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Just got off a phone call with my first patient of the day and luckily she had found somebody that helped her with estrogen and progesterone as she was in menopause

The problem is, you’re not just estrogen and progesterone and looking at her labs she was also low in testosterone, DHEA, and her thyroid levels were in the basement of normal

She called because she just wasn’t feeling right and she had a reason for that you’re not just your estrogen and progesterone and while it’s great that she found someone that helped her feel a little bit better. They weren’t going the entire way with her and they weren’t diving deep on the other hormones as well.

So remember, even if you’re on hormone replacement therapy if you aren’t feeling the way that you want to feel it could be that there’s something else that’s off

Give me a call 512–9 56–0296 and let’s try to figure this out if you’re not where you wanna be

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Just got off a phone call with my first patient of the day and luckily she had found somebody that helped her with estrogen and progesterone as she was in menopause The problem is, you’re not just estrogen and progesterone and looking at her labs she was also low in testosterone, DHEA, and her thyroid levels were in the basement of normal She called because she just wasn’t feeling right and she had a reason for that you’re not just your estrogen and progesterone and while it’s great that she found someone that helped her feel a little bit better. They weren’t going the entire way with her and they weren’t diving deep on the other hormones as well. So remember, even if you’re on hormone replacement therapy if you aren’t feeling the way that you want to feel it could be that there’s something else that’s off Give me a call 512–9 56–0296 and let’s try to figure this out if you’re not where you wanna be

Today I hit 60,000 followers here on Instagram Some may look at this number and say oh, it’s just a popularity contest. It doesn’t mean anything, and to a certain extent I would agree with that. What it means to me, though is that there are women who are now able to get qualified, verified and scientific information about menopause and perimenopause that allows them to go to their doctors office to start asking questions to me, this means more and more women are waking up to the fact that they have a voice that they didn’t have before that they have been being gaslighted by the medical community, and that now is the time to ask questions, and to stand up for themselves, and to start feeling better Believe me, the fact that you follow me is taken as an honor, and I try every day to provide information that is scientifically based and in your face because well, that’s partly how I am as well. I encourage you to keep asking questions if you are gaslight by the medical community, and if you feel like you need a voice, please feel free to call me to start your hormone journey 512–9 56–0296

We all have our struggles This has been an interesting week and while we see each other here online we don’t always know what people are dealing with behind the scenes I just wanted to say that I’m here if you need me and would love to be a support in any way I can. I miss my kids, I miss my mom and wish I could get out to Massachusetts to see my dad who turned 80 last week and I’ve been thinking that why not just do it Let’s make the commitment for the upcoming week to do something that we have been putting off and something that is going to be good for each of us Have a great week and I promise to bring the content again starting tomorrow

Hey, California and New York we may be a couple of weeks away from opening up the doors for appointments. The licensure packed has told me that the applications are finished and it should be a matter of days. May be a couple of weeks before I can make the announcement that I can accept patients in those two states. for those of you that have been asking where I can see patients my second pinned post on my Instagram feed list of states where I am currently licensed and I will be adding California in New York soon, so if you’ve been waiting to make an appointment hurry up and do it soon because once those two states open up, I’m gonna be pretty busy

Click the link in my bio for the SHINES protocol if you’re suffering from insomnia, weights gain, mood swings, hot flashes, decreased libido, fatigue, loss of muscle and and want to know more about perimenopause or menopause there are so many of you out there right now that are struggling with all of the issues listed above and you have absolutely no idea where to start I created a nine module course that will give you more information than you could ever know information that will give you the tools you need to go to your doctor tell them what lab test you want. Tell them what’s going on and to communicate properly and efficiently, and it will also give you an idea of where to start, and will acknowledge what you’re going through . Look, I’ve sat with about 50,000 women at this point in my career and I know this can be a rough area of life especially because you have an over amount of gaslighting in the medical community So if you don’t know where to start and you’re struggling, click the link in my bio for the shines protocol and get started today, you’ll also get some free items that I’ve created in the past like my seven day hormone reboot, which will at least just get you started down the road to hormone recovery. Have a great day and remember I’m always here for you. 512-956-0296.

Type WEIGHT LOSS below to get on the wait list Hey I know the numbers on the slides aren’t in order and that’s important because I want you to understand this program is outside the box and lists everything you will need for success 1 on 1 visits with me Cutting edge medication plans Hormonal balancing and labs through your insurance Supplements tailored to your specific needs and hormonal issues A monthly Facebook live group chat for you to ask questions and get support from others Ongoing support from me and a maintenance program so you keep the weight of Type WEIGHT LOSS below you have nothing to lose, well but the weight

Happy Easter everybody This time of year makes me reflect on those that are no longer here especially my mom and my grandparents and my ancestors who are the reason that I’m here today I am also thankful for the family that I currently have in the loved ones in Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts and elsewhere, especially my four children who are living in Denver, Boulder, San Antonio, and college Station, and I wish them the best and want them all to know that I love them very much I want to thank all of you, because without you, I wouldn’t be here serving what I feel is my mission in life currently and want you all to know that I am here to help in anyway possible to the best of my abilities and that I will always put my best effort forward when it comes to your health and your care Hopefully you all have a great Easter Sunday with family or friends, or at least spend some quiet time in reflection and find some peace in these times. Have a great Easter.

ask me a question over in the Insta stories Remember, I can’t give personal medical advice Lastly, if you look at the second pinned post on my Instagram page, you’ll see all the states where I am currently licensed so you don’t have to ask me if I’m licensed in your state because it’s already there New York and California applications are in. I am simply waiting for them to give me the license.

Sorry doc but I feel great at 150-250. Well you might sound like a man and have a thumb-sized clitoris but you do you Testosterone at that level makes me feel great! Well cocaine makes you feel great to so My doctor says this is fine and that’s where we need to be…. Your doctor is an idiot I know four other women that also have high levels and we are great. Tell that to your heart and your triglycerides. Tell that to your blood pressure and your vocal cords. Tell that to your breast as they shrink over time. Tell that to those around you when you’re biting their heads off. Oh and tell the thousands of women I’ve seen with high testosterone that have been irreparably harmed Simply put a testosterone level for a woman that is 2-4 times the normal rate is dangerous and malpractice

“Women are getting off birth control amid misinformation explosion.” In case you missed it, this was the title of a very problematic article in the @washingtonpost last week written by two people with NO medical background, the article is highly politicized, filled with anecdotal evidence, and dismissive of women’s lived experiences with birth control. To add insult to injury, after receiving heavy backlash, the Washington Post turned comments off on their Instagram post about the article. Once I saw this article, I had to address it here on the podcast because it’s disgusting. Birth control is obviously not the ultimate evil, but it’s also not the ultimate panacea. It should not be prescribed for problems outside of birth control until the underlying factors have been explored. Anything else is a disservice to our patients and is done for the convenience of the prescribing physician. Period. Today I’m going through the article and giving my take + the facts on everything written including - 🌿 The risk of bias and the authors’ lack of medical background 🌿 Misrepresentation of the genuine symptoms some women experience while taking birth control 🌿 Why I believe it’s misogynistic and hypocritical that the comments were turned off on the Instagram post about this article 🌿 The reach of social media influencers and their impact on birth control decisions 🌿 Potential side effects of birth control and the experiences of individuals who have faced complications 🌿 How social media might be shaping perceptions and decisions related to birth control methods 🌿 Bias in the medical community’s response to the side effects of HRT versus the pill I want you to read this article, see the political division that’s being created, and see the way they’ve stopped women from responding to what they’ve written. As always, I encourage you to keep your voices up, keep questioning the establishment, and when you feel like somebody is try

Hey y’all, Dr. Tassone, just talking to another lady that had testosterone pellets put in and she sounds like me Not in the sense that she sounds like me with what I’m saying, but she sounded like me based on the fact that her voice was so deep and raspy, and would become high-pitched at times like she was going through puberty as a 14-year-old boy would She had pellets placed five months ago and she’s been using them for a couple years and even though the pellet was placed five months ago with testosterone in it, her testosterone level was 113 which is at least twice the normal range. The problem is this prolonged elevation in her testosterone has now permanently changed her voice. When she went into the person that was putting them in, and she complained about the horses in her voice, and the fact that she sounded different the provider simply said, oh that’s to be expected This my friends is malpractice, and as I may to help this woman, I don’t think I can make her voice go back to normal. Remember, there are consequences to prolonged use of hormone pellets, and some of them are not reversible.

Please take my advice and see an expert on hormones not somebody that simply took a weekend course or that works for one of these Doc in the box pill mills that are online This woman went to a local hormone clinic that’s supposed to be an expert even though it’s a chain run by somebody that has no idea what they’re doing and guess what they were overdosing her not only on testosterone, but also on thyroid medication it’s my opinion that they also lied to her about the amount of testosterone they were giving her because apparently she was getting a subcutaneous injection of testosterone, but two months later her testosterone was still high so I’m concerned that maybe they gave her a pellet and they lied to her about it Also, they had her severely overdosed on her thyroid medication her active thyroid free T3 was 175% the normal limit and guess what this poor woman felt agitated irritated like she wanted to come out of her skin and she couldn’t sleep at night She saw her labs and noticed that they were outside of the normal range and guess what they told her was normal. It was OK for her levels to be that high and guess what it’s not and it’s highly dangerous and it’s malpractice. Please see somebody that actually knows what they’re doing. That’s going to overdose on hormones because a little that doesn’t necessarily mean that a lot is better. Give me a call 512-956-0296.

As you listen to this story shared by we uncover the harsh reality that many individuals, especially women, face when seeking medical care. Medical gaslighting, a pervasive issue, often downplays or dismisses a person’s symptoms, leaving them feeling unheard and invalidated. The impact of this mistreatment can be profound, as it not only affects one’s physical health but also their mental and emotional well-being. The notion of pain tolerance, particularly in women, is frequently underestimated or disregarded, contributing to the perpetuation of gender biases in healthcare, which I’ve shared other posts regarding this topic. For example, studies have shown it takes women approximately 18 minutes longer to receive pain medication in comparison to men when presenting in the ER. It’s crucial to me for us to shine a light on these experiences to spark conversations, raise awareness, and advocate for change within the medical community. By amplifying these voices and sharing these stories, we can work towards a more compassionate and equitable healthcare system that values every individual’s experiences and concerns, while also reminding these women they aren’t alone - although they may feel that way. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments 💬 — #AmericasHolisticGynecologist #DrShawnTassone

Continuing on the shame campaign that the Washington Post has against women who believe that birth-control, isn’t the end, I’ll be all for all of their problems. I’m trying to share the post that I did last night and Instagram is now banning me from sharing the post saying that it’s too political. Need a reminder, Instagram that they’re being political by not allowing me my first amendment right and sharing this post this level of scrutiny is disgusting and misogynistic on its face In the article, the Washington Post switched and baited this poor woman and took her out of context, and literally tried to make her look like she had absolutely no idea what she’s talking about The fascinating thing about this article is that it was written by two women, and they’re putting their own politics over their own gender, and they are choosing to trash other women because of their political beliefs. I simply don’t understand this. Please go back to my post from yesterday last evening and share it with as many people as you can just so attention is being brought to the Washington Post and they’re horrible misogyny in this case

SHAME ON YOU @washingtonpost The misogyny that it took to write this article about birth control pills, and how women should be using birth control pills because obviously any negative information about birth control pills has to be misinformation Then, when they post this article that was written by two women against women’s choice with birth control bills , these women, who neither of which have any medical background, and the only evidence that they gave was that there was an increase rate of abortion, because women were running away from the birth control pill, because of the misinformation that’s out there forget the fact that the only information they gave was anecdotal from other physicians out there It’s disgusting to me that the Washington Post made this article all about politics, abortion, and things of that nature but then when they posted it, and they made it political and women actually went on their site and responded. Their response was so negative that they shut down the comments. The Washington Post tried to silence the women that had an opinion, the misogyny and the hypocritical nature of this article and their actions is utterly disgusting I will be reading this article line by line and responding to how disgusting it actually is and how misogynistic it actually is on Thursday of this week on my podcast Confessions of a Male Gynecologist Shame on you @washingtonpost

Happy Friday everybody Do you ever get confused by supplements? Which supplements to take, which ones actually work, how do I know if it’s a good supplement, why did somebody tell me I should take this? What I find is that when I see patients in the office most women are taking supplements they don’t need or they’re taking supplements that are just purely garbage. The reason for this is not only are the supplement companies praying on your vulnerability, but so are some of the practitioners out there I am a supplemental purist. I like supplements that have maybe two ingredients I don’t like supplements that have 34 ingredients because they can’t really give you enough of one ingredient to make a difference. So when you call me to help you work on your hormones, we also will talk about your supplemental regimen and I will try to streamline things many times saving women $50-$75 a month So why not give me a call let’s get your hormones in line. Let’s also get your supplements in line 512–9 56–0296.

“If you’re already a board-certified OBGYN, why would you pay to become NAMS certified?” Many physicians turn to the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) for guidance on menopause-related issues. Every few years, they release a position statement outlining their stance on relevant treatment options, and lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about their recent statements. For the next couple of episodes, I’ll be doing a deep dive into different aspects of NAMS and their position statements. Today, I’m starting by critically examining their 2022 hormone therapy position statement and 2023 nonhormone therapy position statement. In this conversation, I’m talking about - 🌿 why I question the influence of pharmaceutical funding on NAMS 🌿 their narrow focus on certain menopausal symptoms 🌿 why I disagree with some of their positions on the use of compounded bioidentical hormone therapy 🌿my skepticism about the necessity of NAMS certification + more! Next week, I’ll explore NAMS’s funding sources and some of the issues with past leadership. Enjoy the episode on all podcast platforms now or by tapping the link in my bio! 🎧 — #AmericasHolisticGynecologist #DrShawnTassone #ConfessionsOfAMaleGynecologist

YOU DONT NEED TO CYCLE PROGESTERONE IN MENOPAUSE this entire concept is being promoted by people trying to make things up so that they can seem relative in this world of hormone replacement therapy There is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up cycling a woman in menopause, and their argument that it sheds the lining, which is healthy. Well, that makes absolutely no sense because when you’re on continuous progesterone, there is no lining really to shed secondarily they argument that when you have a bleed that it means you have a healthy dose of estradiol is absolutely also not necessarily true, nor does it tell you much of anything. The same people that say, being on birth control, pills is not a real period and think that birth control pills are laughable because of this are claiming that you should have a period when you’re in menopause but the reality is that’s not a period either it’s a withdrawal, bleed their contradictions are asinine, and they don’t even realize that their contradicting themselves Please don’t be confused by false information even if it’s being propagated by physicians, there is absolutely no evidence that you need to cycle progesterone in menopause or even in perimenopause if you don’t want to There are no health benefits to cycling progesterone. Actually, the health benefits of sleep and decreased anxiety is probably better to be taken on a daily basis anyways. I know it’s confusing their purposely making it confusing so that they can seem relevant but I’m here to support you and I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to do it

Hey there I get asked about five times a day. How people can work with me and what states I’m licensed in The second post on my Instagram feed that is pinned are the current 25 or so states where I am licensed to that is updated when things change and I wanted everybody to know that California and New York are on deck. I have the application in and I am simply waiting for them to approve the process . Besides California New York I will be working on Pennsylvania all the other states that people ask about our currently not on my radar, but maybe sometime towards the end of the year Lastly, I’m getting inundated with questions about cycling, progesterone and menopause. Look, I understand that there’s an OB/GYN that’s out there recommending this it’s completely her opinion there’s absolutely no scientific evidence to support us to think that she would know something that the entire industry does not know is ridiculous after 30 to 40 years of research and it’s completely her opinion and while she’s entitled to her opinion, I completely disagree with what she’s saying I think it’s absolutely asinine to cycle a woman that’s in menopause because it’s messy there’s absolutely no need for it and it doesn’t do any good