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80th Birthday Party for Uncle Jim from New York in Austin, Texas on July 9, 2022.

Mr. Thrill having fun with audience in Durango.

Mr. and Mrs. Thrill driving to Durango

ONE MILLION Views and 3k likes I would like to thank all the people who watched my video from all over the world. I don’t know why that video is being watched so much. I guess it’s kind of funny. Those who don’t know probably think I’m a serious guy who thinks he sounds like Elvis and looks like Elvis. Those who know me laugh along and realize I am just an entertainer having fun and making a little money. The most interesting phenomenon of these views is the negative comments. I must admit that being told that I suck and I’m terrible from a handful of these million views really bothered me at first but it also helped to establish what I’m doing with Mr. Thrill DJ PLUS and Elvis. Some people wrote me negative reviews that I made fun of Elvis. I smile. I started doing Elvis because people requested it so much. I had never seen an Elvis Tribute before. I watched videos of Elvis Tributes and thought, “these guys don’t look like Elvis or sound like Elvis. I can do just as good or better.” Plus I saw that these guys were paid really well and that was really a major motivation. I was a teacher and these guys were making more in an hour than I was making in a day. I eventually bought a $1000 Elvis suit and began to advertise on the internet. I practiced and practiced and tried coloring my hair jet black, trying to sound like Elvis and mimic his moves. I never entered an Elvis contest but accepted that there were some really great Elvis Impersonators and there were some really terrible ones. I also found some people wouldn’t hire me because I didn’t look like Elvis or my tribute was a parody. I just kept on taking gigs as they came and accepted that I was not the best Tribute Artist out there but what I did was unique. I got good response and have now done it for almost 20 years. I have lost count of how many Elvis shows I have done but I would guess over a thousand shows with very happy clients. I book regularly and probably 4-6 Elvis shows a mo

Jenna and Colton Sherrod’s reception on 3.26.22 at Lone Oak Barn.