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Had the amazing pleasure of photographing these two women who are changing the world with their activism, Elizabeth @communication4allorg and @theheumannperspective for #whenweroar #badasses

Hate that she had to, but love that she did. #whenweroar #dyslexia

I love the people I meet and the things I get to witness when shooting a book. Attended an all girls @boyscoutsofamerica meeting this week and left amazed. #whenweroar

It started when I was six years old; I didn't like my hair and I wished it was straight like my classmates. I'm not alone, six out of 10 girls do not like their natural hair. So I told my mom about this, and she did everything she could to help me including getting me a Black doll. I really liked that doll, but she did not have hair that looked like mine, and I wanted a doll with curls or braids. So when my mom went back to the stores and came up short, I decided I wanted to make dolls with relatable skin tones and hairstyles for other girls that look like me to know that they're beautiful and they're smart and they can do anything they put their minds to. I'm 10 years old and the CEO of my company, Beautiful Curly Me a brand on a mission to instill and inspire confidence in young Black and Brown girls. Zoe, 10 #whenweroar ❤️❤️❤️❤️Check out Zoe’s takeover over at @strongisthenewpretty instagram today!

The @smasherson_foundation was created to celebrate Alice’s friend, Emerson’s spirit and legacy of purple, silliness and fun. Her mom @celestecooks offers some amazing advice on how to remember those we have lost. “You should always talk about someone you’ve lost like they’re in the other room”. (Huge thanks to my incredible summer intern @molly.hyser for expertly telling this story with heart and compassion).

“Unfair” “Sexist” “Not okay” I asked some of my daughter’s 13 year old soccer teammates what they thought about the @uswnt despite winning championships and becoming role models for women and young girls everywhere, the fact that the team is still fighting for equal pay. Over the last five years alone, the players have made $64 million less than the men’s team despite earning more revenue, drawing more eyeballs (over 1.1 billion people watched the 2019 World Cup) and winning more games. Thank you @titlenine for contributing $1,000,000 directly to the US Women's Soccer Players Association (USWNTPA) to help close the pay gap. Also for matching up to an additional $250,000. Visit KickInForEqualPay.com and make a contribution. “The only thing to do about it is change it.” Alice, 13

Let dad stay in the video. 🤣

Love this! ❤️👍🏻💪🏻@strongisthenewpretty book spotted on Australian tv show #mrinbetween

The Heart of a Boy