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Merry Christmas to everyone from Unicorn Botanicals! We are open for ahead pickup orders if you need something today. 512-768-7223

Unicorn Botanicals 12/02/2020

Unicorn Botanicals

Fresh, really great batches this week. Call us to pick some up, or we can have it delivered same day locally or shipped!


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Local Pickup & Delivery! 11/16/2020

Local Pickup & Delivery!

Our new website will allow you to place your order for curbside pickup and local delivery in addition to shipping. We are developing an app for easier ordering. We also now have an affiliate program that let's you earn money on orders placed by new customers. Checkout the links below.

Local Pickup/Delivery: https://unicornbotanicals.com/local-pickup-delivery/

Affiliate Program: https://partners.unicornbotanicals.com/

All Products: https://unicornbotanicals.com/shop-all/

Entire Price List: https://unicornbotanicals.com/price-list/

Don't forget, you may find cheaper Kratom but no one will exchange it if your not happy. We are also open 7 days a week and see people extended hours into the evening due to Covid to make things easier.

Local Pickup & Delivery! If you are in the greater Austin or surrounding area, you may want to pick up your order in person.  We do allow for local pickup during business hours.  Simply place your order using regular checkout, then under Shipping options just pick "Local Pickup".  We will contact you by phone or text dur...


We are not open at our normal retail location. We are available for local, in person pick up or local delivery by Uber connect. We don’t always see messages here so just give us a call at 512-768-7223 if you need to grab some Kratom powder or capsules.


We will be closed Monday, September 3rd in observance of Memorial Day.


This Saturday come in for our special...

Buy any 4 ounces at the cost of 8 ounces of the same strain... Get 4 ounces of the same strain free! 😜


Earlier today we mentioned that there was an update to the SITSA Act. We are going to make a video with complete details, but here is the short bullet points:

- Kratom may remain legal as long as Vendors follow strict rules and regulations that would be established.

- The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DRUG ABUSE (NIDA) has been able to prove that no deaths related to Kratom, are from Kratom by itself. They attribute all deaths and incidents to bad actors that have either added something to Kratom or been under the influence of other substances while taking Kratom. This is great news!

- Michigan State Senator Rick Jones has committed to sponsor legislation that will ensure consumers have access to safe kratom products and will make it illegal for any bad actor to adulterate or contaminate any kratom product. We agree that any production technique that is used to enhance the effects of kratom by purifying, concentrating, or spiking that natural plant with products with refined or enhanced 7-hydroxymitragynine, or with other substances (including opioid contaminants), should be banned. Also good news!

- Everything we have said at K Botanicals about never selling in capsules, no advice, not for medicinal use, no one under 18 years of age, etc etc. will be the norm for all vendors. "Work from home" type Kratom places that ship Kratom from their house using just a PO Box as a business address will be shut down. You will have to have a Brick and Mortar type building like ours along with a clean room to process and prepare Kratom that the FDA can inspect and ensure it is up to standards.

None of this means that we are 100% out of the shark waters, but at least it is going in a whole different direction and there is hope for Kratom still.


We are going to be updating everyone on the latest SITSA act updates later today. Its not all bad either! :)


Happy Birthday to K Botanicals owner Janice!!! We appreciate you and hope you have an awesome day!

(This is John posting this BTW, Janice would never wish herself Happy B Day ha ha ha)

recode.net 06/21/2018

The ‘Me too’ movement against sexual harassment and assault is sweeping social media

K Botanicals and the owners want to take a moment to let everyone know we stand behind and by the Me Too Movement. Please stand with us!


recode.net The movement started on Twitter yesterday; now it dominates Facebook.


Good News, Bad News Time. Let's get the bad over with first (If you want the Good News only - scroll down two paragraphs). The bad news is that since our last merchant account was terminated for selling Kratom. We are not going to be able to get another card processing account again. This last card processing account was the 9th or 10th account we have had since we opened years ago.

Here is a quick mini summary of card processing (we like to explain as much as possible). If you Google card processing, you will see thousands of companies in addition to non-contractual processor like Square, PayPal etc. But, there are only a couple handfuls of banks. For example, Credit Card Processing Company A, Card Processing USA, Take Cards Inc (fake companies just for this example) all probably use First Data to do the final account charges. It is the companies like First Data that process the millions of credit card accounts for businesses across the US. So when you get shut down like we did for selling Kratom, and this last time First Data cut us off the second time... you can see why the card processing is not an option for us right now.

Ok the GOOD NEWS! Although it may not be ideal for everyone, we are getting an ATM installed tomorrow (Friday 06/22) before. So no one will have to make special trips to Wells Fargo or an additional stop in this Texas heat or during a lunch rush, etc.. The ATM in our store is owned by someone else, so they do have to charge a small ATM fee for taking cash. However, we will be taking/discounting that ATM fee off for any purchases of at least 4 oz or more. As long as you pull money for a purchase at the same time you are checking out, you will get the fee credited to your sale. We are also only allowing the ATM to be used for in-store purchases so that we always have enough cash to cover our customers who need to use it.

Thanks again everyone!

hrw.org 06/19/2018

Opposition Letter to H.R. 2851, The Stop Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues (SITSA) Act of 2017

For the first time in years, there is an actual real threat to Kratom. There has been a lot of scary sounding threats and movements by the FDA and US Customs in the past few years. We have not been overly concerned since we have a lot of awesome contacts in the industry that have always kept us apprised of current situations. This time is no joke.

We have been watching the SITSA Act for many months, and now that it has passed the House.. We are concerned. If you have not heard of this SITSA Act before, please search it up and see why this is different. In a nutshell, they are not after just Kratom this time; They lumped it in with a list of many other serious drugs and that is how it is getting passed so far.

Everyone still needs to do their part, contact your Senators and let them know how you feel about this Act. Please do not be the "Well so many other people are already fighting this... So I won't worry about it" person.

Here is a letter that was sent in Opposition to this horrible proposed Act. Obviously, no one knows for sure what is going to happen. A lot of people are stocking up, and a lot of people are equally just waiting to see. Whatever you decide to do, please get involved in any way you can. We are going to be here until the end no matter when that is.


hrw.org We, the undersigned coalition, write to express our opposition to HR 2851, the Stop Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues (SITSA) Act of 2017. If passed, HR 2851 will broadly expand penalties for drug offenses, concentrate power within the Department of Justice, punish people who lack c...


Just an update. As of this moment (Tue, 06/12 7pm), our Credit Card processor cut us off again (the new one) because they found out we were selling Kratom. This will be the 9th or 10th time since we opened that this happens. We are working on a solution, however, in the meantime you can still use cash and anyone who needs to use an ATM, just mention this post when you come in and we will give you a $3 discount to cover any ATM fee you may have incurred. We will post another update when we can take cards again.

We also will not be able to take online orders from this moment forward in the meantime.


Our phone service provider Vonage is experiencing issues with their Call Queue systems. This is what allows customers to call and be placed in a wait queue when we are on the phone or with another customer. In the meantime, we are able to get calls at our regular number 512-687-3227, however, if we are on the line or with an in-store customer, it will not allow you to hold after 10 - 12 rings. Please feel free to use our text number 512-240-2237 at any time. This number always works and we get these texts 24/7. During business hours, we try to reply to all text messages within 10 minutes. After business hours, it may take longer depending on the time but we do our best. We realize that our industry is not a 9-5 type business. Real people have real needs after-hours. We will always try our best to do what we can for our customer family. Other than that, all I can say is... "Unicorn Power to the People" (That was from Janice).

lyft.com 05/29/2018

Become a Driver

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lyft.com Sign up to drive with Lyft. Choose your hours, drive your own car, and make money. Apply today!


Just a reminder that we close at 6 pm today so that Janice enjoy some of Memorial Weekend with her family. We reopen on Monday at noon (the normal time).


Hey everybody we had to close the shop at 6 PM today because I had to take my son to his very first girlfriend’s birthday party. However if any of you need to come in and get your Kratom just send me a message on Facebook here because I’m going to be actively checking it this evening and I could possibly meet you up at the shop so you can purchase what you need. Thanks again to all of you guys for being so amazing I will be back open tomorrow at noon until 7 PM normal hours. Have a great night!


We have found the perfect vendor for CBD products But we’d like to know what CBD products you want us to carry. Oils? Gummies? Food (eg Peanut butter, etc)? Capsules? We would like to place an order at the end of this week so please give us as much input as you can. We’re here to take care of our customers and we’re not helping anyone if we don’t take into account what you guys want.


Happy Mothers Day to all of the wonderful hardworking moms out there! To celebrate we are offering a great kilo deal today only. 50 dollars off all kilos. Just send us a message at 5122402237 if you would like to come and pick one up because we will need to meet you at the shop since we are closed today. Thanks again everyone!!


We are closing early at 5 pm today (Wed, May 9th) so that we can attend our son's concert at school. We will be open at 12 noon tomorrow (05/10) on the normal schedule for the store. Thanks!


7 Worst Customers You Will Encounter In Retail

We love our customers, but as anyone who works in retail will know.. the situations in the video are common but entertaining as well. Have a few laughs while you watch:


Hey Everyone! More videos will come soon. Watch out for the documentary we are producing in regards to customer service as well as an animated series "The Cu...


Are you getting rewards yet for your purchases with us? If not, just mention you want to enroll in the "K Botanicals Star Rewards" program when you go in-store.

If you are shopping online and want to take part in this program, please wait 1 week. We are moving and redoing our website to a faster, more secure server that allows us to customize anything we want. We are adding a rewards program that has the same points and rewards.

Thanks again everyone for being AWESOME!


Hey Everyone! We wanted to give you guys a heads up that we will be at the shop working on things tonight until 8:00 pm. Feel free to send us a message on Facebook if anyone needs to come in and pick up some Kratom and we will totally take care of you!


Hey all! It's John's Birthday Tomorrow. He is 40 something years old (we will just say that). Even though we will usually be available after hours and on Sunday, we will not be available all day this Sunday. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Everything is in stock and we are ready for a great weekend. The Internet is working fine today along with phones. Hope to see you guys soon.


Just a couple updates. Our internet (Spectrum) is down and up back and forth today so we may not get your call since our phones work on VoIP. We have moved the start date of the Kratom Happy Hour to next week since Janice is not feeling well and is part of putting on this event. Thanks everyone!


Starting right now until Sunday at 10 pm we are offering $25 off all Kilos. Since it is after hours, you have to message us on Facebook here and we can meet you at the shop anytime until 11 pm Saturday or from 12 noon - 10 pm Sunday. If you need your order shipped, you need to still message us so we can manually take payment with the discount applied.

This offer is limited while supplies last, we will remove this post when we are sold out of Kilos until Monday.

Even though Sunday is a holiday and our hours are what they are, this special deal will hopefully brighten someones Easter. We do not mind being available to take care of you guys with this EXTRA awesome deal after hours.


Starting right now through Sunday at 5:00 p.m. all kilos are $25 off you can order it and have it shipped out on Monday or you can come by the shop if you message us here on Facebook and make arrangements to come during closing hours. We do not mind coming in on Sunday regardless of the holiday if you notify us. Supplies are limited and we will remove this post when we sell out of kilos.

Since our phone system is off just messages on Facebook and we will respond typically very soon. We can meet anyone at the shop up till 11:00 p.m. tonight and anywhere from noon and till 10:00 p.m. tomorrow.


Starting next Friday and Saturday (April 6th, 2018), we will be hosting a "Kratom Happy Hour" from 7 pm - 9 pm. This will continue each week on Friday and Saturday.

Every customer (over 21) who comes in and purchases an ounce or more during this time will receive 10% their purchase and a Free Glass of Wine and entry into a daily giveaway that will occur at 9 pm. Each customer will get one entry into the giveaway and at 9 pm we will draw 1 winner to receive 4 ounces of any strain (you do not need to be present to win).

Feel free to call us at (512) 687-3227, messages us here or email us at [email protected] for more info.


Just a reminder, we are OPEN today (Sat, 03/31) and will be closed tomorrow as normal. HOWEVER... If you need to come late, just call us at 512-687-3227 before 7 pm and we can stay late or meet you here after hours. If you get any 4 oz or more, we will come as late as 1 am on Saturdays to meet you.

If you need to reach us outside of normal hours, you can Facebook Message us and ignore the auto-reply that we are outside normal hours, someone will reply to you. This is just because the phone system automatically goes into closed mode at 7 pm.


It's Good Friday, and as everyone knows on the 8th day, God invented Kratom... IDK, probably not... but we have a ton anyways. Regardless of your religious beliefs, natural plants from K Botanicals as always good for the soul!


Don't forget to ask about your free incense sample today when you come in. Also Bentuangie Super Green Kratom is now available.. So far the feedback has been awesome!


Thank you to everyone who was supportive in Janice's hour of need. We are reopening as normal and have everything in stock. We are working on local delivery through the Favor delivery service and hope to have that going within the next week,


Hey this is Janice. I found out yesterday evening my father passed of a massive heart attack. I will be making funeral arrangements and dealing with legal matters today and tomorrow. We will be closed until
Thursday and reopen at the normal time. I am sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone's understanding.

Why we started Unicorn Botanicals...

The owners were Kratom customers themselves. At the time, they had purchased Kratom from many different sources including a local Austin, TX area shop. There were many issues with both online companies and the local shop but since Kratom is not just something you can purchase everywhere (and get decent quality as much as you could hope for) the owners just dealt with the issues.

Here are a few of the issues with most of the online companies that they experienced:

1.When you placed an order, you usually got a confirmation email but had no real assurance that your order would ship out within a day or so.

2.Trying to contact most online retailers resulted in emailing a support type email address and then waiting for days (most of the time) and wondering if you were even going to get a reply, and if your did, if you question or inquiry would be answered or even addressed correctly.


Kratom, Capsules, CBD Products, Extracts, Natural Botanicals



2000 S Interstate 35
Round Rock, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 11am - 6pm
Tuesday 11am - 6pm
Wednesday 11am - 6pm
Thursday 11am - 6pm
Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday 12pm - 6pm

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