Harold The Barber Inside Salons by JC

Harold The Barber Inside Salons by JC


Harold The Barber Inside Salons by JC YAY! Way to go Harold!
100 Stores. 100 Stories.

The luxury of having full control over your business.

Harold Ray McDonald Sr owner Harold The Barber Inside Salons by JC located inside of Salons by JC Round Rock just outside of Austin, Texas
Need a Barber...Come see our fabulous Barbers!!

Have a seat, we’ll take care of you!

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Harold The Barber Inside Salons by JC
Nashid the Barber
Huitrón Creation Salón & Spa

Barbering Specialist-We go beyond exceeding expectation our goal is to astonish you..whether your lo Harold remains highly visible on social media.

Why Harold is America’s Top Barber of Choice
“Harold delivers celebrity service without the celebrity price.”

Harold has a proven track record of his skill-set with more than 20 years of industry experience, and a passion for going above and beyond the call of service. Harold has been established as a pre-eminent celebrity barber, traveling barbering specialist and respected industry leader. Har


A New Hair Cut Always Works✂️Schedule now at www.haroldthebarber.com



Don't make excuses for the areas in life which need improvement - renew your mind. Success is not by accident personally or professionally.

First, stop blaming, and complaining-complaining is draining. Get focused. Change every complaint into an action plan. Destroy all excuses and stay persistent.

Today, self-evaluate your life. Look at the areas you must have an improvement in. Write all areas down with a start date. Visualize what you desire. No excuses and no complaining. Don't lose sight of who you are.

Harold The Barber has linked arms with Sonshine Braiding to gift 30 children and teens living in shelters in Austin with back-to-school hair appointments.

This is the part where you come in, SAFE Alliance needs your help. We have said this before when you look good, you feel good, and you do good. Help us give each one a fresh start this school year by donating any amount of $1 or more. Click the link below:


Thank you in advance for your support.

Harold Ray McDonald Sr.
Go online today to schedule in advance at www.haroldthebarber.com

Best Of Schedulicity Awards - Schedulicity 12/11/2021

Best Of Schedulicity Awards - Schedulicity

Congratulations to Mr. Harold R McDonald Sr. who just won Schedulicity's barber of the year award - chosen from 1,000 candidates!

Best Of Schedulicity Awards - Schedulicity A small business that embodies everything we believe in: self-empowerment, compassion, humility, honesty — and a good amount of grit. This business has gone above and beyond to embrace change and put their clients first.


Set Free from Tragic Offense

Barbering with a Purpose💈✂️.


Happy Valentines I Love You!!!!


💈Are you still waiting? Come in today www.haroldthebarber.com


Feel the pain and push forward. Refuse to Quit.💈💪🏽



Do you hear the voices telling you, there is no hope? Talk back. Say there is hope. Speak it before you see it. This is not the end. The bad cycle is breaking. Talk yourself through it. Talk yourself through discouragement, fear, loss, disappointments, and setbacks.

You have to run after your stuff and keep running. Don't slow down for anything and don't let nothing or no one stop you. Keep going!

You're going to win if you don't QUIT! Don't worry be happy. You have to choose to be happy and have a good day!

schedule now www.haroldthebarber.com


We'll take good care of you.


We're going to take good care of you. www.haroldthebarber.com

Photos from Harold The Barber Inside Salons by JC's post 07/30/2020

Schedule now for a transformation from Harold The Motivational Barber✂️ A new look will bring out a new attitude. It's time to get it!



Don't allow anything or anyone to stop you! Be like liquid, become flexible, adjust but don't quit. Life will walk right up to you and give you a right hook to the chest. It may knock the wind out of you but recover quickly. This fight will let the world know if it's a champion in you.

"If you're going through hell, keep going."-Sir Winston Churchill

www.haroldthebarber.com schedule now.


You must stay centered during these trying times but your line can go anywhere✂️

www.haroldthebarber.com schedule now

Where can I find emergency financial resources to help with COVID-19 hardships? | Knowledge Base | GrantSpace 07/01/2020

Where can I find emergency financial resources to help with COVID-19 hardships? | Knowledge Base | GrantSpace

Resources for emergency financial help during Covid-19 hardship.

Where can I find emergency financial resources to help with COVID-19 hardships? | Knowledge Base | GrantSpace With an increase in hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have started this list to point you to emergency financial resources. Please note: We do not give out grants/make...

Photos from Harold The Barber Inside Salons by JC's post 06/25/2020

Nothing Will Change Until You Do

I have to be honest with you, nothing will change until you do. You have to strengthen your mind and flood your thoughts with success. High achievers go through difficulty too. Do you know their secret to being Unstoppable? It's their mental attitudes that allow them to meet obstacles, setbacks, and temporary failures. They adopt a new resolve to keep trying, or to try something different until they succeed.

Persistence is the Antidote
It's not easy to continue when you have hit challenging times. Persistence is the antidote you need to succeed; It is a talent multiplier.

Change Your Thoughts
But what is guaranteed, if you quit, then you will never reach your goal.
Change the results you are getting instead of settling. Pull your head out! Get yourself motivated! Watch what you say. Stop all negative talk. Protect what your eyes see and what your ears hear.

Schedule now at www.haroldthebarber.com


💈Don't let krazy break you or change you for the worse. Don't allow the weight of life to push you down. Allow the weight to strengthen you, and make you stronger.

✂️Cut the stress out✂️ Give your beard it's best.

Schedule now at www.haroldthebarber.com we're taking appointments.


✂️Stay Calm-You Need Your Mind✂️

Don't react to every person who is trying to dump their load on you. Stop, Refocus and Implement. Yes, you need to Stop-stop engaging with small minded people. If you are supervising people like I am you have to teach others how to come up higher in their thinking. Implement a plan to remove, relocate or withdrawal.

Use your energy to focus on solutions and not problem.

Schedule today at www.haroldthebarber.com

How To Schedule Your Appointment - Harold The Barber 05/11/2020

How To Schedule Your Appointment - Harold The Barber

We have you in mind. Our sanitation is approved. Your safety and your haircut is our business. Go to 💈💈💈www.haroldthebarber.com ✂️✂️✂️

How To Schedule Your Appointment - Harold The Barber How to schedule your appointment on line with Harold The Barber. Clink the link below: https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/YEIAJL/services You can follow...


💈Tomorrow is the big day!✂️ www.haroldthebarber.com


Attorney General Ken Paxton Stands Up for Dallas Mother Trying to Feed her Family after Opening her Salon

AG Paxton Calls for Immediate Release of Salon Owner Unjustly
Jailed for Working to Feed Her Family

AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton today sent a letter to a Dallas County judge, stating that he abused his authority by putting Shelley Luther, owner of a hair salon, in jail for opening her salon to feed her family.

“I find it outrageous and out of touch that during this national pandemic, a judge, in a county that actually released hardened criminals for fear of contracting COVID-19, would jail a mother for operating her hair salon in an attempt to put food on her family’s table,” said Attorney General Paxton. “The trial judge did not need to lock up Shelley Luther. His order is a shameful abuse of judicial discretion, which seems like another political stunt in Dallas. He should release Ms. Luther immediately.”

International dancing day video shared by #UNICEF, little Muhammad Raza 05/06/2020

International dancing day video shared by #UNICEF, little Muhammad Raza

How we're feeling! Reopen! This Friday, May 8th, 2020. Schedule now at www.haroldthebarber.com

International dancing day video shared by #UNICEF, little Muhammad Raza Muhammad Raza from Passu village of gojal valley, Hunza dancing like a pro in the beautiful, snow-capped mountainland. A little reminder of normal times, on ...


I’d like to keep my business going through this pandemic. We have been closed since March. I need all my fb friends to sow into my business 🛍️🛍️ by sending me $2 and Type DONE!!

Cashapp name: $haroldtb
$2 isn’t even much to support a friend, right?

Thanks in advance to all that support me.


Timeline photos 04/28/2020


As we anticipate your return, know that each of our locations will be in pristine condition to receive you.


Mr. Harold is unable to return today. He is still under doctor's care, but we do ask for you to continue prayers for speedy recovery.


Push through today!

Detox from negativity. Be the person who brings resolution to your work and home. Be a problem solver. Be the resource.

Don't Quit because of resistance, push back. Get mad and stubborn about pushing through. You can succeed just believe.

Schedule today at www.haroldthebarber.com



Schedule today at www.haroldthebarber.com


You can DO IT! Let NO-THING stand in your way. Take your eyes off of other people.


✂️Change Your Perception.✂️

Yes, your perception can become a destructive beast if you don't tame it.

Have you completed a self-check on your attitude? Can I suggest to you, change starts with how YOU see YOUR world.

Change begins with how YOU look at your job, your business, your goals, your children, and your friends; literally everything and everyone around you.

When my wife came home from
her government job some days she would be discombobulated. One particular day she talked about the problem at hand with tears rolling down her face. A two-year-old girl (at the time, the same age as our youngest daughter) was sexually assaulted and murdered by her mother's boyfriend. My wife was devastated. She felt another child was lost on her watch.

I felt bad for my wife since she received details, which would never be released to the public. I ask her to take another look at the situation. What could this ordeal be saying to you? Instead of SEEING you failed. What else could you SEE?

Before I knew it, she had turned her lobby into an educational center for visitors in her office. Articles were written and published by her to educate people around the world. Again, I ask how do you SEE situations in your life today?

How would life look for you if you started changing the way you see EVERYTHING by placing on positive lenses today.

Take waking up for an example, do you see yourself changing your life through ONE task you complete? Some people will wake up and say, "oh, boy. Here is another day in the slump". Some people are seeing their spouse or children as the enemy and not a gift. Choose this day which direction you will go. Will you perceive every situation as positive or negative?

The Challenge: Don't allow life to run you and cloud your perception. Having a negative attitude keeps us from being happy and impacts the people we interact with. It can disrupt our cycles of passion and happiness.

www.haroldthebarber.com schedule now



I was talking to my wife this morning about visualizing something great. Before I knew it out of my mouth rolled these words: "my business will expand all over this world. I will offer bigger and better services from Harold The Barber!"

There is no doubt in my mind. You too can experience a dream bigger than anyone has ever seen before.


You have to THINK BIG! Is your dream big enough? Are you seeing a life full of happiness? There are many people who refuse to place a cap on their dreams. I dare you to think BIG! You never know the doors which are waiting for you.

Don't just think about making ends meet today but think about DOUBLING your income. What you make in a day, think about making it in an hour!

Don't just think of how to pay your car note this month, think of owning your car and paying so one else's car note! Yes! I dare you to think CRAZY BIG! That thought, someone else says is crazy!

Don't just think of opportunities from an employee perspective, think BIG! THINK of being an invested partner in your company. Every move you make brings waves of increase for you!

Don't just think of getting pass this illness. Think of living a full life healthy and whole. Think of performing body endurance activities that attracts the world to gaze on in amazement!

Have a GIGANTIC perspective. I challenge you today to Think bigger than you have ever done before.

Who said, you weren't BIG enough!

www.haroldthebarber.com schedule now, we're still taking appointments.

Harold Ray McDonald Sr.


Mount up today ✂️💈 Go beast mode. Be determined you'll succeed.


A lunch time boost:

Negative thoughts drain you of energy and keep you from being in the present moment. So, why receive them?

This is a 3 min read. I shared this last year but it still rings true today.

Don't let any problem scare you.

For the next 22 days I will work 80% of the time working on a task which will change my life. 20% on other life routines. I'm determined to complete something which will change my family's life.

I picked this up from my wife and oldest daughter who had went beast mode in 2012 on their goals. My wife's first book was written while my daughter brought home a trophy for being #1 sales Lady of her dealership making over 1 million in sales alone.

I too saw the rewards of going all in when almost 4 years ago after relocating to Austin, I worked from 9-9pm everyday for the first year to build up my customer base in a city I didn't know anyone. After my first 90 days, I could see a shocking increase which upgraded my family.

One tool which must be utilized while 10X ing is:

Recognize What Triggers Negative Thoughts

Become the watcher and guard over your thoughts. Monitor all negative thoughts which can cause you set backs.

Surround Yourself with Positive People.

When you’re stuck in a negative spiral, talk to someone who can put things into perspective and won’t feed your negative thinking. I like to listen to good positive music too. You know, that triumph music -oh yeah!

Write down 1 task you can complete which will change your life. Don't stop working on it until its complete.

Come on you got this! Finish strong

Schedule now at www.haroldthebarber.com we're here for you.

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