HAIR Trippin' w/Marjilee

HAIR Trippin' w/Marjilee


Hey Jil! I don’t know if you saw that I made two appointments on the 22nd...I wanted to reschedule the earlier one to later in the afternoon. Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to fix my mistake.
I love my new hairdo...Jill did an awesome job! Highly recommend💆🏽‍♀️💇🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️😍

Experience Stylist specializing in curly hair, and color. Trendy haircuts and styles. Bridal stylist for the whole wedding party. Located in Salon & Spa Studios Round Rock Tx

Marjilee Mason is the owner of Hair Trippin. With 30+ years of experience in the hair care and beauty industry, Marjilee has been through all the past and latest trends. As an artist at heart, she is an inspired stylist who is an advocate for natural beauty. She keeps up to date with the most recent education and products for her clients, and loves educating them on how to look their best. She has

Operating as usual


It’s been a great month at the new salon! Thank you to all my beautiful and loyal clients for walking my new path with me. I’m so appreciate it and love all of you!

HAIR Trippin' w/Marjilee updated their address. 03/11/2022

HAIR Trippin' w/Marjilee updated their address.

HAIR Trippin' w/Marjilee updated their address.


If you are looking for the salon address? It is Salon & Spa Studios. Room 10
105 E. Old Settlers
Round Rock Texas 78664
Apparently Facebook is not changing it when I attempted to do it! Sorry for the inconvenience.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Hair Trippin! Starting February 7th! New location


Happy New Year to all my clients! 2022 will be a year of change for Hair Trippin. I am happy to announce that Hair Trippin will be relocating to :

in Round Rock Tx
beginning on Feb. 7, 2022.

Salon & Spa Sudios is located at 105 E. Old Settlers Blvd. I will be in Studio #10.

All appointment booking avenues will remain the same online or by phone . I will be texting and emailing directions and info in the coming days! Any appointments already booked from the 7th on will remain as booked and will take place at the new location.

Thank you so much for all the years of support and loyalty. I am so excited and can’ t wait to see all my beautiful Hair Trippers!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my wonderful and loving clients! I hope you had a joyful and blessed holiday! You have allowed me to not just be a stylist but to live life with the most wonderful people, YOU! We’ve shared good and bad times, with laughs, hugs, and tears! I would not change that for the world.
All of you bless me everyday, whether you are sitting in my chair or it’s not your appointment day. This past year has been a whirlwind for me health wise, but things are better now. I could not have gotten through it without your love, prayers and support. I am so grateful to be gifted with clients that I love! I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you do for me! I’m so blessed, that GOD has put you in my path. I thank him every morning for blessing me with you! 47 years ago when I started behind the chair I never imagined how much I would love this career. I love it because of all of you! Clients, friends and family who support me, and lift me up!
WELL, another year is in the books and hopefully many more to come! CHEERS, to 2022 and the future! May things get much better for the health of all in this world. The last few have been tough ones. I look forward to more years of cutting, curling and coloring with you.
Happy New Year! From my family and may God’s blessing be abundant for you and yours!
Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️🎄🥂👏


Thought this was so true. And thank you for letting me be your hair person, coworker and friend. Not exactly the year I had planned, but it’s not in my hands. I have been in awe of the support, prayers and kindness during my cancer journey. I am so blessed and blow away by all of you!
Much love ❤️❤️❤️

* Not sure who needs this ⤵️⤵️⤵️

... or who you might need to share it with ... so we'll just leave it right here ... 😘❤

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Photos from A-Zany-Do Salon & Spa's post


Still some time open next week!


In case you haven’t gotten the memo or We just haven’t connected in a while! 🙁
I will be out of the salon OCT. 8 - 19th. The next 2 weeks I still have appointments available. You can book online or text me. Thanks for all your support❤️


Happy Easter everyone! I will be out of the salon from 4/7 to 5/11 for surgery recovery. That is the plan for now. My book is open for online after 5/11 but might be on a limited basis as I work myself back to my routine. Thanks for all the prayers and concerns. I will be happy to be back for sure. ❤️❤️


* That "one" client that’s always freezing 🥶 😜🤣🤣... Reposted from Blonde by Britt


Hi everyone! Holidays are fast approaching! Just wanted to share my Thanksgiving schedule. I will be off 11/26 until 11/29. I have opened my books on the Monday before Thanksgiving to allow more appointments to be booked.
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends, even if it’s from a distance. 🦃❤️

Photos from A-Zany-Do Salon & Spa's post 10/21/2020

Photos from A-Zany-Do Salon & Spa's post

Photos from HAIR Trippin' w/Marjilee's post 10/14/2020

This is pandemic FALL COLOR !


Hi everyone! Well being back in the salon has been good! So many of you have come back and I’m over joyed! I have to say it’s not the easiest but hey God never promised easy in life.
Just wanted to let you know I will be on vacation Oct. 16th -27th. Thank you all for your support through this difficult time for all. I know I am only a small hill but all of you have made me feel like I’m a mountain. And God moves mountains. So I’m good! 😃❤️


OK online appointment booking is back up and working! There are a few changes in that the categories such as highlighting, haircutting and color etc. will show for example (Haircutting from $30 the lesser price in the main title )but when you click on it will actually break it down into the different services and prices under that category.


I was just informed by a client that my booking app first have all m services that can be booked showing. I have emailed support and I hope it is resolved soon. Until then just text me to make an appointment.
Thank you, M


Fresha - Instantly book salons and spas nearby

Online booking is available again! Download the app! Then search for Hair Trippin
or go to

Fresha - Instantly book salons and spas nearby Instantly book salons and spas nearby

World Redhead Day is May 26! Here are 10 fun facts about red hair 05/26/2020

World Redhead Day is May 26! Here are 10 fun facts about red hair

World Redhead Day is May 26! Here are 10 fun facts about red hair Hey redheads! Tuesday, May 26 is YOUR day!


Thank you all my clients who visited me my first week back! Thanks for your patience ! I love you all!


I have haircut appointments available 5/28 at 1:30 and 5/29 at 12pm. I’m now booking for week of 6/1 starting on 6/2. Color and cuts! Text me or call me ( please leave message) at 512-585-7944. Online booking is temporarily closed.


Hi Trippers! It is finally time!! I will be returning to the salon on Tues . May 12th. The first week I’m going to only work a couple of days and ease back into my routine. So I’m am booked and ready. Most of you already have your appointments. So I am fully booked through June 1st for now. Please text me or call( leave message) and we will get you hooked up with an appointment if you haven’t already heard from me . Online booking will be closed for now so that I have more control over time. Below are the procedures to keep us all safe ! I miss you all and can’t wait to get back to the beauty side of life.

1. When you get to the parking lot text me. I will come out and get you.
2. There will be no waiting in the salon. I can only have one person in my chair so, no children unless they are receiving a service . Since waiting in the car would not be possible for them. Please only bring them for their appointment.
3. Please bring your own mask,😷 no exceptions. Unless you have respiratory issues that keep you from wearing one.
4.You should have clean shampooed hair. I will have everything ready when you come in.
5.You will be asked to wash your hands and fill out a waiver/ Covid questionnaire and a temperature check. Please do not come to your appointment if you have any type of flu, cold, fever or Covid symtoms. I will totally understand and I will do the same.
7. I am Barbacide certified and will be sanitizing my station between clients. Tissue, wipes , and hand sanitizer will be available. And using clean sanitized capes and implements foreach client.
8.I will only be doing shampooing to remove color services. And if you don’t feel you need to be styled just let me know.
9. The salon will be abiding by social distancing rules.
9. Contactless payment is preferred. 10. I will be wearing gloves.

It won’t be the normal and I know it seems like a lot to go through, but we will eventually get back there. At the end salon time and you have your gorgeous new look. I will be spraying you completely down with Barbacide and sending you out in to the world!!!!😃Just kidding on that one!!

Thanks for all your patience!!! Marjilee


Ready to return to work soon! I hope all my mom’s have a wonderful relaxing MOTHER’S DAY💐🌹🍷♥️


Attention Hair Trippers,
Swimming through the Covid 19 ocean is very difficult. As of now we don’t really have a locked down plan for working hours per stylist. So, I am going to step away from online booking for the time being until things are a little more normal. To make appointments text me 512-585-7844 or call me and leave a message if I don’t answer. No emails please. I’m sorry to have to do this but the booking and rescheduling is confusing and then having to add extra time for sanitation protocol is hard. This seems to be the best option for me. After a little bit I might just go ahead and use the Zany Do receptionist’s to book all my appointments through. But for now I think old fashion appointment booking is best. I am in the process of getting in touch with everyone before 5/18. Hopefully we will be in Phase 2 and ready to cut , color, and twirl some hair! Thanks BBC for your patience. If you have any question just text me!


I am sure that everyone knows by now that we will be possibly opening in the Phase 2 of Opening Texas according to the governor today. So if your appointments are scheduled between April 30 and May 18 we will need to reschedule you. You can do it either by going online if you do that regularly, or you can text me and I will reschedule it. If I don’t see you rescheduled online or I haven’t heard from you I will get in touch. I’m not sure what the protocol will be but I will try and do as much as I am allowed in the time I have available. Thank you for being so patient and waiting for this to end. We’re all in this together as they say. There will be a whole lot of beautiful and happy people when we are back behind the chair!🤗🙏🌹


Educated, certified, and ready!


I hope everyone is hunkered down! We need to beat this Covid thing and get back to cutting, coloring, curling, and twirling some hair!


Hey Trippers! Since we are forced to be apart for a little while, I know all of you are either needing a cut or color. So if you are covering your sparkles with a hat. Post a pic! I’m wearing one too! And then there is always just being a unicorn!


Well, Trippers, looks like I and some of you that haven’t already will be sheltering at home now that Wilco orders are in effect tonight. To all my clients: I will be back, I will miss all of you. I will miss your smiles 😁 and your hugs. 🤗 But we can keep in touch. Your safety and well being is important to me.
I will be updating and checking on all of you during this time. And please DON’T BOX DYE your hair or cut your own hair! 💇‍♀️💇🏽‍♀️Corrective color is expensive! Use a root spray! I can’t glue your bangs back on, remember that when you get the urge. Use this time to give your hair a break. Have a spa day at home, conditioning is always a good thing! I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to look for new pics of hair styles. I’ll be taking online classes to help pass the time. So I’ll be ready for you!😃
Text me whenever you like, day or night! Let’s all lift each other up in our prayers. 🙏 Strength comes from strife! We will all be super hero’s 🦸‍♀️when all this is done! Can’t wait to hear all your funny stories. Much love to all! ❤️
My booking site will still be available for your use. Those with appointments during this time I will call you to reschedule and work things out.
♥️Marjilee/Hair Trippin


Hello to all my Hair Trippers!
Due to the recent Covid 19 crisis
A Zany Do Salon will be open as long as the government authorities allow. We are sanitizing constantly after each client and the facilities. We are sorry that business may not be as usual. If you have an appointment we are asking that only the person receiving services attend or will be allowed into the salon. We will also be taking temperatures at the door by scanning. Hope all of you understand we are concerned for you and our stylists. This will be the situation until further notice. 🤗

Our Story

Marjilee Mason is the owner of Hair Trippin. She is an independent stylist in the Round Rock, Texas area in a trend setting atmosphere of professionals at A Zany Do Salon & Spa

With 40 years of experience in the hair care and beauty industry, Marjilee has been through all the past and latest trends. As an artist at heart, she is an inspired stylist who is an advocate for natural beauty.

She keeps up to date with the most recent education and products for her clients, and loves educating them on how to look their best. She has worked with and been educated by some of the best in the industry. Such as, the fabulous style icon Xenon. Michael Mazzei, Leland Hirsch, and Andrew Bartfield of Artec Colorist Collection and Textureline Styling Products. Both being successful product lines and trend setting in the hair care industry they have now become a part of L’Oreal empire of fabulous haircare products. She has attended Pivot Point, and Vidal Sassoon Schools. Marjilee holds certifications in hair coloring from Goldwell, Redken, Framesi, Lorea, and many others.l

Being a natural curl specialist, and curly girl herself. Marjilee knows your frustration. Let her show you how to embrace your curls. She will teach you the techniques and proper use of products. So you can be yourself with a little Shot of Wild!

Marjilee has a real passion for color. Her philosophy is your hair color should enhance your beauty. Not disguise it!

Bridal services are a favorite at Hair Trippin. She will work to make your special beginning even more beautiful.

Services offered:
Bridal and wedding party styling.
Air brush Makeup & Traditional Makeup
Photo Shoot makeovers


105 E. Old Settlers Blvd Suite 115 Salon & Spa Studios Room #10
Round Rock, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 6pm

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