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Farsoon Technologies


Because of the and the individual building instructions, the at the and the provision of encrypted licenses allow spare parts to be made available worldwide in the quickest possible way, and exactly where they are currently needed. The benefits are obvious: Faster availability of parts, shorter supply chains, and cost savings. - Daimler Buses I EvoBus Schweiz AG - Services - Farsoon Technologies -
Braskem, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Luxexcel and Lumus, Johnson & Johnson and DePuy Synthes Companies, Farsoon Technologies
ZTE Device, Huawei, Bright Blt, Eplus3D Additive Manufacturing, Tiertime, INTAMSYS, Farsoon Technologies
ASTM International, Meltio, Nihon Binary, Biohm Ltd, Siemens Digital Industries Software, Atherton Bikes, Renishaw Engineering, Farsoon Technologies, Wanhua Chemical Group, Dongguan University of Technology
Described as the “Formular One on Ice”, is a racing of gravity-powered sleigh down a narrow, downhill track covered in ice by steering through twists, turns, and straight-aways. The maximum racing speed can reach as fast as 160km/h, creating a few G-Forces in rapid acceleration or deceleration. In such high-speed situation, the safety of athletes is the top priority. For this reason, remain an essential part of the protection accessories but not any kind of helmets. Farsoon Technologies Dongguan University of Technology Chemical Group
Farsoon Technologies, Modest Company
Uff, en esta semana casi cae viernes 13 en el primer mes del año, eso significa que no tendrás mala suerte, así que aprovecha tu buena suerte comprando tu impresora 3D en metal FS271M de Farsoon Technologies
Para empezar bien el año 🙌 debes adquirir tu impresora HT1001P de Farsoon Technologies
Farsoon Technologies
It was incredibly cool to have so many real applications at our booth made possible by our technology. Here are a few more that we exhibited. 👏😎

Thanks to our great partners and customers, we are already making products part of our everyday lives. Our vision: https://bit.ly/3xypDNE

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Covestro, Farsoon Technologies

Global Polymer and Metal Additive Manufacturing Systems and Solutions We believes that close partnerships are vital in finding new and innovative solutions.

Industrial Additive Manufacturing Systems

Farsoon Technologies is a total solution supplier of Selective Laser Sintering and Melting that was founded in 2009 by Dr. Xu Xiaoshu. Dr. Xu is a regarded as one of the leading experts in laser sintering technology and has had more than 15 years’ experience developing the technology in the US and abroad. He was the manager of advanced processing at DTM,

Farsoon zeigt neuste Trends und Anwendungen im industriellen Metall-3D-Druck 09/28/2023

It's almost time of the year - Formnext is less than 6 weeks away! FARSOON Europe team will meet you at 📌Hall 11.1, Booth C11📌! Thanks 3Druck sharing our customer-centric solution in :

🌟 Improving of parts
🌟 Integration of with traditional manufacturing to push in cost reduction
🌟 Customized &

Contact us for the right solution for your !👉[email protected]

Farsoon Technologies

Farsoon zeigt neuste Trends und Anwendungen im industriellen Metall-3D-Druck Während viele die Fortschritte im industriellen Metall-3D-Druck (Metall AM) auf Neuerungen in den Bereichen Materialwissenschaft, Zertifizierung, Nachhaltigkeit, Design und KI zurückführen, hat Farsoon, ein Spezialist für 3D-Druck, festgestellt, dass die tieferliegenden Markttrends in unterschie...


📢DAY 3 at Show - It's a wrap! Thanks everyone for visiting us during the amazing 3 days. Want to our systems operating? Welcome to Center in and see for yourself!

Get in touch: 👉[email protected]


📢DAY 2 What's your goal for ? We are here to support with high-quality, solutions for your needs. Meet our regional manager Vince Zhao and Zahid Abbas Khimjee at Show - Stop by Booth C2 and say hi!

Farsoon Technologies

Photos from Farsoon Technologies's post 09/25/2023

📢DAY 1 A glance at our partner 3DTIV TECH at Show! Drop by Booth C2 to explore your solutions for !

Farsoon Technologies

Photos from Farsoon Technologies's post 09/25/2023

📢DAY 1 at Show in ! Visit our partner 3DTIV TECH to explore the best solutions for on the market:

✅ ready
✅ + Highly
✅Best Cost-performance
✅Truly open + innovative solutions
✅Customer-centric services and support

Visit us at 📍booth C2📍 to connect with an additive expert today!

Farsoon Technologies


🟢 in Review🟢

Porton Precision: Great showcase of for volume of :

💹 :
💹System: FS273M-2 Dual-Laser
💹Faster speed integrating
💹Improved by 60%
💹 model

Find this helpful to your ? Contact us: 👉[email protected]!

Farsoon Technologies


🟢TCT Asia in Review🟢

Farsoon Technologies supports Huaxiang Group in the volume of certified fusion cage :

💹 : & alloys
💹Fully customizable for patients
💹Precision + Quality
💹Excellent -mechanical compatibility
💹Improved +

Find this helpful to your ? Contact us: 👉[email protected]!


🟢 in Review🟢

Farsoon Technologies introduced the latest development of Support Reduction System ( ) in and its excellent results:

💹Reduce support up to 99.8%
💹No supports needed as low as 25°
💹Reduced use
💹Enables of enclosed parts with lower overhangs
💹Ease of

Find this helpful to your ? Contact us: 👉[email protected]!


🟢TCT Asia in Review🟢Glad to share the highlights from last week!

The of enables true of club heads. With Farsoon Technologies Futai Technology is able to deliver over ⚡️15,000⚡️ heads to global customers every year.

💹System: FS200M & FS273M
💹Advantages: , , improved , personalized options,

Learn more about our success stories in :

Looking for for , contact: 👉[email protected]!


We join Evonik in their recent "Unbounding 3D printing at scale" to explore the possibility of the and what it was like launching new materials on Farsoon's . Register to tune in.



🟢 in Review🟢
Thanks for joining us for the amazing week! We have covered so many important topics in :

✅16-Lasers⚡ maximize yield and
✅ , series in and
✅ reduction system ( ) in ✅Ultra solutions

Is anything interesting to you? Contact us:
👉[email protected]

Farsoon Technologies TCT Asia

Photos from Farsoon Technologies's post 09/15/2023

Amazing 3 days at 🟢 🟢 Thanks to all the customers and friends visiting us! We will see you next year in May, celebrating ✨10th year✨ of . Farsoon Technologies will keep driving , and help customers expand new applications and markets for . Questions or inquiries about , contact us:

👉[email protected] to talk with our experts today!

The TCT Group TCT Asia

Farsoon unveils sixteen-laser metal Additive Manufacturing machine 09/14/2023

🟢DAY 3 Wrapping up 🟢 with being the star of the show - with 16 for ultimate and . Thanks Metal Additive Manufacturing magazine

Farsoon Technologies

Farsoon unveils sixteen-laser metal Additive Manufacturing machine Farsoon Technologies has announced the launch of a metal Additive Manufacturing machine, suited for oil & gas and aerospace applications.


🟢DAY 3 🟢 Farsoon Technologies customers sharing their success stories in a variety of :

🌟Falcontech: Latest in
🌟Porton: in &
🌟Futai : in & products
🌟Huaxiang Group: - &
🌟SAPW: in R&D

🌟 Anhui: in New

We will be sharing the highlights of presentations during the next week, stay tuned 📢

Looking for the right additivemanufacturing solution for your ? Contact us: 👉[email protected].

TCT Asia


🟢DAY 3 🟢 Farsoon Technologies announces the development of system with the capacity to process with high melting points over 🌡️340°C🌡️ - offers great potential for application in , , and more. As a truly open platform system, users will able to process high- materials such as , , , , , and for applications.

Learn more:

Inquires for Beta program application or material collaboration, welcome to contact us: 👉[email protected].

Photos from Farsoon Technologies's post 09/13/2023

🟢DAY 2 🟢 gets even more busy! Visit Farsoon Technologies booth K15 to see our solutions:

🌟 Support Reduction System ( )
🌟Post-processing: Surface treatment & coloring on parts
🌟 with
🌟Volume of
🌟 &
🌟 solutions

TCT Asia


🟢DAY 2 🟢 We are proud to host and partners presentations at our booth! Thanks to BASF Forward AM Jabil Siemens Evonik High Performance Polymers Toray Advanced Composites TIGER Coatings

Visit Farsoon Technologies booth K15 and join our which will offer:

🌟A broad & machine portfolio
🌟Customizable configurations
🌟Quality + cost-efficiency industrial AM solution
🌟A wide range of options
🌟Compatible with major AM
🌟Access to key achieving your goal
🌟 & support

Contact us: 👉[email protected] to find the right solution for your manufacturing.


🟢DAY 2 🟢 Farsoon Technologies is excited to introduce the FS350M-4 system to the global market for commercial orders, after servicing multiple Chinese serial customers’ sites for nearly 2 years.

FS350M-4 at a glance:
✅Versatile build Envelope of 433×358×400mm
✅Quad 500-watt lasers offer highest in its class
✅Current material capability: , , and specialized grades of

Visit our booth K15 to see FS350M-4 in operation, or learn more info:

TCT Asia

Photos from Farsoon Technologies's post 09/12/2023

🟢DAY 1 🟢 has been a blast! Visit Farsoon Technologies booth K15 to learn more about our latest in :

🌟 system FS1521M 🌟Ø 1458mm Ring Mounting panel produced on FS1521M
🌟A fleet of customer presentations
🌟 Support Reduction System ( )
🌟Advanced management

We will see you there!

TCT Asia


🟢DAY 1 🟢 - Take a peek at our latest in system FS1521M with ⚡️16 lasers⚡️ dancing!

📐Build envelope: Φ1530mm platform and up to 1650mm Z-axis
⚡️Lasers: 16 X 500 Watt
💎Circular & square cartridge configurations available

Watch full video here:

Farsoon Technologies TCT Asia


🟢1ST DAY 🟢 Ready for the next chapter in ?

Meet Farsoon Technologies FS1521M Series, a novel system development with Φ1530mm platform and 1650mm Z-axis build size featuring ⚡️16 fiber lasers⚡️, enabling huge potential in as well as applications.

Learn more about this latest :

TCT Asia


is tomorrow! Find out our latest at booth K15:
🌟 Extra-large machine development in featuring ⚡️16 lasers
🌟 Economy medium platform
🌟 Development in Super system
🌟 applications in , , and
🌟 A fleet of customer presentation sessions throughout the day

Register now:

Farsoon Technologies The TCT Magazine

TCT Asia 2023: Farsoon teases launch of 16-laser metal powder bed fusion 3D printer 09/07/2023

🟢🟢🟢Count down to ! Thanks The TCT Magazine for the nice preview of our new product offering, the latest volume- applications, and also sharing our insights into future trends and markets of .

Read more:

Farsoon Technologies TCT Asia

TCT Asia 2023: Farsoon teases launch of 16-laser metal powder bed fusion 3D printer On the eve of TCT Asia 2023, TCT Magazine has caught up with Chinese 3D printing OEM Farsoon to learn about the company's latest polymer and metal 3D printing product developments.


Welcome to the new episode of 🌟! Quality work with requires attention to detail, and experience. Farsoon Technologies is happy to share with you a few quick guidelines in that will help improve the printing and success rate.

Read more:


is only 1 week away! Find out our latest at booth K15:
🌟 Extra-large machine development in
🌟 Economy medium platform
🌟 Development in integrated handling

Register now for FREE:

Farsoon Technologies - TCT Asia

Farsoon Flight investment by rpm for 3D printing series production 09/05/2023

We proudly support our customer rapid product manufacturing GmbH growing the with , system. With powerful , we look forward to unlocking more and for .

Read more:

Farsoon Technologies Farsoon Technologies BASF Forward AM AM Polymers GmbH

Farsoon Flight investment by rpm for 3D printing series production rpm has expanded its production capacities for 3D-printed series products with the Farsoon Flight® system for speed gains.

Mechnano PK ESD material approved on Farsoon 3D printers 08/31/2023

We are proud to work with Mechnano's innovative D'Func solution on . The combination of specialized materials with Farsoon Technologies open platform systems has the potential to open up new avenues of .

Read more:


Mechnano PK ESD material approved on Farsoon 3D printers Mechnano has announced that its PK ESD laser sintering powder has been approved on Farsoon’s 252P Series and Flight 403P Series machines. The PK ESD powder combines Jabil’s PK 5000 with a coating formulation using Mechnano’s technology, D'Func.

Photos from Farsoon Technologies's post 08/30/2023

🟢🟢🟢 Visit Farsoon Technologies at Formnext +PM South China! Find your solution for & , consumer , , and more, at:

📍 Booth B16, Hall 6, Shenzhen World
⌚️ Aug 29-31, 2023

Photos from Farsoon Technologies's post 08/30/2023

🔴🟡🟢LAST DAY of our - Don't miss the chance to see the fastest system on the market operating, , truly open plastic solutions, and more!

Let us know if you will drop by:

📍 Add: 3161 Eagles Nest St Suite 350, Round Rock, TX 78665
⌚️Time: Aug 28-30, 9am-7pm.

Farsoon Technologies Formnext Forum Austin


Day 1 Formnext Forum Austin! Meet Farsoon Technologies - at booth 201 and find the right solution for your .

📍Where: Palmer Events Center
⌚️When: Aug 29-30, noon-5pm.


⚡️⚡️⚡️It's time - Welcome to Farsoon Technologies - Americas and check out our lightening-fast Flight HT403P firing!

📌Add: 3161 Eagles Nest St Suite 350, Round Rock, TX 78665
⌚️Time: Aug 28-30, 9am-7pm.

Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Formnext Forum Austin

Photos from Farsoon Technologies's post 08/28/2023

👉👉👉It's time - Farsoon Technologies - team is ready to rock!

📌Add: 3161 Eagles Nest St Suite 350, Round Rock, TX 78665
⌚️Time: Aug 28-30, 9am-7pm.

Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Formnext Forum Austin


It's time! In , hardware is a key role. We are happy to share with you a few quick tips on 5 major aspects: , system, process, base plate preparation, and build chamber; also the impacts they can make on the final results. Looking for the right metal 3D printer for you? Contacting us: [email protected].

Read more:

Farsoon Technologies


Join Farsoon Technologies team at Formnext +PM South China at Hall 6, booth B16 next Tuesday! Learn about our latest solution in scale .


Only 5 days left until Formnext Forum Austin! Find us at booth 201, showcasing our cutting-edge parts and technology.

While you're in the area, drop by our office for an exclusive look at our machines. Discover how we can help you elevate your requirements: https://rb.gy/w7q1b


Looking for advanced solution for oversized parts? Register for our at Farsoon Technologies Americas during Formnext Forum Austin, to see this almost 1 meter tall thrust chamber of produced on FS621M system:

Photos from Farsoon Technologies's post 08/17/2023

Looking for the best tool driving ? A truly open will be your best bet! In the recently opened Fyzikální ústav Akademie věd ČR in the Republic, two open-platform and systems from Farsoon Technologies are installed, ready to support local enterprises to keep innovating in a variety of established : , , , , and other .

Senior technical sales manager xianke wei from FARSOON Europe GmbH shared his insights: "B4I is an important milestone in the journey of the Czech Republic with the rapid growth of in Central & Eastern Europe. We are very excited to work alongside the experts from FZU. From the beginning of the project, I'm already amazed by their professional scope, clear plans, and comprehensive capability in . B4I's concept for future manufacturing also perfectly coincides with Farsoon's "Open for Industry" strategy. With more diverse and choices, I believe our systems will be the best tools for researchers and manufacturers to develop products that meet the demands of the industries.

Read more:



In this section from our recent , our specialist Ray Jones highlights the difference in across standard SLS, our systems, and our largest build platform Laser Flight HT1001P.

Farsoon Technologies


Are you new to , or looking for -specific knowledge? Welcome to Farsoon Technologies new blog where we will share insights and practical tips. Today let's talk about the and basics for .



What are the distinctions between CO2 and Fiber ? Watch our Product Director Johnny Zhu provide a concise overview of the difference in our recent .

Farsoon Technologies

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Open for Industry

About Farsoon
Farsoon Technologies is a total solution supplier of industrial grade plastic laser sintering and metal laser melting systems founded in 2009 by Dr. Xu Xiaoshu. Dr. Xu served as technical director at the industry's first SLS laser sintering company DTM Corporation (now 3D Systems) in the early 1990’s. One of the true pioneers of laser sintering technology, Dr. Xu is one of the leading experts in laser sintering/melting technology with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. Farsoon has developed a team of world-class experts with competencies in electrical/mechanical engineering, laser, scanning and optics, thermal controls, as well as material development and applications engineering.

As a globally diverse company Farsoon is dedicated to providing world class sales and support services for all its equipment and materials through multiple regional partnerships and our offices in North America, Europe, and of course China.

Farsoon was founded with the clear vision and core commitment to creating an open platform systems which will give the users the freedom to innovate and expand the envelope of sintering technology for the world. Users of Farsoon Technologies systems have access to all parameter settings in the machine to customize solutions based on application and material requirements to meet their specific their needs. It is our core belief that only by having an open system and finding new, better, and more cost effective materials can the industry continue its rapid growth.

Founder of Farsoon
“Additive manufacturing is playing an increasinglyvital role in many industries. As a player in the AMfield Farsoon Technologies is dedicated to pushing innovation inmachine and material development, to open up truemanufacturing applications.”
Dr. Xu Xiaoshu, Founder & Chairman of Farsoon Technologies

Videos (show all)

Only 2 days left of #IMTS2022! Stop by Farsoon Technologies booth 433144 at West Hall #additive Pavilion! Talk to us to ...
Day 4 at #IMTS2022! Farsoon Technologies - Americas wants to meet you at booth 433144! Visit our expert team to see how ...
Day 3 at #IMTS2022! Your #manufacturing, your solution. Visit Farsoon Technologies experts at booth 433144 to find out y...
Kicking off Day 2 #IMTS2022! Take a quick look at our FS301M #metal3dprinting system on display, and a variety of #indus...
Farsoon Technologies FS621M- Equipped with a powerful single 1000W laser or 500W (quad) #multilasers, provides a signifi...
Featuring 620×620mm platform & 1.1 meter in Z height, @Farsoon Technologies FS621M opens many new possibilities for #add...
Farsoon Technologies HT1001P performs with great #additive manufacturing efficiency with robust #Multilasers, top-feed p...
Farsoon Technologies directs progress of the #3dprinting #industry into streamlined #manufacturing with #innovation of C...
Dear Farsoon Technologies customers and friends, We are preparing a brand-new global website, as the www.farsoon.com wil...
With an industrial-sized 275×275×355mm build envelope as well as an expanded powder feeding cylinder size, FS273M offers...
FS301M - Compact Machine FootprintFS301M features a machine footprint as small as 3.64 sqm with an integrated, long-last...
FS301M - Enhanced User OperationsWith comprehensive software and an integrated powder-loading dock, FS301M achieves a fu...


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