American Motor Products - AMP Generators

American Motor Products - AMP Generators


I recently purchased a group of fi ve new AMP products at a ve ry low price. It was from a pers on working for a company by t he name of Dynamo Power, Chattanooga, TN. The salesmen had these items in ba ck of his truck with the cla im it was from a show in O KC and his employer wanted it so ld and not transported to his ne xt location. I questioned this sale a nd did some limited field research sin ce I was on one my projec ts. I did pay with a cred it card and have all of t he appropriate sale documentation including an ema il conformation from Dynamo Power. My questio ns: Should I consider this a legitima te sale? Is their method of dumpi ng faulty equipment? I would like to spe ak someone within you main headquarters at yo ur earliest convenience,
Thank you, J oe Ferguson

AMP has been importing and distributi ng commercial grade power equipment since 2006. O ur staff has a combined 60 yea rs expertise in the equipment business.

Starting out with the vision of offeri ng light industrial equipment at a reasonab le price for everyone to enjoy h as allowed us to become the indust ry leader and visionary of new produ ct ideas. Whether it’s a standby pow er system for a large data cent er, a backup generator powering the fami ly home through an outage, portable generato rs powering tools at the job si te, or the cleaning power of a pr es

Operating as usual


Do you have too many too ls? ⚒ AMP knows how you fee l😠 and is the reason we design ed our Kohler Series MULTIPLEX 9600. It allo ws you to say goodbye 👋 to loadi ng up 3 machines every day. A MP has just one, ☝️ to g et just about any job done!


Spring 🌻cleaning is right around t he corner. AMP's Kohler Series 3000 P SI pressure washer💦 makes outdoor cleaning f un. 🦸‍♂️


Are you familiar with the AMP ⚡️ Kohler Series Product Line? We mig ht 🤷‍♂️have something you need!


AMP Service Tip #3: The pow er output 💪 is different for everyone 's needs when it comes to emergen cy power. It is better to go a si ze up👆 when choosing a generator. T he stresses put on your generator tryi ng to run too much will decrease 〽️ the life of the investment. 🧟‍♂️

T he AMP Kohler Series 10,000 Gas Generat or is perfect for emergency power supp ly in the event of a sto rm.


Do frequent power outages ⚡have y ou shopping for a generator? It c an get confusing😕 trying to figure o ut what size, brand, type, etc. y ou need. AMP can always help wi th this process. Give us a ca ll ☎️ 877-601-2823!


AMP's proud to announce 📣the expansi on to their Kohler Series Product Li ne.


AMP will continue to striving to be t he leader in innovative outdoor power equipme nt. 🏃 We will be releasing n ew products next spring and will be shari ng more information over the coming mont hs. Stay tuned. 📰


AMP Service Tip #7 : Ke ep your generator clean.
If you operate yo ur generator is dirty, dusty environment th en it is important to always cle an your air-cooled generator-set (rotor/stator) frequently. Bui ld up of dust and dirt in yo ur generators windings will always ruin yo ur investment over time.

Louisiana power outages may last wee ks: How to stay safe during a blacko ut 08/31/2021

Louisiana power outages may last wee ks: How to stay safe during a blacko ut

AMP is thinking of our custome rs and everyone affected by Hurricane Ida .🙏 Stay safe during the power outag es with these tips.↙️

Louisiana power outages may last wee ks: How to stay safe during a blacko ut Emergency managment officials are urging Lousia na residents who lost power to ta ke precautions as it might take wee ks to restore the power.


AMP Service Tip #18 : Maintaini ng your pressure washer after use.

It is cruci al to always disconnect hoses, spray trigge rs and clean nozzles after using yo ur AMP pressure washer. The steps bel ow will ensure you don’t harm t he internal parts of your engine a nd pump by leaving pressure built up in yo ur pump, hose and spray gun. Th is will significantly decrease the longevity of yo ur machine.

1. Remove Soap🧼 residue from pressu re hose.
You can simply run water f or 1 minute after using any deterge nt from your pressure washers soap ta nk to remove any residue left in t he hose and spray gun.

2. Tu rn off water🚰supply to pump. ⚙️Shutdown engi ne. 💨Release Pressure.
You need to tu rn your water supply off to wash er. Next you shut down the engi ne. Finally you hold the spray wan ds trigger for 10 seconds to ma ke sure all pressure is removed fr om pump.

3. Disconnect water🌊 supply a nd spray wand hoses.
You need to disconne ct your water supply line (garden ho se) from pressure washer pump. You al so need to disconnect the wand ho se from pump and spray wand connectio ns. (NOTE: If you cannot remove wa nd hose from either pump or wa nd it means you missed the releasi ng pump pressure step above.)

4. 🤜Pull t he recoil start 3 times(lightly.)
To ensure a ll pressure is released from your pu mp, you need to lightly pull t he recoil start 3 times.

Here is a vid eo to help guide you along.


AMP Service Tip #6: Run yo ur Generator every 3 months.
It's a 🤏 sma ll task, but a big deal to alwa ys start and your generator for at lea st 15 minutes every 3 months or 4 tim es a year. This way when emergenci es ⚡️ the generator will safely pow er you through.


We are currently looking into t he 👁️ eye of the 2021 Atlant ic Hurricane season. It is important to be prepar ed for any emergency weather situation. 🌩️

Here 's a reminder to those effected by the se powerful weather systems.


AMP Tip #20: Pressure Washer Deterge nt. 🚨
Using the zero degree pressure t ip & the correct detergents with yo ur washer will mean maximum clean! 💧


AMP Tip #14: Generator Location. 🏞
👉Y ou should never operate a generator in enclos ed spaces, near buildings, or vehicles. Y ou only run generators outside, far aw ay from any structures, doors, windows, e tc. Carbon Monoxide is odorless and is fat al to humans and pets. 👌


The AMP 👉 MULTIPLEX is a weld er, generator and air compressor. Vis it our website or 📞call AMP at 877-601-28 23 for more information.


AMP's preparation Quote of the D ay.


AMP Service Tip #2 : Breaki ng in your generator.
Buying a brand n ew generator is can be exciting‼️ Use rs need to make sure the un it is fully broken in to hand le the tough tasks of providing pow er in emergencies. 🌩

It is boring, b ut ready your owners manual to comple te the break-in process is the on ly way it can be accomplished effective ly.

The oil type will be locat ed in your owners manual for t he product.

T he fuel you're adding needs to be bas ed on how frequently you're going to u se the machine. The better the fu el the better the performance.

Sta rt by running your generator with nothi ng plugged in for one hour. Th is allows the engine and alternator to be ful ly lubricated and moving parts ready to hand le the stress of an emergency.

Next you run t he generator with half the wattage yo ur machine is rated. The surge wat ts are always different from the rat ed watts. The owners manual will clari fy the rated wattage. All power too ls, appliances, etc. have their amperage a nd voltage on them. The AMPS x VOL TS = WATTAGE.

Ne xt you run the generator on sma ll load of 500 watts. You c an do this with a halogen lig ht, stand alone freezer or small a ir compressor.

You finish the break in peri od by changing the oil to ensu re the machine is ready to go in t he event you need it.

While it is common ly spouted that small engines don’t ne ed to be broken in and wi ll do so on their own duri ng use, AMP begs to differ. An engi ne is an engine and all t he considerations that would apply to yo ur car will apply to a generat or, lawn mower, trimmer, etc., as well.

Whi le many may feel that breaking in is unnecessa ry for outdoor power tools, AMP urg es you to not skip out on yo ur generator. However, don’t neglect other gas-power ed devices as well (adjust runtimes by devic e). The procedure only takes a f ew hours and will save you a l ot of money and trouble in t he long run.

5 Tips to Keep Your Portab le Generator Ready | Consumer Reports 08/11/2021

5 Tips to Keep Your Portab le Generator Ready | Consumer Reports

AMP Service Tip #5: Protecting Yo ur Investment. 🚨
It's crucial to keep yo ur generator safe. Keeping up on gener al maintenance is the key factor to ensu re longevity on your machine. Consumer Repor ts has a great video in t he link below showing ways you c an ensure your machine is ready to go wh en you use it. 👍

5 Tips to Keep Your Portab le Generator Ready | Consumer Reports If you’ve spent money on a portab le gasoline generator the last thing y ou want is trouble starting it wh en a storm hits. It’s easier th an you think. Just fol...


AMP Service Tip #22: Long te rm storage of your generators. It is importa nt to follow the steps below if yo ur planning on storing your generator unt il your next power outage.

1. Cle an your unit thoroughly – Dust of t he machine and clean any dirt a nd debris with a soft bristle bru sh. Also, remove old grease and gri me that may have accumulated on t he surface with a clean cloth a nd a degreaser. If you operate a generat or in dusty environments make sure to cle an out debris in generator-set by simp ly using forced air from a compress or. Do not use cleaning products of a ny kind on your generator windings.

2. Inspe ct your generator – Take your ti me to look for anything that see ms out of ordinary.
Look for any loo se or frayed wires; rusty, corroded, or damag ed parts; and loose or missing bol ts. Consult anything that seems out of ordina ry with AMP at 877-601-2823.

3. Drain yo ur fuel tank – This should alwa ys be performed outdoors. Close a manu al fuel shutoff valve. Use a siph on pump to completely drain your fu el tank and store your gas in an appropria te gas can. Add fuel stabilizer in to it if you are not goi ng to use that gas within coup le of weeks. Don’t forget to clo se the lid on the fuel ta nk on your generator after you dra in it.

4. Drain your carburetor – Th is step is simple. Just take yo ur generator outside and start it. L et it run until it stops fr om the lack of fuel. This wi ll burn off any remaining fuel th at may be left in your fu el lines.

5. Store it in a d ry, cool place – If you ha ve done everything right, you can sto re your unit in a dry, co ol place. It is best to sto re it far away from any actu al or even potential source of fi re or heat. Do not forget to b uy a weather-resistant cover to protect yo ur unit from elements if not stori ng in a garage or shed.

By following these storage tips you wi ll ensure the machine will be rea dy to go the next time y ou need it!


AMP product users can be t he largest construction company to a homeown er. Check out our Powered by Kohl er series of Products.


AMP Service Tip 36: Power Manageme nt. 🚨
Overloading your generator is NEVER ok ay. Always read the labels of yo ur appliances & tools to make su re that your generator can power th em.
Use V (volts) x A (am ps) = W (watts) to determine t he wattage necessary for your appliances or too ls. 👍


AMP knows the feeling of pow er being knocked out to your ho me or business. Whether it is fr om Summer Thunderstorms, Winter Ice Storms or Hurrican es. Check our Kohler Series product li ne for all your equipment needs!


In power outages all generators re ly on AMP's.


Forecasters expecting another above-normal hurricane seas on


It's never too early to prepa re for an unexpected power outage!


NEW PRODUCT ALERT ‼️ Have a co ld water pressure washer that isn't cutti ng it for you? AMP now h as Hot Water Pressure Washer that wi ll get the dirt and grease clean ed that regular pressure washers can't! T he AMP Steamboss 4000 is now availab le! Call AMP today for a pri ce quote!


AMP 🌩 Generator Service Tip #1 : Chan ge your engine oil.

It is importa nt to follow service schedules and t he oil maybe the most important. He re is a video on how to chan ge your oil!

Trash Pump - How To 04/09/2021

Trash Pump - How To

Do you own a water pu mp and wonder the correct way to pri me it? Here is a great vid eo on how to effectively prime yo ur AMP Water Pump!

Trash Pump - How To


AMP Multiplex 9600 - 3 in 1 - Generat or, Compressor, Welder Machine

The Globally Patented, AMP MULTIPLEX 9600 is a 5,5 00 watt Generator, 50-200 amp Welder a nd 5 Gallon Air Compressor. What mo re could you ask for? 🔥 Oh ye ah, and it is Powered by a Kohl er Command PRO CH-440 Engine!💥


Amp Generators

A power outage is never ide al, but AMP can help make it bearab le.


Amp generators

It's never too early to g et prepared. ⛈ Checkout AMP's product li ne powered by Kohler Engines. ⚡


AMP KOHLER Series 10,000

It's never to early to be prepar ed! AMP has helped thousands of peop le power through emergencies. ⚡

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