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Ruby Mountain Grass-Fed Beef


I love meat.
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Grass-fed beef=====>For Health====>Sustainability====>For Life!

Stretching Your Food Budget
Multiplying by whole numbers or fractions?
One of my kids’ favorite math books tells a story of Rumpelstiltskin wreaking havoc with a multiplying stick. In order to increase annoyances, he multiplies them by whole numbers; to cause damage to the desirable things he multiplies by fractions.
When I think of my food budget (and preparation!), I really would like to get ahold of one those sticks!. Unlike Rumpelstiltskin I would solve the flu season and multiply it by 1/1,000,000,000. I’ve had enough of the stomach bug and respiratory yuckiness to last for a good long while. But my favorite application for such a powerful tool would be to multiply my meals by whole numbers. Even a simple number like 10 would do the trick! Make one of my often-delicious, usually-wholesome dinners and times by 10! One on the table and 9 in the freezer to be judiciously spaced out to avoid an uprising in the family.
But since I don’t have such a magic wand, but I need to feed a family AND maintain a reasonable food budget, I find different ways to stretch my food. Maybe a few of them will help you too!
Whole grains help a whole lot!
My favorite stretching technique is to cook a big bunch of Quinoa or Brown Rice. They can be easily added to soups, chilis, or even scrambled eggs. Pair them up with tacos, enchiladas, or fajitas and decrease the tortillas you need to buy in half! They are easy to make with an occasional stir and a timer to remind you that they’re done. You can dress it up with vegetables or sauces, but in the end we usually like our old standby best--butter, salt, and pepper!
Beans, Beans...the more you eat...
My own mom fed our large family on one pound of ground beef for 3 meals! A big pot of chili made with mostly pinto beans for the 1st meal. 2nd meal was the big pot warmed up again, served with cornbread. The 3rd meal was made by rolling up the remaining chili with cheese in tortillas to make a big pan of burritos.
Beans can be a great food stretcher because they are filling, nutritious and cheap. But you know the old saying, “Beans, Beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot, the more you toot the better you feel, so let’s have beans for every meal!”
We have some digestive issues in our family so we don’t eat many beans, besides adding some black beans to our taco meat. But if they work for you, follow in my mom’s footsteps and stretch your food budget!
Go for Satisfying Not Quantity
Many times we are eating a lot to satisfy a craving, like a whole bag of potato chips because you love the salt. Anciently, foods were fermented to preserve them. Like cabbage being made into sauerkraut; it’s salty but full of beneficial probiotics. A little goes a long way so a few spoonfuls of cabbage could replace that whole bag of chips. Think of the calorie savings alone! If you’re new to it, try Bubbies because it is a mild but delicious brand.
If you need something sweet, use honey, because it takes less honey than sugar for the same amount of sweetness. You can also try making it a little on the sweeter side and you will find that you do not need to eat as much of it. I find that I am eating to satisfy my taste buds, so satisfy them in a few bites rather than mindlessly eating for the same satisfaction. This concept goes for other foods as well, increase the cocoa to make it more chocolatey, increase the spices to make the flavors more robust in your favorite dishes.
These are some of my favorite ways to stretch our family’s food budget and have a healthier lifestyle at the same time. I’d love to hear your favorite ways to eat healthier and save some money--just share in the comments below!

We love family, ranching, and stewardship. We are committed to healthy lands, healthy animals, and healthy people. Check out our products at

We sell beyond organic grass-fed beef. We do not spray any "cides" on our land. We nourish the microbiology in the soil which creates a nutrient dense meat for your benefit. Our grass-fed beef is only fed on fresh pasture and non GMO hay in the winter. They are not fed any grain. We do not use antibiotics, hormones, or wormers. We bring the animals to a finished state before butchering which gives the flavor and tenderness time to develop.


Teaching is the best way to retain what we learn! So thank you for being my students!!

I had the privilege of learning from Jonathan Rhoades with To Be Legacy yesterday! He is a extraordinary person with a remarkable program! If you want a conditioning program that increases your knowledge and understanding exponentially at the same time as creating new habits and moving closer to your goal, You need to check it out!!

This is not a sales pitch!! I just love learning from this guy and know you will too!!

So back to school! Ahem…! To be able to change your current state of mind(you know like when you are angry, mad, overwhelmed, worried, etc) gratitude is the fastest way to adjust. However sometimes moving to a state of gratitude can be difficult when you are triggered or something really stressful happens. So instead of thinking of all you should be grateful for, think of all you are grateful for that the whole situation is not worse than it is!!

For example(I got to practice last week)-

We missed a list when we sent out wedding invitations. I was pretty sad about it and frustrated with myself for all the things I didn’t do that would have prevented the mistake.

I chose to be grateful that a side from a few, the list was distant family that we keep in touch with but didn’t necessarily need to make travel plans. I was grateful that I didn’t have family who would hold a grudge.

Taking this step back and realizing that things could be worse helped me see all that I could be grateful for. The whole situation could be resolved quickly and made right with an apology note. It also helped me think of my family and friends as I went through all the names a few times.

Gratitude is the fastest way to adjust your mindset!!

So here you go, if you haven’t seen this yet!! Thank you for all your support for our family!! Love y'all!

P.s. If you want a link for the conditioning program, DM me.

P.s.s. If you want details for the receptions, DM me.

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Arching behind the scene shots for Check her out!!

Photos from Ruby Mountain Grass-Fed Beef's post 09/06/2022

Lots of fun this weekend!! We were able to meet and spend sometime with our son’ fiancé’s family!! Such amazing people, we loved having them here! Thank you for taking the time to share your gardening wisdom! Be sure to check out his free podcasts on Thursday nights!!

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Get up, pray, read, exercise, meditate, to-do list, get ready for the day(yes mom, that includes making my bed!), make breakfast, read with my son, milk, clean the kitchen, take care of garden produce, lunch, dinner, etc!

I know each of you has a busy schedule and, even though they our lists are different, all of us moms are feeding kids 27 times a day, okay, maybe 3, but it feels like 27 with snacks!

I am your classic procrastinator and more often than not I get to 6 o’clock and panic because I haven’t given a thought to dinner! In spite of my family’s roll of the eyes I throw together taco salad. It always taste good even though we have it often. The best part is… I can go from frozen ground beef to dinner ready in 30 min or less.

It is a great day when I do think to get some meat out early in the day, like a couple days ago when I got steak and tri-tip out. Wow dinner came together so easy! Made some mashed potatoes and cooked some green beans to go with it. Gourmet dinner without a lot of work! That is my style!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard or stressful.

Here are a few tips!

-Have the ingredients on hand that you use all the time. Stock up on them and when you use them, replace them and a little more. This way you are building up a reserve against a rainy day.

-When you make your to do list put dinner at the top of the list so you can remember to get meat out earlier in the day. The trick is to follow your list and not procrastinate. If you don’t you can always follow my taco method.

-Have your go to recipes easily accessible or memorized.

-Have a list of dinners that work well for your family and rotate through them.

The more you can create patterns and systems the easier everything is!!!!


I love going to church and being reminded of all the truths I forget in the craziness of life. One of the hardest for me has been feeling judged by others. Today was one of those days when I felt the shackles of judgment loosening and letting a layer go. Those layers are so heavy and they are also blinding. It feels so freeing to let them go and the world opens up to a whole new view of light and love just waiting to be received, given and shared!

If you ever named a ball and chain I think the name would be judgment! We judge ourselves, each other, the world passes judgment and controls our future. But we have the key to unlock that ball and chain through our Savior Jesus Christ!

I love this line from Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin-

“My chains are gone, I've been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy reigns
Unending love
Amazing grace”

I appreciated William DeMille reminding us that we are never beyond the reaches of the effects of Christ's atonement.

The pic was from the Sunday around the 4th! Independence Day can represent freedom from whatever is oppressing us!!


I love serving in God’s house. If you need a pick me up today, go volunteer somewhere. Referee at little league or do story time for kindergartners. So many ways to show up. It is the best feeling!!

I know it doesn’t work for severe depression. We have to get to the root of the lack of optimal hormone and brain function which is always related to what is happening in the gut.

Today you can make decisions to start a new path!

1. Sign up for our giveaway of Grassfed beef(=better gut health)

2. Make the world a better place in some small way, you can do it even if you are sad, especially if you are sad.

3. Show love to yourself by doing that thing you know you need to do next to take care of yourself!!

Have a blessed day!!

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This has become a go to for us. Sometimes we want/need some dark chocolate and we don't want all the other stuff with it! This fits the bill perfectly and a little goes along way! Thank you to The Healing Food on Insta for this simple recipe!

Peanut Butter Cups-

1/2 C Cacao powder(I like the Organic Fair Trade brand)

1/2 C honey

1/2 C coconut oil

1/2 C Peanut Butter(no sugar)

1 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp real salt(optional)

Warm on low and stir until smooth. Spoon into cups and let sit in freezer or fridge!


Loving these incredible sunsets. I wish I had gotten a video of the lightning [email protected] that night!!


Finally mastered a naturally sweetened choc chip cookie recipe!


Love the harvest!! Thank you


If you haven’t tried Shash*to peppers, you are missing out. Thank you for growing them for us. The whole family lives them. Simply melt butter on hot skillet with minced garlic and then add your peppers. Salt them with coarse ground real salt. Cook till one side is blistered then flip them over and blister the other side. Remove from heat and eat as soon as you can touch them without burning your fingers. Eat all the little garlic pieces too!! So yummm!


Photos from Ruby Mountain Grass-Fed Beef's post 08/04/2022

Do you feel like your mind is too full and you can’t learn any thing else? Then it is time to make some space! Teach what you have learned. Bonus- when you teach something you have learned you learn it and retain it better!! You win, the person you teach wins!!

Look at these girls! They were rockstars helping me teach these young kids.

Photos from Ruby Mountain Grass-Fed Beef's post 08/01/2022

Took the cousins in so they could fly back to their family! We sure enjoyed having them. The kids were begging them not to go!

On the way in they asked me what I would tell my younger self? I always have a lot to say but what it boiled down to was to be able to see and love yourself the way God sees you so you can feel of His love in the abundance He is giving it and then share that love with others.

If we are not feeling His love it is most likely because we are not in a replace to receive it. We do not value ourselves and we do not think we are worthy of love. We have to change the way we see ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. This takes time. I prayed every day twice a day for a couple of years to be able to see myself as God sees me and to love myself. It was gradual but it is working!!

Loving yourself doesn’t mean you give yourself all the desires of a natural man. Loving yourself is caring for yourself enough to give your body, mind and spirit what it needs to Thrive!

You are loved, you are valued, do what it takes so you can see and feel that for yourself!!

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Nothing like fresh salsa to make the best taco salad ever!! So excited to have all the ingredients to for Salsa coming from the green house! We have a very veggie filled diet right now and I love it! We also have been enjoying an abundance of strawberries!!!! Best! Desert! Ever!! Thank you !!

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Yesterday (a couple of weeks ago) was a first for me. I rode out by myself to the canyon I was supposed to gather. I had to go to pretty much the top of the mountain to get a couple of pairs(mama cows with their babies). It was pretty steep and I had to take it slow.

I was supposed to meet another rider at the bottom so I felt a little bit of a rush but as I was climbing the first part I knew I could only go so fast to save my horse and be able to get all the cattle.

I made a conscious effort to enjoy the time instead of waiting to feel happy at the end of the trail! I noticed the smell of the sagebrush in the shade of the Mt., I noticed the different smell with the sun warming it. I admired the beauty all around, everywhere I looked. I enjoyed my horse's company and his ability and willingness.

My timing ended up putting me in the exact spot I needed to be to turn, not just my cattle but the lead cattle of the other riders, into the gate. If I had not arrived at the exact time that I did things could have ended up being a lot more challenging.

It is not hard to draw the parallels for life. I call it “smelling the roses as you go!” It would have been so easy to let worry and hurry cause me to miss all the joys along the way.

I know the expression is “stop and smell the roses” but as you moms know, kids don’t stop and neither does time. But enjoying the moment as we are in it is possible. It is essential, it makes life so much more enjoyable because we all know that happiness doesn’t just show up when you finally “arrive!” And when do you ever really arrive? It is like moving cows, the destination is always “just over that next ridge!”

By trusting that you are doing the best you can, going the pace that you need to and trusting that the results will be good you are setting yourself up for success. You will be at the right place at the right time and you will have enjoyed the roses along the way!

Photos from Ruby Mountain Grass-Fed Beef's post 07/12/2022

Farm girl! We like to refer ourselves as ranch girls though! But whatever you call them, these girls have been our right hand “men” this summer and you couldn’t ask for a better crew! From fencing, gardening, riding to cooking, cleaning and babysitting they help us get it all done. Having girls on the job usually results in a completely finished job vs. “it’s good enough.” They are so thorough and conscientious. Granted there are things that don’t come as easy like mechanicing and heavy lifting but they usually figure out a way anyway.

I love that our hired “guys” come in the house and say how can I help in the kitchen. You don’t get that from many hired men. They also babysit and let me go enjoy the work I like to do!! Haven’t had many hired guys that are willing to watch the kids while I rope and ride. (Except you Peter😉)!

We love our ranch crew!

Photos from Ruby Mountain Grass-Fed Beef's post 07/10/2022

In a life where everything is instantaneous why wouldn’t we want our food to be instant as well? Why take the time to grow, harvest and prepare food?

I could offer you many reasons like, nutrient density, avoiding toxicity, flavor, etc. But I think there is more than the obvious.

Because we are so fast paced we need something to slow us down and help us pause and enjoy the simple things of life. Stress is the underlying cause of illness. Stress physically, by putting toxic laden junk food in our bodies for it to work with. Stress mentally, we go from one task to the next and when there is a moment we are scrolling or watching the news, our minds are constantly fed. But what are they being fed? Emotional stress, fear is used all the time to sell us things, our society is depressed because we can’t keep up with and be all the world says we need to to be “happy.”

Slow food is a way for us to stop the vicious cycle. We can choose to take moments in our day and nourish ourselves. What better way to rejuvenate ourselves, while we are nourishing our bodies, we can shut out the myriad of voices and utilize that time to connect with our spouse, our children or friends. Preparing food with your family creates memories, connection, conversation, and education.

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