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We had the pleasure of stopping by Moreland Photography for the Wedding Video Series. Mike Moreland and his team have created an experience for their customers that is completely customized. For more information on Moreland Photography, please email us at [email protected].
Senior Perspective. 📸 by Moreland Photography
Underwater Queen. 📸 by Moreland Photography
Hey! Where are you guys located?
Happy Halloween from the Fisheye Connect Family! 📸 by Moreland Photography
When your two favorite guys, and one of your favorite weddings, grace the pages of Modern Luxury Weddings Atlanta 🙌🏻💜
📷: Moreland Photography
🌷: tulip
🎤: Lethal Rhythms
🍰: Netty's Cakes
Photography by Moreland Photography
LE . Hair & Make-up Artistry
Photography by Moreland Photography
Hair by Lindsey Ewing
LE . Hair & Make-up Artistry
Photography by Moreland Photography
Hair and Makeup by Lindsey Ewing
LE . Hair & Make-up Artistry

For over 35 years photography has been Mike Moreland's passion & career! We specialize in Maternity, By appointment only.

International award winning Mike Moreland is a Portrait and Wedding Lifestyle Photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia with a 5 acre studio located in Roswell, GA. He shoots under natural lighting and studio lighting, both in studio and on location. He also has a photography workshop business, Creative Edge Photography Workshops, located in Atlanta.

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 07/07/2023

Looking for something to do this Saturday? Join top photographer Mike Moreland for the Introduction to Photography Workshop located at Barrington Hall in Roswell, Georgia this weekend to learn valuable photography techniques on location.

It's not too late to sign up! Save your seat now here ~>

You don't want to miss out on this exciting opportunity.

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 07/04/2023

Interested in learning how to create amazing dramatic shots like these on your own? Join us at our workshop to learn off-camera lighting, composition, posing, and exposure.

Sign up here before seats are taken:

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 06/13/2023

It's not too late to sign up for our Ultimate Glamour Workshop!

Join Moreland Photography and Rick Ferro Photography on June 25th at the High Museum of Atlanta to be apart of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Come learn off-camera lighting, composition, and posing from two top photographers.

Time: 5:00 PM- 8:30 PM

Get your ticket before time's up:

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 06/10/2023

Calling all photographers interested in learning more about and 🚨

If you’re looking to learn how to get stunning, dramatic shots for your portfolio while learning off-camera lighting techniques, the Ultimate Glamour Workshop is the place for you to be.

Join Moreland Photography and Rick Ferro Photography on June 25th at the High Museum of Atlanta for a chance to build your portfolio, learn professional off camera lighting techniques to use in any outdoor setting, and work with great models.

After this workshop, you’ll have a greater understanding of posing, composition, and off- camera lighting techniques.
Early registration ends at midnight on June 12th, so hurry and sign up on before prices rise and seats are taken!! Seats are limited, so act fast! You don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity.

When: June 25th (5 PM- 8:30 PM)
Where: The High Museum of Atlanta

Learn more at


This Atlanta barber wanted images that had a creative and artistic vibe to match his style. Mission accomplished!

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 11/29/2022

This client contacted me for a branding shoot to capture professional headshots while at the same time capturing her personality. I made the photoshoot fun to give her this fresh look.

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 11/22/2022

Comcast contacted me to photograph headshots of 50 employees at their Atlanta office. We photographed all of them in one day and made sure all images had consistent lighting with a variety of different poses while being very efficient to meet their needs.

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 11/19/2022

The marketing director for BF Goodrich contacted me to photograph portraits of some of the race car drivers they sponsor for marketing. He wanted black and white images with dramatic lighting. We did the shoot at Road Atlanta and set up a studio to capture these dramatic portraits!


This client came to me for a business headshot but did want a typical headshot on a studio background. She wanted it to look like she could be at a client's home or at an office so I built a set for her shoot. I brought in some painted doors and put them behind the sofa to give it an elegant look. I shot the photos with creative lighting and posing.


This German company contacted me to take several headshots of their employees in Atlanta. The images needed to match the main shoot they did in France. I found a table that looked just like the table they used and painted it to match the other shoot as I did with the background and the lighting. You would never be able to tell these were not shot at the same time as the ones in France!


This Atlanta company contacted me to shoot a series of headshots for their website. They needed to match what was done at their Charlotte office so I shot all images on a white background and retouched the images to match the other images shot in Charlotte.


If you’re interested in learning how to take images as striking as these, sign up for one our photography workshops hosted by Mike Moreland!

There are a plethora of upcoming workshops to choose from! No matter what your interests are, there’s bound to be a spot for you. Go to to sign up for one today!


Only 2 more days until the Ultimate Lighting Workshop comes to Alpharetta, Georgia!

Join Mike Moreland and national known photographer Rick Ferro Page on April 24th for a chance to work hands-on with 4 models to create stunning images like these!

Go to to sign up for this all-day event for only $149. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, so grab a spot before they’re gone!


Want to learn how to create beautiful images like these?

Go to to sign up for the Ultimate Lighting Workshop coming to Alpharetta, Georgia on April 24th.

Mike Moreland is joining national known photographer Rick Ferro Page in this full-day workshop at only $149! Join us in this hands-on class where we’ll be working with four models!

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 04/07/2022

The Ultimate Lighting Workshop is coming to Alpharetta, Georgia on April 24th!

Join Mike Moreland and Rick Ferro Photography in this hands-on class to learn all about creating dramatic images on location and utilizing studio lighting. This session is also a great opportunity for you to build an amazing portfolio!

Seats are limited, so hurry to and book your spot for a chance to learn from 2 award-winning photographers!

We look forward to seeing you there!


Sign up for our Ultimate Lighting Workshop on April 24th from 9 am- 5 pm in Alpharetta Georgia for a chance to learn a new side of photography from two award-winning photographers! Mike Moreland and Rick Ferro Page will be hosting this hands- on workshop at Photoplex studio for all photographers to learn about lighting, work directly with models, and build a professional portfolio with amazing images. Early registration ends Monday, 3/14, at $125 for the full day workshop, and spots are limited! Go to
for more info on our workshop!

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 03/12/2022

Interested in learning more about photography and building a portfolio? Join Mike Moreland and Rick Ferro Page on April 24th at The Ultimate Lighting Workshop in Alpharetta Georgia for an opportunity to become a more experienced photographer. Hosted from 9 am-5 pm, we will have a hands-on workshop with four incredible models that will sign model releases so you can use images to decorate your portfolio with epic shots! The first portion takes place inside Photoplex, a studio teaching glamour and portrait lighting and poising. We’ll be using props like motorcycles for shooting too! The last portion of the workshop will take place on location to teach off camera lighting and how to create studio lighting outdoors. Early registration ends on Monday, 3/14, at $125 for the full day workshop. Spots are limited, so head over to for more information on how to purchase tickets!!

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 03/04/2022

Come out to Photoplex studio in Alpharetta for our Introduction to Photography workshop, March 19th at 2:00 pm-5:00 pm! We’ll be going to a beautiful historic site for a portion of the workshop to practice taking photos of real models. Hosted by Mike Moreland, we’re going to simplify all of the tools on your camera at this workshop, including exposure. Regardless of whether you want to take nature shots or pictures of your family, we’ll teach you the creative ways to take the high quality pictures you want! The workshop is limited to only ten students so sign up soon! Go to for more information about registration.

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 02/26/2022

Stay tuned for The Ultimate Lighting Workshop hosted by two award winning photographers- Mike Moreland and Rick Ferro - on April 24th, 8 am-5 pm in Alpharetta, Georgia. Attend this full day hands-on workshop to learn all about glamour and portrait lighting and poising. You will be working with models to get experience with location and studio lighting as well as poising. Open to all photographers, we’ll be utilizing filters, modifiers, and multiple lights while giving the opportunity to build a professional portfolio and create dramatic shots! You can go to to get more information about early registration.
Rick Ferro Page

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 02/15/2022

Capturing the art of beauty in a glam maternity shoot using stunning reflections and cool colors🤍🦋

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 02/10/2022

Making the best out of a beautiful sunrise with a lovely photoshoot💛

Creative Edge Safari: Intermediate Photography | Fisheye Connect 03/05/2021

Hello, we are having a fun workshop this Sunday in Roswell! This workshop covers all aspects of lighting from late afternoon to sunset to dusk. We have models and lighting equipment. All models will have signed release forms so you could use your photos for your portfolio. Only a few spots left so please sign up!

Creative Edge Safari: Intermediate Photography | Fisheye Connect A step up from the beginner

Creative Edge Safari: Introduction to Photography | Fisheye Connect 02/22/2021

Hey we have a beginner photography workshop this Saturday, 2:00pm -5:00pm in Roswell. This is great for someone who wants to learn about lighting and composition and the other important elements of photography. We have live models who signed model releases (so you can post your photos of them) and will go over the fundamentals of using your creativity to visually tell a story. Only 2 spots left!

Please share to those you think might be interested.

Creative Edge Safari: Introduction to Photography | Fisheye Connect This workshop is an excellent fundemental course! You will learn all about that camera in your hands and how to effectively use it! Then, you will have the chance to practice your new skills in a live photo shoot! It is located at our studio in Roswell.  


The Little Mermaid. A timeless classic and one that was easy to replicate! Enter the modern little mermaid under the sea!


A beautiful and elegant maternity shoot to showcase the beauty and grace of motherhood!
Are you interested in replicating or creating your own timeless memory? Call or go online to book an appointment today!


This high school senior photo shoot was shot with natural light except for an assistant holding a silver reflector to bounce light onto her face. It was taken with a 70-200 mm lens at a 200 mm focal length to make the background appear close. Then I used the Topaz plugin in Photoshop to reduce noise, giving the image a painted look.

Our Facebook group, Fisheye Connect Skills, is for photographers to share their images and techniques in order to benefit and learn from one another. Click this link to join the page, and share some of your favorite images with us!

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 10/13/2020

Before and after of this engagement shoot at the Georgia Aquarium!  We used Einstein strobes from to light the couple, which were retouched out after the shoot.  Using a gel on the light and setting the white balance to tungsten made the background a deeper blue, illuminating the tank and creating depth.

Interested in an appointment or taking a class? Check out our website!


This beautiful image was for the cover of a calendar as a way to promote their fashion line. It was shot moments after sunrise on a cool fall morning. To capture this moment I exposed the background first and slightly underexposed for the color, and to camera right there was a studio strobe with a medium softbox. Once I was happy with the background exposure I did not touch my camera settings. By adjusting the power of the strobe I was able to achieve the look I wanted for the model.
Interested in learning to do this yourself? We have an intermediate workshop on October 11th in Roswell. Sign up below!
Or contact us to start capturing your memories!


Trying to get off auto? Our October 4th beginner's workshop will focus on lighting, composition, and simplifying the technical side of photography. This beginner workshop covers a wide range and is great for people wanting to learn how to photograph their family, nature, and more. We only have 2 seats left, so sign up soon using the link below!

Senior Portraits 07/21/2020

Graduating from High School is a transformative time in your life. Capturing your last moments of high school and celebrating where life leads you in the future should be a fun and exciting experience! Our personalized senior shoots are perfect for the senior that desires a unique and fun shooting experience tailored to their interests and personal style. These are some of the fantastic graduating high school seniors I've shot over the years. If you're interested in a free consultation or scheduling a senior photoshoot, click 'Contact Us'!

Underwater Portraits 07/07/2020

An underwater photoshoot is magical. The reflections that come off of the surface reflect the subject of the photo with an almost dream-like quality. These reflections coupled with long dresses and fabrics manipulated in the water create unique and striking compositions.

Underwater Portrait Photography is something uniquely offered by Moreland Photography. It’s a great way to celebrate a significant moment in your life. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a marriage, or a graduation, and underwater portrait is sure to help you carry those significant memories into the future. Rest assured, with every underwater shoot, there are always two assistants in the pool with a variety of dresses and fabric to choose from.

Our team will coach you how to look great and feel confident in the water, while we capture stunning portraits not found anywhere else. Check out our website for more underwater portrait photography!

Newborn Photography 07/07/2020

Fun Fact: Newborn shoots usually take place during the first 10 days after birth while the newest addition to your family is in a deep sleep! Moreland Photography offers a comfortable photography experience complete with props, backgrounds, and accessories to decorate with your creative eye. We also supply every shoot with a ton of props, wraps, crowns, baskets, and blankets. We take the time to tell your family's story, making each and every shot unique and memorable.

As a father of two, Mike knows they grow up way too fast! Feel free to browse our website for more information about your Newborn Investment 🍼

Business Portraits 07/02/2020

Your professional image is everything to your business. Why not hire a professional to capture the best portrait in Atlanta? Below are headshots and lifestyle shots from professionals across Georgia! You’ll want your face on the company website and won’t think twice about having your face plastered on business cards or LinkedIn. We can come to you, or you can visit us at our five acre studio. Located in Roswell, serving Atlanta and the surrounding metro-Atlanta area, no location is too far to capture your business portrait. For a free consultation or to schedule your photoshoot click the Contact Us button!

Maternity Photography 07/02/2020

Maternity shoots are a wonderful experience. I believe that capturing the moments of your pregnancy should be an enjoyable and empowering experience. This album is made up of the many maternity shoots I have done with wonderful mothers over the years! If you're interested in a maternity shoot, click 'Contact Us' on the front page and schedule a free consultation or appointment today.

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 05/05/2020

Breathtaking portraits of your SENIOR may be created during this unprecedented time. Portrait sessions are able to be completed while abiding and respecting ALL safety recommendations and social distance practices.

Moreland Photography offers you an incredible experience with both an indoor studio as well as four acres of scenic private property in Roswell, GA. During your session, no other clients will be on or near the property within the same 24 hour time frame.
My sincere condolences to all of the SENIORS whose extracurricular activities ended abruptly. Spring sports ended prematurely without fanfare or the ability to celebrate the many years invested by each player. These athletes unknowingly exited the player's area one beautiful evening in March not realizing it was indeed their very last high school event. While some athletes go on to compete at the next level in college, most do not. SENIOR year spring season for most players is the end of a chapter; the end of a story written with passion, perseverance, and commitment to their chosen game like no other. SENIORS often consider wearing a jersey or other uniform for SENIOR images. Moreland Photography does not disappoint and will provide creative, artistic images to cherish for generations.

Take a look at these sample SENIOR guys’ images to give a glimpse into the endless possibilities! Whose spirits can you lift today by scheduling a session in their honor?
Visit the Moreland Photo website for more information. Call 770- 310-1167 to plan an unforgettable experience!

Photos from Moreland Photography's post 05/05/2020

SENIORS 2020! It is NOT too LATE for your SENIORS to celebrate their many accomplishments with a photoshoot. If you did not have time to do senior photos or would like to honor your senior with an end of year session NOW is your chance!

High school and college events were canceled. Many senior young women purchased a gown prior to these unprecedented times.

Spring sports ended prematurely. These athletes did not know it was their last walk off the field or court.

I am committed to ensuring all portrait sessions are safe. Scenic backgrounds at iconic public spaces around ATL may be used. The studio portraits taken at Moreland Photo studios can be modified and enhanced with Moreland Photo retouching services. Moreland Photography is committed to following all CDC guidelines.

CAP and GOWN portraits provide another excellent option for what to wear! SPOILER ALERT- check back over the weekend for a sneak peek behind the scenes cap and gown session.

Contact Moreland Photography today at 770-310-1167 to discuss further details.

Timeline photos 04/10/2020

Maternity shoots aren’t just for one! Having your partner involved in the photoshoot makes for some lovely portraits! If you’re interested in maternity shoot, check out my my latest blog post!


Timeline photos 04/09/2020

So many flowers! Such a lovely and creative maternity portrait. If you’re looking to do a maternity shoot, check out my latest blog for some tips!


Want your business to be the top-listed Photography Service in Roswell?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

I believe in capturing moments that create memories for generations | Welcome to Moreland Photography

Welcome to my page and passion! My name is Mike Moreland and I’ve been a professional photographer for 35 years. I’m a Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. I specialize in Senior Portraits, Maternity Photography, Business Portraits, Commercial Photography and Underwater Photography. I shoot under studio lighting and natural lighting, both in studio and on location.

Born and raised in Atlanta, I left the South to attend the world renowned Brooks Institute of Photography. My portrait work has been published in hundreds of national magazines and books including The Atlantan, Jezebel, and Occasions Magazine. Rangefinder Magazine stated that I am “One of the top photographers in the country!” I have also been presented by the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants with the Professional’s Choice Award Atlanta, and was named the 2010, 2011, 2014 Allie Award Winner for the Best Event Photographer.

However, this is no one man show. When you book us, you have trained and educated studio managers, editors, portrait artists and designers on your side! In depth creative conversations happen all the time behind the scenes to ensure we’re staying true to your vision. We also have long-term relationships with the best album and print labs in the country. Whatever you need, we can provide!

I offer free consultations to get to know you and your personal goals and style for your shoot. Whether you have no idea where to start or have everything planned out, we will take your vision to the next level.

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The Ultimate Lighting Workshop




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