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Sometimes you just gotta take a deep breath and say, “god has got my back” and so does my horse🤍 Dittmer Stables
S N E A K ✨ P E E K !
Stephanie + Party
Dittmer Stables
More of Faye + Gunner are on the bog today! See more of their love story at tishathetog.com

Duo Horsemanship
Dittmer Stables
Official American Paint Horse Association
More of Camyrn + GeeGee are on the blog now at tishathetog.com
Dittmer Stables
Brenda Irlbeck
Have you kissed your pony today?
Dittmer Stables
Amie Hosie Hoffman
Camyrn + GeeGee
Dittmer Stables
Brenda Irlbeck
Faye + Drop Your Guns
Dittmer Stables
Duo Horsemanship
Official American Paint Horse Association
A girl that is going to do big things can't let small things get to her....

Dittmer Stables
Amie Hosie Hoffman
Dreaming of warm, Spring sunshine kissing my cheeks!
Amie Hosie Hoffman
Dittmer Stables
GeeGee Kisses
Dittmer Stables
Brenda Irlbeck
Guys! I wanna brag on my friend Faye for a second! She is seriously so kind and generous, so much so she shares her heart horse with youth at her barn, even taking them to the world show! I just can't love her enough for that!
Dittmer Stables
Official American Paint Horse Association
Dittmer Stables
Amie Hosie Hoffman

Dittmer Stables is a family owned and operated horse boarding business and event facility which has


Attn: Barrel Racers
Sadly the last barrel race at Dittmer Stables is canceled for tomorrow, Oct 26th 😢
Thank you all for your support this fall! See You all in 2022❤️

This is a pic from Maxwell Arena today. Our Arena is the same. 🌧

Please pass the word 🐴


TUESDAY NIGHT JACKPOT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! There is no way Dittmer Stables arena will be dry by tomorrow night. Maxwell arena will be good to go by tomorrow night. We are going to switch Maxwell for this Tuesday and Dittmer Stables for the final Tuesday night show. Please pass the word :)


Attn: Barrel Racers
The Tuesday night Barrel Race at the Maxwell Rodeo Arena has been CANCELED this week, Oct 12th. Hope to see everyone on the 19th back at Dittmer Stables Arena for a special Halloweeeeeen barrel race🎃
Please pass the word❤️
Thank you!!


Prepping for tonight's Barrel Race! Come join us!
Warm ups 5:30
Opening Prayer 6:45
National Anthem
Open 4D
Youth 3D
Open 3D Poles

Dittmer Stables Tuesday Night's Jackpot 9/21/21 09/21/2021

Dittmer Stables Tuesday Night's Jackpot 9/21/21


Barrel Race is a Go tonight!!

Dittmer Stables Tuesday Night's Jackpot 9/21/21 2091 SE 78th St. Runnells Iowa Warm-ups at 530pm Open starts at 7pm

Photos from Dittmer Stables's post 09/14/2021

Barrel Race tonight at Maxwell Rodeo Arena! Warm ups 5:30
Show at 7
Looking for volunteers to help set barrels and gate help ❤️❤️
No concessions tonight

** This is a qualifier for the Go For Broke
Showdown in Cedar Rapids

It's going to be a beautiful night for a race! I know Bo**er will have the ground in tip top shape for us! Come join us!🎉🐴

*No Pre entry tonight
Enter On Site 👍

**Please see note in comment section regarding a detour due to a parade in tonigh

Photos from Dittmer Stables's post 09/07/2021

Arena is drying nicely! Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight! No Pre Entry Link this week
Enter on site ❤️🐴


No Barrel Race tonight due to extreme temps🥵
Next race Sept 7th


Barrel Racers:
Due to the high expected temps and heat index tomorrow, the race at Dittmer Stables has been canceled. 😞
Mother Nature has decided to sneak a few scorchers in before summer is officially over evidently. Everyone stay cool and safe tomorrow! Please pass the word. We hope to see you all back with us on Sept 7th. Thank you for understanding

IBB Dittmer Show August 21 08/17/2021

IBB Dittmer Show August 21

This Saturday! Come chase some cans with us!!❤️❤️

IBB Dittmer Show August 21 Dittmer Arena 3pm warmups/5pm open starts Warmups, Rookie Racers, Open, Youth, Cougar, Adult


Attention Barrel Racers:
Mark your calendars to come join us for some Tues night fun, Starting in August, after the Iowa State Fair is over @ Dittmer Stables🐴


Attn: Horse P*eps!

We are cutting hay this week!
We will have several yummy alfalfa orchard grass mix square bales FOR SALE. These will be excellent quality horse hay. Please pass the word!

Delivery options available as well.

Photos from Dittmer Stables's post 05/01/2021

Thanks to everyone who came out today to chase some cans! It was a beautiful day despite the wind, and fairly short lived block wide power outage. 😬😬 Thank you, Hubby Scott Dittmer, for all your hard work getting this show ready this past week, and prepping the ground and getting the generator going when the power went out. Yikes what a day! Thank you all for the patience!
Thanks to all our amazing help from our barrel setters, gate crew, concession crew, office crew! You all were amazing and we could not have done it without all of you! 😘
Now to go cheer my fav Cowboy on at Wells Fargo tonight! I do believe I'm gonna sleep well tonight!! 😅

Photos from Dittmer Stables's post 05/01/2021

Great day for a Barrel Race at Dittmer Stables! Come join us for some Fun today. 🐴❤️
Come hungry too! The Snack Shack is back open and we have some kiddos excited to serve you!

The famous snow cones 🍧 are back as well!
All proceeds of the shows this year will be going back into the facility for upgrades and improvements.

This is our 25th year as a Boarding Facility🙌🙌🐴 Wear and tear has taken a toll over the years and improvements are needed, so we might as well have some fun while we help raise funds right??

Hope to see you today! ❤️
Arena is in great shape!


Barrel Racers! Let’s Do This Tonight!
Warm ups 5:30
7:00 start time
P*e Wee, Open, Youth $50 Added In the Open


No Barrel Race Tonight at Dittmer Stables 😞Thank you all for your support!! Hope to see you all back at more races here in 2021


Thank you all for your input about the race for tonight❤️
Due to popular demand, tonight’s barrel race has been canceled. We will keep an eye on the slim chance of having our last scheduled one next Tuesday..... but it’s not looking too promising. Keep a watch on fb for updates on that. I want to thank you all for coming to the 3 that we were able to have and a huge thanks to Gary Thomas and Lisa Thomas for providing their yummy food truck!
We look forward to having more races in 2021 and possibly bringing back our Dittmer Stables Award Series like we used to do in years past. Lots of fun memories were made at those. I could not have had these shows this fall without my amazing Barn Family and IBB Crew, hubby, and kiddos! Thank you ALL who have helped at our shows! I love you guys!❤️🤗🐴
Our goal is to get money raised for new lighting and fencing for our arena, to be able to continue having events here🙌❤️
Everyone stay warm and cozy tonight! 🔥

Photos from Dittmer Stables's post 10/20/2020

Alright die hard barrel racers, I need input please! We have a race Scheduled for tonight. However I know Mother Nature is not being real co-operative. Temps will be cold but as of right now the ground will be great! Wet on top, but dry underneath... who wants to brave the elements and join us for our last show of the season ? Next week will likely be canceled with the forecasted rain Coming later in the week......
We will not be able to have the yummy food provided this week by Gary Thomas and Lisa Thomas however, due to the uncertainty of rain this afternoon.. They will be back next season ❤️
Pack your hot coco😊
This will be a short and sweet show with warm ups, P*e wee, Open and Youth. We will Not have Poles tonight. We will get you guys out of here at a decent time.

Please comment below because I need to know if there is enough interest to have this final race.
Keep in mind if it starts raining this afternoon I will make the call by 4 if it has to be Canceled
Check fb or call/or text me before you come

Please comment if you want to come tonight ❤️🐴


Barrel P*eps! Tonight’s the night!
And a beautiful night it will be for a barrel race with great friends!! Come join us! Bring your ponies and your appetite! Gary Thomas and Lisa Thomas will be back with their yummy Eats!!🎉
Come help boost our entries to over 50 to make it a 5D! 🙌Scott Dittmer will be workin hard when he gets off work to get the ground in tip top shape ❤️ This will prolly be our Warmest night of the series. Rain is in the forecast for next Monday🙈😬
Pre Entry link is posted below or you can enter on site.
Can’t wait to see everyone tonight!🤗
Note new time change from our first show.... warm [email protected] 5:30 show @7:00 We will do p*e wees a little before 7 so we can drag and be ready to start the open at 7👍


Reminder that there is NO barrel race tonight at Dittmer Stables.
Races will resume Next Tuesday, Oct 6th with a New start time of 7pm
Warm ups at 5:30 Please See revised attached flyer.
See everyone next week! Weather looks to be gorgeous!❤️🙌


Attn: Barrel Racing Friends! Please Read: I want to thank you all for coming out last Tuesday for our first race In quite some time! Such fun seeing everyone Again! I appreciate all the feedback and we have made a few changes for our upcoming shows. The Fliers have been revised, ( Thanks Kenzie Johnson🤗) so please look them over again and share the news.
We will NOT have a show THIS coming Tuesday, Sept 29th but we will RESUME on Oct 6th.
I had a mild cold, but my symptoms changed last Wed where I could not smell or taste so I went in and got tested for Covid. Results came back positive. 😫 So for the safety of everyone we feel it’s best to skip this next Tuesday. I am cleared to go back to work Oct 5th, so we feel Our show on the 6th will be safe to keep scheduled as planned. Thank you all for understanding. I want everyone to stay safe and healthy🤗❤️
See you all soon! 🐴
Note new start time of 7pm!


Beautiful day for a barrel race!!
Warm ups @ 6pm. We will stop taking warm up $$ at 7 so we can finish them up, get entries finalized, run p*e wees and get the open started by 7:30👍 we want to push things along since it’s a school/work night. We have also talked about pushing the start time up to 7pm instead of 7:30 for the Remainder of the shows so I would love some feed back on that. Looking forward to seeing everyone!❤️
Remember to come hungry!
Items on the menu will be:
Ribbon Fries
Hot dogs
Tacos 🌮
Fried Oreos
Funnel Cakes
Pop and water
Thank you, Gary Thomas, for bringing your food trailer!🙌🙌


Barrel P*eps! Online Pre-entry is up for this Tuesday, Sept 22 jackpot!
Thanks, Jodi Pool Johnson!
Ground is drying nicely finally, and should be perfecto for Tuesday night! It’s been 3 years since we have had a race here. Looking forward to seeing everyone! 🤗❤️
Special thanks to Gary Thomas and Lisa Thomas for bringing their concession trailer! Come Hungry!😁


Barrel Racing P*eps..... I hate to report that Mother Nature is being not so nice for the start of our fall jackpots tomorrow night! 😩 despite the beautiful weather this week, our arena has not recovered from our rainy week last week! However!!!! I have good vibes that NEXT Tuesday should he perfecto if this week stays warm and dry!! We sure did need the rain! Looking forward to a fun fall with all of you!🤗🎃🐴
Come hungry next Week! We will have yummy food available with Gary and Lisa Thomas ❤️
So no need to worry about stopping for food before the race!!🙌
Gotcha covered 😊


Looking forward to seeing everyone
tonight who are joining us for the Masterson Method demo that Martha Becker will be presenting
Drinks and snacks will be provided
She will also have books and DVD’s available for purchase.
We will be doing this in the indoor arena so please bring chairs
See you all tonight!🤗❤️🐴




Looking for a cozy place to bring your horse for the winter months and beyond? We have a few stall openings now available here at Dittmer Stables. Full care Boarding includes:
-free choice hay for both stall horses and pasture horses, Purina Impact fed twice a day (stall horses)
- supplements fed if provided by owner
-stalls cleaned daily
-all day turnout
-large indoor and outdoor arenas
- many acres of riding available
-locked tack rooms
-trailer parking available ( no additional cost)
- fun family atmosphere
-stall board is $375
-pasture board is $225 ( currently 1 spot open )
2 private lots currently available for turnout for a stall horse boarder $425
Contact Vicki by pm or call or text my cell at 515-240-8149
I would love you visit with you about our facility ❤️
Est. Boarding Facility since 1996


Attn Barrel Racers!
The jackpot tonight at Dittmer's has been moved to Maxwell due to Mother Nature!
Please check for additional updates if it rains more today
Warm ups 6:30
Show 7:30


Jackpot tomorrow is canceled. Please pass the word. Thanks


Great Day for an IBB Barrel Race!!
Warm ups at 9:00
Show at 11
Rookie Racers, Open 4D Youth 3D
Cowboy Church After the show in the Bleachers


Dittmer Stables Barrel Race is a GO tonight!
Warm ups at 6:30 $3 or 2 for $5
P*e Wee barrels 7:30 (prizes for all) $3
Open 4D $20
Youth 3D $15
Warm up poles $3 or 2 for $5
Open Poles $12 Nondivisional 5 second penalty for down pole

(515) 240-8149
2091 SE 78th St
Runnells 50237


The Barrel Race scheduled for tomorrow has been Canceled. 💦☔️😭 Please Spread the word. Thanks



2091 SE 78th Street
Runnells, IA

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