and incorporating source reduction and EPR measures into the strategy for microplastic solutions. California is the first state to adopt a comprehensive plan to rein in microplastic pollution. Read more: and

#marinepollution #Microplastics #entendedproducerresponsibility


CPSC is sponsoring SB 1256 (Wieckowski) which will ban single-use 1 lb. propane cylinders. Once signed into law, this bill will help transition CA towards reusables and expand an existing network of propane refilling and exchange locations.
Learn more here: Sierra Sun Times:

#nomoresingleuse #choosetoreuse #refuelyourfun


Did you know as batteries decay and corrode in a landfill, they can leak chemicals and acids which soak into our soils and waters? These leaked acids can cause landfill fires which can smolder for multiple years and cause air pollution. Keep batteries out of landfills and follow CPSC to learn more about proper battery disposal.

#batteries #EPR #batteryrecycling #hazardouswaste #firesafety


BIG NEWS: Delaware North is bringing the Little Kamper reusable 1 lb. propane tank exchange program to the Grand Canyon, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon national parks! Visitors can now reduce waste while enjoying their favorite parks. Read more:

#choosetoreuse #reusables #camping #grilling #outdoors #nationalpark


CPSC is hiring! Join the team as a communications intern to assist with campaign outreach, media, and newsletters for an influential waste advocacy nonprofit. Read the job description here: #extendedproducerresponsibility


The U.S. apparel industry lags behind the European market on eliminating harmful chemicals from their supply-chains due to less strict regulations. Voluntary commitments from brands are not enough to prevent ongoing pollution with known health impacts. California legislators have introduce #AB1817 to address PFAS in textiles. Read more:

#PFAS #sustainablefashion #toxicbeauty


REPSCO, Inc. was the recipient of the 2021 Golden Arrow Award for overall excellence in product stewardship. REPSCO manufactures 100% recycled custom-designed extruded plastic slipsheets that are a viable alternative for wood pallets. Watch the reel to learn more about REPSCO, Inc., and keep an eye out for the open call for 2022 Arrow Award Nominees!


Over the past 3 years, the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA), a lobbying group in Sacramento, has spent over $17.5 million lobbying against climate change and extended producer responsibility bills to serve Big Oil's agenda.

Small nonprofits, like CPSC, have to rally their coalition and work hard against the large oil industry and the massive amount of money they funnel into their lobbyists. #EPR #bigoil


CPSC Legislative Alert! We’re making progress on a number of fronts this year, including a sales ban on single-use 1lb propane cylinders and a bill that would expand safe disposal options for batteries and battery-embedded products. Learn more:

#CPSC #gettingitdone #legislativealert


Happy National Battery Day! Take a moment today to appreciate the convenience batteries provide to our everyday lives and notice how many household items require batteries. Learn about how to properly dispose of them and what the disposal options are in your area. Follow CPSC to learn more!

#nationalbatteryday #EPR #productstewardship #batteryrecycling

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